Step-Daddy Temptations: Belinda

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Belinda was not shy about playing with herself around her stepfather. She would stake her claim on the downstairs sofa in front of the TV and put on one of the old man’s XXX DVDs from the trunk in the closet, and spend the night down there jilling off with the volume at a pretty high volume. Ever since her Mom had left she had been acting out in different ways and excused her damp panty prancing about by telling her step-Daddy “Mommy said touching it wasn’t something to be ashamed of, so I don’t know why you’re giving me those looks.” Belinda resented her step-Daddy for driving away her Mom with his slobbing and neglect, but she was even more pissed at her Mom for bailing and leaving her alone with Brendan. ‘Call him Dad’ she said, like he wasn’t just another boyfriend shacking up with her Mom for convenience and the paid-off house, only this one was the keeper because he offered something real. So Belinda’s Mom claimed.

Belinda knew what that was, when she used to hear her Mama taking Brendan’s offering good and deep, screaming in pleasure barely muffled behind her closed bedroom door. While Belinda was pent up in her room wishing she could be out with friends. But way out here in the county, there wasn’t another house for at least a mile, and the truck wasn’t an assured getaway even if her Step-Daddy would have given her the keys, then or now. So she had grown frustrated. And even her Mama got fed up enough with Brendan’s slovenly ways and even what he offered in the bedroom wasn’t enough to keep her at home, with her husband. Or for her daughter.

So now Belinda had a real attitude about it, wiggling her bubble butt all around the house in just panties and a t-shirt at all hours, apparently set on spending the summer diddling herself and trying to make her Step-Daddy lose his mind. Maybe if she could make the whole house smell like her little wet teen pussy rubbing it on the couch pillows, Daddy would take up the cleaning. Or maybe she was after something else.

Belinda woke up in the basement with a tight t-shirt hugging her breasts, nipples puffed up under the cotton blend, and raising herself into a sitting position she realized she had no bottoms on. Her panties she saw were crumpled up on the floor, and she recognized her slick pussy juice glaze all across the crotch panel. On the TV there was a porno DVD menu cycling with six scenes displaying in boxes checkered out, repeating 5-second glimpses into the DVD’s content. She had fallen asleep masturbating to dirty teen ass-to-mouth sluts. Pressing power on the remote she trudged upstairs, remembering that she couldn’t cum because she didn’t have a dildo or vibrator, and tasting her fingers after fingering her ass just made her want a cock more and more. She wanted a cock in her pussy, having only had sex with her boyfriend once on prom night before he left for college. But she wanted a cock in her asshole most. She loved fingering it and smiled salaciously as she sniffed her butt-flavored fingers as she reached the main floor.

Her step-Daddy Brendan was barreling a big bowl of cap’n crunch into his stubbly mouth on a stool around the kitchen counter, when he looked up and met Belinda’s eyes, looking up smiling with her stink finger under her nose. Her pussy was bare with dirty blonde hair rounding her meaty vulva, and her StepDaddy held the spoon of sugary cereal in front of his slack jaw while Belinda made no motion to cover herself.

“Morning Daddy,” she said. “You know, Brendan, I hope you don’t feel like I’m hogging your DVD collection, in the basement. I know since kocaeli escort Mama’s gone, you probably want to watch the pornos in your trunk even more than ever,” Belinda brushed past him to open the fridge, sticking her bare ass far out behind her. “You’re really eating cold cereal. Jeez. There’s eggs and sausage and juice,” Belinda said, taking the carton of juice and slugging it down, spilling some on her top. “I was thinking a lot last night,” she said, in a slow sultry voice. About how things are with us… and, well, maybe you could spend some time with me instead of both watching those dirty movies downstairs on our lonesome.”

Brendan froze as the tempting teenage body pressed those juicy tits against his back and reached her hands around his stomach. “I really don’t see the harm in it…” her hand snuck down, caressing outside of his boxers until it cupped loosely at his heavy balls. “Do you, Daddy?” His bratty stepdaughter was shaking her bare ass around the house literally tickling his balls.

“Girl,” Belinda’s Daddy said to her. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

“I do know,” she replied.

“I’ve got to go out with the road crew today, little girl. Keep that food in the fridge and keep you in clothes that you refuse to wear around my house.”

“I just want to make it so we’re not lonely together when…”

“I’ll be home around eight, and you either will wear something on your bottom when you stand before me, or I will spank it till it turns a color where it looks like you’re wearing something. Do you hear me?”

