Study Session

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As a college student, Courtney found it hard to study for her nursing state boards due to all the noise around her. It seemed no matter where she went, noise followed her. Dorms were out due to the many late night parties, court yard was out due to everyone playing around, and the coffee house on campus was the hang out, couldn’t study there either. After almost giving up, she recalled a certain professor offering his home off campus for students to study. He explained it was quiet and he could retreat to his office if they wanted to study alone or he could help if needed. Courtney never considered the offer since it seemed unprofessional. Actually, that’s a lie. She never considered going because she was very attracted to her teacher but would never act upon it. Plus, how would he help? He knew very little of her major. Well, he could always retreat to his office as he said and she could finally study in peace. Courtney looked online for the campus directory for his number and texted him.

“Hey, This is Courtney, I was wondering if I could take you up on your offer to allow students to study at your home. I have been trying to study but campus is distracting. Could I visit tonight and study for a few hours?”

There, she texted him. The worst he could say is no and she would be back at square one. Her phone vibrated and lit up. He replied to her already.

“Hello, Courtney. Yes, you can use my home to study. There is a key taped under the mat in front of the door. I won’t be home until late, but you are more than welcome to study for as long as you like.”

Courtney smiled and sighed in relief. She could finally sit down and study for a few hours.


At 5pm, classes had finished for the day, Courtney made her way to her professors house. As promised there was a key under the floor mat, she removed it and let herself into his house.

She placed her stuff on his dining room table which sat 6 and was open to the living room where she found a small suede couch facing a large television with many gaming systems hooked to it. Courtney decided to spread her stuff out on the dining table and began to study.

She studied for a few hours before moving to the couch for comfort. She sat cross legged and placing her book in her lap to hold down her skirt which began to ride up. She didn’t want her professor showing up and finding her exposed. Her mind drifted a little to what would happen if he did come home and she was slightly exposed, wondering what he would do. Would he try and make a move, tell her she is exposed while turning away, or ignore it as if there was nothing to see. Courtney decided what the hell and pull her skirt up a bit, not enough to expose much, but enough to be comfortable and maybe give him a peek.

Time passed before she heard the front door behind her open, letting in fresh air from outside. She turned to see her professor smile and greet her. She said hello in return. He made his way to his table and dropped his work bag before moving to his kitchen. Courtney çekmeköy escort quickly fixed her skirt to cover up, feeling a little silly at the thought of him doing anything. While he was hot as hell, there was no way he would be interested in her, there were far more attractive girls on campus for him to check out. She decided to mind her own business and continued to study.

Her professor must have had a routine when he got home each night because he grabbed a drink from the fridge and disappeared down a hallway that appeared to lead to his room and shut the door. Courtney imagined him changing into more comfortable clothes and warmed at the thought of him without a shirt. She smiled to herself and tried to focus on her book when she heard the bedroom door reopen and he came out in loose jeans and a t-shirt. He looked good outside of the slacks and button up shirts he wears for teaching.

Her professor sat next to her and peered over at her. At first, Courtney thought he was looking down her shirt, which was a button up top but the first few buttons were undone, giving him and others more to see whenever she wore it. He pointed at her book, causing her to realize he was reading her study material, not her.

“What are you studying?” He asked.

“Nursing.” Courtney replied, feeling shy with him sitting so close to her. She has never been within arm’s reach of him, even in class.

“That is a lot of material you have. That is not counting all the books and papers you have on the table.” He stated and pointed at the table to prove his point.

“It is, but I’ll get it. It’s easier having a quiet place to study. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, do you need any help?”

Professor gently placed his hand between her exposed knee and the text book, causing her heart rate to pick up slightly as her skirt rose up from the small action. He turned the book a bit, making her skirt go up a little more. If he moved the book anymore he will see her lacy panties and she wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Why the hell hadn’t she changed into jeans or something before coming here? Courtney looked up at him through her long brown hair in attempt to hide the heat coming to her face and to see if he had any reaction. He was reading something in her text book and did not appear to notice her at all.

“I am not sure you could help with this subject much” She finally replied, hoping her face didn’t appear red.

“That is too bad, isn’t it? Studying is so much easier when you can help the other person.” He told her. He smiled gently at her before moving his eyes down her shirt and back to the book.

“I guess it is.” Courtney replied, feeling small goosebumps rise on her arms and legs.

“Are you sure there is nothing I can help you with?” He asked again and moved her book some more. There was no hiding her panties now that her skirt had risen enough for a peek. Courtney felt her body tense up and didn’t know what to do. She looked to him for answers. He moved the book cevizli escort some more, this time pulling it away from her and into his hand, holding it as if he was going to read it. His sly smile indicated that he noticed. He placed a hand on her thigh, “I could help you relax. It makes studying much more easier. It could also give you a break”

“How could you help me relax?” Courtney asked. She looked up to meet his eyes and watch his smile get bigger with amusement.

