Some Good Lovin’

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Solo Male

I massage my girl’s ass and play with her pussy until she wakes up. She grinds against my fingers and I push two in, eliciting a sweet curse from her.

“Oh you wet wet, princess,” I growl in her ear from behind her.

“You like that? You like daddy’s fingers massaging your pussy?”

“Yes daddy! Don’t stop.”

“Fuck my fingers baby, I want to feel you squeezing them hard when you come,” her pussy pulses.

“Fuck! Ride my hand baby!”

I curl my fingers inside her, quickly finding that rough patch inside her, her g-spot. She cries out and grabs my wrist, fucking herself onto my fingers harder.

“Fuck me daddy, don’t stop, that’s my spot.”

“You gone come baby?”

“Yes! Yes daddy! Don’t stop.”

I press down on her g-spot, my thumb rubbing her clit furiously.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck, daddy I-,” she interrupts herself with moans. Her pussy walls clench down hard on my two fingers, warm cream flooding onto my fingers as she cums. Her thighs clamp down, trapping my fingers but I don’t mind.

Her pussy sucks my fingers deeper into her as she spasms from the intensity of her orgasm. I groan, her ass rubbing all up on my hard cock as she grinds out her orgasm on my fingers.

Finally her orgasm subsides and she slumps, her pussy slowly unclenching on my fingers. She sighs in contentment before pulling my fingers out of her and turning to face me.

She lifts my hand to her mouth sucking her cream off my fingers, one first, then the other, all the while looking straight in my eyes.

“Good morning daddy,” she says when she cleans off my fingers.

“Good morning babygirl,” I lean down and kiss her hard, fuck morning breath.

Her hand snakes between us and she grabs my cock, softly stroking up and down. I groan at the pleasure.

“That feel good daddy?”

“Mmm fuck babygirl, yes.”

She brings up her hand and licks her palm, quickly bringing it down to my cock and stroking. Her thumb picks up my pre-cum and massages it all over my tip.

“Fuck baby, I need to be inside you,” I say, grabbing her leg and hooking it behind my thigh. She gasps at being spread so fast.

I grab my cock and stroke the tip against her wet pussy lips. Cream avcılar escort floods out of her onto my tip and I smirk.

“Tell me how badly you need it.”

“Daddy don’t tease, stretch my pussy and come inside me.”

“That bad huh, don’t worry baby. Imma give you what you need.”

I slam inside her hard, bottoming out with that one thrust. She screams and whimpers in pain and I kiss her to distract her.

“I’m sorry baby. I forget how big I am sometimes. You are just so. fucking. tight!”

I suck her breasts and kiss her neck until I feel her hips start to slowly move against me.

Taking it as a cue, I pull out and thrust back in slowly, working her open until she’s ready for harder, deeper thrusts.

Soft sighs and moans escape her lips and I continue with my slow thrusts.

“Go harder daddy,” she pleads and I smirk.

I grip her ass hard and thrust hard into her, once. Twice. Thrice. I can’t stop now, neither does she want me to. I bottom out all ten inches in her and she takes it like a pro.

“That’s it baby, that’s my good girl. You taking all of daddy’s cock like a pro.”

She just moans back, her eyes closed. I slap her ass and her eyes snap open.

“Ah! Daadddy,” she whines. I slap her ass again, this time she moans and clenches down on my cock. Gripping her ass hard, I pull her cheeks apart teasing her asshole.

A wave of wetness gushes around my cock, she likes that ass play, kinky little thing.

“Daddy- ohhhh, play with me.”

A harsh slap lands on her ass.

“Don’t tell me what to do babygirl,” she whimpers.

“P- pl- please, fuuuuck.”

“What’s that baby girl,” I thrust harder to distract her from making any sense when she opens her mouth.

“Ou baby girl, listen to that. Listen to how wet your pussy sounds, you gushing.”

“Sso good, ddaddy.”

“You want to come baby?”

“Pl- please.”

“I can’t hear you baby.”

“I want to come daddy, please!”

“Beg. Beg for your orgasm like a good little girl.”

“I- ohhh fuuuck. I need to come daddy, please.”

“Beg me little one. Beg me to make you come.”

“Fuck daddy, please. Please ataköy escort make me come. Make me cream all on your cock daddy, I want to come so bad.”

