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To the gentle tapping at my apartment door, I called, “Come in,”

After the door had opened and shut again,

I asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s just me, John,” an attractive voice called. “You know me, Stephie. I met you at a party last week.”

“So, how did you find me? Come in and sit next to me here on the couch. Tell me what I can do for you.

“My God, you’re all wet. Take your coat and shoes off. I’ll get you some slippers.” After I got her coat and shoes off, she sat right next to me, shivering. I put my arms around her and held her tight. “I took a bus here and had to walk the rest of the way in the snow. I need help. Can you help me, John? I don’t know where to turn. And I’m so cold.”

“Well,” I said, “first thing is to get you warm. Sit here and I’ll fix a cup of tea for you. I’m also going to run a hot bath for you.”

After she had her tea, I had a tub full of hot water ready. I half carried her into the bathroom and said, “Are you OK to get undressed yourself and get in the tub?”

“I feel so weak, I’m sure I can’t do it. I’m still so cold, my fingers are so cold and stiff. I can’t undo anything.”

“I’ll help you then, if you don’t mind?”

“Yes please, John, your hands are so nice and warm. I’d like you to take my clothes off so I can get in that lovely hot water.”

I had to support her with one arm as I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. Then I undid the button and zipper on her skirt and helped her step out of it. I had to take her in my arms to hold her up as I reached around and unsnapped her bra and took it off. Next I slipped her panties down and off. I picked her up and put her down into the tub full of hot water.

“Not too hot is it?” I got a sponge and ran hot water over her back and chest. “You have a very attractive body, Stephie,” as I ran the sponge deliberately over her nipples. I’ll run some more hot water in. Turn it off before the water gets too hot.

“Oh, that feels so good, Johnnie.” she murmured. So I went back to her nipples again.

Then I went back into the living room to my picture magazine.

Soon I heard the water running out of the tub. I called, “Are you OK, Stephie?”

“Yes, I’m much better now, Johnnie. What a nice silk nightie. Is it for me to wear?”

“Yes, it’s about all I have for you. The rest of your things got wet. I hung them up for you.”

Soon she came out of the bedroom and sat beside me on the couch, looking very attractive in that silk nightie. “Oh, thank you, Johnnie, that bath was wonderful. I feel almost human again. Mind if I sit close to you. I still shiver thinking about how cold I was. Put your arms around me, please.”

“Is that any better?” I asked as I put one arm around her so I could rub the back of her neck, the other I rested on the nightie over her tummy, rubbing back and forth and up and down. Up to each breast in turn and down to her little honey pot.

“My trouble is Bob, my husband,” she said, starting to cry. “I’m so frustrated. When we get in bed at night, I get a little horny, so I ataşehir escort try massaging him a bit, hoping to arouse him a little. But he grunts and rolls over on his side away from me. Soon he’s snoring. What shall I do?”

She was still rubbing her hair with a towel.

“What are you reading Johnnie?” she said. Let me see.”

I let her look at the magazine on my lap. The page showed a nude couple with fellatio in progress. “Oh, that’s interesting. Is your’s that big, Johnnie? Turn the page, please.” There was cunnilingus in full throttle. “Wow, talk about getting horny,”she said.

“Put the magazine on the coffee table please.” I said.

She moved it and found the bulge in my pajamas. “Oh, Johnnie, look at what I found,” she said, reaching in the fly of my pajama bottoms, holding my half erect penis in her hand. “Why you naughty boy, you. Did it get hard because of the magazine or because of me?”

“You must know, it’s you. Having a gorgeous woman sitting next to me wearing the briefest of silk nighties, that thing is about to explode. I really like the nightie you’re wearing,” I said. “That’s my favorite, the way it wraps pleasantly around your lovely breasts.” I lifted up the edge of the nightie to find her cunt and explore it with my fingers.

“Caress my breasts for me, please. I’d love it if you’d pay special attention to my nipples, they are very sensitive, especially when covered with such lovely silk as this.

“Oh yes, Johnnie, that feels so good.”

“Are they sensitive to this, Stephy,” I said, lifting the nightie up and taking one of her gorgeous nipples between my lips, keeping my fingers immersed in her cunt while tickling her clit. As I gently sucked on that nipple, she moaned and wriggled around, never letting go of my now rigid erect penis.

She took my hand and placed it over her breast, replacing my lips. She then leaned over and deep kissed me, still holding my penis. Our tongues lapped each other. Then she leaned forward and took my rod in her mouth, sucking on it strongly, cupping my balls tenderly in both hands.

“You know, Stephie, it’s just about time to move into the bedroom,” I said standing up and taking her up in my arms. I laid her on the turned down bed and got in beside her.

“Lovely as it is, it’s time for the nightie to go,” I said, slipping the nightie up to her waist. She lifted up so I could remove it altogether. Meanwhile, she had undone the buttons on my pajama tops and unbuttoned the trousers. “Same for you, dear, let’s get those pajamas off you,” she said, stripping them off me. Both naked now, I took her in my arms. “What do you want to do now, Stephie? Cunnilingus and/or a plain fuck?”

“Come here to me, John, I want you to fuck me, hard, and missionary style, so I can keep on kissing you.” She spread her legs and welcomed me in. “Don’t forget to pay attention to my nipples if you can manage it.”

