Safeword: Rainbow

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Author’s note: This is part of a series of stories about Jacqueline DeNorlan, a famous sculptor and part-time security expert and her submissive, a young Assistant District Attorney named Victoria Lerner.

This story takes place a few months before the events in my story “Get A Room”, also published here at . As always I crave feedback via the CONTACT tab on my profile.

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The reception area at the airport was crowded but Victoria still easily saw the tall form of her lover striding confidently towards the exit. She slipped between the throngs of people and intercepted her. Her arms encircled a slim waist and she pressed her head against the red haired woman’s chest whispering, “I missed you so much, my Jacqy.”

A strong finger gently pressed her chin upwards and she lost herself in her lover’s big green eyes.

“I missed you too, baby.”

A soft kiss on her lips sealed their welcome and they turned to the parking lot where she had left the taller woman’s car.

“So, how was your trip?”

Jacqueline’s father had asked her to check out the software development firm of one of his friends who thought that his security system had been tempered with. So, she had flown out to his place.

“Uncle Greg was right. Someone had created an automated back-up feed to an external computer. They copied all of his financial and technical data. It opened him up to blackmail of any kind. I put a stop to it and tracked the guy down. It’s in the hands of the police now. At first I thought that anyone could have found them out but it took one of my specialised routines to find it. So, it was good that I did it myself but I spent two very lonely nights.”

“Me too, the only thing tiding me over were your phone calls, my love. I missed you so much; your strong arms holding me, breathing in your scent.”

The taller woman smiled but didn’t answer. Now was not the time to reminiscence about their lengthy phone calls, lengthy, steamy phone conversations that had left her horny as hell.

The SUV was waiting for them on the second level of the multi-story parking building and the black-haired Assistant District Attorney silently handed over the keys. Jacqueline put the key in the ignition and changed the setting of the seats and mirrors to fit her larger frame while Victoria climbed in the passenger seat and started to fasten the seatbelt.

“Didn’t you just forget something, little one?” The questioning look the artist and part time security expert received as an answer let her add. “Your skirt, baby!”

The slightly younger woman blushed. “I’m sorry, Jacqy. I forgot.”

“Did you also forget on the way here, my love?” The raven-head only nodded. “Well, then we will have to do something about it, won’t we, baby?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Mis… Jacqy.”

“Look at me, Tory.”

Victoria turned her head to the driver’s side but didn’t dare to look in her beloved Mistress’ eyes. Her chin once again was guided upwards.

“It’s alright, my love. It was just a slight oversight. I’m not angry but we also can’t let this go. Pull your skirt up and sit directly on the leather — as you should have done from the beginning. That’s better. Open your blouse and take the clamps out of the glove compartment. Put them on.”

The raven-head did as ordered, a surge of arousal coursing through her body.

“Now, put your hands behind your head and close your eyes. Stay this way and tell me about your day. I want to know every single detail.” Jacqueline demanded while backing out of the parking space and turning the windows black.

“I went to the office early…”

“No Tory, start at the beginning. Tell your Mistress how you started your day.”


A bright smile appeared on the raven-head’s face but she didn’t open her eyes or change her position.

“I woke shortly after five, almost an hour before the alarm was supposed to go off. I had dreamed about you making love to me and I was very wet. I wanted nothing more than to masturbate while imagining your eyes on me. I quickly got up to avoid the temptation and took a very long, very cold shower.

“The coffee maker was also set for 6h00; so, I got dressed first. I chose the charcoal slacks with the light grey jacket and the dark grey silk T-shirt you gifted me with a few weeks ago. I skipped breakfast and went directly to work. I arrived at the office shortly after six. I had a lot of paperwork to go through and eyewitness accounts to read and worked until my colleagues dragged me to lunch. I had a salad and was back at my desk by 1h30. Three hours later I called it a day, but I had to take a few files home to prepare for court on Tuesday.

“After putting the car in the garage, I started the preparations for later. I took the lasagne out of the freezer and decanted the wine. I stripped off my work clothes and went to the bathroom. I took another shower and washed…”

The clamp on her right nipple was pulled Ankara escort and twisted.

