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The laptop screen reflected the sweat flicking off her tiny tits as she humped her brothers pillow vigorously with her petite body. Her bare chest was slick and shone with a glare just like her round glasses. Her black hair was greasy and her grey eyes were dull and disoriented. She wore nothing but tight, old panties and new expensive headphones on her ears that drowned out the world as she listened to moist grunts of the couple fucking on the screen. Her wet, empty, pale body pounded against the pressure between her legs with desperation as she rode close to climax. Her fists clenched on the pillowcase. She smelled him as she imagined him there now. Her pert ass rose and fell as she ground against the sheets. It felt so good.

“What the hell Clare!” She thought at first she just imagined it. It was like a voice off in the far distance. She turned while still grinding and saw her brother, and his girlfriend, staring dumbly from the doorway. Clare stopped in horror and quickly closed her laptop, tore off her headphones and rolled to her back, trying vainly to cover herself with the pillow.

“J-Joey!” She tried to hide everything and squeezed tight, “Kn-Knock first!” She exclaimed. Her body was already hot, blushed and sweaty. Her humiliation was total. There was no way for her to cover her wet panties and her bare tits at the same time with the small pillow.

“We did!” His hair and eyes were the same as hers, and he was also under average height. However he was built like a young man, and was an athlete and a scholar. He hid his eyes with his hand and a grimace. Joey’s girlfriend giggled, her prominent tits bouncing behind a burgundy sweater and her blond braid wobbling down to her long plaited skirt. She was taller than both of them, about an inch taller than her brother, and a head taller than Clare.

“O-Oh,” Clare was even more embarrassed, “I thought you said you’d be gone all day!” She hid her face, her legs clenching.

“That’s next week.” He sighed. “In my room? Really?” He grabbed some of his things, “Alright, well, sorry to interrupt.”

Her body was burning under the cloth. “S-Sorry!” Clare apologized as her bother closed the door as she saw his girlfriend snicker again. Maybe Clare was being too harsh. Lily was a good girl, and great for her brother. Clare was just jealous, she knew that much. She got out of bed and wormed her way into her skirt and t-shirt on the ground. Once she was decent she went into the living room to try to explain. “H-hey, you still here?”

“Yea, for the next few minutes at least.” Joey explained. He was making something in the kitchen area. “Next time you want to use my room for, uh, what ever, can you just ask me first?”

“Right.” Clare couldn’t believe he had seen her like that. Was he thinking about her ass right now? No, of course not. Her eyes went to Lily. She was laying down on the couch with her breasts pressing on the cushion and her round rear wriggling as she checked her phone. She had normal proportions family stroke porno for a woman, better than normal even. She was smart, funny, and she even worked out. Clare could easily see the hourglass in her figure. It was her ass he’d be thinking about. Not Clare’s pathetic body. Besides, what kind of sicko is attracted to their fraternal twin? She grimaced. “I’m really sorry. You know your room does have better internet connection.”

“Right.” Joey sighed. “Anyways, you find a job yet?” Clare hated that question. It had been months since she had graduated from college, but she never seemed to be a good enough vanadate for anything. Her brother had wanted a roommate so she took it, and he was still waiting for her to be able to pay her side of the rent.

“I sent out some resumes today.” She lied. She planned to do some later, after letting of some steam, but an entire day to herself had been too tempting to resist. Now she wondered if she’d be able to concentrate at all. It was hard to deal with all of that rejection every day.

“What do you do?” Lily asked. They hadn’t talked much before. Clare usually hid in her room when Joey brought friends over.

“My major is English literature.” Clare answered. “I really like reading, mostly.”

“You check the library?” Lily asked. She turned and rested on her back.

“Yea.” Clare mumbled, “I wasn’t very good at paperwork, so they let me go after a few weeks.”

“Oh.” Lily scratched her head, “Have you had many interviews?”

“Not recently.” Clare had been slacking off more and more. She was getting even more anxious each time she had to try to impress someone. She was getting anxious even now. “Last interview was about a month ago.”

“Oh.” Lily nodded again, “Maybe you need to sell yourself more. You, know, dress nicer.”

“Well,” Clare shrugged. “”I’m not too good at that.”

“I mean,” Lily withheld a chuckle before adding, “Maybe, like, wearing a bra?” Clare looked down and saw her puffy tits poking out from her thin, tight shirt. It was almost like she was wearing nothing at all. She quickly covered herself. “Just jokeing!” Lily failed to stifle her laughter. “We’re all friends here. I’m sure you care about that stuff when you go outside.”

“Which isn’t often.” Joey came back with a bowl of ramen for himself and Lilly. “When is the last time you left the apartment Clare?”

“Um, maybe, last week?” She guessed. She wasn’t sure why she was so embarrassed. He had just seen her far more naked just a minute before. “When we went to visit mom.”

“That was two weeks ago.” Joey explained. Clare was still covering her chest in embarrassment when she looked down and away. “Maybe we should get you a calendar or something. Don’t you have any friends from school?”

“Not really.” She hadn’t joined any clubs or gotten close to any of her roommates. She was always a bit strange. The only person she really trusted was Joey. “If you’re female taxi porno staying-”

“No, I think we-” Joey started.

“Hey, can I have a little girl talk with your sister?” Lily asked. Joey blinked in confusion.

