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Note: This true story stands on its own, but may be better enjoyed by first reading “Regular Massage???” that I posted here on 12/17/15

As in that story, there is not much dialogue between us. She lets her hands and body do most of the talking. Enjoy!


I have been to see her for a nice massage several times before and didn’t think today would be any different than past visits. I visit her as often as I can. She is smart, beautiful and very sexy. I arrived on time as usual and when she opened the door I immediately noticed a subtle difference in the way she was dressed.

All the times before she wore some sort of dress that showed off her beautiful curves and ample cleavage. This time she was wearing a skirt and a sweater on top. No cleavage to enjoy today.

Her Russian accent is very sexy. She says, “Go get ready and I will be in shortly”. I get naked and lay face down on the table with my face in the cradle. I really like the fact that she doesn’t cover me up, I like being naked and exposed. Must be the exhibitionist in me.

As I lay there waiting for her, I realize two things. I am nice and warm and my cock is half erect. Just thinking about feeling her strong and skilled hands all over my body turns me on. She walks in and says, “How are you today?” I say “I am good and I like that it is warm in here.” She is now standing directly in front of my head with her hands gently caressing my back and shoulders. She always starts with real light strokes, almost like a good back scratch. I can see her well manicured feet through the opening in the face cradle sincan escort bayan and in my minds eye I can see her big tits hovering over my head as she rubs on me. I feel my cock twitch just a little bit.

She stops rubbing on me for a few moments and then I see something fall to the floor next to her feet. Without my glasses it is hard to tell what it is, but it is the same color as her sweater. I ask myself, “Did she just take off her top?” I feel my cock twitch again and tell myself it is probably just a towel. Now I just want to know if she is topless so I very slowly lift my head to take a peek and just as I do I feel her hand on the back of my head. She whispers, “No no.” right next to my ear. My mind is racing and my dick is almost at full attention. I decide to take some deep breaths and try to relax so I can enjoy the massage. My imagination is now running wild as I feel her dragging something all up and down my body, it is something light in weight but not real soft. As she drags it across my body, it kind of tickles a bit. My eyes are closed and I am really enjoying the moment as I hear something else hit the floor, I open my eyes there is no mistaking that she just dropped her pretty black bra! I slowly breath out the words, “Uh huh” to show my approval and I hear her giggle just a little.

I feel the warm oil on her hands as she really starts rubbing me and I am pretty sure but not 100% positive that I am getting a topless massage. I really want to jump up and look but don’t want to spoil the moment. I ask myself, “Could she just be teasing me?” Now she strokes eryaman escort my back from my neck clear down to my ass and I feel her big tits rest on the back of my head. This is surely no dream! I love the fact that she is a little bit of a tease and my cock is now straining. After really working my back and getting it nice and relaxed she works her way down to my buttocks and legs. As in the past, she spends a lot of time on my ass, she knows I love it. This time as she works my upper thighs, she makes sure and brushes my balls with a few squeezes here and there at the base of my cock. All the while I am making moans and sounds of approval. She says something like, “I know you like that.”

Seems that the minutes are flying by, and at the same time it is taking quite a while. I really want to roll over and enjoy the view! I know it is getting close, and soon I hear her say in that oh so sexy accent, “Time to turn over big boy.” I quickly comply and when I do she has her back turned to me. I just stare as she slowly turns around and I see her big smile and maybe just a little blushing, her very large breasts are a sight to behold with world class nipples that beg to be touched. I am very turned on and my cock is straining to the point of bobbing up and down a bit. She moves to the head of the table and starts working on my neck and shoulders, the view from here is priceless as I see those perfect tits of hers hover above me as they sway back and forth with her massage strokes. It’s all I can do to keep from grabbing my dick to stroke it but I prevail and lay there and take it. Good thing, etimesgut bayan escort because she works her way down my chest to my groin area where she just slightly rubs the tip of my cock with one of her nipples. Sweet torture as she moves down to my legs and works on them until her hands get back to my cock. As she pours lube on me I am wondering just how long I can last being this turned on.

Her expert hands work their way up, down and around my shaft and it feels so damn good that I feel like I am going to shoot right away so I sit up and she stops. Without thinking about it, I turn towards her and face her so that my legs are now hanging over the side of the table. We are face to face with her hand still wrapped around my cock. For a split second I don’t think either one of us knew what would happen next. Just as I reach out to cup her treasure chest she lets go of me and slides down so that my cock is firmly nestled between her big tits. I hold them together as I see the head of my cock move in and out. She has a very naughty look on her face as she knows with a titty fuck like this I am going to squirt soon. I last longer than I thought so she pours some more lube between her tits and starts moving again. I feel it building and see a little precum which rarely happens for me so I know I am going to cum really good. It’s been a long time since I have been this turned on and in short order I let it fly! I shoot 2 or 3 streams and it feels so good. This is exactly what I needed and she knows it. I have not been this sexually aroused in a long time.

She looks me right in the eye and says, “I am going to do this to my husband tonight.”

She cleans us up and I lay back down so she can finish the massage. I feel like I am a real lucky guy to have found this special girl in this crazy world. She is one in a million.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32