“I’m sorry, Mistress, please let me try again. I stepped into the tub and turned the water on. I squeezed some of the peach scented soap on the loofah and started to create lather. I worked my way up from my right foot to the waist and down to the left foot, and I wished it were you soaping me up, Mistress.

“I started on my stomach and arms, and when I became aware that I was lingering on my breasts I quickly cut the warm water and stood under cold spray until the soap was gone and I was shivering. I once again changed the temperature and washed my hair. I massaged my scalp, just like you sometimes do but it only made me miss you more. I finished with another burst of cold water and dried myself.

“Then I used the epilator on my armpits and legs. I thought of also using it on my nether region but it always makes my skin red and puffy for hours and I didn’t want that. I decided to shave though I was a bit afraid to knick my skin but afterwards it felt so good, so smooth. It was so hard to keep from masturbating but I didn’t because I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

A long finger was put on her lips and Victoria felt how her skirt was tucked aside. Her Mistress let her fingers glide over the baby-smooth skin, and a wave of arousal went through her — though she somehow kept her position.

“Good work, baby! Please, continue.”

“I dried and brushed my hair, and then I brushed my teeth. I knew that I was stalling. I was afraid of what I had to do next. I never before had to do an enema on my own and I didn’t want to end up making a mess.”

Jacqueline’s hand once again patted her thigh just where her skirt ended and Victoria fell silent. “Go on, little one, you’re doing fine.”

“I decided to do it in the bathtub to minimize the risk. I first mixed the sanitizing soap with hot water and let it cool down to body temperature. I knelt in the tub and inserted the lubed up nozzle. I held it in place with my right hand and opened the valve with my left. The water began to fill me up. It was so hot. I almost broke my position but my rational mind set in. I knew that it was not hotter than usual. I took a deep breath and waited.

“I missed your comforting hand on the small of my back. I missed your voice telling me that I was doing fine, and that it soon would be over. With you close to me the water distending my stomach and pressing against my bladder never hurt but today it did. It was so hard to stay still and hold my position. I silently counted to five hundred, just like you taught me. It took a conscious effort not to count faster than usual and just to be sure I added another hundred.

“I removed the nozzle and to my own surprise didn’t spill anything. I slowly stood and stepped out of the tub. I could feel myself losing control and just barely made it to the toilette. It was embarrassing and humiliating.

“I rinsed and refilled the enema bag with cold water and returned to the bathtub. I was glad that I had to keep that in only half as long but without you it still was hard to do. I felt vulnerable instead of protected and cared for. I tried not to think but my mind was running a mile a minute. I saw myself as a young maiden preparing to be willingly sacrificed to a cruel god.”

The raven-head expected her Mistress to laugh at the thought — but when there was no reaction she continued.

“After expelling the cold water I tested my sphincter just like you would have done, and found it like it should be. I was relieved that it was over but at the same time I was so ashamed.” She once again fell silent.

“It sounds like you did everything I asked you to do to the letter. You have no reason to feel ashamed, my love.”

“My head knows that, Mistress, but still…” The half naked woman was tempted to remove her hands from behind her head to give her words more emphasis but she stopped herself in time.

“I enjoy it when you give me an enema, Mistress. So, doing it myself in your name should also give me pleasure, but all I felt was loss and emptiness and shame. I disappointed you, Mistress.”

“No, you didn’t, little one. I’m proud of you. I knew it would be hard for you to perform the preparations on your own. I cherish the deep trust you show when you let me do these things, when you give me your body, inside and out. You don’t have to be ashamed of your feelings, Tory. The important part is that you followed my orders, regardless of how it made you feel. I’m very proud of you, my love.”

Her Mistress’ words were accompanied by the hand on her thigh making tiny circles while slowly inching higher. It was a testament of the young woman’s training that she didn’t move her hips forwards to be touched in a more intimate place but she couldn’t suppress the moan of disappointment when the hand suddenly was removed.

A humming sound told her that the gate to their estate was opening; she heard the distinct rhythm of the Ankara escort bayan cobblestones of their driveway. The garage door opened. They were home.

