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Author’s note: This story is a work of fiction and both characters are eighteen years of age. 🙂 Also no actual sex goes down in this chapter. The next few chapters will be much bigger both in terms of content and sexual ‘relations’ (see what I did there???) so if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to throw them at me as I write the next set. Enjoy!


“Christ, it’s hot,” muttered Jason Todd as he stepped inside his childhood home. Rebecca Todd, his smart ass little sister, followed quickly behind. As usual she had to chime in.

“No, really? I thought it was freakin’ Alaska out there.”

Jason rolled his eyes. Their parents hadn’t been gone more than half a day and he was already sick of her. It didn’t help that he had to walk her home from school instead of being picked up as he was accustomed to. Getting up an hour earlier just so they could be ready in time to walk to school for three days was going to suck. Especially because they were both eighteen and could technically do whatever they wanted. It was their last year of highschool and they still had to mind the over protective whims of their parents.

Slipping off his backpack, Jason tossed it carelessly beside the door and headed for the kitchen. He ignored Rebecca’s comment on his behavior and went right for the freezer. Rather than pull out anything, he simply stuck his head inside and groaned in relief.

Rebecca made her way to the kitchen and stopped upon seeing her older brother mimic being an ostrich. Despite the fact they were twins, Jason was 6’2 which meant he had to hunch a little to fit his head into their freezer. He was also lanky as fuck. There was no football potential to be had in Jason. His was a life of video games, nerdy things and whatever else he got up to.

Rebecca wasn’t much different when it came to gaming but at least she played volleyball. And while she was shorter – 5’4 to be exact! – than him she had more of a bad ass reputation that made her ‘cooler’ than him in a school setting. All because she had a big mouth and punched the school’s quarterback for trying to grab her ass.

While she had the same green eyes as Jason, Rebecca’s hair was a sleek black where Jason’s hair happened to be a vivid strawberry blonde inherited from their mother. She secretly hated his guts for it.

“You’re such a dork,” she stated with a roll of her eyes. “Get your head out of the freezer so I can get some water.”

Jason grunted and didn’t move. Rebecca scowled.

“Hey! I want some water.”

“Sounds like a personal problem. I’m busy, go away.”

“JASON. I want some fucking water. Move.”

From inside the chilled compartment of their freezer, Jason grinned. He loved antagonizing his little sister.

“What’s the magic word?”

He almost laughed at the disgusted breath he heard, followed by her smaller izmir escort bayan body shoving into his to try and push him out of the way. He didn’t budge.

Exasperated, Rebecca punched his arm. “I’m not fucking around, Jason!”

Jason frowned and immediately yanked his head from the freezer to pin her with a stern stare. He was getting tired of her attitude as of late. Ever since she punched Kyle Johnson in the face so many months back she suddenly seemed to think it was okay to hit guys. While his protective older brother instincts wanted to encourage her to keep such a feisty attitude, there was another part of him that needed to communicate that shit was not okay. At all.

“Knock it off, ‘Becca. Hit me again and I’ll ground your ass. it is never okay to hit me.”

Rebecca glared. She hated it when he got that stern look to his face. It reminded her of a childhood spent being bossed around by him just because he happened to be born three minutes before her and was usually several inches taller as they got older. Any time she didn’t do as she was told he usually forced the issue and made her unless a parent stepped in.

“Don’t call me ‘Becca. You know I hate it.”

Jason grinned. It was boyish and impish and Becca already knew what it meant. He was going to say it again.


Rebecca slugged his arm. In hindsight it was impulsive and childish, but damn did that pet name annoy the hell out of her.

Jason reacted on reflex. He grabbed her balled fist and spun her around while marching forward until her body was shoved against the kitchen island. She yelped at the bite of wood and marble against her flesh as she was pressed against the corner.

“Jason what the actual fuck are you doing?! Let me go!”

While Jason was skinny, he was bigger and determined to keep his little sister pinned in place. She didn’t make it easy. She tried shoving backwards which forced him to lurch forward and pin her lower half in place with his hips. He never once relinquished hold over her fist. After a brief struggle, he managed to yank her arm behind her and pin it to her back. Leaning in, he placed his mouth at her ear even as she used her free hand to try and push herself and him away from the counter. His other hand moved to grab the counter to combat her attempts at freedom.

“Stop. Listen. It is never okay to hit anyone for stupid shit like that. Do you understand?”

Rebecca, stubborn and defiant to her core, refused to listen. “Let. Me. Go!”

Jason felt his own frustration rise. He would be damned if he let her go until she admitted she was in the wrong.

“I’m serious, Rebecca. Tell me you understand. Mom and Dad might let you get away with this shit but you NEVER hit someone over stupid shit like that.”


“Tell me.”


