Stormy Delight

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Storm clouds gathered as I made my way home. It had been a long day at work and the end of month always meant late night finishes. I had hoped to be home earlier, as my daughter was having some girlfriends stay over that night. It was someone’s twenty-third birthday celebration.

When I arrived home everyone was sitting around the lounge, drinking and chatting.

“Hi Dad,” my daughter said. “You remember Rachel, Samantha,” and so it went until she had introduced all the girls.

“Hi Jane, hi girls,” I replied. “Have you had dinner?”

“Hi Mr. G,” they chorused. “We ate at the Red Lion,” my daughter added. “What about you?” she asked.

“I’ve eaten thanks.” I replied, and then asked, “Anyone want another drink?”

There was a sudden flurry of orders and one of the girls called, “I’ll help you there, Mr. G”.

“Thanks Samantha.” I replied, noticing the tall blonde moving toward me.

In the kitchen we quickly filled the orders and hurriedly dispersed them among the group. “I’ll leave you girls to it.” I said as I headed toward the small study.

“Oh Dad,” my daughter called after me. “You will have to sleep in the lounge tonight, as we’ve taken over your room. I’ve got a camp mattress here for you,” she added.

“That’s okay,” I replied, before entering the study and opening my laptop.

The girls continued to chat and drink, while I sat at the computer checking my emails.

“Would you like a drink, Mr. G?” one of the girls asked, startling me slightly.

Looking up, I saw Samantha standing in the doorway. “Oh yes, a nightcap would be great, thank you,” I replied.

“Will you join me in a scotch on the rocks?” She said, with a giggle.

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, flippantly, as I hit the send button, dispatching another e-mail into cyber space.

Samantha and I had another drink before she and the others went to bed. I continued at the computer.

A flash of lightning drew my attention and the following clap of thunder told me that the summer storm was nearby. I turned off the computer and checked to make sure all doors and windows were locked, before heading to the lounge.

I made up the camp mattress that was on the lounge floor then stripped to my underwear. As the night was very warm, I settled down on top of the bed clothes. The television remote was nearby so I changed channels to watch the late news.

The news was nearly finished, when a bright flash of lightning and a sudden loud clap of thunder frightened the hell out of me.

“Shit, that was close,” I said aloud to myself, as the television went blank. I settled back, and through opened curtains I watched the electrical light show that the summer storm performed. The occasional crack of thunder made me jump.

Suddenly a figure appeared before me. A flash of lightning silhouetted her body beneath her thin summer nightie and I noticed the pert upturn of her breasts.

“Are you awake, Mr. G?” She asked, softly.

Recognizing her voice, I replied. “Yes, Samantha,” and another longer flash of lightning once more silhouetted her body form. I noticed her nakedness beneath her nightie.

“I’m scar…. She began, but another clap of thunder drowned out what she was saying. Squealing, she dropped to the mattress and lay huddled into me.

Her body trembled, as she laid her length halfway across me. A breast pushed hard into my chest, and her nipple burned into my skin. Instinctively I placed my arm around her and held her tight. At the next clap of thunder she moved her leg over mine and clung to me.

“I’m so scared of thunder, Mr. G.” She whispered, with a tremble in her voice.

“That’s ok,” I replied, trying to swallow the lump in my throat and control my body reactions. It had been nearly four years since I had felt the press of a woman’s body beside me.

Lightning lit up the room, highlighting the trimness of her waist and the rise of her buttocks and when the thunder erupted, she pushed her hips tight into me, the furls of her pubic hair embedding into my thigh. My loins tightened and my penis began to grow.

“It’s real comforting to be held by a man when it’s storming,” Samantha cooed, as she snuggled closer taksim escort to me.

“I’m glad it is,” I replied awkwardly, not really knowing what to say. I felt slightly awkward as my throbbing penis became rock hard.

Suddenly Samantha pressed her lips to mine and in an instant she was sat straddling my body.

A voice in my head screamed, “No! I’m twice her age, this isn’t right”, but the heat and throb of my penis told me to enjoy the pleasures.

Samantha lifted her lips from mine and swiftly removed her nightie. Pushing her body forward onto my chin, she said, “Oh Mr. G, please let me experience a real man. Show me worldly pleasures.” She whispered softly, while reaching back to release my bulging penis from its confines. The coolness of her hands burned into my hard manhood, while my tongue gently caressed the soft, moist folds of her body.

The voices in my head once more began to scream “stop, this is not right,” but as I gently flicked her clitoris, Samantha’s moans of delight quickly drowned them out.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared while I took Samantha to the brink. I thought I would suffocate as she clasped my head in her hands and pushed tightly into me. Meanwhile my rock hard penis pulsed and danced wildly around in mid air, “OH! Mr. G, Samantha,” growled deeply from within, as she pushed hard into me and came, her moistness flooding over my face.

