Sister’s Best Friend Pt. 02

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Slowly she eased herself down, her hand holding him in place as her heated swollen lips engulfed his erection, moaning softly her head pressed into his shoulder. His hands roamed over her back slowly. As she slowly removed her hand and continued to ease down upon him, until she was sat in his lap his hard length buried deep inside her.

His hands moved to her hips as she began to roll them against him, slowly and deliberately rocking her hips in a steady motion. Joey was having a hard time believing that his sisters’ best friend was now sat on him and was quickly pushing him toward a release. He moaned softly as she kissed his neck and shoulders, her hips rocked against him letting him free before rolling back onto him.

As she felt him tense she stopped causing him to groan in frustration, as she kissed him gently with a smile.

“Not yet,” She rose and moved free of him now, quietly making her way to his bed. Laying she glanced toward him, before slowly spreading her legs, ensuring he could see, as he stood she shook her head.

“No stay there,” she stated softly causing him to sit back in his chair. She smiled as she let her hands wander over her thighs, ensuring he could see every motion, her hand ran along her inner thigh then over her already soaked mound, her fingers dipping within causing her to whimper. She let her fingers ease into herself a little deeper, before removing them and continuing up her body, then along her hips and stomach over her breasts slowly, rolling her nipple between her finger and thumb for a moment before she sat watching Joey.

“Having fun yet?”

“Frustrated,” He muttered softly watching her as she crawled over the bed to face him with a smirk.

“Oh good,” She pulled herself up and then sat on the edge of the bed now returning her fingers to her clit, slowly circling it before slipping her fingers into herself, then back to circling against her clit until she found the rhythm that worked for her and quickly built herself into an intense release, her whole body trembling from the force.

“Well guess you don’t need me,” Joey sighed now as he watched her whole body shudder with the force her own orgasm.

“Oh shut up, teasing you is what got me off, that cock of yours is a great ride,” She replied with a smirk.

“So great you used your hand to get off,” He shrugged in frustration.

“Bet your moodyness wouldn’t stop you bending me over the bed and pounding me, I’m naked, we’re alone and I’m still horny as fuck, so are you going to sulk or are you going to fuck me?” There was a bite in her voice, the tone was enough for Joey to know his complaints were falling on deaf ears. She turned and bent over the bed displaying herself open to him, reaching back to pull her cheeks apart allowing him to see the juices that were running down her thighs, “Come on Joey tell me you don’t want your cock in here,”

He didn’t need to be told again now as he stood, stepping to her, placing a hand on her hip before using his other to guide himself to her waiting core, as he began to push into her his hand went to her hip as she sighed softly his grip tightened and he yanked her back plunging himself into her causing her to squeal, the mix of pleasure and the sharp sting of him stretching her open was intense.

“Oh shit! Joey! fuck!” She grunted and he eased back a second deep thrust driving him into her, this time she pushed back as his grip küçükçekmece escort pulled her back into him, feeling him fill her completely now. He couldn’t hold the deliberate rhythm and was soon fucking her for all he was worth his cock driven deep into her filling her before he withdrew and she felt empty, each feeling quickly eliminated by the other as he groaned behind her.

His body tensed as he drove into her, his hips smashing into hers as flesh on flesh stung causing her to yelp, she felt him tense before his load spilled out deep into her, and she lay with her hands curled into the sheets.

“See, so worth it,” She breathed softly, as he slid free of her and she crawled back onto the bed, he crawled onto the bed besides her kissing her with a deep passion that caught her off guard. She whimpered against him before he laid back “What was that for?”

“Nothing,” He replied softly, his hand now taking hers. “Just haven’t exactly had the most normal sex life, and you come along and as far as I know are cool with that, Emily has found someone she likes and strangely I’m OK with that, as long as she’s happy, and you of course,”

“Yea, you and Emily is a little weird to wrap your head around but, man if the wait hasn’t been worth it,” Lizzie replied squeezing his hand “You’re a weird kid, but I like you for it, Emily loves you for it, so just let what happens happen, and who knows,”

“What do we even have?” He replied, almost immediately regretting the words as they slipped from his lips. Lizzie pulled her hand away and sat, he rolled onto his front to look to her “Sorry,”

“No don’t be, I just hadn’t really thought about it,” She replied with a shrug “I like what we have, but then it’d suck if you found someone, so I don’t know, friends with benefits is kinda fun don’t you think?”

“Don’t you have to be friends for that?” Joey teased in reply.

“So we’re sex buddies?” She chuckled sticking her tongue out at him.

“Mmm, I’m just the cock you’re riding right now?” He replied trying now to look innocent.

“God no, I …” She paused “I don’t want anyone else, and I kind of hope you don’t either,”

“So that would make us exclusive, which is boyfriend and girlfriend territory?” He asked.

“Except I don’t want to feel so restricted,” She sighed softly.

“In case you get bored and find someone better?” He teased again, as he watched her.

“Uh huh, cos I spent the last two years fantasising about you fucking me so I could get bored when you did,” She replied shaking her head “No I just, let’s not put a label on it for now, just see how it goes?”

“But we can’t get it from anyone else?” He frowned now playfully.

“Pretty much,” She replied “Now how about a drink? And a sandwich?”

“Mmm sounds like a good offer,” He replied as she slid off the bed “Can’t be doing it right though,”

“What?” She asked now looking at him confused.

“If you can still walk after, I don’t deserve a sandwich,” He laughed as she walked round the bed she slapped him in the chest before walking off.

