Something Wrong?

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“Did I do something wrong…?” you ask, nervously.

You look so cute in your lazy-Sunday outfit, your hair just a little unkempt, your jeans hanging tantalizingly loose with the top button undone.

I eye you possessively, tracing each of your curves as you wait impatiently. I watch as you anxiously shift your weight back and forth across your bare feet.

My eyes linger on your breasts and the t-shirt that clings to them before trailing down to your crotch.

“Show it to me.”

Your eyes dart to the side and you swallow hard as you fight to control the heat rising to your cheeks.

“Yeah, I know babe. Your friends are going to be here any minute. But you were the one who was asking if something was wrong, weren’t you?”

You start to respond but I shake my head. I lean back on the counter and fold my arms decisively. This isn’t a conversation. It’s not a negotiation.

You tug your t-shirt upward, exposing your belly as your fingers finish unbuttoning your jeans. You wiggle your hips slightly to allow the jeans to fall open. Your thumb hooks the elastic band of your panties.

My hand falls to my crotch and you watch as I squeeze the growing bulge in jeans, dirty from the yard work. bahçeşehir escort Your eyes rise to meet mine as your thumb slides down, stroking the soft wispy curls. The hair is still short from your last trim and you see my grip tighten as your thumb brushes past your clit, exposing your pussy.

“Hmmm… Now THAT is gorgeous.”

You can’t resist a smile. I gesture and you step forward until the back of your hand touches mine, face to face, half a pace apart.

You glance down and up again. My eyes follow and I nod. I place your hand on my bulge and your fingers follow a familiar path – past the buckle, down the zipper and into the newly created gap and back out again – bearing my cock as you finish. It feels hot and meaty, filling your palm as the head throbs against your wrist.

You knees bend as start to slide down but my hand grabs hold of your hair.

“No… I love your mouth… but we have a problem.”

Your heart sinks as you again fear that you’ve done something wrong.

“It’s your cunt, you see. I’ve been working outside all day today and I can’t seem to get it out of my mind.”

I push your jeans down roughly bakırköy escort and you panties follow, catching mid-thigh.

It seems effortless as I lift you by your hips. Your thighs widen to either side of mine. I place the thick head of my cock between the slightly parted lips of your slick pussy as your hands clutch my shoulders.

I turn us so that the cheeks of your ass are pressed against the kitchen counter and sink my cock half-way home, pulling my cunt-lubed shaft back before sending it shooting deeply to the root. Each thrust pins you hard against the counter. The angle is awkward, the legs of your panties dig into your legs as the material stretches and your back arches. But neither of us cares.

All that matters is that thick cock is stretching tight cunt. Yours and mine.

You can smell my distinctly male scent – a mixture of my cologne, the scent of cut grass and charcoal from the grill. I inhale deeply the sweetness of your hair as you bury your face against my shoulder.

Your feminine grunts and whimpers signal the passage of my cock as your tight hole stretches to adjust to the merciless pounding.

My fingers form başakşehir escort a fist in your hair as I pull your head back, arching your back. My lips close on your throat as my teeth slips along the slope of your neck, my tongue lapping at your throat – savoring your sweet flesh.

“Give it to me…Give…me…THAT…CUNT…” I growl, yanking your hair as my cock hits bottom again and again.

Your sensitive clit is battered against the muscular hardness of my body. It doesn’t take long before you cum with a shudder but I don’t seem to notice. Nothing exists for me right now but the thought that I need to be deep inside you, owning you from the inside out.

Long minutes pass and my pace increases. My breath grows ragged. You feel your body grow slack as my strong hands yank you back and forth along the length of my shaft.

My words mixed with low growls and grunts.

You hear “FUCK”…”WHORE-CUNT”…and “MINE”… each utterance making your body hunger for more. Y ou feel a wave of orgasm rise and break through the shoal of your will, leaving your body through a tide of wetness leaking from your abused pussy.

My head shakes as if I’m fighting something off… My grip slacks and you nod your agreement. My hand squeezes your hip as I thrust one last time… groaning your name and as you feel hot jets of my cum spraying inside you. Filling you with the cum you’ve been craving. Your fingers claw at my back as I look into your eyes with a primal lust, digging into me as you squeeze each jet from my body.

“Oh that fucking cunt…” I breath hoarsely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32