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I loved the way Sinead’s C-cup boobs moved while I pushed into her from behind. It truly was a great sight. She was bent over the desk in her bedroom, right in front of the window that overlooked the driveway at the front of her parent’s house. She was a slim girl, but had recently put on a little extra weight on her hips and boobs (which I was not complaining about!). She used to dance but thanks to a niggling knee injury she had to stop and now she only really exercised by riding her bike every now and then. Her long brown hair reached her lower back and I enjoyed gently pulling on it with each thrust. Sex with Sinead was great, but I could never really let myself go properly with her due to the fact I’m a little bigger downstairs than her frame can cope with. Now I’m by no means saying I’m huge, previous girls I’ve been with have enjoyed sex with me fine without pain, it’s just Sinead. For whatever reason, I cannot push my entire length into her without it becoming uncomfortable and painful for her. So over time I’ve become used to pushing ¾ of my length into her in a rhythmic way which works well for both parties.

So here I was, mid-thrust, Sinead with her head lowered, eyes shut, moaning her enjoyment, when an unfamiliar car pulled into her driveway. The noise on the gravel snapped Sinead back into reality and she peered over the windowsill to see who it was.

‘For God’s sake, she sure knows how to ruin things!’ she exclaimed as she quickly pulled herself away from my very erect penis and grabbed a nearby towel to wrap around her naked body. She turned and seeing my shocked expression said, ‘Sorry babe, THAT will have to be taken care of later. Natalie’s decided to pay us another impromptu visit.’

Natalie was Sinead’s older sister. Sinead actually had 2 sisters. Laura (19) and Natalie (25) were born either side of Sinead (22). Laura and Sinead still lived at their London home with their parents, while Natalie was now living in a ski-resort in Switzerland. She was a snowboard fanatic and loved the outdoors, so a couple of years back she moved out there to work in bars, teach snowboarding and generally enjoy herself. I have to say I was fairly jealous of her carefree lifestyle. But pendik escort she tended to pop back to London unannounced a fair amount, perhaps due to homesickness, but more likely to do with a much needed boost in her bank account, which she knew her fairly wealthy father would be more than happy to help with.

‘Hey, hey, hey, slow down there baby’, I said, lightly pulling Sinead to me. ‘I’m sure I can finish off really quickly. I have to leave soon for football anyway so later won’t be great for me. Please?’ I can’t believe I was pretty much begging my girlfriend to let me have sex with her.

Sinead hesitated, smiled and locked her bedroom door from the inside. ‘Ok’ she said, ‘but you have to be really quick, and really, really quiet. We can pretend to be asleep when Natalie knocks on my bedroom door and just head downstairs later when we’re done.’

She dropped the towel and lightly pushed me backwards onto her bed, before straddling me and easing herself back down onto my cock. Again, only ¾ of the way in, but if felt so good. Sinead was very tight and it never took me long to cum with her. She threw her head back, eyes closed again and bit her lip to stop her from making too much noise. I could hear Natalie shouting ‘hello?’ at the bottom of the stairs but I carried on pushing my hips up towards Sinead, feeling myself getting close. Natalie was still shouting out ‘anyone home?’ as I heard her climbing the staircase and walking along the hallway towards the bedrooms. ‘Sinead? Laura? Mum?’ she shouted.