Feeling escort izmir panicked at the increased volume in her shouting, Jason shifted around behind her and used the hand pinned to her back as leverage. Despite the trembling of her body straining to stay upright, Jason bore down until she was forced to bend forward and become flush against the dark marble of the kitchen island. With one hand now free he clasped it over her mouth. He was aware at the awkwardness of their placement. Her admittedly perky, taut backside clad in flattering denim was now pressed against his groin.

“Tell me you understand it’s not okay to hit someone over stupid shit and I’ll let you go.” Jason stared down at her, growing angrier by the second at her defiant silence. It was forcing him to be a bad guy and it wasn’t what he wanted to be. He didn’t want to pin his little sister down and scare her, but she HAD to learn. What if she hit the wrong guy and he hit her back?

Becca continued to remain silent. Jason swore.

“Dammit, ‘Becca. You’re such a stubborn little brat. I’m serious. You better tell me you understand or I’m going to be forced to do something I’m not going to enjoy. I’m going to remove my hand now. Either you tell me you understand or I have to punish you. That’s it. It’s your choice.”

Slowly his hand slid from her mouth. He held his breath as he waited for her to speak, dread and a delicate sense of hope building in his chest. Deep down in his gut he knew she wouldn’t admit to being in the wrong… but he hoped like fuck that she would.

Becca hissed and started to thrash anew. “I didn’t do shit, let me go!”

With a heavy sigh of a man resigned to something he didn’t want to do, Jason brought his hand up and quickly slapped her over the ass. It was a crisp, ringing sound accompanied with enough force to make her yelp and go still. In the span of several heartbeats, brother and sister were thrust into a world neither could make heads or tails of. For Rebecca, she was stunned and shocked that her brother just slapped her over the ass like she was a little kid. For Jason, he felt a rush of adrenaline the likes of which he had never felt before.

His intentions had been pure… but the moment his hand came down, something in him changed. He enjoyed the way she was shocked into silence. How her entire body jerked the moment his hand slapped over her denim covered backside. How powerful and alive he felt.

Before either one of them could speak, Jason dove head first into that dizzying, powerful rush and lifted his hand again. It struck her over the ass, lifted and struck again. Rebecca squealed and squawked in outrage and pain, her body thrashing in earnest for freedom. Jason’s expression darkened. Each stinging smack got harder than the first. If she was going to be stubborn than he was going to spank the stubbornness izmir escort right out of her.

Rebecca, helpless against her brother, could only be victim to this humilating form of punishment. Each smack against her ass had her yowling, swearing or jerking. She hated it. She hated him. So why was her clit well past hard and throbbing with a heightened state of arousal? Why was her panties getting damp at the gusset, to the point every squirm had the moist bridge of fabric press lewdly to her swollen lips?

Jason didn’t let up. He didn’t even pause. It became a mechanical up and down motion until his hand was stinging and his arm hurt. As the seconds ticked by, Rebecca’s struggles lessened and lessened until physical exhaustion hit her and all she could do to communicate her frustration was squeal. Angry tears welled up in her eyes and trailed down reddened cheeks. After a couple of minutes Jason felt her body go lax entirely. So consumed was he in his rush of dominance he hadn’t noticed the gradual ease her body was giving. Or how fucking hard his dick was.

It was as if he had been swept up into his own bubble of control and now that he was coming down from the high, the horror of what was happening was starting to catch up. His hips were slowly grinding against his little sister, placing a delicious friction against his trapped cock. She was panting and sucking in mewling breaths in between muffled sobs. It hit him like a sack of bricks to the gut and was why he sprang back and away from her.

“Jesus! Becca are you okay-” He didn’t get to finish. Without the physical support of his body, hers was starting to slide down. He lunged forward and caught her in his arms, dropping to a knee in the process. Rebecca, repulsed and confused and overwhelmed, could do little more than bury her face in her brother’s neck while clinging and hiding against him in equal measure. She had felt the hard, insistent bulge against her ass as he spanked her… and god helped her, some part of her hand been turned on.

She didn’t say anything in the minutes that followed, even as he stroked her hair and murmured soothing words meant to calm her down. Eventually her huffing breaths stopped. Her face was red from the exertion of her spanking, as well as moist from her tears. Jason wiped at them with the sleeve of his shirt. Weak, tired and dazed, Rebecca nosed at her brother’s neck.

“Bed,” she mumbled tiredly. Despite how weird and strange and gross she felt just then, napping was the only thing she wanted to. She could rip him a new one for what he did to her afterward.

Jason was disgusted with himself. Despite her tears and exhaustion and how limp she felt, he remained heavily turned on by the situation. Even the way her voice rasped out her plea for a bed made his cock throb in an eagerness that he hadn’t felt before.

“Yep,” he mumbled awkwardly and hoisted her up in his arms. Awkwardly, he carried her up the stairs to her room and placed her on the bed. His heart hammered wildly in fear and alarm. What the hell was wrong with him and what was she going to do when she woke up?

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