Samantha released my head and sliding down my body, she bent and kissed me. With her buttocks raised, my probing member quickly found her moist cavern. I raised my hips and pushed forward, sinking deeply into her. Her sudden moan of delight momentarily made me think of the others in the house, but as she wrapped her warm moistness around me, the thought quickly disappeared.

She began to move slowly back and forth along my shaft and for an instant I thought I would eject prematurely. It had been a long time since my shaft had been inside a woman. I took a deep breath and the moment quickly passed.

Wildly she rode up and down and before long our passions exploded simultaneously. Samantha pushed hard onto my pulsating member, as my semen gushed into her.

We both lay gasping for air as she lay atop of me, my slowly deflating penis buried inside her.

“Oh Samantha we should not ….” I began, but she cut off my words with a long sensuous kiss.

“Oh, Mr. G, that was a wonderful experience,” she said, cuddling into me.

I held her tight, and conjoined, we fell asleep, while the summer storm abated.

The next morning I awoke, startled by voices in the kitchen. Guiltily I reached out and found that Samantha was not there. With a sigh of relief, I sank into the pillow.

“Come on Dad, You have to cook the bacon and eggs on the Barbie,” My daughter called. “Everything is out there, so you can’t lie around all day,” she added cheekily.

I pulled on my trousers and headed for the bathroom. I was apprehensive as to how Samantha would react this morning. Four of five girls were milling in the kitchen and as I passed they chorused, “I hope the storm didn’t disturb you, Mr. G”

“No, I’m a big boy,” I replied, jokingly.

I quickly washed up and headed out to the patio. I recalled that I had not seen Samantha in the kitchen.

Soon the smell of bacon, eggs and sausages cooking filled the air and this drew the girls outside. I noticed that Samantha was among them as each held out a plate I asked what they wanted.

“Only one egg and one sausage,” my daughter said.

“I’ll have the same,” someone else called.

This is how it went along the line and when Samantha stood beside me I nervously asked, “What would you like Samantha?”

“Oh, I want one of everything, Thank you Mr. G” she replied, teasingly.

“Yeah, that would be right Samantha,” the girl beside her said, laughing.

I began to sweat when the girl quickly added, “How do you get away with eating what you like without getting fat, Samantha.”

Samantha laughed loudly, and I relaxed.

After breakfast I washed and tidied away. While the girls moved in and out of the shower, the others played loud music, topkapı escort but I didn’t complain.

My daughter and her friends came into the kitchen as I was finishing. “We are going downtown, Dad, and then the girls are going home from there,” my daughter said.

“Thanks for a great night Mr. G, the girls chorused as they departed.

I heard the close of the door and headed for the shower. Standing under the hot steamy water, I wondered if I had imagined the night.

Samantha worked at the news agency and over the following weeks I regularly saw her when I purchased my paper and Lotto tickets. She always greeted me happily and gave me a big smile. Although we had opportunities to talk, she never mentioned that night and I began to strongly wonder if it had been nothing more than a dream.

Later, we had another terrific summer storm. Extremely heavy rains fell but I ventured out shopping. I dropped in to buy my paper and check the Lotto. Samantha was there, alone. “Do you think this rain is ever going to stop, Mr. G.?” She asked.

“I heard it might be around for a day or two,” I replied, handing her my Lotto ticket.

“Oh, that’s no good, I hope it doesn’t begin to flood,” she replied, as she checked my ticket.

The machine made some funny noises and Samantha called out “Gee you have a winner here, Mr. G,” She handed me my small winnings and gripped my hand tightly, “I wish you were there to comfort me during last night’s storm, Mr. G.” she whispered.

“OH!” I replied in surprise and turning to leave, I felt a hot blush cover my face.

“Have a good weekend Mr G.” Samantha called after me.

Later that afternoon, I sat at the computer catching up on e-mails. The ringing phone interrupted me and I was a little annoyed but reached to answer it.

“Hello, Mr. G. It’s Samantha, is Jane there?” she asked.

“Sorry Samantha, she is out,” I answered.

“Oh, I’ve got a problem.” She said.

“What’s that, I asked,” hesitantly.

I’m cut off by floodwaters and can’t reach my home and I was wondering if I could stay over with Jane tonight.

“I don’t see that being a problem Samantha. You’re welcome to stay with Jane. You can join us for dinner if you like.” I said.

“Oh, Mr. G, You’re a life saver, thank you.” She said, relief showing in her voice, as she hung up.

I returned to my computer and a short time later, I was again interrupted by the ping, ping, ping, of the oven timer. I checked on dinner and closed the oven door. The phone rang and picking up I heard my daughter say, “Hello Dad, its Jane.”

“Hi Jane, Is everything alright?” I asked.

“Yes, but I’m afraid I can’t get home tonight. The bridge at Johnson’s crossing is flooded and they’ve closed the road. I am staying with Thelma and Louise tonight.”

“Oh,” I said, hesitantly.

“I’m sorry dad, have you cooked dinner,” She asked.

“Well, yes,” I said, “but I’ve had a call from Samantha and she can’t get home because of the floods. I said she could stay with you tonight.”

