Surprised by Joyce

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This tale is about a young man who discovers that his elderly female neighbour is, underneath her guise of middle-class respectability, an erotic and sexually active lady who likes to play a submissive role.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to receiving readers’ comments.

I bought the house in Edison Avenue for two reasons: firstly it was in the town where I worked so that, at a pinch, I could do without a car, and secondly it was cheap, because it was a wreck. Looking back, I’m surprised the bank agreed to a ninety percent mortgage. The roof had missing tiles, the brickwork needed repointing, the window frames were the original nineteen-thirties ones and were mostly rotten, the gardens were overgrown… I could go on but you get the picture.

On the plus side it was a decent sized three-bed semi and I knew I could do it up, given time and a bit of finance from my parents. Also it was in a good neighbourhood. Mostly older folk whose kids had left home or who had downsized in their retirement so that they could afford a Caribbean cruise every spring.

I moved in on the twentieth of July, a sweltering Monday. I’d taken the week off work and as soon as the removals team had finished and driven away I set to unpacking. It didn’t take very long; this was my first house and I didn’t have piles of stuff, so I was pretty much done by late afternoon. I made myself a mug of tea and went out back and sat in a crappy folding chair, that the previous owner had left in the garage, and surveyed the back garden.

It was pretty wild. The last owner had been a widow and she’d had to go into a home and the place had been empty for nearly six months. Tomorrow, I decided, I would at least mow the lawns. Show the neighbours that there was a new owner and he was going to set everything to rights.

Because looking around it was a bit embarrassing. All the neighbours’ plots, so far as I could see, looked like Japanese formal gardens with everything pruned and trimmed to within an inch of its life. The garden next door, belonging to the other half of the semi, was perhaps the exception. The lawn wasn’t quite so much like a putting green as the others and there were some weeds in the flower beds and a couple of shrubs that needed some attention.

I could see quite a lot of this garden as there was just a waist high panel fence separating us and, as I looked, the kitchen door opened and a lady in slacks and a short-sleeved blouse came out onto her patio with a glass of wine and a book. She put the wine down on a little table then pulled round a recliner so that it faced the late afternoon sun. In doing so she noticed me and smiled and came over to the dividing fence.

‘I saw the removals van; you must be my new neighbour.’ She spoke warmly and clearly, her voice a tiny bit deeper than my idea of normal for a lady; her accent screamed middle class. I stood up and went over to her and she held out her hand. ‘I’m Joyce.’ I took her hand, which was slim and long fingered with prominent veins and a few light brown spots on the back and felt the firmness of her grip.

‘I’m Luke,’ I replied, smiling back at her and taking in her figure and her face.

My neighbour was tall, at least five feet eight, and slim, although the years had widened her hips. Her blouse was loose and hinted at a small bosom; her bare arms were long and sinewy with wrinkles in the skin of the upper arm.

I guessed her age to be late-sixties and it was clear to me that she had once been an attractive lady. She had high cheekbones and full lips and beautiful light-blue eyes. But her face was lined: there were pronounced crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes, lines on her forehead and down her cheeks and faint vertical lines on her upper lip. Her hair, which was thick and grey, was cut stylishly and short, just touching her collar and curling in under her chin. There was also evidence of aging at her throat and that part of her upper chest which was exposed by the open-neck blouse.

But that first meeting I merely took all this in. It had no impact on me. This was my new neighbour and she was an elderly lady, end of story. Not, I hasten to add, that I am adverse to the charms of an older lady, far from it. I’d been mooning over Kate, the Human Resources manager in my office, for about two years with zero progress to date. But Kate was in her forties, not her sixties. I’d never imagined a lady of Joyce’s age, even in the small hours when I lay in bed and masturbated to images of Kate and the lady who served behind the counter in the Post Office. And a few others… It’s safe to say that I was a fairly normal horny twenty-six-year-old, although a frustrated one; the position of Luke’s girlfriend was currently vacant. It’s not that I wasn’t a decent looking lad with a body honed by miles of running every week, and a ready wit. It was mostly that I’d reached an age where most of my contemporaries were married or engaged. In ten years’ time, if I were still single, I’d no doubt be picking up the separated and the divorced, but almanbahis for the time being the landscape of my office and circle of friends was a bit barren. I’d told myself to go online, like everyone else did nowadays, but so far I hadn’t done anything about it.

