Searching for ‘Peaches’

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Mace Munro was declared redundant from the bank he’d work for ten years, That was a civilized way of being fired after being found in the vice-president’s office engaged with the VP’s wife amid much groaning, and moaning and foul language that reached into adjoining offices. Being declared redundant meant entitlement to a golden handshake. Presenting the check for big bucks, the VP slapped Mace on the shoulder and said no hard feelings.

“Just look after Judy,” Mace whispered. “Your wife is now a great fuck and won’t wander if she receives more attention at home.”

The VP positively beamed and hid his guilt. Mace knew vice-president Bill Moss was having affairs with two PAs – his and Mace’s and that’s why Mace had had a crack at Judy.

Mac was in no hurry to find another job. He’ d made a mint with unauthorized use of the bank’s money to invest in the rapidly rising commodities market over the past two years and was leaving with the bank’s money long re-lodged where it should be sitting. His golden handshake totaled a cool $100,000. Bill Moss was in line to become president next year so had no wish to have a scandal over his wife’s infidelity reach the board, so Mace’s lips had to be sealed. The alternative of having those lips sealed permanently was too unpalatable for Bill as he had the soft heart of a banker.

Heading west, Mac drove to his Aunt May’s home because his parents had only recently left for eight weeks in Europe, visiting museums and art galleries. Yuk, thought Mace with no desire to join his folk. He’d worked with stuffed dummies long enough and the nudes he wanted to gloat over had to be in the flesh.

Ford Crossing, a town of 17,800 people, had seen better days. Mace was visiting because he genuinely liked Aunt May and Uncle Richard was okay as well and the asshole three sons had left home. His other reason for visiting was to look up a female, if he could find her. On New Year’s Eve sixteen years ago when that girl and he had not long turned eighteen, they’d had thrown themselves together and had sex. Most unusual sex because both were embarrassed fumblers.

She was blonde, lived locally and claimed her name was Peaches. Mace had finally gotten the angles right and kept her still enough to finally split her peach. It was all over within ten minutes, both of them highly excited, believing they’d just become adults. Well, she’d be thirty-four now, possibly married with kids. People can change a lot in sixteen years, especially women if they pile on the weight. However trying to find her – Peaches was an alias – gave him something to do. A quest. If she’d left town he’d be left empty-handed but pleased he’d made the effort.

If Peaches wasn’t married he could marry her if she checked out okay. If she was married but was agreeable to a fuck for old times sake that was fine but alas if they stood as cold strangers he’d like it if she’d have coffee with him and chew fat over that night sixteen years ago. Yes, he’d be happy just to talk about it. Of course he might be the last person she ever wished to see again. Yeah, some quest; it would be difficult to execute even unsuccessfully and if it did produce Peaches he could face big disappointment.

What intrigued Mace about this hair-brained project was finding he actually had deep thoughts about a female and that provided motivation. He’d gone into banking as a career because he was unmotivated to find something more challenging, and banks preferred to recruit people who were unmotivated and cynical because they fitted banking’s concept of a model customer service person.

Not seeing Peaches before or since was not odd because at that time Mace lived on his parent’s small ranch twelve miles out of town. On New Year’s Eve sixteen years ago he’d been staying with Aunt May. There had been no chance to arrange to meet again Peaches after they exchanged juices because Mace had been running in a circle, chased by Peaches, he carrying her panties aloft. Peaches mother arrived on the scene and screamed, ‘You disgusting girl’ so Mace had thrown the panties to Peaches, yelled ‘See you’ and had taken off.

All in all, finding Peaches again seemed a daunting task, but possibly no more difficult than trying to make good investment profits for bank clients who were adverse to taking even a few moderate risks despite having or requiring a broad investment portfolio.

Aunt May greeted him joyfully but sat him down and trimmed his hair.

“You need fattening up, but your clothing is good. Now listen to this, you are a waste to womanhood because you haven’t married.”

“I’d marry if I could find Peaches and she’s on the shelf.”

May frowned and said so that’s why he was visiting.

“What do you mean?”

“Years ago you asked me did I know a young woman, blonde and pretty, called Peaches.”

“Wow, what a memory. I don’t remember that.”

“I asked what college did she go to but you didn’t know. That would have made locating her easy. All you knew was she was thinking of a career either in nursing, travel, finance otele gelen escort or business.”

“I vaguely remember her telling me that. Finance you say?”

