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*WARNING- This story has some significant remarks related to race that might be offensive to some people. If you are sensitive to them, then please don’t read this story. Because the intensity is bound to increase in upcoming parts.

All characters are above 18 at the time of sex.


Rosabell, aged 42 and Doug Abraham, aged 45, are a rich and wealthy English couple based in London, UK. Doug is a very rich business tycoon, millionaire to be precise, and has his businesses expanded all over the world. Rosabell or simply ‘Rose’ is his wife and business partner. Rose is a beautiful middle ages woman who still turns heads around wherever she goes. She has dark blond hair and sparkling blue eyes supported by a cute pointed nose and luscious lips that call upon to be kissed and sucked on every pout. She is a bombshell in terms of figure with 34D firm tits, 28 flat waist and a 36-bubble butt that takes the shape of whatever she wears.

Rose and Doug have two kids, son Charlie and daughter Cheryl (19-year-old twins), both of whom are totally spoilt brats. They are heirs to a big fortune and everything is set for them in their lives. They are always out on house parties enjoying and partying with their friends, who are also sons and daughters of very rich people. Rose and Doug also happen to be a swinger couple, and they explore sex with other men and women from their elite socialite circles.

One day, during a business meeting, Janet Flynn, Doug’s 32-year old secretary and his personal fuck toy, comes into his cabin with some serious news. However, Doug was too horny to listen what to she to say. He quickly grabbed her ass gave it a squeeze. “What do you bring, my slut?”

“Mr. Abraham, it is the news related to our expansion plans in India.” But Doug cut her and said “That can wait. I want your pussy right now. Come on, let us have a quickie.” With this he bent her and lifted her skirt. He then shifted her G-string panties to the side and shoved his prick straight inside her pussy.

Janet thought in her mind “uurrrgghhh … the things you to do make more money.”

She came back to reality and started moaning “aaahhhhh aaaahhhh … Yeeeessss… Mr.Abraham, fuck me nice and good. That’s it. Aaaaaahhhhh god.”

“That is right slut. Take it in. Take it all in.” Doug fucked her pussy for a while and then blasted his jizz inside her pussy emptying his balls. Both Doug and Janet were panting. He then asked her- “So what is the issue with the Indian project?”

“Mr. Abraham, our Indian partners have failed to acquire the land that you asked them to.”

“What? I told them I will give all the money they need. Then what is the problem with these curry lovers?”

“We will have to find the problem out. The worst case, we might have to go to India to secure this deal ourselves.”

“Janet, I somehow want this Indian deal to be mine. We can make absurd amount of money from this venture. The turnover would be greater than all our other international setups combined.”


“aaaaahhhhh fuck… Yes … yes … Fuck me you bastards. Fuck my pussy and ass nice and good.” Rose was getting double penetrated by the two janitors of their office. Both of them fucked her in both the holes for some time. They then retrieved their cocks from her holes and blasted their cum all over her face. Rose licked the cum all over face all the while giving a naughty expression. Her phone rang, and it was her husband on the other end.

“What is it, darling?”

“There is something urgent that needs to be discussed sweetheart. Please come to my cabin.”

Rose cleaned herself and went to her husband’s cabin, right next to her. Doug hugged his wife and kissed her on the lips. He felt the sensation of male cum on her but didn’t mind it anyway. Doug loved eating her cum from her pussy whenever Rose would fuck someone else. Doug would sometimes even lick his own cum from his wife’s cunt.

“Babe. The Indian project is creating a hell lot of problems for us.”

“You gave them the money, right? Yet they couldn’t get it sorted out.”

“I don’t know what these stupid smelly Indians are always up to. I guess we have to fly to India to sort this out.”

“Why should we go? Can’t we do this over phone? After all it is us who are doing them a favor by setting up our business over there and helping them develop their downtrodden country.”

“I know this, my love. But we can’t take a chance. Let us get this done ourselves. Once, this is done, we would be billionaires’ sweetheart! Billionaires!”

“As you say, honey. Tell your slut, Janet to get the tickets done.”

“I am thinking of taking Charlie and Cheryl along too. It is about time the kids learnt to how do business. Otherwise these brats would lead our fortune down the drain someday.”

“They won’t be so happy about that though.”

