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Spring Break Ch 5; Sunday Morning

Dirk was rewarded for saving a girls life

Category: Romantic Couplings.

Keywords: blonde, brunette, creampie, lifeguard, redhead, shaved pussy, surfer, teen, threesome,

I thank kenjisato for making this story much more readable and enjoyable than I could master on my own.

This story plays off in South Africa. Spring break is late September/Early October. The academic year starts January and ends December.

Matric refers to Grade 12 or the final year in school, equivalent to senior year in the US, a year during which scholars turn 18 years old. Several learners (scholars) go on a short holiday (Rage) after completing their matric exams to celebrate their scholastic freedom. Some learners engage in sex during their Rage break. This story plays off during a matric Rage, almost two years earlier.

Although this chapter builds on previous chapters, it was written to be read as a stand-alone story. Interested readers may find it useful to read earlier chapters of this series, especially Chapter 2, for background to historic references.

All characters in actual or implied sexual situations are 18 or above.

The events and characters portrayed in this story are entirely fictitious.


Earlier in the series:

Dirk and Steve were on their way to Dirk’s home on a farm near Tzaneen which is about 1,800 kilometers from Stellenbosch where they study at the university. They took to the road in Dirk’s red City Golf, which had its radio broken. They decided to tell each other about past sex experiences to pass the almost twenty hours they expected to be on the road, travelling over two days.

During the first part of the first day, Steve told Dirk about the sex he had with Juliet, a lactating young mother (Chapter 1). During the second shift, Dirk told Steve how he took the virginity of his best friend’s twin sister (Chapter 2). During the third and final shift of the first day, Steve told Dirk about the recent sex he had with his sister’s friend, based on the theme of Final Fantasy (Chapter 3).

They overnighted at Steve’s home in Bloemfontein, and during the night Steve’s mother (Laura) noted suspicious movements between bedrooms, which awakened desires of her own. The movement includes a visit of the same friend, Sandra, of Steve’s sister, Sis, to Steve’s bedroom where they continued their sex on the theme of Final Fantasy (Chapter 4). It was early morning and the two young men were preparing to set off on day two of their journey.


Dirk went to the guestroom after breakfast, to pack his last stuff in his overnight bag and was surprised by Sis and Sandra. Sandra was first to stand closer. She slipped her hand into his shorts and gave him an intimate kiss. Dirk responded by sliding a hand into her shorts and onto her firm bum while his other hand found her blouse’s opening. He had no problem playing with her hard nipple as, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Sandra broke their kiss. “I’ll join you and Sis again to play another round of ‘Final Fantasy: Live Action’ when you return.” She gave his stiff member a final squeeze and broke free. “I better go and give Steve an intimate greeting.”

As Sandra walked out of the room, Sis stepped closer and guided Dirk’s hand onto her pussy. “I’ll be in my safe period when you come back.” She slipped her own hand into Dirk’s shorts, satisfied to find his rock-hard erection. She leaned in to kiss Dirk.

The implication of Sis’s message left no doubt with Dirk, that he would be in for a bareback experience with Sis when they return in a week’s time. He leaned forward to meet Sis’s lips and his member jerked excitedly when they did meet. He worked her clitoris for a while, before slipping his middle finger into her wet, hot vagina.

Soon, Sis broke their kiss and pulled her blouse up to expose a breast; she, too, wasn’t wearing a bra. Dirk didn’t hesitate to take her up on the invitation and covered her areola with his lips, swirling his tongue over her pert nipple. He was encouraged by Sis’s heavy breathing.

Sis slipped her hand back into her own shorts, removing his wet finger from her vagina and positioned the tip onto her clit. Her neck arched back in anticipation of the approaching orgasm.

Dirk allowed Sis to guide his finger on her clit, trying to make notes for future use. He focused his attention on her breast, licking, sucking and nibbling her hard nipple. It soon got too much for Sis, who tried to suppress her moans of ecstasy by covering her mouth with her free arm.

Sis’s moans were too much for Dirk, and his pelvic floor contracted and pushed out a liberal amount of pre-cum which wetted Sis’s hand and part of his boxers.

The crack of Steve’s bedroom door brought the two back to reality and Sis broke free. “This is your real ‘goodbye’, don’t expect anything intimate when you depart. And yalova escort keep our adventures a secret for Steve, I don’t think that he will appreciate it if he knew that we had sex. He still believes that I am a virgin.”