“Don’t be mad, Brendan.”

“Don’t call me–“

“Daddy? then. I’ll be good, Daddy. Do you want me to make dinner for you when you get home?”

“That’d be a change.”

At eight o’clock, the front door swung open forcefully and Brendan clomped loudly into the foyer. He seemed to want to give himself the element of surprise in case any teenage pillow-humpers were waiting in ambush. ‘Belinda!? You here?”

“I’m in the dining room, Daddy,” came Belinda’s answer.

“Oh, well,” Brendan came upon the table set with candles and Belinda in a spaghetti strap dress seated across from an empty chair and a place setting. “It’s just macaroni and fish sticks, Daddy, but I hope you like it.”

“It looks fine,” said Brendan. “You did a nice job, Belinda.” He pulled up his chair and sat down.

“I see you’re wearing clothes,” said her stepfather, clearing his throat.

“It’s one of Mama’s dresses, she left in one of the closets.”

“It looks very nice,” said Brendan. “Suits you.”

“I think my boobs are the same size as Mom’s.”

“Hmm,” said Brendan. “The macaroni is good.”

“I think my butt is a tad bigger though, it’s a lot rounder. I do squats with the cheer squad so.”

“That so?”

“When I used to spy on you and Mama she used to seem to always be underneath you, missionary style. I fancy myself a more on-top bouncing cowgirl… I mean, should I get the chance to try it more.”


“How was your day, Daddy? Was work hard.”

“Not particularly.”

“On the road crew did you and the fella break out the jackhammer at all?”

“Hmmm,” Brendan chewed his fish sticks.

“One girl I knew at school told me sometimes you guys even have to probe into manholes. Have you ever had your manhole probed Daddy?”

“Dear Lord, Belinda. We’re eating.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think Mama would do that. But I have a dirty mouth Daddy… I want to try lots of things.”

“Belinda, I told you, we can’t. This is…”

“It’s just… kocaeli escort bayan taking care of each other,” his daughter said. ‘I want you to go upstairs, to your bedroom, take off all your clothes, and I will come in and…”


“I have only been with one boy, and I want to taste… your cock, Daddy… I want your big manly meat…”

“Baby, hmmm…”

“Go upstairs, Brendan. Please. Put on some music, close your eyes, and lie down, naked, on your back. I’ll be up.”

“Uhnn… Oh… okay.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’ll be right there.”

Brendan mounted the stairs which creaked as he climbed, turning back to watch Belinda smiling softly while she cleared the plates off the table and blew out the candles. In his bedroom upstairs he unlaced and pushed off his heavy boots, then undid his leather belt and pushed down his dickies work pants. After a long day on the road, he rolled his pants off his muscled thighs like peeling off a protective outer armor. Standing in the mirror he undid his work shirt and threw his undershirt over his torso, now naked, and more flesh and blood, sensitive and present. He turned down the lights and turned on soft rhythmic music that made him feel warm. He did what his daughter told him to do, and lay down, on his back, on the king-size bed, facing up, staring at the ceiling, and then closing his eyes.

After several breaths, he heard Belinda creaking up the stairs. Barefoot, nervous, excited, he swore he could hear her soles coarse over the grains in the wooden stairs. The doorknob turned, and he fought to keep his eyes closed.

There was a footstep up onto the mattress. Followed by the other. Brendan felt Belinda walking up either side of his legs, over him until her feet were outside his hips and she stopped, quiet, Brendan’s cock plumping and twitching.

“Oh my goodness, Daddy, your cock is juicy and fat and it’s not hard yet. It is bigger and fatter than I expected.”

He didn’t open his eyes yet though he wanted to. He wondered if she was naked above him. Her feet bounced on the mattress till they were straddling his head. He heard a slickening sound that could only be her hand at her pussy. “Daddy, smell this,” Belinda said, and then gently placed her wet fingers onto his nose and dragged them down to his top lip before covering his face with a palm. “Do you smell how juicy and hot my pussy is? Mmm, do you love the smell Daddy? Do you want to put your tongue in it?”

Brendan’s eyes involuntarily blinked open and he started to answer yes, but Belinda slapped his face playfully when he did so. “Open your eyes now Daddy,” she told him.