‘Would you like to join me in a glass of wine?’ asked my new neighbour, somewhat unexpectedly. She smiled. ‘I’m not a big drinker but I do like a glass in the early evening, especially when it’s so nice outdoors. And it would be nice to get to know a bit about my new neighbour.’

Put like that I could hardly refuse. ‘There’s a bit of a gap in the fence,’ said Joyce, pointing up the garden. ‘Saves you having to come all the way round.’

I found the gap and went through and onto my neighbour’s patio and sat down on the other reclining chair. She came back through her patio doors with another glass and poured the deep red wine into it. We toasted briefly and I sat back on my recliner and looked at Joyce and Joyce looked at me.

‘Tell me about yourself, Luke,’ she began. ‘I hardly ever get to talk to a young person nowadays.’

So I talked about myself and my job and my hopes and aspirations and the sun started to dip behind the big rowan tree at the end of her garden and the level in the bottle dipped correspondingly. As I talked, Joyce sat quietly, a small smile on her face, asking occasional questions and making me realise that she was actually listening to what I was saying and was interested in it.

‘How about you?’ I asked as I ended my life story.

‘Oh pretty boring really. Married to the same man for forty years. Didn’t have any children,’ she looked momentarily sad. ‘My husband died five years ago so it’s just been Mavis and me, until six months ago.’ Mavis was the lady from whom I’d bought the house. ‘So it’s been a bit lonely around here since then.’

About nine-thirty, and with the bottle empty, I rose and made my excuses. ‘I’ve still got a lot of unpacking to do before I can make my bed up,’ I explained. ‘But it’s been really good to meet you, Joyce.’

‘Likewise,’ she smiled. ‘And if you need anything, just give me a call.’

I found the gap in the fence in the twilight and squeezed through and, with a final ‘good night’, went in and shut the door.

Later that week I started attacking the garden and so I saw quite a lot of Joyce. It was obvious she was grateful for the company but she didn’t try to impose herself upon me. We would chat for five or ten minutes then she’d make an excuse and go indoors or potter in her garden. As a result of this I began to get quite fond of her; she was also, as I mentioned earlier, a striking lady, or had been in her prime. And the truth was that I found her attractive and I started looking at her with a different eye; noting her slender legs, when she wore a skirt, trying to unobtrusively peek down her open-necked blouse to estimate the size of her breasts. I don’t think she noticed. If she did she gave no sign. I wasn’t thrilled with myself that I seemed to be developing this fascination; Joyce was probably forty years older than me. It wasn’t normal.

On Friday evening she invited me over for another glass of wine and I was glad to accept; I’d worked hard that week and made a lot of progress. ‘My turn,’ I called over to her and went in to get the bottle of Burgundy that I’d bought against just such an eventuality.

As luck would have it, it started to spatter with rain as soon as we’d settled in our recliners. ‘We’ll have to go in,’ said Joyce and we picked up the bottle and glasses and went into her dining room.

There was a big, solid table against one wall and a small, two-seater settee facing the french windows. Next to the settee was an occasional table with a newspaper on it, folded to the cryptic crossword. We sat down on the small settee and I was at once aware of being closer to Joyce than I had been. I could smell her perfume. To distract myself I picked up the paper and looked at the crossword. There were three clues not yet solved.

‘Stuck on those today, I’m afraid,’ said Joyce. ‘I can’t always finish it.’

‘Thirteen across is “serendipity”,’ I offered and she took the paper and examined the clue.

‘Of course! Silly me.’ She looked at me. ‘Do you do cryptic crosswords? I thought it was something only us oldsters did.’

‘My parents are mad keen,’ I explained. ‘It’s about all they do. So I grew up with the things. “Times”, “Telegraph”, “Guardian”, you name it.’

‘What about the last two?’ She moved closer to me and held out the paper and I was aware of her hip against mine. Maybe that’s why it took another twenty minutes to solve the last two clues.

Joyce was delighted. ‘I’ll call you next time I’m stuck! No, I know, why don’t you come round tomorrow evening and we’ll do the crossword together. That would be ever so nice!’ She hesitated. ‘Listen to me, silly old lady. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do on a Saturday evening.’

‘As it happens, I haven’t and I’d very much like to do the crossword almanbahis giriş with you.’ My cock stirred in my trousers as I thought of sitting next to Joyce for an hour or more. And neither was it all self-interest, either. I took pleasure from seeing how happy this little thing made her.

‘Oh, that’s lovely, she said. ‘In fact why don’t you come for dinner? I hardly ever cook properly nowadays and it’ll be a treat for me.’