Jacqueline cut the engine, the driver’s door was opened, but the young councelor didn’t move. Her door opened, and she felt her lover’s eyes on her. The seatbelt was removed, and her aching arms were guided to her side, one after the other.

Firm fingers cupped her right breast; a short tug removed the clamp but before the pain had a chance to set in, soft but demanding lips closed around the hard bud. The procedure was repeated at the other side. Suddenly the comforting touch was gone, and two soft kisses landed on her eye lids.

“Open those beautiful eyes for me, baby. You paid your due. I love you, and I’m very, very proud of you.”

The brilliant smile and the obvious devotion in her Mistress’ eyes stole her breath and so she only answered with a smile of her own.

“Go inside and pour us some juice, Tory. Stay like you are; I reserve the right of undressing you.” The raven-head gave her a shy kiss on the cheek and hurried inside.

Jacqueline followed her with the eyes before removing her carry-all from the trunk and closing the garage door. She was a bit worried at the level of insecurity her lover’s confession had revealed but she was also gratified that she talked about it and didn’t try to bottle it up like she would have done a few years ago, at the beginning of their relationship.

Today, however, was not the time to address this problem. There was enough on the plate for her beloved submissive as it was; but there still was one thing she could do and would greatly enjoy to do: to reward Victoria for her openness and obedience.


When the tall redhead entered the living room, Victoria just exited the kitchen with a big and a small glass of tomato juice in her hands. Jacqueline almost completely drained hers while the other woman only sipped. “Thank you, my love. It had just the right kick of Tabasco. Stand at ease.”

The artist stepped behind her dark-haired partner and let her hands slide from the wrists up to the elbows and finally rested for a moment on the shoulders. They moved again, following the rim of the opened shirt but without touching the soft skin more than with the tips of her fingers. She still felt her lover’s heartbeat accelerate and pressed her muscled frame more firmly against her.

Jacqueline unbuttoned the blouse completely and simultaneously tucked the shirt out of the skirt and let the garment fall to the floor. Only then did she stroke the taut flesh of her partner’s body and was rewarded with a harsh intake of breath. She let her hands wander along the sides and over the flat stomach; her thumbnails retraced the underside of her beloved’s breasts. The already hard nipples suddenly perked up even more.

“You are beautiful, my love,” the tall woman whispered in her ear and turned her around.

A few precise movements let her skirt fall down and revealed smooth naked skin. Jacqueline sank to her knees in front of her lover. “Brace yourself on my shoulders, baby.”

She placed her first kiss just under the navel and felt the other woman’s anticipatory shiver. Caressing every square inch of flesh with her lips and tongue, she took her time to reach her goal. She exhaled on the engorged nub, the shiver intensified and Victoria spread her legs a bit wider. She took her time by lowering her body even further and licked the wetness from her lover’s thighs.

Victoria’s fingernails were cutting in her flesh. She put her strong hands on the smaller woman’s hips to steady her. The grip on her shoulders intensified when her tongue for the first time swept the length of her lover’s sex and suddenly buried itself in the soft folds as deeply as possible.

Though her broad shoulders were still covered with her favourite denim shirt, the fingers would probably leave some marks but she didn’t mind. Jacqueline breathed in her beloved’s scent and the taste of her juices was better than anything else she could imagine.

It was intoxicating and she lapped up every last drop she could get. The raven-head wouldn’t last much longer.

The sculptor knew that Victoria’s arousal had risen steadily since she had ordered her to pull up her skirt in the car. She knew her body well and would guide her to the floor as gently as possible as soon as the first wave of release would hit her.

She licked the inner and outer labia, let her tongue dance close to the sphincter but had yet to touch the quivering clit. Victoria’s legs trembled with the strain to stay upright. The tall redhead felt her own arousal coursing through her with a vengeance but she did her best to stay in control. This was not about her; it was about the love of her life.

A couple of minutes or a lifetime later, the naked woman finally succumbed to her lover’s masterful ministrations. Her legs gave out and she was gently guided to the floor. Jacqueline even managed Escort Ankara to keep her mouth on the raven-head’s centre while lowering her. A relentless, skilled tongue made Victoria’s second orgasm blend in with the aftershocks of the first. Jacqueline followed quickly, more than turned on by the incredible sight and the sound of her name cried out in ecstasy.

