Sid in the Cemetery

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My name is Sidney, and as a young woman growing up I enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh.

I have always had a fascination with cemeteries, and was once employed at a business next to one, I would often take walks during my lunches through the cemetery. I liked to read the names and dates on the headstones and imagine things about the person.

For a while I was involved with a married man I’ll call Jay, I also knew his wife, who in order to keep him happy allowed him lots of latitude. I would often spend my lunch with Jay and some of those encounters will be told later.

One day Jay and I were walking in the cemetery, and came upon a gravestone for a young woman named Rebecca, as we were standing there, talking about who she might have been, I started to get aroused, I mentioned something about wondering whether she had ever had sex. Jay had his arm around me and slid his hand to my ass said that if I wanted to we could do it for her on the grave. I was not wearing a bra, and with him caressing istanbul escort my ass, my nipples became hard, I turned to face him and rubbed my hand over his crotch, he was hard, so I said sure. We then kissed, and the hand that had been on my ass, slid down my skirt and up under it. He soon had his hand inside my panties and was working them off my hips. He moved down to his knees and as my panties reached my ankles put his head under my skirt and started kissing me, I spread my feet a little so that his tongue could slip past my lips and into my pussy.

I was really hot now and I moved back from him, stepping out of my panties, and lay down on the grave, legs spread and my top unbuttoned so that my breasts were exposed. He undid his pants and pulled his hard cock out, leaning over me he gently kissed and sucked each breast, then he slid his cock inside me and started pumping.

He soon came, but I have always felt that sex kadıköy escort was not just for one person to come so I had him use his hands to finish me. As I came I tried not to scream but I rolled my head and looked to the side and a short distance away, sitting on a bench was an older man, watching. Jay got up and I gave a quick lick of his cock to clean him up, since it was lunch I decide to go over to a bench near the gentleman and have an apple.

I picked up my panties and buttoned the three lowest buttons on my top, since I was still very wet I decided to dry off in the air a bit. I sat cross legged looking at the man while I ate the apple, my hair is very dark and my patch stood out against my lily white skin. The slight breeze kept moving my top so that he could catch glimpses of my breasts. After I finished my apple Jay said that he needed to get back to work so I said goodbye. I laid back on the bench and closed my eyes, the kağıthane escort warm sun felt good. The wind blew my skirt up to expose my pussy, but I was too relaxed to care, soon I got the feeling that someone was near me. I opened my eyes and saw the man standing next to me, the wind had left me total exposed, breasts and pussy out there for the world to see.

I said hi and asked if there was something that I could do for him. As I asked I tried to cover myself, he said that watching me make love was great, could he please give me a kiss? I said sure and started to sit up, but he leaned downed and placed a hand on my shoulder to have me lay down again, as he started to kiss me he put his other hand on my breast and got my nipples hard again. He then moved his mouth, still kissing down to my breasts and kissed and sucked each. His hand had moved to my pussy and my normal reaction was to spread my legs so soon his fingers were deep inside me and I was once again dripping. He stopped kissing my breasts and moved his face to my crotch. for an old guy he had a great tongue, soon I climaxed and he surfaced. He told me that he always wanted to do that to his wife but she would never let him, and could he have my panties as a souvenir. I said sure, and he left.

I stood up, straightened my skirt, and buttoned my top, then went back to work, pantiless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32