So at six pm the following evening I presented myself at Joyce’s door in chinos and a short-sleeved shirt and she invited me into the kitchen where I gave her a bottle of Chianti and a bunch of assorted flowers from the local supermarket.

She was thrilled. ‘Oh, Luke, they’re lovely! There was really no need…’

I hadn’t had a proper home-cooked meal since I’d last visited my parents, a fortnight or so ago so I was glad to sit down to the meal Joyce had prepared and I gave it full justice. After dinner, and with some little ceremony, we moved to the little settee in the dining room and opened that day’s “Times” at the crossword. To make it easier to share the paper I shuffled into the middle of the settee and Joyce did the same and we sat, arm against arm, hip against hip and leg against leg and I began to feel very warm and aroused, especially when I felt her tiny movements against me.

She was wearing a plain blue summer dress and flesh-coloured tights; she’d applied her make-up carefully and sensibly and her grey hair was shining with good health. I concentrated on the clues, but my mind kept straying into a sort of general awareness of Joyce’s closeness.

‘Are you alright, Luke?’ she asked after I’d been silent for five minutes.

‘Fine, yes. Just thinking about my house,’ I lied. I pulled myself together and between us we manged to finish the puzzle, after which we sat back and sipped our drinks.

‘I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this evening,’ said Joyce when I was standing in the hall a few minutes later about to say goodbye. ‘It’s been very lonely without Mavis but I’ve really enjoyed tonight. And thank you for the flowers, they’re lovely. But I don’t want you thinking that you have to come round and entertain an old biddy like me, Luke. You’ve got your own friends and your own life to lead.’

‘As a matter of fact, Joyce,’ I said, ‘I’ve had a lovely evening too. Thank you’ I felt the wine rush through my veins and my stomach churn and before I could tell myself not to be so daft I’d leaned forward and kissed Joyce full on the lips, pressing my mouth on hers for the two or three seconds needed to make my intention unmistakeable. I broke the kiss and Joyce stood as though in shock; her eyes wide in the gloom of the hallway. ‘Good night,’ I said, opening the front door.

Back in my own house I lay in bed and thought what a twat I’d been. Joyce had made no indication that she wanted anything other than a cosy, neighbourly, friendship and I’d gone and kissed her lips in an obvious fashion and probably left her traumatised. And she was old enough to be my grandmother! Nevertheless I masturbated that night, and as I splashed great gouts of spunk onto my chest and stomach I thought of how Joyce’s lips had felt against mine and her scent and what it might feel like to penetrate her.

The following week I was back at work so I didn’t see Joyce at all. Not, in fact, until the following Saturday. That suited me fine as I had woken up the morning after the kiss acutely embarrassed with my behaviour and dreading seeing her again. But she was my neighbour and so it was inevitable.

I was mowing the back lawn that Saturday morning when she came out through her french doors onto her patio and waved to me with a smile on her face. I waved back and killed the mower engine and walked over to the fence, ready to apologise.

‘I wondered if you’d have some time today to help me with the crossword,’ she began. I just looked at her a bit stupidly. It wasn’t what I’d been expecting at all.

‘Yes,’ I said, after a pause. ‘Of course. When would suit you?’

‘Well I thought perhaps early evening. We could have some wine and I could do some nibbles.’

We agreed on six pm and I made my excuses and disappeared inside, abandoning the lawnmower, my head in a whirl. Clearly she wasn’t put out by my kissing her the previous Saturday. In fact she seemed to be setting the scene for a repetition that evening. But no, I told myself. This evening I’ll behave myself.

Easy words, I thought as we sat that evening on her little settee and looked at the crossword as the sun dipped below the big rowan. But sitting here now, with her next to me, and the blood pounding in my veins was a different matter. My breathing seemed to have got very heavy and my cock was bulging in my trousers and I realised that I wanted this elderly lady very much. But would she want me? The only solution was to say something.

‘Joyce,’ I began, and my voice must have sounded odd because she put the paper down and turned to me.

‘Yes, Luke, what is it?’

‘Last almanbahis yeni giriş Saturday,’ I said, hesitantly, ‘I kissed you. It was… It was rude of me and I apologise.’

Joyce looked at me and gave me a kind smile. ‘There’s no need to apologise, Luke. Goodness me, I don’t get many kisses you know.’

‘Yes but… Well, you looked shocked.’