“Well there you are Dad, Samantha can keep you company for dinner. If Samantha needs a change of clothes, she can borrow some of mine.” She said, hanging up the phone.

A knock at the door drew my attention. Hesitantly I opened the door and Samantha stood there holding a small bag and two bottles of wine. “I thought if you were shouting dinner, the least I could do was shout the wine, Mr. G.” Samantha said, entering.

“Thank you Samantha, I hope you like lasagna,” I said, taking the wine from her.

“Excellent choice,” she said, and then asked, “Where is Jane?”

“She just called and said she has to stay with Thelma and Louise because the bridge over Johnson’s creek is flooded.” “If you’d prefer not to stay here under the circumstances, I’ll understand.” I added.

“If it’s alright with you, I’m comfortable here,” She said. “I’ll just put my gear in Jane’s room, if that’s ok.” She said, as she headed down the hall.

“I’ll start to serve dinner then,” I said nervously.

After dinner, Samantha helped with the dishes, and then we sat chatting while we finished the wine. tüyap escort The rain continued and at times it was difficult to hear one another. I made certain that our previous escapade didn’t enter the conversation, I was somewhat apprehensive about us being alone together.

“I should be off to bed Mr. G, I have to work tomorrow.” Samantha said, standing.

“What time do you start?” I asked, “I’ll set the alarm.” I told her.

“I’m not on till ten, Mr. G, so you can sleep in.” She said with a laugh.

I had difficulty sleeping. My mind was filled with thoughts of our last encounter, and knowing Samantha was sleeping close by added to my anxiety. Although my loins ached, I doubted anything would happen, and as the rain eased I dosed in and out of sleep.

The distant echo of thunder awoke me and I felt Samantha slide under the bedclothes beside me, her nakedness electrified me.

Before I could protest, Samantha kissed me passionately and I succumbed to my body’s reaction. My penis instantly hardened. I gently fondled her breast, squeezing her nipple and my engorged and throbbing member burst from my underwear. Samantha moaned softly, as she eased herself under my body.

“Oh, Yes.” She moaned, when I freed myself from my strangling underwear and lay between her legs, our pelvic bones gently gnashing together.

I softly nibbled her left nipple, while my burning penis anxiously sought solace inside her. Instantly her moist cavern accepted me and she sucked in sharply, as I sank into her.

With the knowledge of being alone, our lovemaking was torrid and noisy, Samantha’s moans of pleasure echoed throughout the tiny room. I gently nibbled at her nipples and my throbbing manhood plunged deep with in her. Shamelessly we explored each other with wanton lust. Samantha had re-kindled my youthful energies and it seemed my penis would stay rock hard forever. I rhythmically rotated my hips and Samantha moved wildly to match me.

Samantha moaned in delight, as I sank deeply into her then slowly eased myself out and rested my pulsing knob at her moist entry. “Oh! Oh!” She called softly, raising her hips, enticing me to re-enter. Instinctively I obliged and guttural sounds of pleasure escaped her lips, as once more I buried deep inside her and our heated bodies once more become one.

Our senses reached fever pitch and as our bodies’ convulsed, wild animal noises escaped my lips, my semen exploding from me. Screaming wildly, Samantha clasped my buttocks and held me tight into her and she came. We climaxed noisily together before collapsing.

Exhausted, we both gulped in air, laying close together, slowly recovering, I wondered if the neighbors had heard our commotion.

“Wow,” Samantha said between gasps, “That was the most exhilarating experience,” she whispered, hoarsely.

“Yes,” I managed to stammer. I held her close and kissed her.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The morning sun stirred me awake and I reached for Samantha. Alarmed that she was not beside me, I began to clamber from the bed when she appeared in the doorway. Unashamed of her nakedness, she leaned against the doorway, her tanned body glistened in the suns rays and her blonde hair haloed her petite looks. ‘Angel’ was the first thought that sprung to mind as I admired her.

“Come on sleepy head,” she called, “time for a quick shower while the coffee brews.” She said with a laugh.

“Last one in is a rotten egg.” I said jokingly, as I lept from the bed and she scampered into the bathroom.

I followed Samantha into the shower and we stood under the teaming water lathering each other. I ran my soapy hands over her firm, well shaped breast and as she reached down and began to lather my flaccid penis. It suddenly sprung to life.

“Hmmmm,” She moaned. “I think the coffee can wait,” She said, as she wrapped her leg around me and I lifted her up and lowered her slowly onto my erection, her body fitting me like a glove. Water cascaded over us, as we once more explored each other.

Samantha left for work and later that afternoon, my daughter rang and after telling me of her ordeal, I told her that Samantha had borrowed a shirt of hers.

“That’s alright dad,” she said, “I can get it back when she comes home from Uni.”

“When is she going to Uni?” I asked.

“Oh, didn’t she tell you, she leaves tonight for University. She is going to study for a degree in meteorology.” She said, hanging up.

Stunned, I replaced the receiver and was not sure if I felt relief or remorse.

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