Stepsister Succubus Ch. 03

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Step Sister Succubus 3

Marc had never been more terrified to have a girl holding his erection. There was a lump in his throat, the hair on the back of his neck was standing on end, his skin was covered in nervous goosebumps, and it felt like he was sweating bullets without a hint of perspiration.

Sophia gave him an exasperated look.

“If you hold still, this will be done sooner,” she chastised. “And please, you said you trusted me, so please, relax will you?”

The buzz of the hair trimmers sounded like a droning doom to Marc as Sophia deftly manoeuvred the clippers over his scrotum. He’d agreed to let her trim his pubic hair, on the grounds that she would be able to do even freakier, more pleasurable things with it gone. Now he was having second thoughts, though she hadn’t nicked him yet.

“Can’t you use magic or something?” he mumbled, cock twitching in her hand, invigorated by some initial pleasing touches, and kept hard with a bit of her magic, because Marc was certain it was twitching in fear and wouldn’t be erect without Sophia’s little ‘cheats’. But it made her job easier, according to her.

“No, not really,” she answered as she carefully drew the blades up the backside of his erection. “I’m not that powerful, changing the bodies of others is way harder than changing my own.”

“But it’s just hair.”

“Yeah, it’s just hair, but right now trimmers and wax are better options than my powers. So just quit squirming, I’m almost done.”

He winced at the mention of wax, the few strips she’d used on him thus far more than a little painful, though her powers helped with the discomfort.

But, even in his panic, Marc could see the fruits of her efforts, his pubic hair slowly trimmed away to reveal bare skin, the wax strips she’d initially applied effective in removing the stubble, though she couldn’t be too swift.

She produced some scissors, and removed a few niggling roots of hair along his testicles. She applied a few more wax strips, making him grunt in pain, doing his best not to scream out like a bitch.

Eventually, however, she put her instruments of torture away, lathered a cream into her hand, and gave him a few tantalising, twisting strokes around his shaft, and fondled his balls, lathering the stuff into his member and jewels. All the discomfort faded instantly, and he let out a few stimulated pants, before Sophia released his genitals, only to rinse his length down with a cup of water, splashing out into the bowel she’d placed beneath his crotch whilst he sat leaning backwards on a small block stool, collecting hair and whatever else.

His member stood glistening and clean, and utterly smooth. It honestly looked great to him, it looked bigger, it looked cleaner.

“Whoa… that does look good,” he admitted as he admired his own dick.

Sophia leaned back, smirking confidently.

“I told you you could trust me~” she asserted smugly. “And now look at you… looking rather studly there, bro~”

He rolled his eyes.

“You’re never gonna stop that, are you?”

“I thought you’d have figured that out by now~” she answered teasingly, eyes wandering over his boner, before glancing up at him. “You know… it’d be a waste to let you go soft~”

Marc couldn’t help a thin smile as she made the suggestion, his cock bobbing eagerly.

“What have you got in mind?”

“Well, given what I got your groin all naked for, I think I should offer a… demonstration~”

She dropped to all fours and pushed the bowl aside, gently spreading Marc’s legs wider so she could get her head close to his junk

“We’ll make this quick, we have to do some shopping today for mum and dad.”

“Yeah, yeah, I haven’t forgotten. But how quick this is relies solely on you, Sophia,” he remarked with a small smirk.

Her grin turned devious and dangerous, putting some nerves back into Marc.

“Oh, it’ll be quick~” she said… and then opened her mouth to let her tongue snake out, much further than any human tongue could ever dream off. Inches unfurled past her lips, bending in the air like a tentacle as it made for his member, the tip of her tongue first grazing along his balls, slowly wrapping up his sack and giving the orbs within a gentle squeeze.

The muscle coiled around further, slithering around his root and slowly up his shaft.

“Holy shit,” Marc exclaimed, finding no other words to express his feelings at the sight… and the sensation, a little gasp leaving him as inches of wet, slippy tongue slid against his cock and balls with a spiralling, gliding sensation.

Her lips were tugged into a devious smile, and with a small, open-mouthed laugh, she began to work away once the tip of her tongue was grazing along his glans, slipping up the sloped side to press to the opening. She started stroking his cock with her muscle, contracting and widening the gaps between the coils of her tongue, slicking his shaft with her saliva. He could even hear it, a lewd sound of quiet squelching and subtle squishing.

