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I came through the doors into the arrivals hall at Manchester’s Ringway airport and looked around, suddenly to be swept up into the arms of a massive bear of a man. I squealed in shocked delight as he swung me around and around. Legs flying out behind me, letting everyone in the place see up my very short skirt and get a good view of my white cotton panties.

I rained hot slobbering kisses all over his face as he continued to swirl me around. My arms were wrapped around his neck as he continued to swing me around as I continued to squeal and giggle with joy and love. My behaviour was not what you would expect from a 30-year-old professional netball player, but I hadn’t seen this gorgeous hunk of a man in three years. Both of us are professional sports players whose schedules had meant we had been in different parts of the world.

“Get a room you two,” someone called out playfully, eliciting a laugh from others waiting to greet passengers.

“What with my sister?” the man holding me shot back, to an even bigger laugh.

“Could do, if you want,” I teasingly whispered to him with a giggle in my voice, noticing the shock on his face as he wasn’t sure if I was serious. I’d always been a bit on the wild side. When I’d said it I’d been joking, partly to shock him but also as a laugh.

Then all of a sudden my thoughts turned wicked, serious, and salacious, as I thought why not? It could be fun? We were both single and unattached, what harm could come of it? He was good looking and sexy, he was just my type, strong and confident but without being arrogant. As he continued to hold me, and stare into my face I realised with a jolt I was more than interested in him, all he had to do was ask, or act, and I knew I couldn’t say no to him. Or maybe he needed some encouragement, should I make that first move? But dare I take the risk, chance running my very special relationship with not only my brother but also my best friend.

Finally, we disentangled ourselves and stood facing each other, big happy grins on both our faces, “Hi sis.” “Hi bro.”

We moved to the side of the concourse and took stock of each other at last. Stood next to each other we looked an impressive, pair, perfectly suited to each other. I’m five-foot-ten inches tall, with a sun-bronzed athletic, willowy figure, 34B sized boobs, that look much bigger than they are due to the slenderness of the rest of my frame, long, long, legs that seem to go on forever. A heart-shaped face, framed by chin-length honey blonde hair, with sun-bleached highlights that was pulled up into a ponytail.

My two years younger brother towered above even me, standing at six foot four inches of solid muscle, weighing in at seventeen and a half stones, with not an ounce of fat on his body, his body fat percentage during the rugby season is between three and five per cent. He is a professional rugby player, playing in the back row. So is big, strong, fit and fast.

His massive chest and wide shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist but then widens into strong hips and thighs. His strong arms and big biceps were drawing approving glances from a number of women in the concourse.

His fair hair was close-cropped. He was dressed in the normal rugby players off duty casual wear of tight T-shirt, arms bursting out of the sleeves, shorts and sandals, despite the fairly cold late April weather. I’ve seen the guys turn up for training or a match dressed exactly the same even with snow on the ground. They just don’t seem to feel the cold like us ordinary mortals do.

“Come on the cars in the short stay car park and I don’t want to overrun it costs a bloody fortune here.”

“Where are we going?” I asked him. I’d not really made any arrangements on where I was going to stay when I got home, probably back with mum and dad until I sorted myself out. I was out of contract, nearing the end of my playing days and needed a job, but there was a tentative offer in the pipeline of a player-coaching role that was interesting me, especially as I would at long last be back home in Manchester and near to my family.

“Mine, you can have the spare room, JJ won’t mind you dossing down with us for a while.” I bet he won’t I thought JJ is his best friend and a teammate and I know he has the hots for me. We have had a brief, hot, fling in the past and I know he would like to pick things up again. I would have to see, JJ is definitely my sort of guy as well. “But I’ve booked a cottage down in Cornwall for a couple of weeks, I’ve been stood down from training, got a bit of an injury, nothing serious, but it’s a matter of time and rest, so we can have a couple of weeks on the coast, chilling out together. The club’s made arrangements for me to check in with the medical staff of a team down there to monitor my progress. They think some time off will help me recover.”

