Sensuous Slumber

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Sleep enfolded them in a world of sensuous wonder. There was an aching pleasure enveloping them. they cuddled close, warmth and the moist witness of their loving became a balm of sensuality. Their bodies still spasmed…. aching was eased, but hunger crouched in their loins with a molten heat. They began to breathe as one. It was the sigh of a gentle summer wind. The whisper of the sea and the cry of the sea gulls swept them into a mystical world of fantasy.

She awoke after a time, still snuggled in his embrace; She moved not, lest she ripple the mirage of her imaginings. He was a lion in the shade of his tree, satiated with the hunt and feast of the day. His heart beat an ancient rhythm, and she wondered at this. How strong he was, and oh, the vulnerability to be with him.

She lingered at the memory of their lovemaking. He had touched a place inside of her. A trigger of emotion and sensuality, mixed with some strange thing. She became almost an animal with him. Like his lioness in the jungle, and she felt bruised at their loving, yet alive…hungry still. The ache within her was but the echo of a deeper hunger unfulfilled.

Her flesh was alive with heat, and her soul on fire. She had noticed when she beşiktaş escort first saw him that he walked like a cat. Light and smooth. She smiled at that as she gently stroked his stomach. Then she remembered when he looked into her eyes. His gaze sought the deeper place. He had seen it, but she moved away from that look. Not flirtatious, but searching. His touch was a symphony of passion and intensity of emotion. She was not a novice at the passions of the flesh, but he had awakened something so deep inside of her that her soul and body were at once in conflict and at peace. She became wet just smelling him there.

She reached down and began to stroke him and give life to the vine. He groaned softly, and yet he was still in the afterglow of satiation and slumber. She tasted her fingers and was at once aroused at the man scent and the silky wine that began to flow from the vine. She eased lower and took him in her mouth. He was very large, yet not fully aroused as yet. She took him deeper and deeper until she had engulfed him completely. It was then that he growled. A deep rumble that vibrated thru his body…. She trembled….stroking him harder. beşyol escort Hot steel in her hands.

She eased atop him and covered him with herself. She had engulfed the pinnacle and he was hot and hard within her. He gripped her tightly and drove himself deep within her so that she cried out. He held so close to his chest that she was trapped in his embrace. He moved with his own rhythm and she rode the wave of his passion at his will. Then he eased back and came awake and growled again.

“ I thought I was dreaming.”

She raised herself and rocked slowly, making him cry out and tremble. Somewhere at a deeper place that felt a ripple of tiny spasms; she had begun to climax; a series of electric shocks that made her cry out and move against him with abandonment.

He pulled her against his chest and he was so deep within her core that she felt both pain and pleasure at the same time. She was coming in rivulets of pleasure that made her moan; a mounting intensity that caressed her soul and ravished her body. With tender cries, they were so much a part of the other in this journeying twilight that time stopped to pause at some new thing that beykent escort creation had missed. The beauty of creation is in the newness of something never seen or experienced before.

A cry, and tears of joy; Then, he came with an intensity that frightened her. At first she tried to get away, but he held her close and drove into her fiercely and with such an intensity that she climaxed yet again. He lifted from the bed and arched his back and growled loudly. She first thought of the neighbors and then she didn’t give a damn. He was a king in his jungle, taking his pleasure with his queen. They came together with urgency and desperation; they were one together; they touched the sun, they rode the comet through the heavens; they wondered at this reality, that they were looking into each others eyes as they came and seeing the child within and the animal at the same time, and it was good and right to see both. Few have this window into soul and the flesh. Wonder; flashes of the galaxy; the whisper of angel’s wings and then …peace.

A gentle sighing and the cooing of love; Tiny spasms; the aftershocks of their passion; the tender stroking and the rending of soul and spirit, body and sexuality. The uncoiling of the serpent and the cooing of the dove; their life was now spent and they were comatose; a tracing of letters in the symbolic sand of intimacy that few even care to explore, and then blessed sleep. Only the whisper of angels wings could be heard as the sun began to kiss the horizon and the sea with shades of gold and crimson.

BBP…John… 2002

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32