“That’s what I said. So you could start but visiting all banks, accountancy firms, hospitals, travel agencies and I wouldn’t even start looking at businesses.”

“It’s hopeless.”

“My friend Joyce has a daughter almost your age who is a nurse, divorced. You may not be interested because Joyce said Kathy was rather promiscuous.”

“Is she pretty?”


“Anything else?”

“Big breasts and big thighs.”

“Aw, so she’s fat.”

“Not at all. Then you are interested?”

“This promiscuous thing has me worried.”

May laughed, cuffed his ear and said, “Don’t lie to me Mason Edward Munro.”

“Don’t call me those horrible names.”

“Well your mother and I liked them and your father was too drunk to really care, proud to have fathered a son after three daughters. I’ll call Joyce and arrange something. Please don’t disgrace me by revealing to Kathy her mother told me Kathy was rather promiscuous.”

“Hell, I wouldn’t do that.”

“Good boy.”

At the movies Mace found Kathy was promiscuous. Looking constantly at the big screen she unzipped Mace and dug her hand in deep and sighed saying, “Good boy.”

“She’s a nurse, ” Mace whispered to the two horrified older women sitting next to him, aware he was being massaged. The women shifted to seats farther down the cinema.

In the car and before Mace has asked Kathy where was a good place to eat, with great strength she’d pulled him over on to her, unzipped him again and without any guidance he was in, instantly. She chewed both his ears and licked his face wet and it was all over, to be repeated after dinner when they parked outside her parent’s house. The 38-year-old said thanks it was a good movie and great food but she didn’t fancy seeing him again because his penis was too small.

Mace slunk home and when tip-toeing along the passage to his room, Aunt May turned on her bedside light and called him in.

“Did she ring your bell?” Aunt May asked.

“After eating dinner she ate me, whole,” was all Mace offered.

“Oh God, sorry. I’ll have to find you someone else.”

“Find me Peaches,” Mace snapped, feeling lousy. He kissed her and left.

In bed thinking about Peaches he sighed, quoted a line from Hemmingway or perhaps Plato (he was befuddled), “Oh woe is me” and fell asleep, dreaming of peeling potatoes with some broad in funny clothes named Juliet.

Aunt May, bless her, placed an advertisements in the ‘Daily Clarion’, now publishing only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It read, ‘Peaches, remember me of sixteen years ago, New Year’s Eve? Call me.’ She’d added Mace’s cell phone number. He received two calls from women on the Tuesday, neither of whom was in town on New Year’s Eve sixteen years ago. Anyway one was in her fifties and the other seventy-eight. Thursday’s crop was females aged sixteen to twenty-five and two guys. As with the initial callers, all quickly lost interest when they found no money was being offered. A woman of thirty-four who called him Friday laughed herself silly when he asked he may have taken her virginity sixteen years ago. She said he would have been lucky because she was still a virgin. Mace couldn’t end that call soon enough.

A woman from the newspaper identifying herself as Nan arranged to met Mace at a bar at 3:00 that Friday. She had a photographer with her and paid for all the drinks as she interviewed him.

“God, when we publish this every woman in town will be temporarily changing her name to Peaches,” said the reporter in her mid-fifties, as she stroked Mace’s cheek. The photographer, not yet twenty, had her foot caught between his legs. Mace excused himself and fled.

On Saturday morning Aunt May introduced Mace to a ravishing redhead called Penny and that evening after dinner Penny lost her haughtiness after a few drinks. She ravished Mace on the porch of the house where she lived with her husband and two children. They fucked like animals and Mace reeled off homewards with a huge smile on his face. Ten minutes later he staggered back scowling after remembered he’d been driving his car.

Aunt May turned on her bedside light. She took one look at Mace, sniffed and practically giggled: “You rotten hound, she’d the wife of our pastor. I thought she wore the look of a woman lacking something.”

Mace kissed her, on the cheek as directed. “Go have a shower,” she laughed. “A thorough one.”

Aunt May was correct. On Tuesday and Wednesday, with his handsome face plastered on to Page 3 of the ‘Clarion’ and the heart-tugging story of a man seeking to reunite with his first love called Peaches, Mace took close to forty calls from women and three men claiming to be Peaches. Tragically for Mace none were genuine but he knew he’d get over it and that evening got over Maggie introduced to him by Aunt May. Maggie was almost as good pendik escort as they get; but she wasn’t Peaches.

