Sorority Blackmail Ch. 02

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Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback for my first story. I’ve gotten some great feedback so far and I hope I’ll see even more in the future. I’m going to try hard to listen to the advice I’ve been given and hopefully my stories will only be getting better. Thanks again for all the help everyone 😀


Chapter 2: Let’s See What Develops

It was a few days after my little espionage across the street and I was sitting, okay sleeping, in my photography class. I was in the middle of a weird dream when I felt a sharp pain in my ribs. After the initial fog of “Where the fuck am I?” wore off I remembered I was in class.

Luckily it hadn’t been my professor waking me, instead when I looked to see who had jabbed me I was greeted with Sarah’s smiling face. Anyway I guess I should explain who Sarah is shouldn’t I?

Sarah and me go back a few years, we’ve known each other since high school and ended up getting into the same course when we went off to University. She’s hardly someone that I would consider a close friend by any stretch of the imagination but it is always nice to have familiar faces around. Speaking of faces I think she has a pretty nice one. She’s not really pretty but she’s not ugly to look at either and she has a very nice, if a little heavy by the mainstreams standards, body.

“Thanks for the wake up call.” I mumbled to her still half asleep. “No problem, class is almost over anyway and if this lecture lasts any longer I would be asleep right next to you.” Sarah responded stretching her arms over her head. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the sight of her full breasts pressing against her tight t-shirt.

“Yeah, I only came in to use the dark room today anyway.” I said honestly. “Awesome! Do you think you could help me out? I need to get these stupid pictures developed for tomorrows class but they haven’t come out right for me.” She asked me.

Crap! was the only word running through my head. The last thing I wanted was company while I developed these pictures. Why hadn’t I just kept my big mouth shut? Figuring it was too late to pretend to fall back asleep I agreed to help her out.

The lecture finally came to an end after at least half an hour more of the professors droning about course policy and basic photography skills. It was either self-restraint or masochism that kept me awake for the rest of it and I’m still not sure which.

It was time for me to go with Sarah to use one of the darkrooms across the hall from class. Luckily when we got there none of them were being used at the time so we had no trouble finding one. I opened the door for Sarah and she walked in thanking me again for the help. I enjoyed the view of Sarah from behind as I followed her, closing the door behind me.

The dark room was more than a little cramped with barely any room for one person to fit comfortably, much less two. I had to admit to myself that Sarah looked better than usual in the dim red lighting. The contrast between the red light and the shadows they cast along her body was breathtaking. I guess that’s the film student in me talking but she sure as hell did look good.

“God, I don’t even know where to start!” Sarah exclaimed while looking at the materials in front of her with a pout. “Have you never done this before?” I asked her. “I’ve tried but I never do it right… I haven’t gotten one picture to turn out right since I started this class.” I was a little surprised to hear this but I never remembered Sarah being too quick to pick new things up.

I offered to show her how to do it and of course she accepted without any hesitation. It wasn’t a huge bother I needed to get rid of her anyway and I was pretty good at this already. There had been more pictures than I thought so I was going to have to wait until hers were done before I could start on my own. As I started working Sarah pressed her weight into my arm so she could get a better view of my hands at work. I felt her full breasts pressing firmly against my arm as I tried to focus on finishing up with her film.

I became more and more flustered thinking about this girls great body pressing up against me and before I knew it my cock began stirring in my pants. I cursed my body’s timing as I realized I had to turn around to hang her prints up to dry. I had never been more thankful to be in a dim lit room.

I was sure I caught her peeking down at my crotch beşiktaş escort a few times while I hung her pictures up. I had another reason to be thankful for this room; the red light would cover up my blushing. “Pictures will take at least half an hour to dry so it would be a good time to grab some lunch or something.” I started “it doesn’t look that hard does it?”

“It looks pretty hard to me.” Sarah said with a little smirk. I only realized that she wasn’t talking about the pictures when she pressed up against me and started kissing me passionately on the mouth. I was more than stunned, I had no idea Sarah thought of me this way. We had flirted every now and then but I always thought it was just a joke since she seemed that way with everyone.

My body finally caught up with my mind and I answered her kiss while wrapping my arms around her waist. Her kisses grew more and more intense and were soon accompanied by moans and gasps for air. After what felt like forever she finally broke our kiss after biting and pulling on my lower lip.

I stared into her black eyes as she backed away to remove her t-shirt with one quick movement over her head. Beneath it she wore a very tight fitting bra that forced a good portion of her full breasts to spill out over the top and let the image of her already hard nipples bleed through.

“I need you so bad right now Aaron.” Sarah said as I stared into her eyes. She didn’t need to tell me twice. I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms kissing a trail from her lips down to her neck. “Ohhh, that’s just what I want Aaron. Take your dick out please, let me see your big beautiful dick!”