“That’s it baby, daddy gone give you what you need.”

I thrust hard and deep into her, bottoming out with every thrust. An anthem of my name escapes her lips as she bucks her hips hard, fucking me back.

“Fuck! Fuck!! Fuuuuuck!”

She comes, pussy creaming on my cock, squeezing hard and almost forcing me out. I hold her as she shakes against me, her eyes rolled to the back of her head. It’s a full minute before she stops shaking and her walls release the death grip on my cock.

“Oh daddy,” she moans.

The scent of her orgasm makes me hungry for some sweetness. I need to eat.

“Let me eat that baby, sit on daddy’s face.”

“I’m still sensi-” I slap her ass.

“Ey, don’t argue with daddy, it’s disrespectful.”

“I’m sorry daddy.”

“Then sit on my face and feed me.”

I lay on my back excitedly, waiting for her to plant her wet pussy on my face. She hesitantly sits on me.

“Little girl, don’t hold back on me.”


I slap her ass, “Okay daddy,” she yelps.

Mmm fuck, her pussy smells good. I dive in, my lips on hers, sucking her wetness into my mouth. I grab her ass and bring her down harder on my face, my nose pressed against her clit. My tongue slides into her pussy slowly and she bucks. She likes that, huh? I fuck her deeper with my tongue, massaging her pussy walls, moaning and groaning into her.

Her thighs clamp down, her hips rock and she starts to shake, moaning my name. I suck her entire pussy into my mouth and hum, smirking into her pussy when I hear her curse wildly. Her ass in my hands, I massage it slowly, spanking it to make her heated.

Knowing how much she likes her ass played with, I dip a finger into her pussy, getting it all wet and creamy. I slowly fuck that finger into her ass and I see her grab her tits and play with her nipples.

Her hips rock harder against my mouth and I’m ready to drink her up, I want her release. I bring up my free hand to rub her clit and she loses it. She rides my face bahçelievler escort with wild abandon and screams, “I’m coming!”

I open my mouth and this little girl doesn’t just drip cream onto my tongue, she fucking squirts all over my face. Holy shit, I didn’t know she was a squirter. My fingers rub her clit harder, I want her to come long and hard, fuck it’s so hot!

She keeps squirting and I keep rubbing until she’s pushing my head and hands away, slumping exhaustedly. I gently lift her off my face and she moves down laying on top of me. Her head is tucked neatly in the crook of my neck when I feel her body shake and hear her sniffling.

“What’s wrong Rue? Did I hurt you?” she shakes her head.

“Hey babygirl, talk to me.”

“I- I’m so sorry.”

“What!? Why?”

“I- I didn’t- I didn’t mean to pee on you.”

“Oh babygirl, you didn’t pee, you squirted.”

She raises her head to look at me, her face morphed in adorable curiosity.

“It’s like when daddy comes, except in females it’s more liquid. You have a sweet taste.”

“Oh,” she blushes.

I wipe her tears, “The only tears you should shed are those of happiness and pleasure, okay?”


I slap her ass and she shivers in pleasure, “Yes daddy.”

“Now ride me “


“Ride this cock babygirl, my balls are heavy with all this come.”

She straddles me and grabs my thick cock, pushing it into her. We moan together, fuck, her pussy so tight. I grab her hips and help her to bounce on my cock. My eyes are delighted by watching her tits bounce with every thrust. She takes my dick like a good girl, fucking her pussy deep with my cock. She sits on all ten inches with no complaint.

I can feel my balls start to tighten and I know I’m going to come soon. She can feel it too because I grow thicker in her pussy. Her walls expand and contract around me, teasing me.

“You coming daddy?”

“I’m real fucking close baby.”

“I need you to come daddy. You make my pussy feel so warm when you come.”

“Oh shit, baby.”

“Give it to me. Give it to me daddy!”

“Baby, baby girl-” I moan and she starts to play with my nipples. That’s the end of me. I come with a roar, slamming myself deep up inside her so she can take my cum real good.

Her walls suck me in deeper and milk my fucking cock. She shivers and I note she’s having a mini orgasm. Damn, she like it when I come inside her that much. After a while, when our orgasms have receded, she sits up on me, looks me straight in the eyes.

“I want a baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32