The tip bursa escort of her tongue rubbed at his glans, gathering up every drop of precum that oozed from his tip before it even had a chance to roll down his member.

All the while, his balls were massaged and gently tossed about in their sack by the inches of tongue that wound around it.

The motions only grew more erratic as well, slippery flesh twisting and rubbing every which way, but not once did she bring her lips to his shaft, or his balls. They remained well away from him, twisted into a haughty smirk, Sophia knowing full well she’d won.

Not that Marc minded much, though he was still blown away by the genuinely freaky nature of what she was doing.

Her tongue had extended to a length rivalling some actual snakes, with dexterity akin to tentacles. And she was stroking him off with it.

No wonder he could already feel himself nearing a climax, his hands pressing hard into the tiled floor of the bathroom.

“Fuck, I’m gonna…” he warned as more precum dribbled from his tip, swiftly lapped up by her relentlessly stroking tongue.

She giggled softly, confident in her skills and eager to see him blow his load… and when Marc saw the length of her tongue start to faintly glow, and when he felt a familiar tugging sensation in his junk and his core, and the euphoric pleasure that followed it, he knew it was definitely, going to be quick. Groans escaped him, then husky pants as her tongue moved faster, twisting, stroking, bunching together or spreading its coils apart, it did every erratic technique Sophia could manage with it coiled as it was… and it was more than enough for Marc, moaning a little harshly as she wrung his seed from his dick, white ropes of cum spattering down onto the muscle and the floor below. None of it landed on her face, even with how high the spurts went thanks to the utterly alien stimulation, and the ever so light energy drain, Marc watching as the current of the glow, swirling faintly around her tongue, ebbed into her mouth, before it faded when she released his cock, the last wisp of energy trailing behind the tip of her tongue as it was recoiled into her mouth. As if resetting her jaw and tongue, she smacked her lips and gave them a salacious lick, before smirking at him.

“I told you it’d be quick~” she quipped.

Marc huffed softly as he recovered from that orgasm; it wasn’t the most potent she’d driven him to, but that… ‘tonguejob’? It was something else.

“Guess you were… that was worth you putting blades to my dick,” he admitted.

“Of course it was~ Now, get ready, we’ve got some shopping to do,” she told him, rising to her feet as she grabbed a nearby sponge and tossed it onto the ground, moving it with her foot and wiping up Marc’s cum.

He got to his own feet and found his pants, putting them back on and pushing the block he’d just been sitting on aside. Sophia picked the sponge up and placed it in the sink, and ran warm water through it… and some magic to draw out his cum, feeding on the essence still contained within.

His mind was still processing the situation, in a way, the surreal fact of having been made to cum with a prehensile tentacle-like tongue, and now both of them casually cleaning themselves up since they needed to do some shopping.

He felt like he should’ve been far more bewildered about it than he was… but the surreality was tempered with the mundane.

He got dressed and followed Sophia out of the bathroom, his crotch feeling a little strange, especially now that it no longer had hair.

“C’mon, we’ll call a cab,” she said.

“Yeah, right,” he answered, though for as normal as that exchange was, he couldn’t help stare at her ass, imagining it without the short, tight knee-length jeans she was currently wearing, that curvaceous posterior on full display.

He had to quell the memories lest his cock stir again, an inconvenience when going out in public.

They gathered their things – wallets and shopping bags – and rang the taxi.

Marc belatedly realised this was the first time they’d done anything normal since they first met, at least together. And without that air of discomfort and distance between them.

Though things weren’t exactly normal either way.

The taxi ride was short and brief, and they began making their way along the main pedestrian path along the CBD of the suburb. It was a weekend noon, so it was rather busy. People were out and about, buying things, eating at the cafes, walking their dogs.

A pretty ordinary Saturday. Marc almost forgot he was walking with a succubus, but that was never too far from his mind, especially with the looks she drew, in her tight jeans and her soft pink top, which did not cover her midriff. It was casual fashion, not unlike what a lot of other girls wore, but she could flaunt it without even trying. Even female eyes were drawn to her, and Marc thought he spied a few grumpy looks at distracted boyfriends.

It made him feel kinda self-conscious bursa escort bayan in a way, no doubt earning a bit of envy.

But, the looks were quick and hardly mesmerised. A few words were exchanged, but no more than the typical bombshell that happened to be walking the streets. Most returned their attention back to their own things. Marc turned his attention to their job, so as to not get distracted himself.