It was just before a quarter to six when Dirk’s red City Golf was packed and the men were ready to depart. Sis was the first to emerge from the house to greet the departing men. She passed Steve on her way to Dirk and gave him an affectionate hug and a platonic peck on the cheek before she whispered. “I’ll stoke Pele’s fire to be raging when you return.”

Dirk realized that she again hinted at unprotected sex and that she wanted him to offload inside her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her and was surprised to feel a bra under her blouse, probably to fool Steve about the ‘freedom’ she allowed him. “I’ll make sure there is a tanker-load of white foam to quench Pele’s fire.” (see Chapter 3 for more on Pele’s fire.)

Sis broke free from his hug to greet Steve while Sandra stood closer to say her goodbye to Dirk. She, too, gave him the same platonic treatment, except that Sandra was still without a bra, probably for the benefit of a more intimate hug with Steve.

Sandra also left Dirk with a parting message. “It may sound cruel, but I hope Steve ends up again with back pain on your return.”

Dirk faked jealousy when Steve received a much more intimate farewell hug from Sandra, and it seemed as if he gloated in the situation. Just then, he heard Laura’s footsteps and he turned to face her.

Laura was wearing a sleeveless, popover, red tunic and a silky shawl with paisley design in a matching red, which covered her shoulders and upper arms. The front of the skirt was cut high enough above the knee to show off her well-toned legs, but low enough to be discreet. Laura left the buttons open to show off her ample cleavage and a lacy, loose-fitting bra. Thinking back on her nighttime fantasy of Dirk visiting her and Dirk’s inspection of her rear-end while she collected breakfast ingredients in the refrigerator, she gave Dirk an affectionate hug and pressed her left breast, still with the angel wings fitted, against his chest, sliding it over his chest on first contact.

Dirk couldn’t ignore the initial rubbing of the angel wings on his chest, and their impression on his own nipple when Laura finally leaned in for the hug. The vision of Laura’s almost-naked buttocks and the eyeful of pussy, albeit partly obscured by her wet, lacy thong that early morning, had its effect on his member, which stiffened in response to the new stimulation.

The view that he got of her breasts, including the confirmation that she had nipple piercings, amplified the rate at which his erection grew. He lifted his left hand to wrap it around Laura’s waist to complete the hug, when an idea flashed through his mind. He adjusted his hand’s trajectory to ‘accidentally’ slide over Laura’s right breast and nipple, which was hidden from Steve’s view.

Laura’s hand caught Dirk’s, just as his fingers touched her nipple, and held it in place. “What…” Laura whispered, in a serious voice and gave a dramatic pause. “Do you think you are doing… young man?” Laura’s heart was beating quickly with excitement; at last, she could live out her fantasy of Dirk playing with her nipple and piercing, albeit only a small part thereof.

Dirk was caught off-guard by Laura’s action and his heart was beating fast. He tried to pull his hand away, but he didn’t have the strength. It was as if his blood was drained from his body while Laura held his hand firmly in position. The small movements that he could muster only caused his fingertips to rub Laura’s nipple, which was getting hard from the stimulation.

Laura could barely suppress a moan, giving her whispered voice a stern sound. “Feeling your friend’s mother up, and touching her inappropriately.”

Dirk was surprised at the firm grip of Laura’s hand. “No… ma’am. I… I…” He was now unsure on how to address Laura, due to the mixed messages he received. Laura was reprimanding him verbally, yet, she kept his hand on her breast where his fingertips continued to stimulate her nipple.

“I saw how you checked me out at every opportunity you had and I’m sure you saw more than you admitted when I was at the refrigerator.”

Dirk was still unable to move from the shock due to the turn of events. He felt Laura’s lips on his and her tongue trying to pry his lips apart. He slowly parted his lips to allow Laura’s tongue entry. He elicited a soft moan.

Again, he tried to pull his hand free and managed to pull his hand onto Laura’s cleavage. When he relaxed, Laura pulled his hand back onto her breast; this time, his hand slipped under her bra and onto her breast.

Laura’s lips broke away from his. In a serious voice, she whispered to him, “Is this what you wanted… pervert.” She leaned in again to give him another deep kiss.