Then bingo! It all changed. Mace received a letter that Aunt May said mysteriously ‘was in a woman’s handwriting’ How she could tell that Mace had no idea, but it was from a woman – Peaches, and she wanted to see him. It was genuine because of the unforgettable line, “I’ve never forgotten you and me yelling with happiness, me chasing you to reclaim my panties and then the sky fell in with mom screeching at me, causing me to wet myself.”

It was a pragmatic letter with no indication of tenderness, but then Mace sniffed and said what else could he expect. He handed the letter to Aunt May who read the address and burst into tears, hugging him dearly and murmuring, “You poor boy; you poor boy.”


On Friday Mace sat in front of the glass booth in Meridian County Jail and watched Peaches being brought in. She looked pale, a little gaunt and was covered by a shapeless blue dress without buttons or belt. Her beautiful blonde hair had been cropped but she was definitely Peaches – the almost almond shape of her eyes, snub nose and extra wide mouth although the lips seemed rather thin.

Mace croaked: “I want to kiss you.”

She said softly, “Security measures prevent that and besides I don’t want to be kissed.”

“Hello Peaches.”

“Hi Mace. Great photo. I tried not to read the story but my curiosity got the better of me. Why are you here?”

“To talk to you, to have coffee with you and if you wish and are not married, I’d like to date.”

“Are you mad? I’m in here for committing a crime.”

Mace swallowed and asked was it murder or a lesser charge?

“Murder? Who told you that? I’m here for misuse of bank’s money as an employee.”

Mace laughed with relief and said was that all, causing Peaches (real name, he’d learned, was Anna Kimble) to look horrified.

“Y-you do not understand. The disgrace. The humiliation. I was put in here for five years but will be freed next month on good behavior and accepting reform training.”

Mace asked Peaches to lean forward. She did and he whispered, “I worked in a bank and did the same thing, lifting $200,000 from reserves and investing on the markets and was lucky enough to score big, put back the money before the next audit and come out well ahead. I was also lucky enough not to get caught. You are I are soul mates.”

Peaches appeared unconvinced about that last comment but managed a thin-lipped smile. Then she said, “My guilt has overwhelmed me.”

“And so it should. Just smack your hand and say you’ll never stoop so low again and then smile at me.”


“Come on, I’ll be thrown out of here soon. Just do it.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Peaches, do you want me to come in there and discipline you?”

She smiled and said, “I promise to never stoop so low again during the remainder of my life. May my accusers forgive me.” She smacked her hand, Mace winked at her and she burst into laughter. “God, you are just as idiotic and endearing as you were as a teenager. That’s why I decided to go all the way with you that night – to give myself to someone who was worth it.”

“Scarcely a day goes by without me thinking of that night.”


“Would you believe every couple of months?”

“Sounds more realistic. I’ve thought of you, often. But it was never to be. Mother said I was never to see you again.”

“Has she passed on?”

“No – but she lives three counties away.”

“Then she has nothing to worry about you seeing me again, has she?”

“Mace, I don’t want you to come here again. I feel so ashamed.”

“Peaches, straighten your backbone and lift your head.”

“Good, you’re beginning to look like a winner already. You’ve been programmed to feel guilt. Well that’s over now. Just think banks are awash with money and how much did you lose? Thirty grand.”

“Actually it was $887, 531 according to the audit.”

Mace swallowed and managed to blurt, “Chicken shit” and he fancied she’d love him for saying that when back in her cell.

“I repeat, you are not to come again.”

“Lift up your head when you talk to me.”

There was no fight in Peaches. She lifted submissively.

“I’m coming every Friday until meeting you outside the gates. Now what am I permitted to bring you apart from a saw?”

Peaches actually smiled, her head raised a little higher.

Aunt May hung on to every word Mace said about his visit to the county jail. And then, “Right, I’m having the old playroom next to the guest room converted into a walk-in wardrobe and en suite and Anna can have that and when she’d ready she’ll invite you to join her.”

“Do you think she will accept your hospitality?”

“I hope so. I shall write to her tonight.”

“I can do the conversion – we’ll only require a plumber and electrician.”

“I accept that offer with thanks. I trust you can swing a hammer?”

“I own three rus escort small warehouses that I helped to convert into apartments.”

“Oh very good. Now, I must prepare you. This attempt to help Anna to return into the community whole might end in disappointment for you. She’s no longer a sweet young girl calling herself Peaches.”