She had a tight cunt and it took a little time to work my penis in. First just the head, then gradually more and more until I was in as deep as I could go. kadıköy escort I plunged in and out harder and harder, with Stephy squealing under me. Finally, she yelled, “I’m cumming. Oh yes, I’m cumming, Johnnie dear.”

Now you,” she said, as she reached down and massaged my balls until finally I burst and flooded her cunt with my cum.

After that, we rested in each other’s arms for a while.

“How well do you know 69, Johnnie?”

“I know it well, but, I want a shower first. Come with me, we’ll shower together. We got up and had a shower together. It was fun and surprising to lather each other up, then hug and kiss under the stream of water. After, we dried each other, with occasional kisses in the right places.

“Now back to your question about 69. We got back on the bed, with me lying on my back. Turn around and get on top of me. Yes, that’s it. You can have my penis while I explore other places. Stephie got on top of me, taking my erect penis in her mouth again. She had her legs on each side of my head, leaving me access to her cunt with my tongue. There I stopped with my tongue just massaging her clitoris, poking it into her vagina, waiting for her to arrange herself for 69. I explored with my tongue the folds and crevices of her crease, savoring the lovely juices she produced. At the same time her tongue was exploring my penis and balls, paying particular attention to the tip of my engorged penis. “You’d better be careful, Stephie, the way you are going, and the way you are sucking, you are going to experience a flood soon.”

“No problem,” she muttered, “let’er rip.”

“Oh, Stephie, I am cumming for you.” Spasm after spasm rocked me as Stephie swallowed it all. At the same time she started convulsing with her own orgasm, her legs squeezing my head as she called out “Ohhhhh!”

She produced more fluid with her orgasm for me to lap up, while I kept my tongue engaged with her clitoris and vulva. After several more convulsions, that’s the last I remembered for a couple of hours.

When I woke up I found Stephie still draped over me.

“Oh, “she mumbled with my prick in her mouth, “it looks like you are ready to roll again, Johnnie. Shall we try 69 again? That was fun.”

“Well, what have we here,” I said, parting her butt cheeks. “Here’s a lovely cunt,” kissing it gently and licking into the crease some, not neglecting her clitoris. “And here’s an asshole,” as I licked that, too, working my tongue in and out of the little hole.

“Oh that felt so good, do it some more, please.” I put some jelly on my finger and worked it into her asshole, just a little bit at first, then more and more, pushing it in and out. “Oh, Johnnie, wonderful, more, please.”

So, while I kept my finger of one hand moving in and out of her asshole, I started in on her clitoris once again with my tongue, lapping up the juices as she produced them. The other hand caressed her tits, one after the other, giving each nipple a hard squeeze. Several shudders went through her body as she orgasmed several times. I still kept my finger bostancı escort bayan in and wriggled it back and forth deeper and deeper.

“I don’t suppose you have anything bigger to put in there, have you you?”

“Well, with all that going on, I happen to have something here that might do, and it’s certainly a lot bigger than my finger, and longer, too,” coating my erect penis with more of the jelly. I raised myself up and presented my penis to that lovely, now well lubricated hole, and started my prick on its inward path.

“Oh, that does hurt a bit, but it will feel lovely when you get it all the way in. Go on,” she said.

I was on top of her bare back, reaching around for a breast in each hand, pinching the nipples gently. “Oh, Stephy, you’re sucking the life out of me, I’m going to cum again.”

“Oh, yes, please, Johnnie, come to me.” And I did!

Exhausted, we lay in the bed and slept for several hours in each other’s arms.

When I woke, I found Stephie kissing me, then running her tongue down my chest, stomach, penis and balls. My penis looked like a flagpole as she licked all around it. “Hope I didn’t wake you too soon when I washed you off with a warm washcloth. Now I’m washing you some more with my tongue. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Have I had my heart attack yet? Wow, no wonder Bob grunts and rolls over. You are indefagable. Come here.” She likes it doggy style so she presented her naked rear to me once again. I behaved like a dog and got behind her and over her back with my very erect penis poised to enter.

“Oh, John, fuck me again, hard!”

“No hurry, Stephir, let me massage those beautiful tits of yours again. Yes, I’ll pay particular attention to your nipples,” I said, pinching each of them in turn as I reached around her body letting my stiff penis penetrate.

After a while, “I know, turn over and let me suck on each of your tits.” I moved her into position so I could take each one in turn. I tried to take in a whole breast, but they were too darned big for me.

“Come, sit on my prick, darling, and rock up and down just as it pleases you.”

I had hung up Stephie’s clothing. She wanted me to help her get dressed. So I picked up her panties and put them on her while she lay on the bed, giving her clitoris an extra rub with my fingers and slipping my middle finger in both cunt and asshole to say ‘goodbye’. Then I pulled her to a sitting position and put her bra on, making sure from behind her with my fingers that her nipples were correctly positioned in the center of the bra. I still hadn’t put any clothes on, so when I turned her around to continue the adjustment, she had my penis in her mouth again, sucking hungrily. It did actually take a long time to get them exactly positioned. That didn’t stop the sucking, so I let it go on, until finally I called “Here we go, Stephie. Are you ready again?”

“Oh yes, Johnnie, come to me” she said as she took it out of her mouth and continued rubbing it with both hands, with her open mouth all ready for everything I had. We made it without spilling a drop!

When we came down to earth again, she carefully licked everything she could reach. I put her blouse on her and buttoned it up, and finally her skirt.

“May I visit again, please Johnnie? Then I won’t need to bother Bob so much, will I?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32