“Uh, sure.” Joey blew on his soup as Lily got up, stretched, and then motioned for Clare to follow her back into Joeys room. Clare felt very awkward, but she wasn’t strong enough to resist. Lily closed the door and put her arms on her hips in a powerful, domineering pose. Clare instinctively shrunk even more, her arms tightening over her chest.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Clare asked.

“Joey and I came here to have sex.” Lily explained.

“W-What?” Clare asked.

“We can’t go to my place because I have like five roommates and paper thin walls.” Clare continued. “He wasn’t going to ask you to leave, but I thought I should tell you.”

Clare was trembling. “O-Oh. I’m sorry to be in the way.” Envy coursed through her veins.

“Just go to your room and put those headphones on.” Lily ordered. Clare nodded in shame. “I’m glad we understand each other.” Lily smiled. “And don’t worry about earlier. Everyone has needs.” Somehow, Lily talking about it made it even more embarrassing, “After all,” She whispered, “I don’t think Joey realizes you want to fuck him.”

“What?” Clare’s heart beat fast. “No, that’s not-“

“In your room, now.” Lily opened the door. Clare looked down and followed the directive. She smiled at her brother and then scurried into her own domain. It was dirty and untidy. She needed to clean up her room but the task seemed too large and daunting, and the stress left her too paralyzed to do anything about it. Instead she took off her clothes again and collapsed on her mattress, clad only in her still wet panties. She could put on her headphones like she was told and work on job searching again. Or she could go take a shower. Or she could clean up this room, just a little bit.

The tasks piled up and held her down as she decided that she needed to relax first. Unfortunately, she realized too late that her computer and headphones were still in her brothers room. She was about to get up before she heard Lily in the other room, “Don’t worry, she wont hear a thing.”

“You think so?”

“She didn’t even hear us knocking before.” And then she heard a zipping sound and wet kissing noises. Clare bit her lip and felt her body tremble when she imagined the scene. She imagined Lily stripping down to her perfect skin and undress Joey piece by piece. She imagined his toned body being kissed by another woman’s lips. “How about we start like this.”

“You said it tastes funny,”

“Well maybe I’m getting used to it?” Clare heard a wet slurping noise, “But only if you do what we talked about. I want to hear you the whole time.” Clare felt the inside of her own thighs with curious fingers and shivered. She wished it was her in there.

“Right.” She female agent porno heard her brother groan, “Yea, suck it baby. Just like that.” Clare inserted two fingers into her mouth and rubbed her pussy over her panties with two others. “Yea, wow,” Clare pretended it was Joeys cock and felt herself quickly reaching the peak of her interrupted pleasure already. She wanted it so badly. “It feels good just like that.” Clare felt a hint of pride as she kept sucking. “I love you so much.” Clare was on the brink of tears she tried to take him even deeper. She wished so badly he was saying those words to her. “Wait!” She did. “Let’s take a break and do this-”

She heard shifting weight and a coo of pleasure, “Like this, from behind.” Clare adjusted her posture, her flat chest against the sheets and her ass high in the air. She wormed a finger under the panties to her pussy. She fingered it lightly as she heard Lily groan.

“Slap my ass!” She heard Lily bark. Clare pierced herself on her middle finger, digging down as deep as she could, but not nearly deep enough. She experimented and slapped her own ass with her other hand. It shocked her how hot it made her feel. She did it again as she heard her brother slap another woman’s rear. “Oh yes!” She heard a whine.

“Pull my hair!” She heard. Clare’s finger continued the shallow fucking as she pulled on her own hair, just enough to hurt. She imagined Lily’s braid being pulled up like a rope, her tits bursting out with each thrust. “Oh!” She heard the woman moan. Clare grunted in frustration.

“How about a finger right here?” She heard her brother offer.

“Tease my asshole!” She heard. Clare felt out her rear end and fingered at her puckered opening. It felt strange, but she liked strange. She liked the weird feeling the pressure and sensation offered. She pressed hard enough to put the tip of her middle finger inside and felt her lungs quiver. “Oh!” She heard Lily moan, “Yes!” Another slap. Another groan. Clare was losing it. She was about to cum hard. “I love you Joey! Love you!”

Clare mouthed the words silently, “I love you Joey!”

“Lily!” She heard her brother call out just as her glasses fell off and the world became a blur of colors, shapes, and pleasure. Her lungs stuttered out muffled, high pitched wails as she tried to stay quiet, and also keep from weeping during her climax. Her hips bucked up and down against the hands on her ass and pussy and she writhed on the bed like a oily snake until she felt the shudders die down and her gasps and groans ran out of air in her shaking ribs. She kept humping her fingers as she heard the couple keep at it for another minute before they came as well. He came inside her as Clare was still recovering, and partially falling asleep.

“That was great.” She heard Lily say with satisfaction.

“You sure Clare didn’t hear us?” Joey asked with some anxiety.

“Teehee,” She let out a quick chortle, “To be honest, I don’t care if she heard the whole thing.” She heard the wet sounds of kissing and licking. Clare took one of her pillows under her head and the other between her legs. Then she slowly drifted away to the sounds as she humped the sweaty pillow with her desperate body. She fell asleep dreaming of her brother in her arms whispering words of comfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32