“Why did we come here? Why not stop at the supermarket?” he asked.

“Mum asked me to get a few things from the local boutique. And I figured we could stop by for a coffee before we get the shopping done,” she explained, before casting him a small smile.

He did his best to stop himself being flustered. Not in public, he couldn’t allow that.

“We’re not dating, you know,” he murmured.

“Can’t a brother and sister hang out? Besides, I like my cafe coffees.”

“I suppose that’s fair, but what would your mum need at a boutique anyways? She seems to have that sorted pretty well.”

“Oh Marc, a lady doesn’t have to reveal all her secrets now,” she teased with a small laugh. “C’mon, we’ll get this quick so you don’t have to suffer the girl stuff for too long.”

“I’m not that self conscious.”

Still, when he saw where they were going, he did feel like he was going to be a bit awkward; he couldn’t readily make out the name, the signage was in fancy cursive text, and he didn’t bother with the effort to figure it out, but the place had a full-frontal glass facade with mannequins in the front with the latest in upmarket women’s fashion.

Was it the most upmarket place ever? No, but pricey enough and it definitely presented itself like it was a place where the who’s who went, at least locally.

He was a guy in long navy pants and a beige T-Shirt.

He followed Sophia inside, his stepsister strutting in with enough confidence he could’ve believed she was the manager. The girl behind the counter certainly knew her.

“Sophia, hi! Glad to see you again,” she greeted enthusiastically. She was probably no older than Sophia was, but she had a more ‘formal’ look to her. Similar clothes, but darker colours with less exposed skin, a nametag that read ‘Chaney’ and blonde hair done up in a ponytail. She looked cheerful, ready to help any customer, expected of someone at the desk. There weren’t many other employees around, Marc only saw another similarly dressed woman, older, helping out a middle-aged lady looking at fancy handbags.

“Good to see you Chaney. Do you have any bottles of Night’s Essence in stock?”

‘Night’s Essence’? It sounded like some potion from a video game.

“Yeah, we just got a new lot in last week,” Chaney replied. “Usual amount?”

“One extra this time,” Sophia said. “Oh, and that French rose oil, if you have any.”

“I think we have some left, let me check.”

Chaney left the desk and meandered off to look for the products. Sophia hummed softly to herself whilst she waited. Marc found it hard to ignore, it was a sweet, beautiful tune for something so casual.

Chaney came back with several cardboard boxes, packaged neatly and emblazoned with fancy labels, though it was cardboard nonetheless.

“Here you go,” she said with a smile. “And we’ll just send the invoice to your mother, yeah?”

“Sounds good to me,” Sophia agreed. “Thank you again, Chaney.”

“It’s always our pleasure to work with you and Maria.” Chaney then glanced at Marc, and then back to Sophia. “I’m guessing this is Marc, your stepbrother?”

“Yes it is,” Sophia confirmed.

“You talk to people about me?” he interjected.

“It’s not every day I get a step brother you know. There’s a thing called socialising, Marc, where people talk about interesting things that have happened to them,” Sophia quipped.

He went to retort, but held back his words; she did have a point.

“Well, it’s good to see you two getting along,” Chaney said. “Have a good day, you two.”

With that, Chaney turned and let out a friendly ‘Hi!’ when she saw the next customer walk in, and that signalled the end of that interaction.

“Come on, lets go grab that coffee,” Sophia said, leaving the store, Marc in tow. “She’s cute, don’t you agree?”

“I mean, I guess so,” Marc conceded.

“You know, I could try and arrange something between you two, I think it’d be fun~”

“What, are you a matchmaker now?”

“Sometimes,” she said with a smirk. “Among the many beliefs about us, we’re seen as homewreckers… not entirely unfounded in times past, but these days, we’d rather ‘spread the love’ so to speak.”

“Are you sure you should be talking about this kinda stuff in public?” Marc asked with a slightly lowered voice.

“Don’t worry too much, most people don’t pay attention in a crowd. But you’re right, I’ll probably explain some of the more explicit stuff in private.”

They found a cafe and ordered cappuccinos, and whilst waiting, Marc leaned in close.

“Were you serious before? About setting me up with that escort bursa girl, Chaney?”

She gave him a look, wry and devious.

“Do you want me to~?” she inquired teasingly.

Marc leaned back with a bewildered expression.

