Sarah’s Journey Ch. 002

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After the move to LA and finding jobs Brandon decided after a couple of years to start his own HVAC business and did so with a few customers. His business grew rapidly and he had to spend more and more time attending to it. Finding good employees was almost impossible so he was having to do it all himself.

I worked in the IT field and while I had a few times a year that I had to work til 2-3AM, or even to work from 6PM to 6AM it wasn’t all that often. As I gained more experience with more and more products I seemed to get promoted rather quickly. Eventually I was running my own team and managing portions of the datacenter, even being sent to customer sites to unfuck their systems occasionally.

After 2-3 years Brandon and I hardly saw each other. He would work late and get home at midnight or later. I would leave the house while he was still asleep, rinse and repeat. Needless to say the sex almost immediately dropped to 2-3 times a year. I thought back to the talk with the girl my first night in LA about this being the mecca of cosmetic surgery. So on a Sunday when Brandon didn’t have to work I mentioned that I had been thinking about getting my breasts done. Or if you ask me, I just wanted to have breasts at all. As when we moved to LA I joined a gym and worked out consistently and stopped eating McDonalds. I was never “fat” but on my frame I got to around 115lbs I didn’t’ like how I looked. Unfortunately when I did lose weight and gain muscle not only did I trim up but I then lost what little I had and could hardly fill my 32A bra. I cried every time I thought about looking for an AA or AAA bra, hell I might as well go without, because guys had bigger boobs than I did even if they weren’t fat.

So after bringing the idea up to Brandon he definitely wasn’t opposed but then again he was still hyper focused on work, like always. So I researched a few surgeons in LA and decided on one that was top notch, also he charged top notch prices. But hey you get what you pay for right?

I made an appointment for a consult tuzla escort and went to see him. He was moderate in height, fit, and handsome. Yet also professional. We got to the part of the consult dealing with breast size and how many CCs the implants should be. Sadly with how small I was at the time, not tiny but smaller than average, I just didn’t have enough extra skin for very much without serious deformity, muscle problems for under the muscle implants, or horrible stretch marks.

My options seemed limited to an A cup or maybe barely a B. I was so up set I was holding back the tears as I sat there. The Dr. asked what I was expecting. I told him that I had always wanted to have large breasts and was very envious of other girls that did.

After this brief exchange the Dr. mentioned that tissue expanders were an option. Normally used for breast cancer patients that had to have their breast[s] completely removed. He said they would have some discomfort but it should go away after 3-4 days. He went on to explain that they were essentially an expandable implant that would be incrementally filled like a water balloon until I had adjusted to the size I wanted. They would be filled through a port that was under each armpit.

I asked what my options were for these were, and of the 4-5 options the largest ones were 800cc at that time. Now they are in the 10,000cc+ sizes! While he cautioned that 800cc would be way too large for my body type because I was very thin, I still wanted the 800’s because I wasn’t sure how big I did want. The Dr. agreed and my appointment was made for 2 weeks.

Luckily the expanders were an outpatient surgery that didn’t keep me in the hospital overnight. I arranged with Brandon to take me and being me home. Then to look after me when we got home for 1-2 days.

Because I didn’t want to miss much work and Brandon really couldn’t we decided on a Friday. We showed up and I was in and out in about 3 hours. The Dr. put in the expanders ucuz escort but with no saline yet. He explained that for best results I would need to heal up first. This made sense to me and I agreed.

After I got home I had only a tiny amount of discomfort and was up walking around in an hour or 2. As soon as I was up on my own Brandon left to go to work as always. And I was back to taking care of my self which had become the standard in our marriage. So after the weekend and a couple of ice packs throughout the days I was able to drive and back at work on Monday.

I went back for my 6 week checkup and the Dr. said I was healing well. But wanted to wait 2 more weeks just to make sure all was going to be smooth. I was so excited I was almost begging him to start now, but I listened to him. Besides just the expanders with no saline in them actually made my breasts stand out enough that I noticed, but no one else really did. Sadly Brandon didn’t notice either as had become the standard between us.

I was excited as the Dr. gave me skin cream to start putting on so that my skin would not get stretch marks during the process. I went home and immediately put the cream on and totally didn’t read the instructions. After I did, I was to apply it morning and night until 4 weeks after I reached my final size.

It was after that when I noticed the cost of 2 weeks worth of the stuff and was shocked! I was just hoping that I could get where I wanted to be quickly, but I could only get them filled every 1-2 weeks. So after calming myself down, from the excitement that I would soon start actually having breasts like I’d dreamt of since I was a little girl, I settled back in to my daily routine.

The 2 weeks went by so slowly but it gave me time to adjust my workout routine to get ready for the expansion. The day came for my first fill and I could hardly contain myself. At the Dr’s office I couldn’t sit still. He came in and had a huge syringe with him and an IV ümraniye escort bag of saline. I’m not going to lie the size of that needle scared me to death. Then her reminded me that it’s only going in the fill port under my arms. After I stopped sweating he had me lay down with my top off and started to fill the left one first. I didn’t even feel the needle, thankfully.

What I didn’t expect was that the saline was cold, I knew it was room temp but it felt like ice water as it started to flow into my left breast. I watched and could see the left one start to expand and I was so excited. That was until it started to hurt.

I was told to expect discomfort and pain, and they were right! But he stopped before it hurt too bad. It wasn’t much of a change for it was some, at least I could tell. The right side went about the same except there was a pop during that caused me to panic. I was told that was expected and not to worry, which wasn’t exactly easy to do.

The whole process was done in about 20 minutes. I was only able to have about 50cc in each side but it was a start. They both felt pretty hard but I was told that’s normal and they would soften up in a few days as the muscle and skin stretched to accommodate the pressure. The whole drive home I couldn’t help but to touch my newly inflated breasts. They were hard but I didn’t care I actually had breasts that would could just see the small bump of each one through my shirt that I wore to work that day. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed that I completely forgot to put my bra back on, as it was still in my purse.

I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning for the next 2 weeks.

What I didn’t expect though was Brandon to take no notice at all. I waited to see if he was going to ask how it went, but he never did. He just came home, showered, ate dinner, watched TV for a coupe of hours then went to bed. I could have not even been home and I’m not sure he would have noticed either way. What started as a happy and exciting day ended with me crying myself to sleep on the couch.

The next morning I woke up around 6AM and Brandon was already gone. It was then that I really realized that I needed to come to grips that married life with Brandon wasn’t anything like I had thought it would be. It dawned on me that in marriage I was about as ignored as I was all through school.

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