“I could help you release a lot of tension from your body.” He told her, his hand move up her leg, he pressed two fingers over her panties and applied slight pressure while moving them up and down. Courtney moaned softly enjoying the attention. “Will you let me help you?”

“Yes” She answered wanting him to continue.


He moved her panties over and reapplied his fingers to her clit. It was then Courtney realized she was a little wet and turned on but wanted more. She placed her hand over his to encourage him to do more while leaning over to pull him into a kiss. He continued to tease her clit before pushing his fingers into her causing her to moan into his mouth with pleasure. He slid them in and out of her slowly as if to tease her more. Courtney moved to uncross her legs and allow him more access, he seemed to like that and brushed his thumb over her clit, making her moan out loud. He smiled before giving her a deep kiss and removing his fingers from her body. He moved onto the floor between her legs. He patted the side of her bottom indicating she needed to lift up, when she did, he slid her lacy panties down and off.

“Did you plan this?” He asked, he looked over the panties he was holding and at her.

“No.” Courtney replied.

“You want more?” He moved his head between her legs and flicked his tongue onto her clit. She answered by moaning and parting her legs more. He started licking her clit and sucking on it, Courtney wanted to press herself down onto his face but instead just ran her fingers through his hair, moaning for more. She felt herself coming close already as he continued to do amazing stuff with his tongue that can never be explained. Courtney grabbed for his hands which he intertwined with hers, never stopping, she tried to match his rhythm before reaching an orgasm and could no longer hold on. She cried out and squeezed his hands when he kept going causing her whole body to react, wanting him to never stop. He slowed down, licked her clit one last time before pulling away and kissed her inner thighs while she tried to control her breathing.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked but she knew she didn’t have to answer.

She wanted him inside her as soon as possible. She wanted a whole lot more than just his mouth on her. Courtney reached for her professor and pulled his face to hers and kissed him, wanting to taste herself on him. She pulled his shirt off as they kissed and took a moment to pull away and enjoy how he looked half naked. Courtney wanted his pants off too.

“Take erenköy escort them off for me.” She tugged at the waist band of his jeans. While he worked on removing his jeans, she unbuttoned and removed her shirt and bra, leaving herself in nothing but a skirt. Her professor finally got his jeans off and was ready to go, but she wanted to return the favor he had given her. She wrapped her hand around his cock and worked her hand up and down. “It’s my turn. Sit down.”

Her professor did as he was told and relaxed on the couch. Courtney wasn’t sure how she was going to do this, kneel between his legs or sit on the side of the couch. She sat on the couch, took him in her hand before wrapping her lips around him. Taking her time to lubricate him with her saliva to make things easier, she began to move her head up and down, sucking a little hard a few times and hearing his breathing rise each time. She enjoyed how he felt in her mouth, so thick and hard, licking everywhere she could. He ran his fingers through her hair while she returned the favor. After a few minutes, Courtney sucked on more time and sat up. Now she wanted his cock inside her.

She moved to straddle his cock and pushed down onto her professor. They both gasped at the feeling and she moved up a bit before pushing down again, wanting all of him inside her. When she got him fully inside, Courtney got more comfortable before grinding against him, feeling her clit respond to the stimulation. Professor moved his hands onto her breasts and pinched her nipples between his fingers, pain and pleasure shot through her body. He leaned his head down to take one nipple into his mouth, Courtney held onto the back of his head to encourage him while gently rocking herself back and forth on him. Not one to hold back during sex, she moaned loudly, when his tongue flicked her nipple before moving to the next breast and playing with that one. She felt herself coming close again. He felt so good inside her, taking up all the space she had. Courtney pushed the professor back onto the couch and held his shoulders before starting to ride him. He gripped her ass as she found a pace and road him, spanking her hard every now and them, making her cry out. She started to move harder and faster, her orgasm building up. His grip became stronger on her before she felt a way of relieve and pleasure overcome her and exploding. When she had calmed a bit, her professor suggested a different position.

“Bend over the couch.” He told her.

Courtney got up and moved to bend over the couch when she jumped slightly, her professor bit both of her cheeks before positioning himself behind her and thrusting into her in one motion. Professor moved his hands over her ass and spanked her hard on each cheek, making her whole body react with pleasure and wanting more. He found a pace he liked and kept at it, Courtney trying to meet his rhythm but her own orgasm building again she just begged him to fuck her harder, he started to move faster and harder. Every time he thrusted into her, he felt like he was going deeper and it turned her on more. She couldn’t handle it anymore and her orgasm washed over her, she felt his pace quicken before coming to his own orgasm.

When they both had calmed down, they moved apart and laid on the couch together.

“So, was I helpful?” Professor asked her.

“Can I come over more often for help?” She asked in return.

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