When Brendan opened his eyes, he saw his estranged wife’s daughter’s pussy mound hovering a few inches from his face, swinging and swiveling back and forth. He knew her pussy was hot and moist from the eagerness with which she dangled it over the mouth she wanted on it. She allowed herself the restraint to tease him with the view of her young hips thrusting it in front of his view and he reached his hands up for those hips but Belinda smacked them back.

“Daddy if I am going to try to fit your big ol’ cock inside my little pussy, I need you to lick it good. Do you want to lick it good for me? Please?”

“Yes, baby. I want to lick it real good.”

“Tell me, ‘Daddy wants to lick you,'” Belinda commanded, thrusting her dripping pussy closer and closer to his salivating mouth.

“Daddy wants to lick your sweet hole baby girl,” begged Brendan, bucking his hips.

“I know you do, Daddy,” said Belinda izmit escort sweetly, rubbing her hand through his scraggly hair and pulling up his head to taste her juicy lips. She fed her cunt to him and it started flowing with creamy release as Brendan ate her. She moaned hard and threw her hand back and sat on his face. Her teen pussy was in ecstasy. Belinda wriggled and squealed and scooted her butt right up her Daddy’s chin to place his tongue right on her little rosebud. Daddy responded by slipping his tongue all over her crack and butthole. “Oh sweetheart, grind on my face!”

“I’m cumming Daddy!” She screamed and started bouncing on his face in a squirty mess. “Ahh! Oh my goodness! Yess!”

Brendan couldn’t stand it and grabbed Belinda by her hips and pulled her down his chest, her butt jiggling as it made a snail trail down his hairy chest, and he held her up over his stiff cock. He locked eyes with Belinda as his arms trembled, his last hesitation building to an irresistible need for her.

“Do it, Daddy!”

Brendan tossed her upwards a little then grabbed her ass firmly in his strong hands, then slammed her tight pussy down on his rock-hard cock. She was so tight but wet as a puddle and he dove his rod deep up into her with a splash. He moaned crazily and she screamed. She started cumming again with the first thrust and Daddy bounced her on his big dick, pulling her tight bubbly ass back as it jumped away in a fast rhythm. Fucking like that, bucking on her Daddy’s cock like crazy, Daddy knew he was going to explode, he just couldn’t stop knowing he was in his sweet daughter’s pussy, how tight and hot she was and she was watching him squirm beneath her, She didn’t want him to pull out, so she rode him harder and her hips sat fully on his shaft, sleeving his meat and grinding onto him she screamed in orgasm and pushed him down as he tried to throw her off. she grabbed him behind his back and humped him wildly, smacking her squishy cunt onto his shaft over and over until he erupted and grunted like a wild beast, pulsing with a monstrous gushing load of cumspray splurting all up inside her of her. Her little teen cunt felt his flow of seed and was flooded with juicy warmth and came again and kept grinding, screaming “Yes Daddy! Fuck that pussy!” And milking all the semen from his balls in the grip of her undulating love tunnel, “Yesss, baby girl.”

She slowly stopped rocking as his balls spent and stopped clenching and twitching. “Daddy, that was wonderful!” said Belinda, then pulled herself off his drained hose and dropping a gooey icing of cream all over him from inside her. “I’m so full of cum!”

Brendan was out of breath and satisfied like he hadn’t been in years, but he couldn’t help telling Belinda in a worried voice, “Umm, sweetheart, I tried to pull out! I swear!”

“I know it,” said Belinda. “I made sure you couldn’t! I wanted you to shoot your load in me! You couldn’t help it cause it was so good, huh Daddy? Did you like your baby girl’s pussy?”

“Belinda, sweetheart,” said Brendan. “Are you, uh, on the pill though?”

“What? What’s ‘the pill’ Daddy?”

Brendan started to freak but went silent when Belinda rubbed the oozing creampie all over herself and fingered some into her ass, coming to stand over Daddy’s face again. “Ooh Daddy, will you lick my butt again? That felt so good!”

“Belinda, you are insatiable!”

“I want your prick in my butt! That’s what I’ve been waiting for! C’mon Daddy get it up again I want it!”

Brendan was going to have trouble with Belinda, it seemed. More than ever!

“Let me suck you hard again… and taste my pussy juices! Please Daddy, and then we can do my fantasy of putting it in my butt! We’re gonna play all the time! Lick my butt Daddy!” Belinda laughed crazily. “You better do it! Kiss my ass Daddy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32