Once again I squealed with delight as I love Cornwall, and the idea of doing nothing, no training, no exercise, no routine appealed to me, that and the fact I would be spending it with my “baby” brother. It would be just submissive cuckolds porno like when we were teenagers when we used to spend the summer holidays there, but without the angst of teenagers and no mum and dad around to stop us getting into mischief. I was looking forward to plenty of fun and lots of alcohol as when I’m playing I’m more or less teetotal.

We have always been close. He had toughened me up, stopping me being bullied on the netball court. I wasn’t soft, just too nice and genteel but he changed that, put a bit of anger and ‘mongrel’ in me, teaching me some dirty tricks to put my opponent on the defensive. In return, I helped with his handling skills as a rugby player. Now he’s got what they call ‘soft hands’ and can also throw a spin pass over twenty meters, accurately and under pressure, and not many players who play in his position can do that, normally it’s bash it up or a short off-load.

We would help each other with training, and despite me being a girl it didn’t matter I was still tackled and hard by him, smashed into the ground with him on top of me then up, fighting for the ball I was carrying. We followed each other to games, supporting each other, well we had too due to transport and parents times, many’s the time I’ve stood on a cold touchline watching him play, and at others he watched me playing netball, but that was normally in a heated hall.

One of his mates once asked him why he did it, and his reply was interesting, “Why not, lots of fit, sexy girls in tight Lycra tops and short skirts, what’s not to like.”

We travelled to Cornwall, the next day and settled into a nice secluded cottage on the cliffs overlooking the sea, it was near to a lovely little village with a couple of shops, and pubs and a few restaurants, all that we could ever need. A cosy little retreat or love nest.

The first couple of days were idyllic, lazing around, talking, taking long walks and incredibly getting some sun, as spring arrived and the sun warmed up the weather, but inevitably both being sports people the intent of no strenuous exercise went by the wayside. The need to train, push and punish our bodies and enjoy the endorphins that were released, that are so addictive were overpowering. We both started running along the beach and then doing sit-ups and all the training you would expect from us. Each pushing harder egging the other on.

The thing I noticed was that my brother was taking the time to check me out, long lingering looks at my body when he thought I wasn’t watching, and I knew it was having an effect. Minimal bikini combined with a trim body, firm but bouncy boobs and long legs he was definitely taking a lot of notice of me. Maybe I had stirred something in him.

One night we had just arrived back at the cottage after strolling back from the pub, arms around each others waist, comfortable in each others company. Although I had realised his hand was lower than it normally was, on my hip and at times seeming to caress my bum. I wasn’t going to stop him and had slipped my hand into the back pocket of his jeans where I took could get a grip of his bum.

He turned to face me in the porch, just as if we were teenage lovers, not fully grown adults, all-be-it brother and sister, his hands now definitely resting on my hips and top of my bum, squeezing softly as he realised I wasn’t objecting. He looked longingly into my eyes and then with a sigh made to break away, but I held him close, not letting him escape.

My heart was beating faster, with both anticipation that at long last he was going to make a move, and terror about my response and what it would entail. We would be acting immorally, breaking a taboo, going against moral convention, but deep down I didn’t care about morals and convention, or taboos. What did worry me was what would mum and dad think if anything happened between us and they then found out. That worried me greatly, more than the idea that was now firmly in my mind. I wanted sex with my brother.

“What?” I mouthed softly.

“You know at the airport when that guy told us to get a room, and you said to me why not.”

“Yes,” barely a whisper, my mouth was dry, I was that excited I could hardly speak.

“Did you mean it, or were you just joking?”

“What do you think?” I asked him as I pressed my body hard against his, head bent back to stare into his eyes and to my delight realised that he had a hard-on.


“Why not, I think it could be fun, you’re one sexy man you know, and I love you as well. And I do fancy you,” finally verbalising what I felt and giving him the final message. “I know you’re interested, I’ve seen you checking out the goods when we were on the beach. My hands had started to run up and down his spine, caressing him gently, my hips started to grind against his, I was in full on seduction mode now, all semblance at restraint gone. Fully committed, uncaring of the consequences.

“You know what you’re asking, what we would be doing?” he said sex parties porno incredulously, as my groin pushed even harder against his.

“Yes, oh yes, I know exactly. We would be making love, having sex, fucking. A woman and a man, enjoying each other.”

