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Susan’s exploration of sex with her son mirrored her experiences with her own father. After he’d been widowed when she eighteen years old she took on many of the roles of her mother such as cooking and cleaning, which her father Alec was grateful for.

At the same time she had been going through puberty and was becoming more aware of her own body. Her parents had had an uninhibited sex life, unafraid to show their love for each other in front of their daughter, and her mother had been frank about the facts of life. Susan had always been a big girl, taking after her mother, who had taught her not to be ashamed of her size. She said there were lots of men, like her husband, who preferred plump girls. From that moment she looked at her daddy in a new light, not just as her father, but as an attractive man.

When, after a year, Alec was still showing no signs of getting over his wife’s loss, Susan told him she wouldn’t mind if he dated other women but Alec said there was no-one who could take her mother’s place.

She knew it wasn’t right for a virile man in his late thirties to isolate himself from female company so she set out to be a matchmaker but though there were several eligible women amongst their friends and acquaintances who seemed only too willing to help, Alec didn’t want to know.

Susan was at a loss then one night she was walking past her father’s bedroom door when she heard his voice. Knowing he was alone, she thought he must be having a nightmare. She stopped to listen.

“Oh Suzie, you’re so gorgeous… just like your mother… oh how I’d love to fuck your beautiful body…”

Susan was transfixed. Her father went on for several minutes like that, disjointedly describing what he’d love to do to his daughter and then suddenly all went quiet. She didn’t know what to feel at first. She knew she should feel shocked and outraged but instead she felt excited. Her daddy wanted to make love to her instead of all those women she’d tried to fix him up with. He might have been dreaming but they said that a person’s truest thoughts came out in their dreams.

She went to bed and masturbated not to images of boys at school or pop stars but of her daddy and she had the most intense orgasm she’d ever had in her young life.

She wondered if he remembered his dreams and over the next few days watched him carefully. He seemed to be avoiding her and when she went to hug him, as she often had done, he fended her off. So he did recall and felt guilty, she thought. Well, there was no need. She didn’t feel guilty about her own thoughts. She just wanted him to be happy and if she could make him so, she would.

That night she dressed in her sexiest lingerie, a white basque, suspenders, panties and stockings together with white four-inch heels and then waited until she heard her father come out of the bathroom.

“Daddy, come in here a minute will you?” she called.

She and her parents had never been shy of seeing each other undressed but when he entered her bedroom Alec did a double-take when he saw Susan.

“You know you used to pick out Mummy’s underwear for her?” she said. Alec smiled and nodded, still taking in the sight of his daughter’s revealing outfit.

“What do you think of these?”

“They’re… um, they look very nice,” he said, finding it difficult to tear his eyes away from her figure and look at her face.

Her father was wearing only his briefs and a tell-tale bulge had already begun to show in the front of them.

“Is that the best you can do?” she asked, striking a coquettish pose.

“Well, no, they look wonderful. Are they for a special occasion?”

“Yes, canlı bahis tonight.”

“What’s happening tonight? It’s a bit late for going out.”

“I’m not going anywhere. They’re for you Daddy.”

“For me?” Alec said uncertainly.

“For you when you fuck me.”

“When I fu…” Alec repeated and then was struck dumb.

“Yes Daddy. I know you want to fuck me and I want to fuck you too.”

He finally found his voice, “What are you talking about girl? I’m your father!”

“Yes, you’re my big Daddy and I’m your sexy daughter and you fancy me rotten, don’t you Daddy? That big thing in your underpants is giving you away.”

Alec didn’t know what to say to that either. He was only too aware of his erection and what had caused it and his recent dreams about his daughter were vivid in his mind, which was why he’d been keeping her at arm’s length recently. And now here she was flaunting herself at him and begging to be fucked.

“I can’t wait for you to teach me all about sex Daddy.”

Alec tried once more to stop this happening but his resistance was breaking.

“But I can’t darling. Sex between daughter and father is incest. We’d get into trouble.”

“Not if nobody knows, and nobody will know. It would just be you and me Daddy darling.”

As he tried to order his thoughts Susan came up to him and put her arms around his neck. Drawing his face down to hers she kissed him open-mouthed and pressed herself against him. Feeling the softness of her big body, so like his wife’s, he threw caution to the winds and returned her kiss, sucking her tongue as it snaked its way between his lips. Now he knew it was too late to stop, an invisible boundary had been crossed.

When they broke away Susan looked up at him then, taking his hand, she placed it against the overflowing bra-cup of her basque. “My big tits are all yours to play with and my little pussy can’t wait to get her Daddy’s big cock inside it.”

With a half-groan, half-laugh Alec said, “My god, you’re so like your mother! You know just how to get me going!”

“That’s the nicest compliment you’ve ever given me,” she said, putting her hand down to stroke the huge bulge in his briefs, “and now I want to find out what kept Mum so contented all those years.”

As she pushed down his underpants, Alec’s cock sprang out rigidly. Because of their lack of shyness as a family, Susan had seen her daddy’s cock before but never erect. He was a good eight inches long.

“You’re so big!” she exclaimed. His cock was so thick that she could only just encircle it with her hand. Pulling back the foreskin, she exposed the bloated purple tip. “Oh Daddy, I love it. I want to kiss it and play with it. Will you let me suck it?”

Alec laughed at his eager daughter. He mind was still in a turmoil. “Hold on sweetheart! Let’s take things nice and slow. It’s better when you take your time and build up gently.”