I stood back and undid my pants letting them fall to the ground in front of me. That moment of anxiousness all guys feel when a woman sees their member for the first time crept through my skull. Thankfully she seemed more than happy with what I had to offer and wrapped her hand around my dick stroking it up and down as she moved in to kiss me hard on the lips again.

Her hand sliding on my shaft sent shocks of electricity shooting through my mind. I had to have more of this girl. I broke our kiss and looked down into her eyes one last time. I could see them pleading with me to take her and I wasn’t about to argue.

I lifted her up and lowered her down to the floor. She was heavier than she looked but was still no problem for me to maneuver, even in this cramped environment. Once she was on the ground I could hear her deep breathes as she moaned each time I would kiss her neck. Slowly I lowered my lips as I kissed a path down her collarbone coming to rest on the tops of her breasts.

She wiggled around so she could get her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra. I lifted up to let her discard it revealing a full, heavy pair of breasts that jiggled as she lay back down. “Suck my tits please Aaron.” Sarah said through gasping breathes.

I did just that and kissed from one nipple to the next across her chest all the while running my fingertips along the smooth flesh of her tits. She placed her hands on my head and forced it into her breast. Making me take as much of her tit as I could in my mouth and then holding me there to lick and suck at her perfect breasts with my mouth full of them.

Hearing her moans increase even more I couldn’t hold back much longer, I lowered my hands to her jeans and helped her peel them off her legs followed by her panties. I began trailing her inner thigh with my right hand as I started kissing my way down her stomach.

As I kissed lower I let my fingertips flutter over her vagina. I felt more than a little proud to see she was noticeably wet from my actions. I let my lips reach to top of her pussy before I shifted and kissed my way down one thigh and then up the other.

I repeated this a few times before I finally let my mouth cover her dripping wet vagina. She let out a gasp as I ran my tongue around her labia letting it dart into her sweet centre occasionally. As I felt her passions beginning to mount I pressed my lips against her clit and started teasing it with my tongue.

I flicked her clit slowly with my tongue as I let two fingers slip easily into her well lubricated opening. I started fucking her with my fingers as I sucked and licked at her clit. Soon she was driving her hips up to meet my face and hands while letting out gasps of pleasure. I knew beşyol escort she was getting close to an orgasm and wanted to make sure it was a fabulous one.

I started frigging her faster with my fingers while I kept the same slow deliberate rhythm on her clitoris. “Oh my God! I’m cuming Aaron! I’m cuming!” Sarah shouted as she drove her hips hard into my face. I looked up and watched her face contorted in ecstasy as the waves of her orgasm slowly subsided.

When she finally composed herself she looked down at me with a sexy look in her eyes and whispered; “Now I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard and fast and I want to feel you come deep inside me.”

I wasted no time doing just that as I spread her legs to the side to allow more room for me to ease my dick into her still open hole. I sat with just the tip in and enjoyed the feeling. Her pussy was insanely comfortable and I felt like I could blow my load just sitting there.

I looked down into her eyes and watched her reaction as I wormed my dick into her inch by inch. “Oh! Oh! That feels so good, your dick is just perfect in my pussy” Sarah said as she began squeezing her own tits hard and trying to meet my thrusts into her.

It took her a while to work up the proper rhythm but before too long she was answering my every pump with one of her own. Soon her moans increased and I knew she was close to coming again. “I’m going to make sure she remembers this.” I thought to myself.

I pulled out of her for just long enough to take her legs and place them on my shoulders. I wasted no time putting my dick back where it belonged and worked up an even faster speed than before, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard Aaron! I’m going to cum again!” She exclaimed between pumps from my hips.

Soon I could feel her pussy spasming around me as I continued my hard, fast thrusts. “Oh my God this one is so much better! Oh! I love your dick in my pussy Aaron! Now fill me with your cum please! I want to feel it splashing in me.

Her words were sending me over the edge and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I gave one last hard thrust pulling her hips up into me as I did and let my cum fill her. The look of pure satisfaction on her face as my cock spurted shot after shot of cum into her drove me to such lust that I started driving into her again with as much force as my tiring body had left in it.

I pumped into her for a few more minutes as my dick slowly shrivelled up to it’s soft state within her. Finally satiated I rose back to my feet and helped Sarah up giving her one last kiss on the mouth that lasted much longer than I had planned.

We grabbed some paper towels and cleaned the sweat and cum from ourselves before I pulled my jeans back on and Sarah got dressed again. I looked at her trying to think of something to say, something that would be able to match the significance of what had just happened between us.

Before I could think of anything worth saying Sarah cut me off with her own words. “Listen Aaron we had a lot of fun here today but I’m just not looking for a long-term relationship right now… you’re a great guy it’s just not something that I want right now.”