“Ah and Rose darling. Janet will come along with us too.”

“Your favorite little bitch.” escort kızılay Rose said in a somewhat unhappily. Doug put his hands on his wife’s waist in a romantic manner and said, “You are jealous of her, aren’t you?”

“Why would I be jealous of her? Well, I swing around more than you do. And trust me babe, I am going to swing a lot more than you can anticipate.” She winked at him.

Rose and Doug then kissed each other and got back to their respective works.


“Ah mom. Why are we going to India for fuck sake?” complained Charlie.

“Love, you and your sister need to learn about the business too. Being heirs to such a big fortune, you need to learn how to carry it forward.”

“But mom, we had a pool party today at our friend’s villa. We were supposed to have so much fun and here we are stuck in the stupid flight to India.”

“Enough the two of you. Your father and I have decided its for your own good. You can party and have fun all your life. But business is more important. Now relax until we reach New Delhi.”

The Abrahams were travelling in a private flight with Janet accompanying them. Rose then thought to herself; India is apparently not a new place to her. Her maternal grandfather was one of the viceroys during the colonial rule. Back in the day, he had subdued a lot of minor rebellions during his control. Hence, Rose always thought of India and Indians as a country that is supposed to subservient to the British and even thankful for ‘developing’ India. In other words, she thought of Indians as an inferior society which added to her pride of being a descendant of high ranked official of the British Rule in India.

They reached New Delhi where they were received by a few officials from the British embassy and their business partners in India. They now had another flight to Jaipur, which was the city they had planned to setup their business in.

The flight reached Jaipur in an hour. The weather was steaming hot. Jaipur, also know as the pink city, is the capital of Rajasthan, a state in Northwestern India. Rajasthan has a lot of deserts as a landmass due to which the days can be extremely hot, whereas the nights can be very cold. All of them checked into the hotel and they were provided with VIP suites. Next morning, Doug called upon a conference in the hotel itself. Doug, Rose and Janet went for the meeting whereas Charlie and Cheryl were in their rooms video chatting with their friends.

Doug opened the meeting. “Would someone kindly explain it to me that what is going wrong here? Why haven’t you been able to secure the land for the setup of our business?”

One of his Indian partners replied “Sir, with due respect, we did put forth the proposal and there were no irregularities. But, the land that you wish to acquire, is under the protection of a powerful political leader, who has a mass following in that particular region. It is really difficult to get it out from him.”

“Well I don’t care what is or what is not difficult. You had a simple job and you couldn’t do it. Do not forget we are investing an insane amount of money. You should be grateful to us.”

“So, who is this audacious person?” asked Rose. She was wearing a very sexy business suit with her cleavage visible for everyone to gaze upon with their horny eyes. The person, to whom Rose asked the question, couldn’t take his eyes off his boss’s hot wife, but then gained back his senses and replied-

“Uh, yes Madam. This person is Kunwar Aryaman Pratap Singh. A young 27-year-old Prince from the erstwhile Royal Family of Jaipur. While neither a King nor a prince in actuality, he wields a very strong support from the local populace and has won his contested seat in the recently held local state elections. When we went to negotiate the deal on your behalf, he refused it outright. He even told us that he would help find some other location for our business. But this particular land, not a chance.”

Doug was still not impressed by this excuse. He refused to look at other alternatives as this place was the best for his business. He then ordered him “Okay then. Call this so-called Prince and ask him for his own price. I will give whatever it takes. Call him right here right now. If he still doesn’t agree, invite him here to meet me and we can fix a deal.”

The Indian person called at Aryaman’s office and was soon connected to him. He talked to him on the phone in Hindi as Doug and Rose waited for him to translate the reply. The phone call was over, and he translated the reply. “I talked to him on the phone. He has invited all of you to his palace tomorrow and be guest. You can discuss all your queries with him there itself. He wants you enjoy his hospitality.”

There were surprised by this gesture. Instead of being angry at them, he invited to his palace for dinner. So, Doug and Rose decided to go to his palace along with their kids and Janet.


