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Chapter 01: The World

This story is set in 2011 (which in later stories will become relevant), three years after our young couple first came together. Please leave comments, and enjoy. Thank you.

* * * * *

The soft clicks of her heels against the York Stone driveway were barely audible over the gushing of the Autumn wind. It was just after 10 p.m. and she had been out with her two girlfriends. It had been an unplanned evening out with them, and as she thought about it she had realized just how much she had needed it. Tina clutched her coat as several powerful gusts of wind hit against her. The wind had caused her to sway slightly; as it lessened she began to walk towards the front door. Once again the soft clicking of her heels was heard on the stone, she carefully climbed the two steps and reached for the door; of course it was locked.

Searching for the keys in the large pockets of her overcoat proved to be moderately difficult. When her fingers finally sifted through the contents of the pocket and found the keys she sighed with a sense of relief and longing for the feel of a long bubble bath and then bed. It had been an incredibly tiring day, and it was coming to an end. When the key turned in the door, allowing her entry into her home it suddenly hit her.

It came back to her suddenly, and it felt like a ton of bricks had hit her square in the chest. When the door opened a faint breeze snuck into the house, as well as the wind due to the motion of the opening door. The combined effect of the wind and door caused the rose petals that were spread across the entry way to flow within the breeze. Tina stood there, just watching as the rose petals curled in wind, she had forgotten. How could she have forgotten!

Rethinking the events of the day she began to remember all of the signs leading up to this moment. He’d called earlier in the day, reminding her to be home for dinner at six tonight. There were the flowers that had arrived just after lunch time, they were still sitting on her desk; proudly displayed. Even worse then that was the fact that it was their anniversary; it had been three years. This was not something that she should have forgotten!

Only a lamp lighted the entry to their house, it allowed for enough light to view the entire foyer, a path of rose petals that lead around a corner and into the dining room. She softly bit on her lower lip, nervous and ashamed she began to follow the path that was laid out before her. The house was void of noise, although she could faintly hear the thudding of her own heart.

The heels that she still wore dug into the rose petals, slicing through the thin material of the petals. She had walked through the foyer before she even realized that she was piercing the roses that still blew gently across the floor. She bent down slowly, she’d always been flexible and it wasn’t long before she slipped from her heels and slid them aside as she continued to walk towards the dining room.

The path that lead to the dining room was clearly defined by the rose petals which rested on the dark carpet. She tread carefully over the carpet, her bare feet could feel several soft petals brush against them. The path of rose petals lead her around the corner and into the dining room, and there the path stopped.

The dining room table was set, the sole light source was a single candle that sat in the middle of the table, barely providing enough glow to encompass the table. Slowly her eyes scanned across the table, everything was in place; everything laid out perfectly. Unable to break her gaze from the table setting, she just looked and felt the pain in her heart gradually increase. Unable to break her thought process from what she had done. Seconds ticked by that seemed like hours as her mind continued to play over the fact that she had forgotten him, forgotten the plans for the evening which he had obviously worked so hard to make perfect.

Sitting atop the closest plate was a folded card, the outside was a light cream color, the black ink showing a stark contrast to the white. The only writing on it was her name, his hand writing had always been flawless. She allowed her fingers to roam over the soft card, thinking to herself while she read her name over and over again. Did she want to open it? Did she want to know his disappointment that he was feeling for her? Taking a deep breath she flipped open the card, her eyes strained to read the writing that was barely visible in the darkness.

It was just a simple sentence. Should she have expected anymore from him, this was just so characteristic of him it almost made her laugh, and she would have if the situation were different. Short and to the point, it read Dinner is in the Fridge. This time she only read it once, she could not handle the disappointment and shame in herself right now.

As she lowered the card back to the table something caught her eye, it was a small dark red box. There was a white ribbon that pendik escort wrapped around the box, and tied in a perfect tie.

