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Big Tits

I just finished a difficult week in work. I had the weekend to look forward to, it had been the only thing that got me though the day. I got in to my car and began the hour long drive home. I didn’t mind the long commute, it gave me time to think.

I arrived home and began routine small talk with my house mate Scott. I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and could finally start to unwind. We live in Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland, but the house is in a very quiet part of town. There was little noise to distract us from Bob Dylan as we filled the room with smoke.

Before I got too comfortable, I went down the long hallway to switch on the shower. I always let it run for a while before getting in. I grab a towel from my room and put down the now empty bottle.

Steam bellowed out as I opened the shower-room door, I dived in. I love letting the hot waterfall run on to my broad shoulders and down over my body. It’s a pleasant feeling as the water flows down over the end of my penis. It felt especially good that night. When I’m not in a hurry I could stand there for ages, but I’d been in long enough. I jumped out and wrapped the towel around me.

Back in my bedroom I splashed aftershave on to my thick dark stubble and threw on some clothes. I hadn’t properly dried myself, my T-shirt and jeans now had a few damp patches. As I pulled my black leather jacket out of the cupboard in the hall, I said goodbye to Scott and left.

I got in the car and drove down in to town. I was due to meet Sarah at the train station in a few minutes. Like I said, I’d been looking forward to seeing her all week. She had been working in London and last time she was home, we didn’t get too much time together. We had been sending racy text messages to each other all day, I was eager as hell!

I pulled the car up just after the entrance to the station. As I adjusted the passenger seat for her I caught a glimpse of my blue eyes in the rear view mirror. I had an almost arcane look, maybe a reflection of my mood.

I was looking out for her in the mirror, when she appeared from entranceway. Although it was dark, she was easily recognisable. She was wearing her distinctive long blue coat, which almost covers the whole length of her petite figure. She saw my car and pounded the pavement with her little feet, dragging her suitcase along behind her.

I got out the car and gave her a tight hug. Looking up in to my eyes she said, “Missed you.” I could tell she had also had a long day, but a calm look started to take over her face. I loaded the car and headed back home.

She had loads to talk about in the short journey, I think she wanted to cram it all in while we were completely alone. I occasionally stroked her leg when I wasn’t bostancı escort changing gear and kissed the side of her neck at any red lights.

We pulled up in to the driveway, went in to the house and fell on to the sofa. I didn’t think Scott had moved since I left, but there were a few more empty beers on the floor. We all sat with our heads slightly tilted towards the television, getting very relaxed. It’s always easy to sink in to the large soft, almost velvet like sofa.

I guess it was difficult for Scott not to feel awkward with us two occasionally touching, Sarah giggling and laughing at all my bad jokes. I’d often catch him gazing at her legs when she wasn’t looking. We were lying on our sides, spooning on the sofa when he announced he was off to bed. We tried not to smile but it was difficult as weeks of anticipation had led to this moment.

I ran my hands up and down her curves and nibbled gently on her ear. After a few minutes I ran my hand down all the way to her knee and lifted her left leg so it is draped over mine. My lips moved from her ear, round to her cheek and I kissed her softly. With my hand still rubbing her leg, she said she could start to feel her vagina moisten and come to life.

My hand then moved under her top, brushing over her toned stomach to her chest. I pulled her bra down slightly and played my fingers near her nipples. When I finally reached her nipple, I gently squeezed. “Oh” she quietly sighed, as her clit started to tingle.

I slipped her skirt up at the back, pulled her delicate underwear down over her hips and placed my hard cock between her legs. It felt really good gently pressing on to the entrance to her smooth shaven hole. Such a sensual feeling when her warm juices start to run down my shaft. At this point her head turned away exposing her neck. I gently kissed the length of her neck. My hand then turned attention to her other nipple, it can’t be left out!

I slowly rubbed my penis back and forth over her lips finishing on her stiff clit with each stroke, taking care not to enter her. My throbbing cock felt amazing, my heart was beating a thousand times a minute. I had a hand on each of breast, moving in circular motions, clamping her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. I could tell she was really enjoying it, her quiet moans were in time with head of my penis touching her clit.

I whispered in her ear “I love how wet you are for me. I can’t wait to push my cock deep inside.” but I wanted to tease her a little more. I pulled my cock away and turned her body so she was lying face up. I pulled her top and bra off in one quick movement. The cold air flowing down from the window contrasting with the heat from my body made the skin all over her body tingle.

Her ümraniye escort bayan clit was red hot as I began to suck her nipples. I sucked them so hard, her cunt just couldn’t wait any longer. I couldn’t have pulled the last of our clothes off faster! She got on to her knees, turned and draped her arms over the end of the sofa with her sexy butt pointed at me. She turned and looked at me, talking through her teeth “I want you to fuck me like your dirty whore, fuck me hard.”

