Summer Lunches

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Female Ejaculation

Summer was coming to an end…which meant back to work for some, while others had endured working through the summer heat. I was part of the “some” and he was part of the “others”…..having summers off left me lonely sometimes…letting my mind wander into thoughts of him, thoughts of doing things to him, thoughts of letting him do things to me….

I spent my days keeping busy, driving to see him at work, bringing him coffee, going to lunch together…being able to see him, to touch him, to kiss him throughout the day is what I look forward to during summer holidays.

As summer grew warmer, clothes got shorter, smaller, more see through and sheer, or non existent…being that I’m always horny for my husband..I happily obliged…driving over to see him, in as little as possible, nothing underneath, barely covering all the things he enjoys seeing. God I wanted him, daily, hourly, each visit I wanted to take his hands and run them up my dresses and skirts, let him feel how wet I am for him, let him know that he can take me now, later, or anytime. I had been very vocal about how I wanted to suck his cock during his lunch break, sending him back to work happy and relaxed, how I wanted to pull over somewhere on our lunch time drive and fuck him, sending me home relaxed, wet, and full of him.

Each day was almost torment…every drive we took at lunch I caught him looking, at my legs, up sancaktepe escort my skirt, and my tits, my nipples evident through the smallest shirts I could find…I wore less and less each day…panties to crotchless, to no panties at all…which he loves….

Everyday, his hand would slowly run up my thigh and slide my skirt to the side revealing a pretty pink and very wet pussy for him, it is his after all. His fingers would gently caress the outside of my pussy lips, gently stroking back and forth, up and down, making the inside of my pussy throb…begging for him to slide his fingers in…

After moments of teasing he does…… Slipping one finger in, parting my wet lips, a smile comes over his face, he’s happy. He’s happy to know that I’m wet, and wet for him, that I’m thinking all the same dirty thoughts he is, that I’m wanting him too and ready to fuck. He gently rubs his finger back and forth between my lips, making every inch of me soaked, making my little pink clit swell…making me moan and roll my head back, making it hard for me to drive, to not pull over and mount him…

He tells me to keep driving. He slowly slides a second finger in, which makes me gasp for just a brief moment. He continues to run his fingers back and forth and up and down, in and out of my pussy. I can see from the look on his face, ümraniye escort he’s enjoying watching me squirm, watching me become more and more excited, and it turns him on too…his cock is getting hard. He reaches over with his other hand and slides it into my top, caressing over my bra and into it, finding rock hard nipples that he’s created. He tickles and teases them too, lightly pinching, flicking, and rubbing….if he keeps this up, I’m going to cum all over the seat. I’m trying desperately to keep control of the car, one hand on the wheel and the other reaching over to rub his rock hard cock…..and all I can think of is sliding it into my mouth, letting my lips and tongue run over his shaft and around the head. All I can think of is getting that hard cock in me so I can cum all over it and lick him clean.

Then he slowly…pulls his hand out of my top, but continues to rub his wife’s little wet pussy. I can’t take it anymore, the thought of him in me is driving me mad…my body begins to rock back and forth on his hand….I slowly rock my hips forward and back on his fingers, pressing deep onto his hand, every inch of his fingers are in me and my pussy is rubbing up against his palm. With every pump, I’m close to cumming, close to finishing, but so desperately not wanting to, not wanting any of it to end.

Then, I catch tuzla escort a glimpse of the clock…our time together is coming to an end, I know you’ve purposely spent the last half hour or more teasing me, taunting me, making me unbelievably horny that I know when I get home I’m going to have to play with some toys, take some pictures for you, send them to you and tease you right back.

Your fingers slowly slide out of my pussy for the last time during this lunch hour. You have a devilish grin on your face, and you slowly lick my juices off of your fingers and lean in to kiss me so I can taste them too.

Within a blink, we are back at your work. Before you get out and head back in and I head for home, you lean in to kiss me again, to sneak one last look up my skirt and to tell me to be ready for you when you get home, to be ready to take care of you….and I nod, you’ve left me shaking, quivering and dripping…begging for you to hurry home to me.

We part our ways, evident of the time that has to pass for us to continue what you’ve started….

I look forward to our summer lunches…and will miss them soon as summer draws to a close…only a few days left to have our lunch time teasing….only a few days left for me to lose control and fuck you on your lunch hour. God I want to fuck you on your lunch hour, send you back to work satisfied and relaxed, while i drive home with your hot cum dripping from my swollen pussy.

Right now, its another day and it’s early, but lunch is coming soon…I have to go get ready for you…I’ve picked out a dress, particularly tiny, barely covering the top and bottom half of me…one that I won’t be wearing panties or a bra under….one that I’m hoping to fuck you in.

See you soon xoxoxo

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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