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Author’s note: The names, places, and some circumstances have been changed or altered in all the Reminiscences writings to protect the innocent and not so innocent, too! The stories, however, are as true as I remember them. Enjoy!

Again, your criticism is welcomed, as is your vote!

* * * * *

I was sitting on my deck enjoying a reasonably cool late afternoon and early evening during the hot summer in Texas a few years back. I was having a couple of beers, relaxing after a long day, enjoying the cooler breezes enhanced by the large tree next to the deck.

I had only had fleeting glimpses of Jackie. Her mother lived just up the street, and I had seen her helping her mother in the flowerbeds. Jackie had a penchant, I suppose, for old, nearly worn out jeans, which she had cut the leggings off and her butt cheeks were nearly visible at all times. She also wore sleeveless T-shirts. The pointed nipples showing through were a clear indication that a) she rarely wore a bra or b) she was small enough to not need a bra.

Anyway, here I was enjoying the end of the day, when who should happen by but Jackie. She was in a miff with someone, maybe her mother, maybe a friend, and she said she just wanted to be comfortable with someone for a little while. I asked her if she wanted to just talk about it, maybe have a beer, and relax for a while. She readily agreed, coming on to the deck and finding a place to sit. I brought her a beer, and we just sat quietly for a while.

Finally she began talking. She told me of her troubles with her boyfriend back home, that he was constantly downgrading her, even beating on her. She wanted to start a new life, get her stuff back in order, and expand her horizons. I told her, “You can take your hat off, if you want to.” She stopped talking and just looked at me for a minute.

“What did you say?”

“You can take your hat off. You can relax around me. I won’t degrade you, nor will I beat on you for any reason. And you haven’t given me any reason to so far.”

Another couple of beers came out, and she was relaxing a bit. The sun had now disappeared and the breezes were settling down. She had lowered herself to the deck itself, sitting back against the railing, and enjoying the light conversation.

“You can take your shirt off, too. No one can see you from here.” The deck was close to the street and was visible for passersby to see, if they really looked. But it was now getting dark, and I didn’t have any outside lights on.

“I’ll take my shirt off if you’ll do the same.”

No problem, as in the present society a man with a naked chest is not a big deal. I wish today’s society as a whole would incorporate the enjoyment of all bodies in whatever state of dress or undress as some other liberal-minded countries around the world. sincan escort bayan But I digress.

So here we were, Jackie and I sitting bare chested on my deck. For me it was a wonderful sight. Jackie’s nipples were standing tall on small tight breasts. She told me later she was a 34B, which is just what I’ve always enjoyed. More than a mouthful is a waste of flesh in my own little world, and I’ve always found that small-breasted women are easier to please.

Of course, the beer was enhancing the thoughts of both of us, but it wasn’t just flowing freely. And by now she had pretty vented her frustrations and was getting calmer as the evening wore on. Strangely, I also noticed there were no neighbors out strolling around with their pets and kids. I guess the heat had pretty well sapped their strength and they were probably inside in the a/c, waiting the much cooler evening to arrive before venturing out.

As Jackie was sitting topless on my deck, I asked, “Would you mind if I got a closer look at your breasts? They look wonderful, but I like touchy-feely, too.”

“Sure, I think I can handle touchy-feely. Come on down.”

Standing I had to move my growing erection in my own shorts, which she was also watching. Because I wasn’t hard yet, I was able to get the head out of my pant leg, just showing. I sat down in front of her and reached out with both hands to her breasts. First I simultaneously palmed each with a hand, feeling from the bottom sides to the tops. The nipples were now rock hard, and Jackie was beginning to moan and stir a bit. As I was fondling her breasts, she reached for my cock. “You know you’re oozing, don’t you?”

“Yeah, that happens sometimes. Your touching isn’t helping my discomfort much, either.”

So we sat stroking each other for a few minutes. I finally said, “You can take your shorts off, too. I would love to see your pussy, to see if you, too, are oozing.”

“Only if you take off yours, too. I want to see your cock as well.”

Removing clothing, even just shorts, is kind of difficult while sitting down. But neither of us had a desire for exhibitionism to the world, just to each other. I had to struggle a little to remove the shorts and the underwear and to avoid any wayward splinters in my ass. Jackie, on the other hand, wasn’t wearing any panties, so she was naked very quickly and I was right behind her. Jackie’s pussy was nearly hairless, only the proverbial “landing strip” above her mons. And her pussy lips, outer as well as inner were now glistening with her precum, dribbling onto the deck. Thankfully there were streetlights close by, not enough to illuminate our bodies to a great degree, but enough to see enough of each other’s flesh.