My cock was quickly swallowed by her soaking cunt. It felt heavenly as I started to move it in and out. I held onto her shoulders as I picked up pace. I dragged my finger nails down her spine then reached round to give her nipples a pinch. My hand moved into her thick hair. I love when it’s all messed up, hanging down over her back as I’m pounding away.

Her clit was too hot to ignore! She stopped me from fucking her from behind. She laid on her back and spread her legs, her pretty pink pussy was calling me down. I kissed her body again and again, moving closer to the fire between her legs each time. When I reached her slit with my lips I couldn’t believe how wet she was. The juices were really flowing out of her, we didn’t care about messing the sofa.

I moved my tongue gently up and down her lips, her shallow panting was almost perfect in time. I made sure to touch her hard clit on each pass, only stopping to swallow the sweet nectar as it collected in my mouth. I started concentrating on her clit, moving in circles. I pushed my hand on the skin at the top of her slit, pulling up her hood, exposing her clit so I could flick every part of it.

As my other hand moved up towards her breasts, her breathing got deeper. She couldn’t keep her body still, she was really starting to lose control. I knew her pleasure was building when her hips up started rising up. She was squeezing her legs together, pushing my face hard in to her cunt. My tongue was rubbing hard on her clit. I noticed her squeezing her other nipple, I moved my other hand up to take over.

Her moans were uncontrollable as she moved closer to climax. With my hands still on her breasts, I could feel her heart beating so so fast. I squeezed her nipples as tight as I could without hurting her, this pushed her over the edge. She completely lost control as the intense pleasure moved from her clit into her vagina. As the warm bliss engulfed the rest of her body, her clitoris became too sensitive. I moved my tongue down in to her hole, but kept slight pressure on her clit with my top lip. Her pussy was pulsating around my tongue as the pleasure swirled and overwhelmed her whole body.

As her breathing started to slow down I moved my mouth away from her pussy. I kartal escort gently kissed the inside of her legs, her body was still shaking all over. I looked up at her face, her eyes were still closed tight. I think her eyes were shut the whole time I was down on her. When she opened them she looked at me and smiled contently. I said “I love making you cum. I love making you lose control.”

We lay next to one another, giving her fulfilled cunt a short rest before going at it some more. When she was ripe again, I climbed on to her and latched my mouth on to her earlobe. I pushed my cock inside letting it sit there for a while. I could still feel the odd flutter on my shaft, remnants of her powerful orgasm. I was so turned on by making her cum so hard and how wild she got, I knew it wouldn’t take me very long.

I started to thrust, every stroke was like a shot of ecstasy. Her cunt was so wet, I was gliding in and out with ease. At that moment she started the tense the muscles inside of her. Every squeeze seemed like she was pulling my cock deeper and deeper in to nirvana. With my cock in deep, I arched my body so she could close her legs together. This made her pussy feel even tighter, her vaginal walls closing in over my shaft.

“Fuck me hard big boy!” she demanded! With her hands holding my chest, I drove deep in to her with every lunge. The sweat was pouring from my face and chest, dripping on to her breasts. I could feel the warm glow beginning in my cock. The faster and harder I went, the more I could feel the pleasure starting to build in to the rest of my crotch.

By now I was banging so hard, she was holding on to her tits to stop them rocking about. I jabbed my sword in at every angle that I could, I wanted to invade every inch of her. She loved it, she began to moan which drowned out the sound of my balls rattling off her!

The fire in my cock was becoming intense. I took a deep breath and held. Sarah rose her hips up which seemed to let me penetrate her even deeper. “I want to feel you cum in me” she said. Jolts of pleasure started shooting down my legs and up my spine. I reached down with my thumb to find her clit. As I pressed on her button she instantly moaned and gasped. She started squirming, I knew she was about to cum too!

Sarah was screaming with delight. I kept thrusting, I finally let my breath out and roared with pleasure. As the warm glow tingled around my body, I knew my cock would start to pulse. I could start to feel her pussy contracting as the waves got stronger. At that moment I fell deep in to bliss, my cock exploded and began spurting wildly! Every pulse of her cunt seemed to suck out more of my cum, I kept cumming and cumming!

My heart was beating so fast and my knees were shaking. As my climax was coming to an end I pushed my cock deep inside to feel Sarah’s internal tremors fade away. I was exhausted! I collapsed next to her, completely satisfied in every way. We lay in each others arms for hours, drifting along together in post orgasmic bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32