‘Well, I was a bit surprised, of course. I mean I’m an old lady and you’re an attractive young man.’

‘You’re also an attractive lady,’ I blurted out. ‘And you’re not that old,’ I added, which was a stupid thing to say.

‘I’m sixty-nine,’ she said with a sigh. ‘But thank you. People said I was a bit of a looker in my day.’ There was a silence between us and I was wondering how to progress when Joyce spoke again. ‘Look, Luke, I cannot imagine why a young man like you would find a dried-up old stick like me desirable but if you do, and you want to kiss me then I would be delighted.’

I felt light-headed. ‘Really?’

‘Yes,’ she said, quietly.

I put my right arm around her shoulders and she leaned towards me and tilted her head and closed her eyes and our lips touched and I felt hers open under mine and I felt the softness and warmth of her and I closed my eyes and felt a great thrilling rush of pleasure course through me and I pressed my mouth onto hers and put my other arm around her and I felt her arms around my neck and then we were kissing with passion, like lovers, tongues twining, saliva on our lips and chin, smelling and tasting each other.

We must have sat there and kissed for a very long time because the room was almost dark when we eventually broke apart and lay back against the back of the settee, still tangled in each other’s arms.

‘Thank you,’ said Joyce in the gloom. ‘That was lovely. More than lovely.’

‘Yes,’ I said and I kissed her again and it was slower and more gentle and as we kissed I found one of her breasts and cupped it and stroked it through the fabric of her blouse and bra. Joyce made no move to stop me, rather she shuddered slightly and nibbled my lower lip with her teeth.

‘Oh Luke,’ she said. ‘Oh this is so nice.’

I squeezed her breast softly and she nuzzled against me and kissed my neck and ear. I carried on stroking her breast, seeking and finding her nipple, which felt big through her bra and blouse, although her breasts were petite. She sighed as I squeezed it between finger and thumb and murmured something in my ear.

‘Are you ok with this?’ I asked softly.

‘Oh, yes,’ she breathed, so I undid some buttons on her blouse and slid my hand inside, cupping her breast again. We started kissing again and Joyce held my head in her hands and pressed her mouth against mine and sucked my lower lip into her mouth and a wave of intense desire washed over me and I kissed her back with passion, squeezing her breast harder.

She moaned into my mouth and I broke off and whispered in her ear: ‘Would you like us to go upstairs?’

Joyce froze and I froze too, wondering if I’d blown it and wondering why.

‘Oh, Luke, I’d love to but…’ She faltered.

‘What is it?’ I asked quietly.

‘I’m so old,’ she wailed. And I’m wrinkly and I’ll put you off when you see me without my clothes.’

‘Nonsense,’ I said, standing up. I held my hand out to her and after a moment’s hesitation she took it and I helped her to her feet. I followed her up the stairs and into the front bedroom, the same one I used, just a dividing wall away. But where my room was spartan, hers was furnished with a big dark oak wardrobe and chest of drawers, and in the bay window was a dressing table with a clutter of cosmetics. There was also an upholstered chair. It was dark in the bedroom, but Joyce still drew the curtains. Then she came to me and we kissed and I held her and felt her shiver, although the evening was warm.

‘Are you ok?’ I asked again.

‘Yes,’ she whispered. ‘Nervous.’

‘I’ll use the bathroom while you undress, shall I?’

‘Yes please. And thank you.’

I disappeared into the bathroom. I needed a pee anyway, but I was proud of my tactfulness. When I got back to the bedroom, Joyce was a shape under the duvet, her head on the pillow, her features all but invisible in the gloom, although I could see her grey hair splashed on the white linen pillowcase. I undressed without ceremony, my cock stiff with desire, and slid under the thin duvet.

Joyce came into my arms and I pressed her to me and felt the warmth of her naked body against mine. Her arms were around me and I half lay on top of her and we kissed and stroked and touched each other. The blood was pounding in my veins and I felt light-headed. I had never been this turned on before. Nowhere near! I cupped one of her breasts and it was small and yielding, but the nipple was big and firm and I squeezed it with my finger and thumb and Joyce gave a little cry and pressed her face into my neck and nibbled my ear.

‘I want you inside me,’ she whispered, and I felt her legs open under me and I knelt between them and gripped my rigid shaft and guided myself to her by touch. I felt the hair of her pussy and the wetness of her slit and I rubbed my big, swollen cockhead up and down her labia, feeling it push the outer lips apart and start to penetrate her.

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