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Ball Grab

I felt pretty awkward as I headed down to breakfast the next morning. I think we all did. I mean, how do you sit down to breakfast with your mom and ignore the fact that you were enthusiastically finger-fucking your sister just a few hours ago? Mostly, we all just sort of kept our eyes on our food.

Luckily, Mom was thoroughly engrossed in her morning ritual of reading the editorial pages of the newspaper and didn’t notice. She really gets engrossed in them, even going so far as to yell at the people who wrote the Letters to the Editor. This morning was no exception.

“What planet are you from??? Do you really believe that the reason we have overcrowded prisons is just because we have too many laws???”

Pete leaned over and tapped the paper. “Mom, you do realize they can’t hear you, right?”

“Yes, Peter, I know. Not that it would help if most of these people could hear me. I swear, the editors must purposely throw away anything that looks like it was written by someone with a three-digit IQ.” She turned the page and we all promptly ceased to exist again as she submerged herself in the syndicated editorials.

Michelle spoke up. “Dickie, could I borrow your car for a couple hours? Mine’s acting up, and I need to hit the campus library and work on my term paper.”

“Why can’t you take Pete’s truck instead? I was going to-“

“Pick up the lawnmower from the repair shop?” Mom interrupted. “I really don’t think it will fit in your VW, Dickie.”

I stared at Mom, speechless. I would have sworn that she was completely oblivious to the rest of us while she was reading the editorials.

“”Richard, you really don’t mean to tell me that you had planned to go waste the whole day with your friends again, do you? After promising me that you were finally going to get to patching the holes in the living room drywall from your broom handle lightsaber imitations?”

I hung my head in embarrassment, remembering how I got carried away the day we bought Episode III. “But Mom …”

“It’s ok, Dickie, you don’t have to patch the wall today. You’re not very good at spackling anyway. Besides, you’ll be too busy with the laundry and Michelle’s other chores, since she has a term paper to work on.”

Pete punched my shoulder. “Score another one for Mom!”

“What are you smirking about, Peter? Just how long do you think it’s going to take you to finish the lawn after you pick up the mower, considering it’s been growing the whole three weeks that the mower has been in the small-engine shop?” Pete froze, suddenly looking mortally wounded. Michelle rushed to rescue him by changing the subject.

“Mom, maybe you could just drop me off at the library?”

“No, Michelle, I’m probably going to be at the office until at least 3 or 4 this afternoon. This case is very important, and there’s a lot that has to be done yet to get things perfect before we go to trial on Monday. Besides, I’m ready to leave right now, and you still need to go find something to cover the hickey on your neck.”

Michelle was stunned. Pete and I were too. Mom had never said anything like that before, not right out in front of all three of us. She didn’t even seem to notice, though. “I suppose it’s cool enough out that you could pull off a scarf without being obvious. But I can see I’ll have to take some time later to teach you how to cover those with makeup.”

She took in the looks on all of our faces, and giggled. “Come on, kids. Think! I couldn’t very well have had a daughter at seventeen without learning something about what you do on the way home from dates.” She shook her head. “I’m just glad I got you started on the Pill last year.” Chelley blushed bright red.

Mom rummaged in her purse and pulled out some cash. “Here’s some money to order pizza for lunch. Don’t forget to tip the driver this time. Don’t worry about dinner, I’ll bring something home with me. And remember, it’s Family Movie Night tonight, so don’t make any plans.”

Pete perked up at that. “Cool! Can we watch -“

Mom steamrolled him. “No, it’s my turn to pick the movie. liseli porno Something with a little class this time, not just lots of things blowing up for a change. I’ll stop and find one on my way home. Now everybody come give me a kiss, I need to get going.”

So, Mom headed off to the office, and the rest of us headed off to our appointed tasks. While I grumbled a lot about having to cover Michelle’s chores, secretly I didn’t really mind that much. Laundry really isn’t very demanding, and it mostly leaves you free waiting for the next load to be done. I knocked out the vacuuming during the first load, then spent the free time during the next one putting in some quality time with the X-Box. Much better than Pete sweating away outside the windows with the lawnmower and weed-whacker.

I pulled the last load out of the dryer just as Pete finished up the lawn and headed for the shower. I folded everything and started putting it all away. As I was putting Michelle’s stuff in her dresser, something underneath her sweaters moved. I lifted up the sweaters, and then I just stopped and stared.

It wasn’t realistic. It was a weird pastel-y purple. And it wasn’t very big. But it had a twist-thingie at the base to change the batteries. My sweet and innocent bigger sister had a vibrator in her drawer! A crystal-clear vision of the night before flashed into my mind, and my dick got hard so fast it almost hurt as I pictured Michelle shoving that humming purple wand into herself.