“MOM!” Sis’s shocked voice ripped yalova escort bayan through both Dirk and Laura.

Laura continued to peck a kiss on Dirk’s cheek and released Dirk’s hand. “I’ll deal with you when you return.” She pulled her bra cup to reposition it over her breast, giving Dirk a short, but deliberate, glimpse at her studded nipple and dark areola. Then she released Dirk from the hug and rearranged the tunic. She pulled the shawl over her breasts and knotted it to obscure her cleavage while walking over to Steve to greet him as well.

Dirk strolled towards the passenger’s seat and adjusted his erection in his pants as soon as the car could block his action from the women and Steve.

Laura gave Steve a big hug and goodbye kiss. When done, Steve moved in behind the steering wheel, taking his time to make sure that his back support was in the correct position.

Dirk got into the passenger seat and moved the seat as far back as he could. Steve waited for it, but Dirk strangely didn’t complain about large guys and small cars. Dirk was however the first to speak, trying to erase Steve’s memory of the image of the intimate hug he received from Laura. “How is your back, are you sure you are good to drive?”

Steve started the engine and rolled his side window down to wave a final goodbye to the three women, before he shifted the gear lever into first gear and pulled away.

The car wasn’t even in the street when Sis looked at Laura. “Mom, he is your son’s friend!”

There was much more to discuss than her intimate kiss of Dirk. Laura needed to make sure Sis doesn’t get pregnant from her visit to Dirk during the night. “Let’s get coffee and discuss this inside.”

Dirk’s mind was still on Laura, trying to figure out the extent of the trouble he was in. He realized that it only could get worse if Laura finds out that he had sex with Sis and with Sandra.

Steve looked at Dirk. “Seems as if you are actually more into Mom than Sis or Sandra?”

Dirk was relieved that Steve’s first thought was that he had sex with Laura. He bit his lip before answering. “You must admit that her boobs are serious ‘weapons of mass distraction’, and a man may dream, especially after your hot MILF story of yesterday morning.” (see Chapter 1) He gave a dramatic pause. “Why didn’t you tell me that she has nipple piercings?”

Steve seemed to be unsettled. “Whaaat!? You sure about that?”

Dirk smiled when he realized that Steve wasn’t aware of the piercings. “Couldn’t miss their impressions through her sleepwear, something with wings, probably angel wings or maybe butterflies.” He thought it wise not to disclose that he actually saw and touched them when Laura intimately saw him off for the road.

Steve was shocked. “Did you sleep with her?”

Dirk decided to keep the information to a minimum. “No, I saw it this morning before breakfast, before she had her gown on!” Dirk considered it wise to keep it to himself that Laura’s camisole top was virtually see-through.

Steve was a bit relieved, but still probed to find out if Dirk got lucky during the night. “Did you sleep with Sandra, or perhaps Sis, last night?”

Dirk hesitated before answering. “No.” He hoped that Steve didn’t pick up his hesitation, but felt that he truthfully avoided the actual truth of ‘definitely sleeping with Sis, AND with Sandra. Steve was silent, as if thinking. To distract Steve’s thoughts, he added, “I was really wasted last night, I must have been fast asleep by the time you told Sis where to find her ‘Lost Valley’. He smirked and hoped that Steve didn’t see it. He didn’t lie, because he did fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, but he also woke up somewhat later when first Sis got into his bed and Sandra joined them after that.

Steve gave a sigh of relief. “I don’t know which would have been worse, you sleeping with Mom, or with Sis!” He was surprised that he would have been fine if Dirk had his way with Sandra. He smiled. “I guess you figured that Mithrada’s real name is Sandra; so much for using fake names.” He thought it wise to get Dirk started on the next story. “What was the story that you promised to tell on the first shift today?”

Dirk smiled, glad that he could detract Steve from hearing the actual truth. “The sex I had when I played the role of a lifeguard during my Matric Rage.”

Steve turned onto the N1 north, glad that the traffic volume was low, so the heavy driving was over and he could concentrate on the story. “Yes, that’s it. And something you saw in that porn video you watched before you creampied Lina! So, tell me everything.”