Her face turned into a smile again, unable to ever imagine him being able to tie that knot. For well over a month now she had been helping him with his tie each morning, sometimes when he would go to work she would wake to one of his soft kisses. She’d rouse herself from the bed and make sure that his tie was perfect, she would kiss him as many times as she could before he had to go. How many times had she laid in bed after he left for work, the tingling in her lips lasting for hours.

She allowed her mind to come back to the present, still thinking of the feels of his lips she took the box and opened it all rather quickly. If her mind had been focused more on the present she would not have opened it. But that too was now in the past. What she saw inside the box made her blink, her eyes narrowing in to try and focus. It was a perfect sphere; a small globe keychain. It was cheaply made, why had he given it too her?

Her mind continued to think over it several times, was this some sort of trick? Had he removed the original contents and put this inside because she had forgotten? It bugged her, nagged at her mind as she continued to look at it, trying to find some hidden value to it. She could think of nothing. It was a trinket, something small enough he had sitting around to fill the box perhaps. But it was not like him, he wasn’t crass like that.

She had to go to him, to tell him just how sorry she was and hope that he would forgive her. For the last three years he had been the rock in their relationship. When she ever needed him, he was there. How many times had he needed her? Did he even need her? Anyone could help him with his tie in the morning. Why was he with her? She knew that she was lucky, she knew just what an amazing man he was.

They had waited all this time to have sex; she was almost forceful that the relationship not become about sex. How hard had that been on him? When she moved in with him, they had planned for it to just be temporary. Her apartment rates had been raised too much and she could not afford the new lease that just came up. She still was looking for a new apartment, but she felt at home living with him. It just felt right for her.

He had offered for her to take the master bedroom. There wasn’t a guest bedroom and he would sleep on the couch for her. That he had offered it meant everything to her. She wondered if that was the right choice though, what must he think of her. She got the comfort of his bed, with him on the couch, and after three years. He had been so wonderful over the years, how much longer could she expect him to wait? How long until his needs would overshadow his character?

Softly she sighed as she closed the small box, the keychain left inside. Turning quickly she looked around the dining room once again, he must be sleeping. She began walking, with each step the beating in her heart increased. Each step was harder then the last.

She walked slowly across the house; he slept on the first level. That is where she’d expected him to be at least. She walked into the small den area, reaching down she flicked on the lamp. Her eyes scanned quickly, taking everything in. He wasn’t there.

Had his car been out front? Was he even here? The agonizing thoughts ran through her mind quickly, forcing her to move onward at an even faster rate. Her steps quickened, her heart raced while she climbed the steps. She was at an almost jog as she came into the bedroom. Her eyes looked down to the bed, the bed that she slept in each night. It held his scent, that delicious scent.

He wasn’t in the bedroom, was he even here? There was a light coming from the walk in closet, she thought she heard something but it could maybe be her mind. At an almost run she came towards the closet, it took her just seconds to cross the bedroom. It was sudden, an instant impact as she rammed into him. She stumbled, nearly loosing her balance if it had not been for the strong arms that caught her, steadied her.

Her senses were on brief overload, her eyes blinking wildly as she looked up at him. The light from the closest caused the shadows to play across his face as she was captivated by his gaze. His arms began to adjust her, get her to stand upright while his grip remained tight and strong on her. She wanted to talk, she tried to say something but she couldn’t. When she was standing on her own she couldn’t look at him. Her eyes looking down to the floor in shame, she could not look at him she was too embarrassed.

She closed her eyes, unable to take even seeing his feet. She stood there for what seemed like hours. His hand rose up, cupping her face lightly while his thumb brushed over her cheek. The touch was gentle and tender, sweet yet strong. She felt the tear fall, eyes closing even tighter. Trying to talk again her mouth opened, no words or sounds maltepe escort came out. Taking one step closer to her, she could sense just how near he was. His physical presence was nearly overwhelming her. His hand slipped from her face, and rested on her shoulder.

