Rubber Duckie

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Big Dicks

Jessie put down her tea cup on the kitchen counter and walked slowly through the empty rooms. Mike was out drinking with some friends — leaving her alone in the house. She didn’t mind. For a few minutes, she’d considered calling a friend of her own and having her over for drinks and a chat. But she soon decided against it. She enjoyed having some time to herself.

She leaned against the tall window in the living room, looking out over the city. Night was falling, the sky slowly turning a darker shade of blue. Just a few blocks away, Mike and his friends would be well into the first couple of beers of the evening — probably chased down by shots of bourbon as the night went on. She smiled at the thought — liked to think that he’d be out enjoying himself in the company of other men.

She wondered what they were talking about. Sex, probably. Girls. Funny how guys only had to get a few drinks inside them, and immediately their thoughts would turn all lusty. Usually not in a bad way, actually — mostly just endless babble about pretty girls with big titties and sexy asses. Whoever thought men were complicated? At the end of the day, their dicks did most of the thinking. She shook her head.

As for herself, she had decided to use tonight to unwind as much as she could. She’d had some stressful days at the office and felt a strong desire to do absolutely nothing. She considered taking a nice, long bath to begin with. That always seemed to relax her.

Walking past the open bathroom door, she caught a glimpse of the rubber duckie, sitting on the shelf above the bathtub. Mike had bought it for her a few weeks ago. They’d been walking past some local gift shop, and suddenly he’d pointed to the little yellow toy and said with a grin:

“Oh — you like to take baths. I should buy that for you. You know — to keep you company.”

“No,” she’d protested. “Really…”

But he’d walked straight into the shop and bought it. Such a silly thing — she’d almost been too embarrassed to say thank you. But now, there it was: Round, yellow body, bright red, slightly upturned beak. Its wings were just slight protrusions, emphasized by painted, black lines. But to Jessie, its most remarkable feature was its manically, wide open eyes with their thin black eyelashes. There was something weird about that little toy. It was supposed to look cute and friendly — but it didn’t seem that way to her. Of course, she told herself, she was not exactly afraid of the rubber duckie. But she did find it strangely unsettling.

Jessie turned on the tap to fill the tub, then walked back into the kitchen and made herself another cup of tea. Listening to the water running, she took a sip of the hot, perfumed drink. When she returned to the bathroom, she found the tub almost full, steaming like her tea. She put the cup on the edge of the bathtub, turned off the taps and began to undress.

She couldn’t help but look at her naked body in the mirror. It was the trim, sexy body of a woman in her late twenties. And she knew Mike loved to look at her, loved to touch her breasts, fondle her ass. And inevitably, he’d get an erection and want to fuck her brains out. Was he also proud of her — proud to be seen with her? There was no doubt in her mind that he was.

She dipped her toes in the water — the temperature was perfect. With a deep sigh, she sat down in the tub, her body sinking into the pleasant warmth. Yes — this was nice. She picked up the teacup and took a sip. And there on the shelf she once again caught a glimpse of the rubber duckie. No — there was definitely something wrong with its design: It didn’t look nice or amusing — it looked somehow vicious. She closed her eyes.

Jessie almanbahis had almost dozed off when she opened her eyes again. And immediately, she gasped in shock. Because there — floating on the water surface between her knees — was the rubber duckie.

She hadn’t put it there. She was sure of it. So how had it ended up in the tub? Had it fallen off the shelf? Impossible — she would have heard a splash when it hit the water. Or perhaps she really had dozed off. She sighed. Well — it didn’t matter anyway. It was just a harmless piece of plastic — nothing to worry about. Jessie took a long sip of her tea. As the rubber duckie bobbed gently on the water, she felt its eyes staring intently at her breasts. But of course, that was nonsense. She closed her eyes and relaxed.

Second later, her bliss was interrupted by a strange sound — like the slow squeaking of a hard plastic material. She opened her eyes.

“Oh?” she said.

The duckie had grown in size. It was no longer a little toy. It was still bright yellow plastic — but it had grown to the size of a real duck. Jessie wondered what was going on, and leaned in for a closer look. She furrowed her brow. Didn’t the beak look different, too? Didn’t it use to be closed — the anthropomorphized corners of the mouth turned up in a stupid grin? The smile had gone now, and the beak was open. Jessie even thought she saw it move, slowly opening and closing.