Natalie was a very different girl to Sinead in almost every way. Character-wise they were opposites. Sinead was a family girl, loved living at home, and she was very thoughtful, always worrying about others before herself. Natalie however was the wild-child if you like. She preferred the great outdoors, exploring new things and basically did anything that made her happy, regardless of what the consequences were. She was shorter than 5’8 Sinead, standing at around 5’6, and was a lot more toned due to her daily snowboarding. She had a larger ass and quite large thigh muscles and calves, but I have to say I’d never seen a better pair of legs when she wore a miniskirt with heels. She had blonde hair, maltepe escort cut to just below her jaw line, and she had bright blues eyes (the polar opposite to Sinead’s dark chocolate brown eyes). Of course I’ve fantasised about having sex with her, as I have with Laura, as I have even with Katie their mother. But as I was lying there, thrusting into Sinead, my girlfriend of 5 years, I couldn’t stop thinking of what it would be like to fuck Natalie. To see how much more of her body was toned, other than just her legs. To see what her boobs were like for once, as she never seemed to show them off much in low-cut tops etc. I could tell, even when she wore sweaters or jackets, that they were bigger than Sinead’s. Either that or she wore great bras. Basically it was the usual fantasy guys have about any ‘forbidden’ women I suppose. The problem was I got too carried away. Just as Natalie started to knock on Sinead’s door, in my head I was hammering into Natalie’s pussy and I basically slammed the entire length of my cock into Sinead in one hard thrust.

‘Ow! For fuck’s sake Rich, I can’t take that much you know that. It’s too big and it fucking hurts!’ came the shout as Sinead jumped off me.

‘Oh, er, hi guys, I’m back for the weekend but I’ll chat to you downstairs later. Sorry!’ came Natalie’s awkward apology.

Sinead was sitting on the edge of the bed with one hand over her stomach, which she claimed to now be aching due to me being insensitive. I told her I just got lost in the moment but no matter how much I apologised, she was clearly pissed off and there was no way I was going to be finishing off anytime soon. I went into the en-suite, showered, changed and came back out to a now fully-dressed Sinead sitting at her desk clicking through Facebook.

‘I’m sorry Richie, it just hurts a lot, you know it does. I’m really sore now so there’ll be no sex for a couple of days I should think. I’m sorry babe’ she said.

‘Don’t be silly, it was my fault, I was too rough. I’ll learn’ I replied, slightly through gritted teeth!

I kissed her on the head and said I had to leave for football. It was 11am on a Saturday and I had to meet the rest of my team at 11:30am. I picked my bag up kartal escort and she walked me downstairs towards the front door. Natalie was there and screamed hello before grabbing her sister in a hug. She liked to pretend they were really close when in reality, there were as far apart as 2 sister could be. Sinead played along though and I muttered my own greeting while heading out the door.

‘Wait, Richard, can you help me with my case from the car please hun?’ asked Natalie.

‘Er, yeah sure. I’ll go grab it for you’. I headed out towards her VW Beetle and opened the boot. It was a pretty standard suitcase but knowing how much Sinead packs for small trips I imagined it would be heavier than it looks. I heard footsteps on the gravel behind me and turned to see Natalie walking towards me.

‘Sinead’s being the good host and is making me a fried breakfast. You sure you don’t want to eat too, get some energy back before football?’ she asked, winking at me and smiling.

‘No thanks, I’m sure I’ll be fine.’

‘Ok hun, well if you can just pop my suitcase in the hallway that’d be a great help. Wow, that suitcase feels like a tonne weight for me yet it seems like nothing to a strapping guy like you. I don’t know what Sinead was going on about…’ Natalie said, grabbing my arm. She looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘…there’s no such thing as TOO big.’

I’m not really sure what tone of red I went at that point but needless to say I dumped Natalie’s case in the hallway, shouted goodbye and rushed out of the driveway. I actually had to stop a few houses down to take stock of exactly what Natalie had just said to me. It was then I realised I was rock hard – thanks God I could cover it as I walked with my sports bag. My iPhone vibrated in my pocket as I received a text:

‘Good luck in football babe, I’m sorry I yelled this morning, perhaps I can still help you out later in other ways 😉 X’

Sinead was a sweet girl and I really did love her. But even that sort of text message couldn’t get Natalie out of my head. Plus, I was heading into town for beers later with the boys from my football team so I’d be in no state to see Sinead. For some reason I just couldn’t deal with blow-jobs when drunk. It had to be sex or nothing. So I decided I would play football, go out drinking and then just see Sinead tomorrow instead. I’m sure her offer would still stand.

Little did I know my evening would go slightly differently than I had planned…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32