Doug, Rose, Charlie, ankara yabancı escort Cheryl and Janet were getting ready for their excursion to Prince Aryaman’s palace. They all put on their best dresses. Rose was the center of attraction. She wore a knee length black dress with a scarf around her neck and her favorite pearl necklace. Doug was also finely suited up. Charlie and Cheryl also wore nice expensive dresses. Janet too looked really hot in her full length semi-formal red dress with very tight leggings that accentuated the sexiness of her curves. To add to her sexiness, she also put on her red framed glasses. Everyone then got in the car and left for the royal palace.

After a 40-minute drive, they reached the destination. All of them were enthralled by the grandeur of the palace. There was a big fountain at the entrance and a huge garden, behind which was the actual palace. Before they entered the compound, they were given a traditional Rajasthani welcome with garlands and flowers. Then a somewhat 40-year-old person came to them and started talking in a very funny English “Welcome. Welcome, you all dear guests. Myself, Mahavir Singh. I will going to be your guide today. Please enter in all of you.”

Charlie and Cheryl giggled at him. “hahahaha… this man is so funny.” Remarked Cheryl. Mahavir noticed and said in a comical way. “Why are you young peoples laughing on me?” They burst out into laughter only to be reprimanded by their father. He asked for everyone’s good name and toured them around the royal palace.

Doug then asked. “So, when do we get to meet Aryaman, Mahavir?”

“ssshhhh … are you gone mad? No one takes the name directly. He is the Kunwar Sa. With respect. Kunwar meaning in English, Prince. With respect.”

“Okay. So, when is your Prince coming back, so that we can discuss business with him?”

“Kunwar Sa will come back very soon. He is gone to the Sherawali Mata temple. Kunwar Sa is a big Bhakta, I mean devotee, of the Goddess Durga. Then he will conduct feast for all village peoples.”

Janet then came up to Mahavir and said in a sarcastic yet jovial tone. “Your English is really good, Mr. Mahavir.”

“Oh, thank you, Janet madam. I am expert in the English. Very good no?”

Janet giggled and was amused at his hilarious dialogues. Mahavir then flirted with Janet a little. “you are also very beautiful Janet Madam.” Janet blushed at this compliment.

Mahavir then showed them around the palace. He showed various artifacts, weapons, personal collections etc. He told them about the Prince. Aryaman was orphaned at a very young age of 3, when his parents died in a car accident. He was brought up by his grandfather, as his heir. His grandfather, Maharaja Veer Pratap Singh, was a freedom fighter during India’s Independence struggle. He had left all his riches and luxuries behind and put all his resources to drive out the British from his country. He had been a huge follower of revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Raj guru. By the time, he came into his early 20s, India became independent. The same values of sacrifice, virtue, education and service, he imparted to his orphan grandson, Aryaman.

Prince Aryaman, learned to the live a civilian life as he completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from a highly reputed college in Jaipur. He then trained with in the Indian Army for three years and became a trained rifleman. He is a part time member of the territorial division and could be called upon for service should the country face a war like situation. Recently, Aryaman went to the United States for a year to get some foreign exposure. He returned back after his ailing grandfather passed away and took over his duties. He got into politics as the youngest member and won the local district elections with an overwhelming majority. He is very well loved by the villagers as has contributed a great deal in their social upliftment.

He has ensured that villages are electrified 24X7, get access to clean drinking and sanitation. He recently has promoted girl’s education and has himself funded the basic education of underprivileged girls from the village. However, he is a very lonely person from the inside and made a great sacrifice of not marrying so that he can serve the people with full devotion. And he is just 27!

However, that doesn’t mean he has been always sexually inactive. He had a girlfriend during his engineering days, but he broke off after he left for his army training. During the army days, he got romantically involved with a doctor, but she had to go for masters and left him for good. So, now the Prince was in search of a good woman to enjoy sex with. But his social duties were holding him back.

After some time, Mahavir announced “Kunwar Sa has returned. He will join you shortly in the Diwan-e-Khas. Please follow me!” They entered the hall, which was extravagantly dazzling. A big chandelier, hanging from the ceiling and etlik escortlar the furniture was really impressive. There was a big bar in the corner with a bartender managing it.

The next moment, the Prince entered the hall descending from the stairs. “woooo he is so hot.” Whispered Janet to herself. Aryaman was a tall and handsome Prince who had very sharp manly and rugged looks. 6 ft tall, broad shoulders, a little fair to wheatish complexion, and a fine stylish moustache gave him the royal appearance of a typical Rajput Prince. He was dressed in a dark blue, Jodhpuri Indian suit, a dress which a has round neck blazer and matching trousers. He came towards them, joined his palms and greeted everyone in the traditional Indian way.