“No, it wouldn’t just be any man and a woman having sex, or making love, it would be a brother and sister, fucking as you say, and that is incest.”

“So what,” I replied.

“SO WHAT? Do I actually need to tell you so what?” astonishment in his voice now.

The look on his face warned me that I may be losing that special friendship I have with my brother, but having gone so far I decided to burn my bridges even more and pressed on. I’d made my mind up, I wanted him, come hell or high water.

“Look, we’re not a couple of teenagers experimenting. We’re grown adults, with no ties, who know what they want, what they are doing. There’s no force, no coercion, no rape, no seduction,” I paused, “well maybe from your reaction, there will need to be some seduction.” I smiled coquettishly at him as I uttered the last sentence. Pouting and biting my lower lip. Not quite fluttering my eyelids.

I could see his reserve slowly beginning to crumble so continued, “What do you want, how do you want me? I know you do. Do you want to undress me slowly, rip my clothes off, do you want me to strip for you? I will if you want.

“How do you want to have me, stood up, lying on my back underneath you, on top of you, on all fours, facing you or away from you? Anyway, any position you want? Do you want to fuck me hard, or gently, do you want me to suck you off, do you want to fuck my arse? You can do anything you want, I will do anything you want me to, but please I need you, I want and need your body. I want to feel your cock in me, filling my pussy.”

I could see the conflict of his emotions passing across his face, I hadn’t let my eyes drift from his during our exchange. The shock of what I had suggested, of what I had offered him, the fear of the taboo, disgust at what I was proposing. Then a look of desire and lust and wanting coming to the fore. The lure of the illicit, the forbidden, ignoring the taboo. His natural desire to make love, to have sex with a young, beautiful, and willing woman. A woman who had just told him, he could have her in any way he wanted, and that she would enjoy it. And behind it all, there was an underlying look of love for me on his face.

“I want to do all of those, but we can’t we just can’t. It would be better if we were teenagers, just a couple of kids experimenting, then we’d have an excuse, but we’re not, we’re a pair of adults who would know what we would be doing. And what we would be doing is illegal and immoral. The fact that we know makes it all the worse, I’m sorry, I can’t, I just can’t.” He said, then in a whisper so quiet I almost missed it, “As much as I want to.”

I pulled his face lower to mine as I dropped my spare hand between us and felt the bulge in his pants, his cock was hard and I sensed throbbing, “There’s something else that wants to,” I whispered in his ear, hot breath blowing in it. His face was close to mine as I sighed into his ear and turned his face to mine and at last kissed him on the lips. As I did so a jolt of electricity shot through me. My body was suddenly alive and tingling, full of lust and desire, a feeling that was intensified as I sensed his resolve give way and he kissed me back. His lips crushing against mine, bruising, his strong arms wrapping around my body crushing me to him, hands slipping from my waist to cup and grasp my bum. One strong leg forcing its way between mine opening them so he could rub his thigh against my groin.

We crashed through the front door of the cottage and into my bedroom as he literally ripped the clothes from my body. Now he had committed, there was no stopping him and he wanted me naked as fast as he could get me. My T-shirt was grasped at the neck and ripped down and off me, bringing my boobs into full view as I hadn’t bothered with a bra, then hands gripped the hem of my micro-kilt and that was wrenched from my body as well. Leaving me in white cotton panties and nothing else. Playfully fighting him off I danced away, pushed my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and teasingly said, “How much do you want to see my pussy, do you want me to pull my panties down for you.”

A groan escaped his lips as he made another grab for me, totally overtaken with lust and longing. “Naughty boy,” I teased, “I think I’ll make you wait. Strip. I want you naked before these come off, ” I ordered him as I pushed my panties lower on my hips and then brought them back up again, all the times dancing away from his grasp.

His clothes hit the floor even quicker than mine had ,and I was happy to see he had a nice sized cock about seven inches long and thick with it, stood to attention and throbbing. Having obeyed my command he got his promised reward and I pushed my panties over my hips, letting them slip down my thighs spankbang porno and onto the floor before kicking my feet from them. Letting him get his first sight of my neatly trimmed bush. The lips of my full and fleshy labia prominent.