I shoved the rest of her clothes into her dresser, and headed for my room. As soon as I closed the door, I started shedding clothes. I was hornier than I had ever been before, and I had to jerk off now. I flopped down in the desk chair and started slowly stroking myself, savoring the sensation, remembering everything from last night and imagining Michelle using her little toy.

I tried to go slowly, but my cock had other plans. I remembered how Michelle’s hand had felt wrapped around it. And how her tit had felt pumping in and out of my mouth. And the sight of her face, watching intently while she pumped Pete’s cock just inches in front of her eyes. Before I realized it, I had a firm grip on my cock, and was pumping away at a serious pace.

Pete came through the door from the bathroom. “Hey! No fair starting without me there, bro!” He dropped his towel and came over to nudge my hand aside and replace it with his own. “Damn, you’re hard! What brought this on?”

“I just found a vibrator in Michelle’s room.”

“No shit? Before last night, I don’t think I would have believed that.” He guided me out of the chair and back to the position we started in last night, facing each other with our knees interlaced. His cock was just starting to react, and I felt the usual surge of added arousal as I stroked my fingertips along the vein on the front.

I was already pretty far gone, and Pete could tell. He didn’t screw around, just wrapped his hand tightly around my shaft and started jerking with strong, fast strokes. In no time, I was panting hard and moaning.

“This is too easy, Dickie. I can’t let you slide twice in a row, though. I think you’re gonna have to take a penalty shot for this one.” That got my attention. We had only done that a couple times before, and neither of us was really very comfortable with it. When one of us came too fast, the other could shoot a load on his face. It was originally my idea, though, so I didn’t have very much hope as I tried to weasel my way out of it.

“Pete, that’s not fair!”

He just grinned and spread my pre-cum over my shaft. He dragged his fingertips down along the big vein on the front, making my hips twitch and raising goose-bumps. Then he took a firm grip and stroked me even faster than before. “Too bad, Dickie. You shouldn’t have given yourself such a big headstart. Look at this, you’re practically there already.”

I gave up and just focused on enjoying what his hand was doing to me. In almost no time, I felt my balls tighten up as I reached the point of no return. My hips bucked involuntarily as meet suck and fuck porno my cock spasmed, and I could feel jets of cum landing on my hand as I held Petey’s cock.

Pete gave me a few seconds to recover, then pointed at the chair I had been sitting in a few minutes ago. “Assume the position, Dickie. Time to teach you the value of self-control.”

I got my knees under me and crawled to the chair, never letting go of Petey’s dick. Once I was in the chair, I purposely spread my own cum on the cock that was now pointed straight at my face, and braced myself. The back of the chair was up against the side of our bunk beds, and Petey reached over my head to brace his hands on the upper bunk. Then he started fucking my hand, hard, his eyes closed and his mind intent on the feelings.

Watching his cock pumping away in my hand, right there in front of me, made me think about the previous night with Michelle again. I closed my eyes and remembered. Her cunt had felt so good, gripping my finger while she humped her hips up and down against my hand. And the look on her face while she stared at Pete’s cock while I taught her how to stroke it. I could almost feel her nipple thrusting against my lips again, like it was just before we all exploded. My mouth opened, and I remembered the feeling of her tit almost fucking my mouth. I could even almost taste my own cum again.

Wait, I really could taste my own cum again! And the nipple was too big, and pumping too hard. I realized with a start that the tip of Petey’s cock had been pumping in and out of my lips. And it felt good! Somewhere in the back of my mind, there was a little voice screaming, “Dude! There’s a cock in your mouth!” But I didn’t care. I wanted MORE. No, I needed more.

I leaned into Petey’s next thrust. I was careful to keep my teeth spread far enough apart to be out of the way. I felt my lips being pushed apart as the head entered, then closing a little as the crown moved inside my mouth. The velvety skin of his shaft was fantastic. I could feel the big vein on the front with my lower lip. And then the feeling of the head sliding over my waiting tongue. I felt an incredible sense of loss as he pulled back out, even though I knew it was only for a second.

My own cock had sprung back up so fast it almost hurt. I leaned forward even more, my lips almost against the side of my hand. Pete’s cock shoved back into my mouth, and I savored every bit of it. I swirled my tongue up around the head as it retreated.

I needed more. I uncurled a couple fingers of my hand, so my hand would cover less of his shaft and leave more for my mouth. More of that wonderful cock slid past my lips, and now I could feel the smooth skin of his shaft sliding over my tongue. This was the best lollipop in the whole world.

