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Everyone is 18 or over.

The sting in his eyes brought him out of a miserable sleep. Sweat poured down and he glistened in front of the TV that filled the room with white noise. The Nintendo controller stuck to his leg and he pulled it away slowly so that Jimmy wouldn’t wake.

His best friend looked equally as uncomfortable with beads dripping from his skinny body. They had both stripped to just their underwear when his mom informed him the air conditioning would not be fixed tonight. The box fan offered little help from the balmy, sweaty ass like heatwave outside.

With a glance out of the window, it was barely after midnight. Fuck, he thought. His mom would be pissed if she was woke up before six and the floor was too old to navigate silently down the stairs. Getting something to drink was out of the question.

What to do? Leaned over on his knees, he stared blankly at the TV and considered firing up the NES for another run at Double Dragon. With a light toe bump, the power came on and greens and pinks flashed the screen. bahis şirketleri Oh, boy. The cartridge was pulled and he gave it a blow. Jimmy slowly rustled but didn’t wake. The game came on and he leaned over to turn the volume knob down.

He noticed Jimmy’s leg had fallen from the bed and he was on his back. With a slow return to the mattress, he had to do a double take. A chill hit his spine and he froze, locked in on his friend’s gigantic bulge. The twisted fabric had a strangle hold on it and he still managed to tower up and over like a fat banana. Of course, he had a matching pair of huge eggs with a strained outline that hung over the edge of the bed.

Tony ran a hand through his wet head and scratched the back anxiously, confusingly. The controller was down and his hand was full of his own growing briefs. The dude was snoozing but he couldn’t commit to the act. He struggled to pull it out. There was an innate fear of what might happen if he were caught. That fear arguably made him harder. Fuck it, he thought and unveiled his bahis firmaları hardness to the sticky air. The tugs were short and sweet with a focus towards the leaky head.

The stone cold stare on his buddy’s junk left him with tunnel vision and he was locked in, pulling clear fluid from within and coating his hand. He realized the harder he jerked, the more Jimmy’s tower of meat swayed back and forth.


A whisper that could give a heart attack. Tony froze and looked up to wide open eyes.

“You got some tittles over there or what? What about me?”

Tony was petrified but gulped to muster up a response. “My mags are in the closet.”

Jimmy looked down at his magic mountain and put two and two together. It wasn’t rocket science. “I don’t judge.”

“You’re not mad?”

Tony took the hem with his thumbs and started to raise. “You wanna see it?” He didn’t bother with waiting for an answer and unleashed the raging monstrosity for his buddy to gawk at.

“That’s such a big fuckin’ dick,” Tony said kaçak bahis siteleri with a sigh. He thought they were best friends before. Shit. Jimmy had wrapped around it with one hand, keeping it rigid and meaty while Tony laid back, pumping vigorously.

“You can see it whenever you want.”

He heard that and he clinched and flung white ropes into the air that eventually hit the floor with a tiny thud. He tried to stay quiet but sighed out before his body went limp.

“Damn, dude. That was a lot.” Jimmy was already up on his feet and swinging his club around.

“What now?” Tony asked, staring at it.

Jimmy jerked, clearly on the edge and dribbled profusely onto his friend’s still rock solid piece. “Wanna suck it?” he whispered.

Tony lifted without hesitation and tickled his lips with the wet, fat head. Whatever confusion he had was pushed aside the moment his buddy pushed inches into the curvature of his throat. Jimmy found damp hair and flicked his hips, desperately wanting to sheath himself balls deep: a natural instinct.


Tony was held down and gurgled. The hot lava blew into his tonsils, bathing his throat in heavy spunk. Jimmy’s saggy, bloated balls wobbled and twitched as he emptied out.

“Fuck yea…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32