Like I said earlier I don’t consider Sarah a close friend and had never thought of her as girlfriend material but hearing something like that still hurt me a little. I hadn’t been in a proper relationship for a long time and as much fun as sex is I still felt like I was missing something.

“Yeah that’s no problem Sarah… I know how you feel I’m not in any position to be starting a serious relationship right now either.” I heard myself saying. Once I really got a chance to think about it I realized I was right, I was too busy with myself to let someone else into my life. Besides I still had to have my fun with the Sorority girls.

Remembering about my plan I said goodbye to Sarah, who left quite happily with her freshly developed pictures. They turned out great if you ask me but it was time to focus on my own pictures. I quickly developed them and waited the agonizing half hour to wait for them to dry. I couldn’t help but smile at the result. I was ready to put my plan into action.


I was sitting in the library waiting for Anna-Lisa to show up. I was trying to be discreet but I knew it was obvious I was watching the entrances very intently. I beykent escort still wasn’t sure if she would show up or not but I honestly believed my plan was going to work.

I guess I need to explain what’s happened since I developed the pictures of the sorority girls. Well I did a little bit of research and found out that the bitch who was assaulting the girl on the top floor of the sorority house was also the head of the sorority.

I found out her name was Anna-Lisa and more importantly I found out how to send a letter to her. I sent her an envelope containing a couple of the pictures I had taken of her with the girl.

I also included a note that simply read; “Plenty more where these came from. Unless you want them posted up around campus meet me at the library alone 2pm Friday.” Blackmail is an ugly word but it’s exactly what ran through my mind.

There she was! Anna-Lisa came through the door she was alone and looked more than a little pissed off at her situation.

She really was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her body was simply stunning all of her curves were incredible and she was in perfect shape. Her body was muscular with a great ass and full tits she put any model I had ever seen to shame and must have dropped jaws everywhere she went.

Her face was just as stunning as her body if not more. She has a gorgeous face framed by shoulder length dark hair. She was wearing very natural looking make-up except for the dark eyeliner that drew attention to her eyes. Her eyes were breathtaking, sky blue and very beautiful but there was something else in them too. Something cold that made them almost scary to look at for too long, like they would trap you in their gaze.

I got up and approached her trying to conceal my glee that my plan had come together this far. “So did you like the pictures Anna-Lisa?” I said as a smug grin spread across my face. It wasn’t there long as she quickly slapped it off.

“Who the fuck do you think you are!? Where did you get those pictures!? What do you want!? Money!?” She started screaming at me. I could see in her eyes that she wasn’t going to run out of questions to fire at me anytime soon and the last thing I needed was her making more of a scene than she already had..

“If you shut the fuck up I’ll tell you what all this is about.” I said making my voice as icy as I could. She gave me a look that could have sent a lot of men running and I almost did but I stood my ground and told her to come with me so we could talk in private.

She followed me into one of the empty study rooms. People could still see us through the many windows but at least no one could hear what we were saying. “Tell me what the fuck I’m doing here right now you asshole!” She demanded from me balling her hands into fists.

“I’ve got something you want and you’ve got something I want, it’s just that simple you give me what I want and you’ll get the rest of the pictures.” I said to Anna-Lisa. “Money!? This is what this is about isn’t it you crosskicking bastard!”

I just laughed at her comment before I continued. “No, this isn’t about money… I’m sure I could get plenty from a spoiled bitch like you but I don’t give a fuck about that right now. What I want is to make you feel like that girl with you in those pictures.”

“Sex!” She yelled at me. “So this is all just a way for a fucking loser like you to get laid!? You really are a pathetic piece of shit aren’t you? I’m not doing it, I fucking refuse to, there’s no way I’m going to fuck an ugly asshole like you.”

“Oh I think you are or else you’re going to be seeing a lot more of these pictures posted all over campus, not just of you either I’ve got shots of a bunch of your sorority sisters acting just as slutty as you. What do you think of a website too? I’m not great with a computer but I’m sure I could find some people to help me out with one. You would be surprised how fast word of something like this can spread.”

She slapped me again even harder this time. I knew it was an act of desperation she was starting to see that she had no choice. She would give me what I want because she knew I had the power to wreck her entire life with a few pictures.

She yelled at me for a good 15 minutes before she finally accepted that she had no other way out. We arranged to have it go down next Friday. I was to come in through her window with all of the pictures I had of her which I would give to her after we fucked.

I still can’t believe it but my plan actually worked. It’s just a matter of time now before I’m fucking the hottest girl on campus. As exciting as it is I know it’s not going to end with that, after all I still have pictures of plenty more girls. My head is exploding with possibilities I can’t wait until next Friday!

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