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Sonia and I had been dating for over a year now and it had been the most amazing & sexual year of my life. Before Sonia I had very little experience with women and things had not gone beyond some heavy petting. Also the women I had been with were ok at best in the looks department. I have always been a very sexual guy right from a young age and craved a woman who I could talk to about my sick & dirty thoughts and maybe carry some of my fantasies out. Sonia was all of this and more. She was a busty girl with the most luscious and full breasts you could find. Her figure stood at a boner inducing 36-26-36 on a 5’6 frame.

A few weeks after our first anniversary, which we celebrated at a happening nightclub with all our college buddies, Sonia had to go for a wedding to Hyderabad. Her whole family was going to be there and since they were from her mother’s side she would be meeting her first cousin Suresh for the first time since we had started dating. Suresh who was 31 was Sonia’s first crush and also her first kiss. She had been in love with him since the age of 12 and at the impressionable age of 15 she had made out with him for the first time. Sonia had told me all this one night as we spoke over the phone and told each other our darkest secrets. I remember I had been very jealous but since it had happened in the past had let it go and even told her it had turned me on a little bit! Suresh soon became my favourite topic of discussion and I would hound Sonia for the smallest of details about the way he touched her, how he would suck her breasts, the intensity of their kisses, where did they do it, who was around etc.etc. She was reluctant to tell me all of this since she said she loved me and did not want to hurt me with all this information, but when she saw the way I fucked her whenever she told me about him she decided to give me all the details, and trust me she was very descriptive! From Sonia’s stories I know that Suresh loved it rough and would suck her breasts so hard that there would be huge purple marks on them. They would kiss till their lips bled and his fingers would leave deep marks on her thighs where he had groped her in lust. taboo heat porno Their last encounter was at his home in Delhi where they had made out in his study with the whole family in the house. They had almost gone all the way but Suresh did not want to do it without a condom, which he did not have. But that did not stop them from fingering and sucking each other for over three hours in the sultry Delhi night.

When I found out that Suresh was going to be there I immediately felt panic & jealousy. I told Sonia that she probably shouldn’t go but she laughed and told me she loved me and would never feel like doing it with him. She always told me I was better but I knew that a boyfriend could never create the excitement of tabooed incest. Suresh and his family had come down to Bangalore and they all drove to Hyderabad via some tourist spot. I was in class when I got a message from Sonia, which simply read “I love him.” My stomach churned and I quickly excused myself from the class and called her. She did not pick up. After 15 mins of trying she finally took my call and in a hushed tone told me she will call back. Her phone was switched off for the next 6 hours. When I finally got through to her late at night she spoke to me briefly and explained that spending time with him had revived her feelings for him but she loved me and would never think of doing anything. Relieved I wished her goodnight and went to sleep. The next morning on my way to college I kept thinking of Sonia, finally at 11am I got a reply saying “morning.” I immediately went out of class and called her. When i heard her voice I knew something was up though insisted nothing was wrong. I kept pestering her and telling her how much I loved her and was happy she had been faithful. At this she burst into tears and told me that she had not. She had betrayed me. This is our dialogue:

I asked her, “So he finally succeeded?”

Sonia said “hmmm”

Me: Tell me what happened..

Sonia: Nothing happened.. vishybecker3wim

Me: tell me

Sonia: Please baby I cant bear telling you..

Me: Did you guys fuck?

Sonia: teach that bitch porno hmmm.. kinda

Me: What do you mean kinda.. did you or did you not?!?! Stop these games Sonia.. I need to know

Sonia: Am so sorry baby.. Fuck fuck fuck..

Me: Tell me

Sonia: (sighing) ok.. so last night while we were having dinner Suresh asked me about you and how things were. I told him things were great and we had great sex and stuff..

Me: you really told him that?

Sonia: yeah.. I guess I wanted to make him jealous..

Me: did it work?

S: yeah I think so, he started asking me details about our sex life like how many times, which positions you know..

Me: hmmm

Sonia: yeah so we kept talking and he told me about this chick he slept with but it was nothing serious.. he told me sex was a problem because of his gigantic cock.

Me: and..

Sonia: Well then after a while he asked me if we could you know.. fuck.. he told me I was looking hotter than ever and that he just wanted suck my breasts so badly.. I told him no its not happening cause I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend. He just laughed and said ok. Then he started flirting with this bitch cousin of mine Shruti, fucking bitch always flirts with him. Anyways I was pissed with him for flirting with her and went to sleep in the large hall where all the cousins were sleeping.

Me: so he came to you at night and you did it huh?

Sonia: no. I told you I went to sleep.

With my heart rate racing with I am hoping that nothing happened, but then I asked “what happen next?”

Sonia: When I woke up I saw him staring at me. He said it was 7.30am and everyone had gone for the ceremony and since I was sleeping he had told them to carry on and that he would get me. He smiled wickedly.. that bastard.. he looked so hot.. he also told me that he was going to fuck me.. that he wouldn’t take no for an answer, that I was his. I told him no and started getting out of bed but he pinned me down?

Me: what were you wearing?

Sonia: does it matter?

Me: yes

Sonia: I was wearing team skeet porno a nightgown.

Me: ok

Sonia: I tried to get him off but he just put more pressure till we were kissing. I am sorry V I really wanted to stop myself. But then his hands were on my breasts and he was pressing them hard and I responded. Suddenly he grabbed my gown and tore it from top right down to my pussy.

Me: fuck

Sonia: yeah.. he started sucking my boobs and fingering me. I grabbed his cock and stroked it.. its so big. I told him that it might hurt me. He said he dint care, he was gonna fuck me anyways. This turned me on so much and I really started responding.. I took him in my mouth..

Me: did you blow him?!

Sonia: yeah a little.. but it was very big and I couldn’t properly. He laughed and said your boyfriend must be small.. I told him no you are just abnormal. He laughed again. But he made me suck him for a while.. he was very rough.. not gentle like you, he doesn’t touch me with love the way you do.

Me: whatever.. go on

Sonia: yeah so he pulled my panties down all the way..

Me: Go on

Sonia: No this is enough

Me: tell me

Sonia: Well he bit my nipple hard and put one finger on my asshole…

Me: bastard

Sonia: it actually felt nice and I started begging him to fuck me.. He picked me up and put me on the floor and I spread my legs wide.. and..

Me: WHAT!!!

Sonia: he entered me. It felt so good.. it was painful but felt so fucking good.. he pushed all the way but it was not easy… after sometime he was all the way in. fuck I have never felt so full.. we were kissing like mad.. he was sucking my tongue and soon he was pounding me.. fuck he was so rough.. I am shivering just thinking about it.. he is a very sick guy.. He kept fucking me till he told me he was going to come. I told him to come in my mouth but he said no he was going to come inside me and wished I got pregnant.

Me: so did he come inside?

Sonia: yeah.. so much.. I never knew so much sperm could be generated.. I was flooded.. fuck it felt so good and bad at the same time.

Me: fuck man I can’t believe you did this.. fuck..

Sonia: I am so sorry baby..

Me: whatever..

Sonia: listen I’ll call you back

Me: what? Why?

Sonia: suresh is here.. he wants to do it again.. and we don’t have much time before everyone gets back..

Me: what the…

She had hung up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32