The strange sound echoed among the bathroom tiles. The duckie had made a sound — much like that of a real duck, but sharper and somewhat artificial. In the warm bath, Jessie felt a shiver run through her body as she realized there was a kind of living creature in the tub with her.

The duckie swam slowly across the surface of the water — as it had no legs, she did not understand how — and came to rest next to her left breast. It took her nipple in its beak and bit down hard.

“Ow!” she cried.

Jessie stared at duckie as it pulled vigorously back and forth. After the initial shock, it was not an unpleasant sensation. Far from it — it felt very much like Mike playing with her breasts, and to her surprise she felt herself beginning to get slightly aroused.

The duckie let go of her nipple and swam across her body to her other breast. Here, again it bit down hard and began rhythmically pulling at it.

“Mm,” Jessie moaned.

A thought flashed through her mind: She should remember to tell Mike that he’d accidentally bought her a sex toy. Then she closed her eyes and relaxed, savoring the sensation of the duckie pulling at her nipple. She felt it letting go — heard the splashing sound of its body moving about — and then the stinging pain as it beak pulled at her pubes.

“Ow!” she cried again.

Jessie opened her eyes to see the duck’s neck bent, its head submerged under water. It yanked gently at her pussy hairs, and then let go again. She felt the hard rubber beak running across her labia, and then…

“Oh no,” she whispered. “Oh no, you don’t…”

But it happened just as she’d expected: The duckie’s hard beak closed around the base of her clit and slowly began moving back and forth, masturbating her.

“Ohhh,” she sighed.

Her muscles went limp as she completely surrendered to the sensation. The strange, animated rubber toy worked her clit — gently, rhythmically — making it harden as waves of lust made her body tingle. Whimpering, she lifted her pelvis up against it. It clamped slightly harder around her pink nub, water splashing around its rubber head as it stimulated her clit with its hard plastic beak. Jessie spread her legs as she felt her orgasm approaching.

The almanbahis giriş duckie yanked its head from side to slide, spraying water across her quivering thighs, its beak pulling at her sensitive clit, finally making her come.

“Ahhh!” she cried. “Ahhh!”

It was an unusually powerful climax, making Jessie arch her back and kick her feet in the tub, as pleasure surged through every fiber of her body. She closed her eyes again, trembling, as her orgasm seemed to go on forever. Moaning quietly, she ran her fingers through her long, wet hair in a state of bliss. Only faintly did she hear the strange, creaking, rubbery sound she recognized from earlier.

“Mm?” she said, opening her eyes.

The duckie had grown again. It was now the size of a swan — its body almost filling the width of the tub. Jessie gasped at the sight. The gaze of the giant yellow creature was even more manic than before — and now its eyes had begun to move. Smacking its red beak lasciviously, the giant duckie lecherously looked up and down her naked body, drooling with lust. Then it threw its head back and vocalized:


The sound was much deeper and louder this time. Jessie instinctively cupped her ears. Still calm from the afterglow of her orgasm, she now felt a slight sense of unease. A live rubber duckie the size of a swan was not a harmless toy anymore. She wondered whether it would be best to get out of the tub. But the duckie was almost too big to get around. And would it attack her if she tried? That huge, red plastic beak could probably do her serious harm.

She decided to stay in the tub, and for a while she just lay there watching the giant rubber duckie bobbing around innocuously on the surface of the water. But then she saw it.

Looking underneath its body, she realized that it still didn’t seem to have legs. But it had something else.

“Oh no,” she gasped. “No, no, no…”

A huge, yellow plastic penis protruded from the underside of the duckie — stretching and twitching just below the surface. Jessie grabbed the sides of the tub, preparing to get out — but the duckie slowly maneuvered itself in between her thighs. Jessie stared at its long member. It looked exactly like a human cock — with a swollen, bulbous head and a straight, veined shaft – only in hard yellow plastic and slightly bigger proportions. The creature’s eyes stared into hers — a merciless, inhuman gaze. And now she felt the rounded head of the duckie’s cock pushing hard against her labia. It was far too strong for her to resist, and she felt her flesh opening and stretching around the head. And then the strange sensation of the hard plastic shaft penetrating her cunt.

“Aaah!” she cried.

“Chchchchch!” the duckie screeched in reply.