He leaned down closer to her, he had turned her face up higher. It made him smile a little, her eyes were clinched tight, refusing to open. When his lips kissed softly to her cheek he could feel her shudder. Three kisses he planted on her cheek, kissing away the lone tear that fell. His mouth was at her ear, kissing it once as well “You know I hate it when you cry,” another kiss to her ear before he slowly stood up.

She was leaning into him now. Her chest pressed to his, her head moved subconsciously onto his shoulder as she let out a soft sigh. She began to cry again, somehow managing to talk now, “I’m sorry.” It was all that she could manage. After what she had done, a sorry is all that she could say?

She felt him chuckle a little, the rise and fall of his chest caused her body to react in kind, moving as he moved. His fingers slipped into her hair, brushing through it slowly. He kissed the top of her head slowly, while his hold continued on her. “I burned the chicken anyway,” he gave a slight laugh again, he felt her face move. He knew she was smiling now, he could tell by the movements of her face.

Soft lips pressed softly to his chest, he could feel it just hovering over his shirt while she kissed again. This close to him she could smell him so perfectly. The scent of his soap on his skin, the feel of the shirt against her face, it was all hers. Even if she did not deserve this, it was still hers.

His other hand took her face again, brushing over her cheek ever so gently. The roughness of his hands against her smooth skin caused a tingling sensation to rush through her. She turned her face towards the tough, welcomed it. Her heart still raced, still thudded in her chest, his heartbeat remained perfectly still. He was always calm, always the rock.

Adjusting her head she moved to kiss his hand, letting his thumb brush over lips and collect some moistness from her. Four times she kissed his thumb, opening her mouth just slightly to capture it, keep it prisoner while she licked at it playfully.

It was working like he had hoped it would, she needed reassuring, she needed to know that it was alright. Even if he was upset, there was a time and place for that, this was not the time, nor the place. Taking a step back from her, his hand slid out of her hair, and fell from her face gradually. Now his eyes looked at her.

Slightly a smile eased over his lips while he looked at her, she was gorgeous even with the tears that had fell down her face. Reaching his hand out he took hold of hers, enjoying the softness of it. Gently he tugged her, guided her into the closest. It was difficult for her to adjust to the light, she would have rather stayed in the bedroom, it was easier to face him when it was darker.

Turning from her he took one of his shirts, and set it down on the small chair. Reaching to her, his hands took hold of her hips and guided her to come closer. His fingers began to work on her suit jacket. It loosened on her once the two large buttons had come free. She looked down to the floor again, not sure what to say, or what to do. They had never done anything, nothing that typical couples do.

When they would see movies she would feel awkward, especially if it was a movie that involved couples and sex. Over time she had learned to try to avoid those, because it made her uncomfortable. She did not feel good about that aspect of their relationship. She was holding out on him. She was not giving him what he very likely desperately needed at this point.

While these thoughts occupied her mind he was still working on her clothes. The suit jacket was now off, and was resting on the back of the chair. He was now on his knees helping to remove her knee length skirt when she snapped out of her reverie. She bit her lips gently, no matter what she was thinking. No matter what she wanted, or did not want to admit. There was one thing for certain, his hands felt really, really good.

Once the skirt had fallen to the floor he took each of her ankles and slowly lifted her feet. Taking the skirt he also placed it on the chair. Her hands moved from her sides and went to cover her front. It seemed like her face was a thousand degrees as he took her pantyhose and slip them down her legs. Once again he took each ankle and helped placed the pantyhose on the chair. She whispered something, if there had been any noise in the house he would be unable to hear it, “Mike, please stop.” She still covered herself, taking one step back from him and turning around to face the door.

She took a single step towards the door, she wanted desperately to leave. But she stopped; her eyes still looked to the ground in a sense of shame. kartal escort He stood up behind her, unable to help himself his eyes gazed on her little butt. Three years they had been together, and he could count the times he had seen her in panties with a single hand.