We stood before each other, totally naked, each allowing the other to look unashamedly at our bodies. “God, you’re hot and sexy,” he whispered, whilst all I could do was nod at him, taking in his ripped and toned body and that big cock standing to attention and throbbing. A cock that seemed eager for me.

“Kiss me,” I implored him slowly, as somehow now we were naked the urgency was over, we had both committed to what was to come, we moved towards each other. I melted into his arms, his cock pressing up between us, hot and throbbing against the curve of my belly. He bent his head lower over mine and brushed the softest of kisses over my lips.

I kissed him back, then nuzzled his neck as we fell back onto the bed, his hands roaming over my body, fingers pinching and rolling the nipples on my boobs as they hardened under his expert touch. I moaned, a long keening sound, from deep in my throat as he dropped his mouth and sucked on my right boob. I was enjoying his touch so much I hadn’t touched him. He positioned me onto my back and slid on top of me, taking his weight on his arms as his cock pushed insistently against me.

As he lay over me, his cock poised just at the entrance of my pussy, not quite inside me, but pressing into my outer folds, he looked at me and said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Hesitation in his voice, giving me one last chance to back out, but not wanting me to. I knew that if I had said stop as much as it would now frustrate him he would.

I didn’t answer him, just rolled my hips slightly up and forward onto him. As I did his hips moved down, driving his cock slowly deep inside me, penetrating me. Taking control of me, in command.

I could feel every inch of his rampant and throbbing manhood as it slid in and he filled me completely, my pussy accepting his size and holding him just like a glove, my natural juices allowing him to slip easily inside me. His cock was hot and hard. I’ve had bigger cocks, not many but some, both in length and girth, but his size seemed just perfect for me. We both let out a soft moan of pleasure as he came to rest deep inside me.

The look of awe and amazement on his face as he slid home was a joy to me, I knew at last, that he wanted me as much as I wanted him, that he had surrendered to his primal desires.

Neither of us moved for what seemed like ages, apart from the throbbing of his cock and my pussy rippling up and down on it. I could feel it twitch in response to me. Even then I could feel pre-cum leaking from the end of it.

Eventually, he pulled his hips up and back taking his cock with them until just the head was barely pressed into my opening.

And then the revelation, “God, I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he whispered softly into my ear.

“Fuck me,” I begged him as he slid it back inside me again, but he didn’t. He made love to me in the most beautiful and gentle and tender way. He rocked his cock inside me time and time again, pulling all the way out before pushing all the way back in again. His motions were strong and forceful, but slow at the same time, I was aware of every millimetre of his cock as it slid in and out of me time and time again.

My long legs wrapped around his thighs holding us together. All the time his gaze hadn’t left my face, staring deeply into my eyes, letting me know the unreserved love he had for me.

Over time he built up both the intensity and speed of his fucking and in so doing built up my own excitement. By now he had stopped looking into my eyes and had dropped his head over my boobs again and was licking and sucking on them for all he was worth. His mouth had latched onto my right nipple, sucking deeply on it, like he was suckling, the strength of his mouth and suction sent shivers down my spine and through my body until they exploded in my pussy. Without warning an orgasm ripped through my body, a tsunami of hot lust and desire fulfilled only by the release of my cumming, pussy spasming and clenching on his hard cock as it continued to pound into me.

When I had started to come down from the high of my orgasm he didn’t let me relax he kissed his way down my body, brushing his lips with infinite tenderness over me, but at times shocking me with sharp delicate nips of his teeth. The sensation was unbelievable, I didn’t know when I was going to be kissed or bitten, it was torture of the most beautiful type. Every nerve of my body jangling and responding to the slightest touch enhancing the feeling.

At last, he arrived at my pussy and stopped, he didn’t make a move to do anything, he just stared deeply at and into it, then a breath of hot air wafted over it as he breathed gently on it, causing me to giggle at the tickling sensation.

He glanced up at me as he lowered his head towards me with torturous slowness, tongue sticking out letting me know what he was about to do, but building the suspense and desire in me with his slowness. I humped my hips towards him in impatience, finally getting the contact I desired. I moaned at the first touch of his tongue as it licked up and down my pussy, slipping inside my outer lips from the first movement

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32