And then it began to fuck. Jessie thrashed helplessly about in the warm water as the duckie thrust its cock into her again and again in a hard, relentless rhythm. With every stroke, she felt its hard, uneven surface rubbing against her soft, sensitive flesh. The duckie’s head dove up and down, snapping hard at her nipples as it kept fucking her, rolling its eyes in ecstasy.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasped. “Oh, fuck…”

Jessie grabbed her breasts, offering them to the duckie’s aggressively snapping beak. Her body trembled uncontrollably, as the creature’s plastic shaft kept thrusting, coaxing another orgasm from her succulent cunt. She threw her head back and cried out with unbearable pleasure:

“Aaah! Aaah!”

Another powerful climax surged through her excited body, making her squirm and thrash about. Her flailing arm knocked the tea cup off the edge of the tub, and she heard it almanbahis yeni giriş shattering on the tiled floor with a loud crash. Through blurry eyes she saw the duckie flap its wings (when had it grown wings?) as it pulled back, withdrawing its hard plastic cock from her slit. The bulging, yellow shaft swelled and jumped, apparently ready to ejaculate.

“Quack!” the duckie cried loudly. “Quack! Quack! Quack!”

And then it came. A long jet of white spunk shot from the tip of the yellow plastic cock, spattering the length of Jessie’s body from her belly to her breasts. It felt burning hot on her skin. The duckie kept ejaculating, quacking excitedly, pumping spurt after spurt of hot semen all over her. She opened her mouth and caught a few drops on her tongue. It had a strong and salty taste — with distinct notes of plastic and seaweed.

When the duckie finished ejaculating, its cock was still hard.

“Chchchchch!” it cried again.

And with a powerful plunge, it once more buried the entire length of its shaft inside her sensitive cunt and resumed fucking.

“Mmm!” Jessie protested. “No. Please… wait…”

But it was no use. Thrusting and thrusting into her wet crevice, the duckie rolled its eyes, drooling with lust. She knew it was going to keep on fucking her. And that it would make her come again.

– – –

Jessie probably isn’t expecting me to be home this early. But Jack and Tony both left the bar early — apparently, they had plans for tomorrow. I had one more beer with Joe, then we decided to call it an early night. And as a result I feel pleasantly relaxed — hardly intoxicated — as I walk up to the house. The windows are all dark. She’s probably in bed by now.

I open the door and walk in. And now I see a sliver of light across the floor, coming from the bathroom. She’s taking a bath. I wonder whether I should just leave her alone and go to bed, but walking closer I see the door is ajar.

“Jessie?” I ask softly.

Soft sounds of splashing and moaning come through the door. I push it open and see Jessie in the tub. Her eyes are closed, her body stretched out, quivering slightly. She may actually be asleep. Between her legs, both her hands are moving rhythmically — masturbating. They’re holding something I can’t quite make out. Something small and yellow. And then I recognize it. It’s the silly rubber duckie I bought her in that little gift shop some time ago. She’s fucking herself with it — pushing its little, round plastic head in and out of her cunt, moaning with pleasure.

My cock stirs in my jeans. It not only stirs — it stretches to a full erection within seconds. I can’t remember ever getting hard this fast. But Jessie masturbating with the rubber duckie is such a beautiful and slightly perverted sight that it turns me on instantly.

“Mmm! Ohhh!”

Jessie writhes in the tub, thrusting the rubber duckie’s head into her flesh as a powerful orgasm makes her beautiful body tremble. My cock jumps in my pants — I feel the pressure building, about to burst. Frantically, I unbutton my jeans and pull them down just in time. I immediately start ejaculating.

“Unh!” I groan.

My cock contracts — almost painfully – as my hot semen starts spurting from its tip. I’m shaking with pleasure as spunk shoots in long, white jets from my hard, jerking shaft.

Jessie opens her eyes and looks at me.

“Mike?” she whispers.

My ejaculation has almost subsided. My cock is shaken by a few more contractions, and the last couple of sticky drops ooze from the tip, dripping onto the floor.

“What…?” I ask. “What are you doing?”

Jessie has pulled the duckie from her cunt and stares at it in confusion.

“I…” she stutters. “I don’t know.”

She begins to laugh. That sweet, bubbly laugh she has. I look at the gorgeous, naked woman in the tub. I love her so much. I look at the bright yellow rubber duckie in her hand. And I, too, begin to laugh.

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