“Have faith. Deep within he she knows she’s Peaches. It’s difficult to lose your youth mentally.”

“You could be right.”

“Could you ask Uncle Richard to find a position for Anna on the assembly line at his plant?”

“Assembly line, she has the qualifications to be a manager in administration.”

“She needs to build confidence slowly Aunt May. I think of it as trauma.”

“Quite right dear, how stupid of me. I was going to ask Dinah to employ her in her dress store. But you ask Richard please dear; you rarely engage in anything with him apart from polite conversation. Take him to a bar where he can watch girls picking up men and vice versa. Richard really has no idea how the other half live.”

In the reception room at the jail and after introductions, Aunt May handed Anna a wide-brim hat and dark glasses. “These will make you feel more comfortable dear.”

Mace wasn’t surprised to see signs of an immediate bonding begin. He knew his Aunt May. He insisted both women sit in the back of the car.

On the fourth evening after Anna’s release Mace watched the two women talking quietly and they looked at him and left the room, returning almost half an hour later. Richard beside Mace was asleep in front of TV with the ball game about to end.

Anna appeared at the door. “Coming to bed,” she whispered and Mace figured she was, not talking to his Uncle Richard, who was still asleep. He leapt off the sofa but couldn’t catch her.

“Call me Peaches when we’re alone,” Anna whispered in the hug and then licked his ear. “May helped me shift all your clothes and other things. You are tidy for a man, from what I remember.”

“Um, when will you be ready? It will have been a long time.”

“We had dildo parties on Saturday nights and some of the guards where male. Everyone was required to have regular medical tests.”

“Uh-ha. That’s good. So tonight’s the night?”

“If that’s your wish. Do you still fumble?

“You be the judge,” Mace said, pressing into her.

“Oooh…oooh…what’s this?”

Well, ‘This?’ was Mace’s dick. Never in his years of promiscuity had Mace watched his dick being handled with such reverence. Usually women popped it into their mouths with contempt or carnivorously. He felt it doubled in size when Peaches said sweetly, “Oh you dear sweet thing and fluttering her eyelashes asked, “May I have a wee taste?”

That was just too much for Mace, reaching the end of his dream to find Peaches and have her ready to lick him stupid. He blew, all over her chest.

She gasped and said, “Is this all for me?” and he fired another salvo.

“I, um, thought it best not to penetrate you first night,” he said lamely and felt so ashamed watching his beloved hide her disappointment and tell a porky: “What a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do for me.”

Peaches stripped in front of him. She was shy but Mace was disappointed. She was so thin and swinging on bigger breasts while he fucked would have to wait until she built up again.

“God you’re thin.”

“Yes, I was forced to eat sparsely because I never eat bread, potatoes and rice and they are staples of the prison diet. May has discussed a food regime to build me up again. You’d like bigger breasts to suck, wouldn’t you?”

Mace manfully told her the truth: “God yes.”

So they went to bed and cuddled and kissed until slipping into sleep.

Mace awoke before dawn to find Peaches climbing over his face and soon as he licked her and tasted peach nectar. His dick rose until he fancied it was in danger of impaling itself in the ceiling. When his mouth and chin were really coated with peach nectar Peaches sat on his dick and as she lifted he sank away from her and they smacked back together in very satisfying collusion and picked up tempo until their both turned red in the face and groaned into mini explosions.

“I feel I can learn to love you Mace,” she whispered, and murmured “Oooh” as she felt Mace explode into her again.

Mace was replete in everyway as only a person who has ended his or her quest can experience. ‘Utter fulfillment’ goes a long way towards describing it.

* * *

Peaches drove off with Uncle Richard looking a little apprehensive about socializing with other people on the assembly line, but she was determined to renew her life in the community and perform well. Meanwhile Mace went job-hunting and arranged interviews for later in the week with two banks. He was pleased the premises of both banks appeared sloppy; that would indicate internal security was also slack.

An hour after Uncle Richard and Peaches arrived home, Peaches reporting her day had gone better than expected, the sky fell in, well just a little. Mace took a call from his mother who was in hospital and in desperate need of Mace. They were in Rome and she’d been walking down the Spanish Steps reading a letter from her bank when she stumbled over a guy sitting reading his letters and twisted her ankle and severely bruised a hip. His mother wanted to continue the three-month tour and Mace was required to push the wheelchair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32