Jacqueline kissed her way up to Victoria’s face by placing butterfly kisses in a random pattern on her flushed skin. They shared a deep passionate kiss. Victoria tasted herself on her Mistress’ lips.

She whispered. “I love you, Jacqueline DeNorlan, my Mistress, my strength.”

“You are my strength, little one. I love you, Victoria Katherine Lerner. Let’s rest for a while, you earned it.”

The smaller woman snuggled against her lover as close as she could. Her naked skin was pressed against the slightly rough texture of her Mistress’ denim shirt and the cold smoothness of the deep brown leather pants. It felt so right — being naked while the other woman was still clothed.

She felt safe; she always had, right from the very first moment she had looked into the incredibly green eyes of the woman she had bumped into in her hurry to get her shopping done as fast as possible, from the first moment a strong arm had kept her from falling and she had breathed in the unique scent of the then stranger.

She had felt safe then and her hurry had been forgotten. The attraction had been mutual because instead of going their own ways they had taken a coffee at the local Starbucks and met the next evening for their first date.

Victoria looked up and found an expression on her lover’s and Mistress’ face that spoke of her deep devotion to the smaller woman.

“Thank you, Mistress.” An arched eyebrow made her add. “Thank you for making me feel safe. Thank you for making me feel alive, my beloved Mistress.”

“Thank you for trusting me, my love; thank you for giving yourself to me,” was the sincere reply.

Soft lips found hers but they didn’t linger, instead the soft green orbs had adopted a serious expression, and she reacted. “It’s time for my training?”

“Yes, baby. Go to the playroom and take your position.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Victoria kissed the taller woman and graciously got to her feet. Still lying on the floor Jacqueline followed her with adoring, passion filled eyes.


She knew that the slightly younger woman loved anal play but she dreaded anal training. After one of their play sessions had gone south almost a year ago they had decided to introduce these training sessions to keep her from clamping up again. She was making steady progress but it still was very hard for the young ADA.

A quick shower later, the tall sculptor and part-time security expert crossed the threshold to their playroom. Victoria was kneeling on a latex blanket with her hands clasped behind her back, and her back facing the door. Her body language betrayed a slight tension but all in all she seemed reasonably relaxed.

The redhead studied the display of butt plugs and lubrication that had been laid out for her use, next to a flogger, a wooden paddle, and a cane. She hoped that she would not need the last item but in all of their earlier sessions her beloved had failed at least one part of her challenges, and it would be unreasonable to hope that this time would be different.

She positioned herself about three feet from her lover. “Look at me, Victoria.”

The kneeling woman looked up and studied Jacqueline’s naked muscled frame — and the sight alone made it hard for her to hold her position.

Victoria’s heartbeat jumped at the sight and she felt a new wave of arousal hitting her centre. Her Mistress always had a commanding presence, regardless of what she was wearing but to her she never was more dominant than in moments like this — when the two of them were naked. The look in her eyes was more than enough but right now it seemed even stronger; natural authority emanated from her, irresistibly.

“Victoria, your body has been cleansed in preparation of this session of anal training. The challenges awaiting you will not be easy to master. Do you, of your own free will submit to this training? Do you accept that you will be punished if you fail one or more of these tests? Do you accept that the only way to end this training session prematurely will be to use your safe word?”

Brown eyes found green orbs and Victoria answered. “Yes Mistress. I submit to this training of my own free will. I will humbly accept that I will be punished if I fail one or more of the challenges and I know that I have to use my safe word if I want to end this training session before you do, Mistress.”

“What’s you safe word?”


Jacqueline smiled. In all the years they had known each other the lawyer only had resorted to her safe word twice, and she was reasonably sure that that she wouldn’t hear it this night.

“Do you also accept that you will be punished for every time you’ll ask me to stop without using the safe word?”

“Yes Mistress.”

The redhead’s smile broadened. “Stand up and go over my knees. We’ll start with a warm-up spanking to get you in the mood.”

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