“You actually think I’d be okay with a one-night-stand or something arranged by my stepsister?” he retorted quietly.

“Why not~? It’d be fun… maybe I could even join in~”

“You’re crazy.”

She shrugged with a small chuckle.

“It’s your choice, bro. Offer’s always on the table~”

He let out an exasperated sound and shook his head. The server came to their table with their coffees, and once they’d left, Marc sighed out and tried to move the topic away from the idea of arranged threesomes.

Admittedly tempting, but it was already crazy enough he was fucking his stepsister, who happened to be a demonic nympho from hell.

He shook his head again.

“Let’s not talk about sex in public, okay?”

“No problem with that,” she agreed. “Though we don’t have much else to talk about. Maybe you can tell me something interesting~”

She leaned in, elbows placed on the table, fingers laced together with her chin resting on them.

“I really don’t have anything interesting to talk about,” he mumbled. “My life isn’t exactly interesting.”

“You don’t have any plans?”

He paused for a moment.

“Well, not much, other than uni at some point. Not sure what I’d do, maybe something to do with the sciences? I had some good grades in high school.”

“Literature,” she interjected.


“I’d go into literature,” she clarified. “Mum’s a secretary, but she pretty much runs the company at this point. As for me, I was always good with books. I figure I could do something involved with that come time.”

Sophia didn’t strike Marc as the ‘booky’ time, but looks are often deceiving, as he knew very well by this point.

“Maybe you could be a historian of literature,” he suggested. “I’m sure you could make a living that way.”

She could also make a living off her charm and wiles. She seemed to do so already, but maybe they liked having a side to their lives that wasn’t just sex… much as they seemed too enamoured with that to care.

“Maybe. But that’s in the future, and I don’t usually think too long on the future. Just enough for some plans. I prefer to focus on the now.”

“Yeah, I kinda picked up on that,” he said, taking a sip of his cappuccino.

“Did you now~?” she mused. In the next moment, he felt her foot brushing against his thigh slowly and sensually below the table. He almost choked on his drink with a sputter, trying not to spill it, before shooting her a severe look.

“Not here,” he grumbled lowly.

She giggled softly and her foot retreated.

“Ah, Marc, you need to take things easy.”

“Easy?” he retorted.

He had a remark ready to go, but he was interrupted when a guy walked up to their table. He was in blue jeans with white joggers, a grey singlet loosely over his torso, and he had a silver chain around his neck.

Messy brown hair, blue eyes and an expression full of swagger. Conventionally attractive, but looking kinda like a tool. He had his attention on Sophia and was hardly giving Marc any thought, nothing more than a quick glance before turning a smile towards Sophia, an attempt to be charming.

“Heya,” he greeted, standing at a slight lean, shoulders hunched and hands in his pockets. ‘Cool guy’ stuff.

It didn’t give Marc much expectations for anything good. But if Sophia was into him, then so be it. She’d outlined their relationship from the start and he’d accepted that. A bit easier to swallow when this guy might have been no more than a meal for Sophia. Literally.

Unexpected to Marc though, Sophia returned the smile with only a thin one of her own, seemingly uninterested from the get go, but staying polite.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Just thought you’d like a coffee, on the house,” he said.

Marc did wonder why this guy assumed he wasn’t Sophia’s boyfriend or something, he seemed pretty confident coming over here.

“I already have a drink, thanks,” Sophia said. Polite but cool, she wasn’t trying to entertain any notions with this guy. “Just trying to have a quiet conversation with my step bro.”

“Step bro?” the guy echoed, Marc hearing the sense of eagerness in the guy’s voice. Maybe he was just drawn by how hot Sophia was and wasn’t expecting much luck, but now that he knew Marc wasn’t a boyfriend, perhaps he was about to take his shot. “I didn’t know you had a step brother, Sophia.”

“You know her name?” Marc interjected. The guy turned to look at Marc with disguised disdain. Mild, but disdain all the same.

“Everyone knows her around here, dude. You’d think you’d know that,” the guy said like Marc was an idiot.

Marc knew he shouldn’t have gotten provoked, but he wasn’t enjoying being treated like an idiot, already lining up a rebuttal.

However, it was Sophia who responded first.

“He moved here only a few weeks ago, he’s still not that familiar with the place,” she said, her voice a bit less cool than before. “I wouldn’t hold it against you for not knowing everything about a place you’d only lived near after about a month.”

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