“You’re so weird,”

It had been a couple of weeks since Emily had found her new guy. We had talked it about a couple of days after she came home. It wasn’t that she didn’t love me, or what we do. More about she and I both knew eventually our relationship was going to find a limit küçükyalı escort and we had all but reached ours, so it was the time we both tried to be a little more normal. She also admitted during the conversation that she had been aware of Lizzies intent toward me and had, for the most part, intervened because she didn’t want me getting hurt by her. Lizzie had a less than stellar reputation with men. Lizzie had finally made Emily trust her and Emily had made her swear that she wouldn’t mess me about.

So Emily and I had gone our separate ways, nothing more than a simple hug here and there, but we were much closer than we had ever been and that remained, which is the one thing we were both grateful for. As the year end wore out and Emily had got herself a job, which then led to another boyfriend. Terry who was also starting there, so they did everything together, their relationship became an extension of that, but Emily was happy and that was all that mattered. Lizzie and I on the other hand mostly had sex, watched films, or talked about sex and games. It was a strange relationship but for us, it worked, there was no expectation beyond enjoying each other’s company, truthfully I wasn’t sure if that was down to her or me.

It wasn’t long before Lizzie returned, coffee and sandwiches in hand all on a serving tray, as she settled beside me and we began to eat.

“So what’s the plan for today? Emily is out, your parents are at work, just me and you,” Lizzie grinned as she spoke, something I had come to realise had meant she was up to something.

“Got to find a job, parents are on at me again about finding work,” Joey replied with a shrug.

“Yeah, they are sticklers about that huh? I remember your dad lecturing Emily about her not applying herself and how that wouldn’t fly in a work environment,” Lizzie sat beside him placing a hand on his thigh “You have it covered just, relax about it, do what you need to but don’t panic,”

“Yea Dad likes to make sure we have our priorities straight, just his way of caring,” Joey shrugged biting into his sandwich.

“You’re cute when you’re all focused,” Lizzie quipped with a grin, Joey looked at her for a moment before continuing to eat, as she watched him he remained quiet, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing, just eating,” Joey replied.

“Are we OK?” Her voice dropped now as the words came, she hadn’t meant them to, but here they were falling from her mouth before her brain had a chance to stop them, instantly Joey looked to her.

“Course we are,” He replied watching her “Neither of us is ready for serious, but we have each other and we’re happy with that, you don’t want the pressure of a relationship so here we are,”

She settled against him and nodded her arm slipping around him, as he finished eating she moved to lay her head in his lap, his hand now running lightly through her hair causing her to whimper gently.

“You’re amazing you know that right? Giving up the woman you love so she can be happy, putting up with my weird view on our relationship, I’m just screwed up and you’re here so thank you,”

“Oh be quiet you’ll give me an ego, or a bigger one,” He frowned with a smile before returning to stroking her head.

“No I mean it, I know I’m not Emily, but you deserve to be happy as much as she does, so we should just both enjoy things, maltepe escort see where we go, I want to make you happy, so maybe one day we’ll be more than we are, or at least I’ll admit to it,”

“It’s OK Lizzie, we’re all good, “

She nuzzled against him causing him to breathe sharply, her head looking to him with a smile, an almost innocent look knowing she had caught his attention as she now pushed into him again, her head pushed against his rapidly hardening length.

Slowly she turned her hand easing down his boxers to reveal the length beneath, quickly taking him into her mouth, her hand leading each stroke of her mouth as she sunk deeper onto him. Lightly she moaned as she continued her rhythm each stroke now more rapid until she was taking him deep into her throat with each time she sunk upon him.

As she felt him tense she slowed, a low groan from as she slid her mouth free moving up to kiss him now. He responded his hands sliding to her hips as she pushed against him, the flesh of her breasts pushed into his chest as she now slid into his lap, straddling his legs.

“We can have as much fun as you like, as often as you like,” She kissed him once more before pushing up against his erection.

“As often as I like? Think it’s you I may need to keep up with,” He smiled in reply, as she pushed against him once more with a grin.

“I like sex, and I like it even more with you,” She purred now against him raising her hips and gripping his manhood positioning him before allowing her to sink down upon him inch by inch with a whimper of pleasure. As she felt him deep within her she rolled her hips before adjusting to kiss him.

He returned the kiss as she rocked against him slow and deliberate, before she climbed free of him and crawled along the bed, he followed to lay beside her, she felt his hand creep between her thighs and moaned softly as his fingers quickly found her clit, circling and pushing against the tender flesh, It didn’t take long as her body shuddered through a climax, she groaned and arched from the bed as her body shook against his actions.

As she felt her release subside she turned to face him with a grin “See, you really know how to work a girl, “

“I think you’re just hot,” He replied as he moved up between her legs, she pulled her knees up a little adjusting until she felt him press against her waiting warmth.

She moaned as she felt him begin to slide within her before locking her ankles around him and pulling him deeper into her. As his began to slowly rock his hips, it drew louder moans from her. The louder she moaned the quicker he would get until each moan was within moments of the last, as he was now driving into her. Her entire body rocked with each impact of his hips upon hers, the harder their encounter become the wetter she got, her nails tore down his back sending a wave of pain that mixed with his own pleasure sent him over the edge flooding her deep with his come her own body shuddering against him.

She held him against her as they rode their release together, before pushing off with a giggle and curled into him.

“I like cuddling with you, it’s the best bit,” She grinned as she pressed tighter into him, her head on his shoulder as he drew her closer, kissing her head gently.

“Oh the cuddling, that’s the best bit?” He laughed as she kissed his shoulder and wrapped her leg over his, he could feel the heat and wetness of her against him as he smiled, “You’re such a mess,”

“You’re the one responsible, and you’re giving me shit?”

“You asked for it,” His reply was simple.

“Every fucking time I’m around you,”

“You’re trying to kill me,” He smiled softly and drew a blanket over them, she settled into him as he pushed back getting more comfortable against her.

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