His hand came to her hip, he kept her from taking the next step. Now he was right behind her, his chest pressed into her back. She felt as his fingers brushed over her, they roamed gently over the lace fringes of her black boyshorts. She began to shudder, her knees weak again as he touched her. This was wrong, this had to stop. Turning her neck she looked back at him, eyes opening to look into his. The look in his eyes told her everything. Those dark blue eyes were calm and confidant, judging from the soft beat of his heart every part of him was calm.

The blouse was next, his hands had moved around to the front and began working on the smaller buttons. Unable to drop his gaze she stood there, with each button her resolve lessened, she became more vulnerable. It took him over a minute to unbutton it, not because he was nervous or inexperienced; but because he cared. He was calm for her, he moved slowly for her. This was for her, if through some twisted way; it was all about her.

The clasp for her bra was in the front, his fingers unsnapped it slowly, when he removed it she gasped and quickly looked to the floor. Kneeling down he picked it up, it was still warm from her. The bra and panties matched perfectly, both black and made from lace, they suited her quite well.

Being unable to see her, was the best way. She was not ready for him to see her breasts, but this was a step. Over and over again he told himself that he loved her. The love he felt was enough to keep him waiting, to understand that she wanted to wait; and to respect that decision. Her hands moved to cover her chest, she started to walk out. She had to get away from him, this was just too much.

This time he stopped her, he was faster then she had expected he could be. “Wait,” it was not phrased as a question, his voice was different now. It was as if her legs were concrete and fixed in place. Reaching behind him he takes hold of the clean shirt that he had previously grabbed, after some direction her arms finally lifted and the shirt slipped onto her. It was obviously too big, stopping just below her thighs, but it smelt like him. She loved the feel of his shirts.

Smiling she turned slowly to him, her eyes now having the courage to look at him again. Inching closer to him, and forced to go to her tip toes due to her height she tried to kiss him; she wanted to taste his lips. When their lips touched her body began to melt and lose so much of her resistance. She pressed herself into him, wanting to close that distance between them. The kisses remained soft, and gentle while his arms wrapped around her back to hold her, she tasted so delicious.

When she lowered from his lips she looked into his eyes awhile longer, licking on her lips slowly she began to blush. Returning her head to his shoulder she let out a soft sigh, the smile remained on her face. “Thank you for the present,” she was hoping that he could explain it a little, it was starting to bother her.

When he kissed the top of her forehead she couldn’t withhold the shiver that ran down her body. “Do you understand what it is?” his voice was quiet and calm. Even as he asked it she began to lift from him, and reopened the box that had stayed in her hand the entire time.

With the benefit of the extra light she looked closer at the miniature globe. It appeared to be just a normal globe. No markings existed on it as she rotated it slowly in her palm, she began to wonder what it could be. Was there supposed to be a dot? Maybe a vacation site that he was taking her? She felt guilty for even thinking that, like she really deserved that from him. Walking over to the bed she sat down, and quickly turned on the bedside lamp for more light, “It is just a keychain isn’t it?”

When he sat beside her his hand reached out rubbed over hers, brushing over the her flawless skin. “What is it that you are holding right now?” It was a simple question, direct and honest, yet she still did not understand it.

Even if she did not understand it, she would knew to play along, he seemed to be a step ahead of her. “It’s a globe, with a keychain.”

While she talked his hand remained rubbing over her arm. “Yes, it is a globe. What does a globe represent, what is the globe a model of?”

She looked down at the globe, a smile spread slowly across her lips as she figured it out. It became increasingly difficult for her to hold in her emotion, there were so many emotions going through her mind right now, she barely had the strength to answer him. “The World, you gave me the World,” as she talked her voice began to fade as the tears began to fall. Moving quickly into his arms she wrapped her arms around him, wanting to hold him for eternity.

Once she was embraced fully within his arms she let out a sigh. It was a sigh both of relief and of frustration with how much time had been wasted. Three years they had been dating, she was dating a good man; a man that she loved.

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