“Namaste ladies and gentlemen. My name is Aryaman Pratap Singh. Welcome to my motherland. My deepest apologies I could not receive you myself.”

Doug then replied. “Thank you so much for your hospitality Mr. Aryaman. My name is Doug Abraham, and this is my wife, Rosabell Abraham.”

Aryaman then greeted her. Doug then introduced Charlie and Cheryl to him who didn’t seem a tad bit appreciative of his hospitality and behaved coldly with him. Janet meanwhile, was looking at him with very seductive eyes as if she would gobble this dashing Rajput prince whole!

Aryaman then ordered champagne for all the guests as a welcome drink.

“What would you like to have? We have traditional Indian delights as well as continental delicacies prepared for you. I recommend you the Rajputana laal mass; The traditional mutton curry. We also have Italian delicacies lined up for you. Please feel free to have whatever you wish to. The bar is open as well with all kinds of drinks. You can have whatever you feel like.”

Everyone enjoyed the meal and talked about here and there. Aryaman made sure that guests get everything they want and there must be no compromise at all in the service. He then got deserts served for them. He had the chef make Rabdi, a sweet dish made by hardening of milk and ghee. The desert tasted delicious and everyone loved it,

After everyone ate, Aryaman brought his favorite scotch and poured everyone a drink. Doug liked the scotch but was already getting a little drunk. Cheryl and Charlie both felt a little dizzy and Aryaman ordered one of his attendants to arrange a nice room for them to relax.

Doug then asked Aryaman “Thank you for the wonderful dinner. Should we discuss business now?”

“Mr. Abraham, I have made this very clear. I cannot grant you this land for any business venture of yours. This is not about me. It is about the villagers and farmers who live there. I have taken the sole responsibility for their protection and development. And I cannot compromise on that.” Aryaman was adamant.

Rose then stepped in. “Prince Aryaman, you do believe that this deal could give you a profit of billions of pounds. You are sure you want to turn down such an offer?”

Aryaman laughed at this statement. “Mrs. Abraham, although I don’t like feeling so proud about it, but I am a Royal Prince. My bloodline goes back to the brave Rana Kumbha. My grandfather was a freedom fighter and later served in the Indian army which I am also a part of. If you think you can buy me with money, then you are a fool.” He is a very calm and docile tone.

Then the next moment, out of nowhere, Doug had a strange outburst. He got very angry at this and lashed out a spiteful racist remark to the Rajput Prince. “How dare you call us that you curry eating sucker. You will talk with respect.”

Aryaman didn’t even react. He just smiled and passed this hostile racist behavior of Doug as an act done in a drunken state. “Mr. Abraham. I hope you are little drunk. You should get some rest. We can talk tomorrow morning.” But Doug foolishly lashed out at Aryaman again, not understanding the gravity of the situation and the power the Prince wielded in the country. “Oh, you, fucking Indian twat. You think I will let this pass. I will put pressure on you. I will screw you so bad that you yourself would come up to me and follow my orders. You are nothing in front of me. I will get my business done. And you won’t be able to do shit.”

“For the sake of my respect towards you as my honorable guest, I am giving you this one last warning, Doug. Please find a suitable accommodation here as you like and get a nice relaxing sleep.”

“Shove that respect up your curry ass. You bloody Indian slave. Don’t forget we ruled over you.”

That was it for Aryaman. He got up and stood in front of Doug. His towering image scared the shit out of for a moment since he was totally drunk. Aryaman then shouted “Rawat, seize this person right now.” The next moment some tall well-built very dark-complexioned guards barged into the Diwan-e-Khas and seized Doug.

Doug kept on shouting “Keep your filthy hands off of me, you smelly twats. I will fuck all of you.”

On seeing this Rose, who was quiet and didn’t say anything until now got down on Aryaman’s feet on begged his forgiveness.

“Please Aryaman. Forgive my husband for this insolent behavior. He got a little drunk and blurted out those horrible racist insults to you. I am sure he never meant it. Please let him go.”

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