I moved closer to the railing on the deck. Jackie raised her legs a little, and eryaman escort I slipped beneath them. My now-very-hard cock was mere inches from her pussy. Each time my heart beat, my cock would bounce a little. When she reached my cock with her hands, my fingers also found her pussy. We just sat there for a few minutes, masturbating each other, smiling at each other.

I scrutched a little closer, easing my cock up to her pussy. I finally got to a place where my cockhead could lightly brush her clit. Using one hand I kept brushing her clit with my cock while I was using the other hand to pull on her nipples and massage her breasts.

Jackie was getting hot and bothered for sure. She moved her butt closer and closer to my cock, finally impaling her pussy on me. There was no stroking going on, just simply sitting there, each lightly rocking. She moved her fingers to her clit, stroking herself with one hand, and cupping my balls with her other hand. Neither of us was close to orgasm, but both of us wanted more.

“Why don’t we go inside where we can get really serious? Even a rug would be much more comfortable,” I said.

“But we’re both naked, how can we get inside without standing up?” she asked.

“Simple. Grab your clothes and follow me.”

Reluctantly I pulled out of her, gathered my own clothes, and crawled across the deck to the door. Reaching up, I opened the door and moved inside. Jackie was right behind me. Inside I stood up, as she did, and closed the door. “I don’t want to do this on the rug,” Jackie said. “Where’s the bed?”

Pointing the way with my cock, she followed me to the bedroom. She decided to stop to pee, and I did the same in another bathroom. A brief respite, but a growing anticipation to fornication. For this had nothing to do with love, but everything to do with relief for both of us.

We met at opposite sides of the bed. My cock was now rock hard and standing up, and I wanted to put it in her pussy again. Her nipples were really standing tall, and her pussy lips were now distended a bit, showing themselves. We each got on the bed from the opposite sides, lying down head-to-foot. Jackie started messing with my cock and balls again, and I started messing with her pussy. I began on her inside thighs, lightly nipping and tonguing my way to her wet pussy. I worked my way around her vulva to her mons. Sticking out my tongue I stroked her clit. As I did so, she began moaning again. My rigid cock was in her mouth and she was stroking my balls and perineum with her free hand. She never did stroke my anus, which was okay with me, as I’m not an ass man.

I planted my mouth on her vulva, completely covering her lips and clit. With my tongue I started licking one side and then the other of her clit, savoring her feminine odor and taste. Shifting a etimesgut bayan escort little farther down, I was able to lick the length of her slit to her perineum. To gain more access I began rolling over to my back, carrying Jackie along with me. Her precum was beginning to flow, and I could feel it dribbling down my neck.

In the meantime Jackie was beginning to bob her head up and down on my cock, taking my near-seven inches to the back of her throat. She finally found my hot spot on my cock, the area on the top just behind the corona of the glans. For whatever reason, I’m not so sensitive on the bottom of my cock, but more on the top and even more so on the sides about halfway of the length. And she was working my cock very well with her mouth and tongue, hitting all the sensitive spots.

The time finally became evident that penetration was at hand. A warm and very wet pussy was smothering me, and my cock was aching to be within. Jackie sensed the same thing, and we separated. She lay on her back with her feet up and her legs spread. I crawled around and saw a most wonderful sight, a pussy ready to be fucked. I eased my way down and impaled her in one stroke. I could feel the depths of her pussy, all the way to her cervix. She was tight and wet and began moving her hips before I did. She slowly raised her legs until they were nearly on my shoulders. Neither of us ever said a word until now, and she said, “Fuck me, Jack, fuck me long and slow!”

With those words, I began rotating my hips in circles while plunging in and out of her. I was putting enough weight behind the strokes to thoroughly caress her clit with my pubic bone. But my weight and strokes weren’t enough for her. Jackie ran her hand down to her clit and began masturbating it, even as I stroked in and out of her pussy.

My point of no return came on quite suddenly, and I exploded a heavy load of cum into her pussy. Each time my muscles contracted, I made sure my cockhead was pushing on her cervix so that she could feel the pulses, too. She told me later she could feel my cock beginning to swell within her pussy just as I came, and by working her clit she came along for the ride just behind me. But she wasn’t through, yet.

She told me to get off and out of her quickly. After I did I watched my first full-blown female masturbation. As our combined cum ran out of her pussy, she continued rubbing her clit, and in short order she came again, adding to the flow. I was amazed with the sight and made no show of trying to fuck her again.

We stayed together the rest of the night. We held each other and fondled each other during the night, but no other attempt was made by either party to fornicate, ever again.

I saw her a couple of months ago and had a wonderful conversation with her. We do enjoy each other’s company, and we have respect for each other. I told her that even though I’ve moved out of the area, I could still show her the exact spot on my deck where I initially penetrated her. She smiled and said she did remember with very good feelings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32