Sharon’s Second Taste

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Sharon stood at the kitchen sink. Her hands were in the water but her mind was far from the task of doing dishes. It had been three days since she had learned how thrilling it could be to be pleasured by another woman, and now she could think of little else. Every time she went over the events of that evening in her mind she found herself becoming aroused and wet. She loved the feeling, but it was becoming a little difficult to keep her mind on other tasks.

A knock at the door brought her back from her daydream, but did little to push the thoughts from her mind. She opened the door to find, to her delight, Tina standing there with a package in her arms and a wicked smile on her face. Sharon found herself blushing with the rush she was feeling from seeing Tina gain. Without so much as a “hello” Tina stepped through the opening and kissed Sharon lightly on the mouth, running her free hand down Sharon’s back and gently squeezing the cheek of her ass.

Sharon gently stoked her friend’s cheek, running her fingers through her hair and pulling her in for a much harder kiss. Sharon was instantly hungry. Hungry for the taste she had not yet experienced. Tina had taken the day off work, knowing full well that Mark, Sharon’s husband, would be working, and the children would be at school, leaving Sharon home alone. She had promised Sharon more delights, and soon, but was quick to find she could not wait any longer to have more of her friends delicious body.

Siting side by side on the sofa, Tina handed Sharon the package, a gift. She smiled devilishly as she watched Sharon peel away the paper to discover a vibrator kit, complete with add on attachments and accessories. Sharon had never used toys before, but when she picked the eight inch pink cock up in her hand she could feel the tingling sensation in her pussy becoming more intense. Tina gave her another wicked smile; turning the vibrator on high and letting it rest in the palm of her hand. Ankara bayan escort She opened the front of Sharon’s blouse and unclipped the front of her bra.

Sharon’s breath became rapid as her breasts were exposed to Tina’s hungry eyes. Her nipples growing harder with her heightening arousal. Tina took the vibrating rubber cock and began rubbing it over her face; licking and sucking it, making it wet with her luscious red lips. When the toy was covered in the juices from her mouth, she lay Sharon back on the sofa and began rubbing the wet toy over her breasts and sensitive nipples. Bringing it to Sharon’s lips, allowing her to suck the head, then returning it to her breasts, letting the vibrator send gentle stimulation through Sharon’s nipples, all the way down to her hot pussy.

Sharon reached out and undid the zipper on the side of Tina’s dress, then moved the thin straps to let them fall over her shoulders, leaving her full, firm breasts completely exposed. Tina’s nipples pointed hard and proud in the warm morning air, and Sharon could not resist touching them. Teasing them with her fingers, then leaning forward to touch them lightly with the tip of tongue. Her mouth watering for more to taste. Tina ran her hand slowly up the inside of Sharon’s skirt, letting the vibrator send new and wondrous sensations through her friend’s thighs. Sharon spread her legs as far as her skirt would allow, and Tina took the invitation, moving the cock all the way up until the vibrator was resting hard against Sharon’s already throbbing clit.

Sharon squeezed Tina’s breasts together, running her hot tongue quickly back and forward over both nipples, sucking and nibbling them, then sucking the breast hard, taking all she could into her hungry mouth. Sharon forgot all her inhibitions as she pushed Tina’s legs apart. Her fingers seeking and finding Tina’s already wet panties, and stroking her pussy hard through the soft lacy fabric. Pulling Escort bayan Ankara the edge of the panties to one side, Sharon slipped a curious finger into the silky wet depths of Tina’s pussy, moving it along her slit, finding and teasing her hard and ready clit. Tina moaned, she could take no more.

Taking Sharon by the hand, she lead her to the bathroom and slowly, piece by piece, she removed Sharon’s clothing, and then her own. Sharon stepped into the warm flowing water, the heat setting her already erect nipples on fire. Tina lathered her hands with soap, stroking and washing her friend’s body with eager hands. Moving from her back, down over her tight ass, between her thighs, and down the backs of her legs. Sliding her hands around, she washed the fronts of her legs, working her way back up over her thighs, pausing to caress the soft fur that covered Sharon’s warm delights, up over her stomach and to her firm, tender breasts. She smoothed the creamy lather over the soft skin, teasing and pinching the nipples, leaning closer to press her own body hard against Sharon’s lathered back. She rubbed her body up and down the length of Sharon’s back, teasing her own dark, hard nipples on her friend’s flesh.

Sharon turned, feasting her eyes on Tina’s slender form. Her hands reached for Tina’s breasts, rubbing her palms over her hard nipples, then teasing and caressing them with her fingers. Delighting in the feel of them. Moving back into the water, they let the gentle flow wash away the soap, leaving their bodies shining like new silk, and smelling of sweet lavender. Sharon slipped her hands around Tina’s waist, pulling their bodies hard against one another. Their lips found each other in a hot and eager kiss. Their tongue’s explored the inner reaches of each other’s mouths as hands began an exploration of their own.

Pulling gently from Sharon’s embrace, Tina reached for the shaving cream and razor. It was only then did Sharon Bayan escort Ankara realize that her friend was already shaved clean. Her sweet slit clearly visible between her splendid thighs. She wanted to reach out and touch it. Taste and experience everything it promised, but Tina had something else in mind first. Sitting Sharon on the edge of the tub, she spread her legs wide, placing herself between them. A low moan escaped Tina’s lips at the sight of her friends juice soaked pussy fully spread before her, and she had to resist the urge to lean forward and lick her friend clean of every drop of that sweet honey. She filled her hand with thick white foam, and smothered Sharon’s crotch. Very gently, she began to shave her friend’s pussy, taking care not to miss a single strand of the soft black fur the previously hid that delicious delicacy.

Sharon moaned softly as Tina Spread her swollen lips. She could feel the razor moving over her skin, but more; she could feel her friend’s fingers against her now naked flesh. The sensation had brought her close to orgasm by the time Tina had finished and washed away the last of the soap and fur. Tina could smell her friends need, and ran the tip of her finger over the fresh juices that now covered Sharon’s clean shaved womanhood. A shudder ran through her body as Tina began to gently stroke her throbbing clit. Slipping a finger inside her hot, ready love hole, Tina began to finger fuck her friend to readiness. Probing and massaging, adding a second, and then a third finger, and then finally, her tongue.

Sharon cried out as Tina’s hot mouth enveloped her, sucking and licking as she pushed her fingers harder and deeper inside. Sharon’s body erupted in a series of convulsing, orgasmic waves, covering Tina’s face and fingers in hot juices, that she eagerly devoured. Pulling Sharon into her arms, she kissed her hard, pushing her cum covered tongue and lips into Sharon’s waiting mouth. Holding her close until her orgasm subsided and her body calmed.

They toweled each other dry, gently tending to each other’s bodies with soft touches, and kisses. But the day was far from over, there was much more to be tasted, and Sharon was determined to have it all.

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