I started bobbing my head, pulling back as he withdrew and leaning further and further into each thrust. My other hand came up and I teased his balls with my fingernails. My own cock was screaming for attention, but I was completely enthralled by Petey’s dick. I leaned forward even more, and his next thrust hit the beginning of my throat. This was a totally new experience, and I gagged.

Pete finally noticed what was going on, and he jerked away from me. “What the fuck are you doing???” I kept my hand on his dick. My mouth felt empty, abandoned. I had to have that cock back in my mouth, no matter what.

“Dude, you had my cock in your mouth!” Pete sounded pretty freaked out. I kept stroking him anyway. His dick wasn’t getting soft, so I figured it wasn’t completely hopeless.

I looked up at him, trying not to let him see just how desperate I was to get my lips wrapped around him again. “Did it feel good?” I asked.

Pete kind of shrugged. “Well, yeah, but-“

“Then don’t think, Pete. Just FUCK.” I pulled gently but firmly on his cock. He resisted just a bit, then let me lead him back into my mouth. I licked slowly up the length of it, then gratefully wrapped my lips around the head and sucked it slowly back inside.

I mobil porno pumped my head very slowly, reveling in the feel of his length sliding almost all the way into my mouth, then all the way out again. I took as much of him in as I could without gagging again, and concentrated on that feeling.

I realized that the problem was related to breathing. The gagging was a panic reaction from blocking my windpipe. But I had been practicing controlled breathing for years as a competitive swimmer. I concentrated on timing my breathing just like I would while swimming, and was rewarded by being able to take him all the way in until his head was trying to stretch the entrance to my throat.

The feeling was even better now than before. My mouth felt so FULL. But there were still those last few inches that wouldn’t fit inside. I wanted it ALL. Continuing to control my breathing, I also tried to concentrate on making my throat relax. A couple more strokes, and I could feel it working. Finally, with a little bit of a shove, I got the head to slide into the entrance of my throat.

Pete’s reaction was an involuntary thrust, pushing it even deeper inside my insatiable mouth. Apparently he liked that. I only backed off half way, then lunged forward harder than before. That did it. My lips touched the hair on his balls, the top third or so of his cock firmly stretching the walls of my throat.

I was in heaven. I had thought it felt good before, but this was WAY better. I let him slide back out, then tugged on his hips. He got the message, and started pumping away like before, fucking my face. This finally freed one of my hands to reach down and stroke my own aching cock, which was straining and almost ready to explode again without any direct stimulation at all.

The moan surprised both of us. There was Chelley, braced against the doorframe, with her sweater pushed up past her tits and one hand pulling on her nipples, and her skirt pulled up so she could reach to shove a finger into her pussy with the other hand.

Seeing that we had stopped and were staring at her, she pulled her finger out and came toward us. “God that’s hot, Dickie! Don’t stop! I want you to teach me how to suck cock like that!” She ditched her clothes and knelt down beside the chair, grabbing Pete’s cock from me and pulling it into her own mouth. To make up for taking it, she put her other hand on my cock.

I explained the breathing, and Michelle got it right away. In no time, we were taking turns deep-throating Pete all the way to his balls. Michelle pumped my cock in time to what we were doing to Pete, and I played with her tits.

Pete couldn’t take much of this, and started moaning. Michelle pushed my mouth away, and started sucking even harder. Pete grabbed her head and thrust hard, then held her as he unloaded the first spurt directly into her throat. She pushed him back so she could take the next spurt in her mouth and taste it, then pulled me over and pushed him into my mouth for the final spasms.

As Pete’s orgasm subsided, Michelle flopped down on her back. “Fuck me!” she yelled. “Fuck me right now, Dickie! I need a cock inside me!”

I certainly didn’t argue. I laid down on top of her, and she guided me inside her just like she must have done with her vibrator in the past. She was so wet that I easily slid in. the feeling was out of this world. So tight, gripping me, squeezing me, but so smooth and soft and warm. I pushed forward, getting most of my cock inside her, then slid back and thrust again.

There was nothing subtle about it. No gradual buildup like the dirty books I had read or the letters in the magazines. In just a couple strokes, I was buried all the way inside my beautiful sister’s pussy. And then we started fucking hard and fast, like wild animals. Pete knelt down by her head, and we caught his slowly softening cock between our mouths as we fucked.

It didn’t take long. All too soon I felt her stiffen under me, and she shrieked in pleasure around Petey’s cock. That gave me the final nudge I needed, and I shoved my cock deep inside her and came for the second time in just a few minutes. Then all three of us just collapsed together.

A few minutes later, after we had all returned to earth, Michelle kissed Petey’s limp dick and then looked up at me mischievously. “So, I take it you’ll be wanting sausage on your pizza, then?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32