Dirk searched their snacks and offered Steve a choice between fruit juice and flavored sparkling spring water. Steve chose the fruit juice and Dirk opened it for him before taking a sip from the refreshing spring water. He shifted in his seat before he started. “I wouldn’t have had a Matric Rage, if my Cape Town friends at the time, didn’t convince me to escort yalova join their Rage party when I left for Tzaneen at the end of Grade Eleven. Don and Lina were my only friends at school in Tzaneen and they went on a family holiday, which meant that I would have been left home alone.”

Steve wanted to fill in some gaps. “You could have gone with the twins’ family, then Lina wouldn’t have cheated on you. And what about Beth? Did she go on a Rage, I guess she, too, didn’t join the twins on their holiday, and otherwise Don wouldn’t have cheated on her.”

Dirk needed to think before he answered. “We did discuss the option of joining the twins’ holiday, but it wasn’t a viable option. They had a caravan and booked a stand at a place with limited amenities long before Lina and I started to get intimate. They enquired at the caravan park’s management, but the park was already stretching the limits of the facilities and would have operated beyond their registered limits during their holiday. They could not allow additional guests, except for occasional day visitors. There wasn’t space in their car, and even if there was, I would have had to pay in for camp fees, meals, and other stuff; costing me additional money, which I already paid to book my place along with the Cape Town guys.

“The same camping and car space limit would have applied to Beth, and she, too, paid her monies for her Rage, but it was arranged as part of Jock’s group. Jock’s new girlfriend had her Rage organised in a girls-only group, so they agreed to swap out. Beth claimed that ‘nothing happened’ on her Rage event, but the two other girls of her group claimed that the three of them played a strip game which ended in sex.

“But back to the story. One of the Cape Town guys secured a holiday unit in Jeffrey’s Bay through a family connection. Although Jeffrey’s is about seven hundred kilometers from Cape Town, the three Cape Town guys decided to travel by car. But with Jeffrey’s Bay about double this distance from Tzaneen, and the fact that I had to drive the distance all on my own if I was travelling by car, I decided to fly down to Port Elizabeth. We arranged for the Cape Town group to arrive first and pick me up at the PE airport, which is only about eighty kilometers away from Jeffrey’s. It still was one hell-of-a trip with the five-hour solo drive to Joburg (Johannesburg) airport for my flight to PE before you even consider all the other parts of the trip.”

Steve needed clarification. “Like the delay at the airport and the flight time to PE?”

Dirk nodded his head. “Yes, a two hour delay and another two hours in the air. And almost two hours to get to Jeffrey’s. I spent more than ten hours travelling!

“I also had to fly back and they had to drop me off at the PE airport which meant that I needed to also leave before them. This meant that, although the accommodation was for five nights, I was there for only three, two full days and two half days.

“By the time I arrived, the three guys had already partnered up with some girls and weren’t excited to pick me up at the airport. The guy, who organized the minibus and ‘designated driver’, was almost an hour late, probably because he was too occupied with the partner he hooked up with during Rage. After he picked me up, he simply dropped me off at the accommodation and left in search of the other two guys and their partners, leaving me with little information about the town and facilities.

“All the bedroom beds were already claimed, so I settled in on the living room couch which could be converted into a bed. I sorted my baggage and soon got into my beach gear and headed for the beach.

“With my lifeguard background, I assessed the beach for danger zones like reverse currents, eddies, and riptides. Watching the surfers helped a lot, and I got a good picture of the flow of water into and out of the bay.

“I hired a surfboard for two hours and had nice rides on the waves. I could understand why Jeffrey’s is renowned for its waves. The sun was already nearing the western horizon by the time I returned the surfboard, but I continued to hang around on the beach and in the waves. Some girls tried to chat me up, but I still felt a strong sense of loyalty towards Lina, and didn’t feel like cheating, even though we weren’t officially dating.

“It was difficult to resist some girls, especially those with big boobs and those with small bikinis. However, there was a girl or two who would bump into me with the wave action, pressing boobs against me in the process. Desperate to reduce the temptation, I swam into deeper water and they thankfully thinned out, making it easier to avoid those flirtatious bums. The fact that the sun was setting probably also helped. But I think the seed was planted that I would be interested in some action.

“Shortly thereafter, the Cape Town guys called me to the shallow water to introduce their Rage partners, two blondes and a brunette to me. All three were in semi-conservative bikinis and some cover-ups.

I think they wanted to brag about their Rage partners to me, and used the excuse to tell me that they would come in very late and that I should make my own plan for supper.”

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