“Do you want to see my titties Daddy? I know you love tits cos Mummy told me.” Thrusting her chest out towards him, she waggled her shoulders, making her big breasts wobble inside her bra-cups and destroyed all Alec’s diminishing resolve.

“I’d love that,” Alec said.

“Would you like me to strip for you? I’m good at that, I sometimes practice in front of the mirror.”

“Another time, you look much too sexy in that outfit. I want you to keep it on.”

Susan pulled down one of the bra cups of her basque, her big breast spilling out as if it couldn’t wait to be free. The pink nipple was larger than he remembered from the last time he had seen her nude walking from the bathroom, the teat bahis siteleri sticking out prominently from the centre.

“Do you like it Daddy?” Susan asked, holding the breast in her hand and raising it towards him.

“It’s beautiful darling,” he told her.

She uncovered her other breast. “I want you to suck them.”

Taking her father by the hand she led him over to the bed and instructed him to lie down. He enjoyed being told what to do by her and watched as she climbed on top him, straddling his chest, and bent down, her breasts swinging pendulously above his face. She brushed the nipple against his lips and he opened his mouth, taking in as much of her ripe young tit-flesh as he could. He licked the nipple, feeling the teat grow hard against his tongue.

“I love you sucking my tits,” Susan said, “they’re so sensitive, it makes my tummy go all funny.” Taking her breast from his mouth they examined it together, the teat now as long and stiff as a pencil rubber then they repeated the action with her other breast. Sitting up, she looked down at him. “You really do love titties, don’t you Daddy?”

“I really love yours baby,” Alec said, caressing her glorious fourty-four inch knockers reverently.

“Do you like me telling me telling you what to do Daddy?”

“Yes,” he admitted, “your mummy liked being in charge and I think it’s sort of sexy.”

“So do I,” she said. She enjoyed the sense of power it gave her over her father. “You’ve made my pussy all wet and I want you to suck it.”

She lay down beside her father and opened her legs wide. Alec moved down the bed and got between her thighs. His daughter’s pussy was thickly covered with dark hair, as his wife’s had been. She was perfect, he thought, he adored her so much.

“It won’t hurt when you finger me and fuck me,” she assured him, “I’ve been putting a big dildo up my cunt for ages. I wished it was your cock.”

She had surprised him so much tonight he wasn’t shocked by her admission and he found her dirty language a turn-on, especially coming from his sweet young daughter’s mouth. Gently, he eased a finger into her pussy and found, as she said, that she was sopping wet. Withdrawing it, he put his finger to his mouth and licked it.

“You taste so good darling.”

“Oh Daddy, that’s so sexy. My pussy’s really juicing up!” She parted the outer lips with her fingers, exposing the wet pink flesh within. Alec brought his face close and licked up the length of her twat then concentrated on the bud of her clit, feeling her shudder against him.

“Ooohhh Daddy!” she shouted, “I’m cummming!” and almost immediately a gush of hot salty liquid filled his open mouth.

“My, you were ready for that weren’t you?” he said lifting his face, covered in girl-cum, to look up at her between her cleavage.

“I’ve been thinking about it so long,” she said in a dreamy voice, “and it was much better than I thought it would be. Now I want your cock inside me.”

Crawling up the bed, Alec positioned himself over her and slid the tip of his cock into her pussy. She was incredibly tight and despite what she’s said he was frightened of hurting her but she had other ideas.

“Harder Daddy! Push it right up me. Don’t be afraid. You can cum inside me, I’m on the pill.”

His daughter seemed to have thought of everything. As he slid into her warm wetness she put her arms around him, pulling him down on top of her and their mouths met in a slathering kiss. She loved the heavy feel of her father pressing her against the bed and she wrapped her legs round him, drawing him even more tightly against her.

As Alec built up bahis şirketleri the rhythm Susan thrust up to meet him.

“Oh Daddy yes!” she cried, “I love it, I love your big cock up my cunt… fuck me harder… Ooohhh Daddy, I’m your dirty little fuck-cunt! … Oh, I’m going to cum again… Oooohhhhh yes, I’m cuuummminggg nowww!”

As she writhed beneath him in the throes of her orgasm Alec lost control and thrust into her frantically. He came, feeling his spunk shoot deep inside his daughter. It had been so long since he’d last had sex his orgasm went on and on. When he was finally spent he sank onto the cushiony softness of Susan’s body and they kissed long and deep then lay side-by-side and cuddled together, talking in whispers as they stroked each other.

In what seemed no time at all he was hard again. Susan slid down and took him in her mouth, licking up the length of his shaft and then opening her mouth wide to encompass the bulbous head, still slimy from a mixture of his cum and her cunt-juice. With an expertise beyond her years she sucked his cock, pausing only to tell him that she wanted him to cum in her mouth and when he did, she swallowed every drop and went back for more until he was dry.

Afterwards they went to sleep curled up in each other’s arms. When Alec woke Susan was leaning over him, stroking his erection with a smile on her face.

“Good morning my naughty Daddy…”

“That’s the nicest way to be woken up,” he said sleepily, but he felt another urgent need. “I have to go to the toilet first.”

Getting out of bed he went to the bathroom and Susan followed him. “I’ll only be a minute,” he said.

“I want to watch you,” she said.

A thrill ran up Alec’s spine as he stood before the toilet-bowl and released his flood, then felt Susan come up to stand behind him and reach around to take hold of his cock, looking round his shoulder to watch. She felt his cock stiffen in her hand and his flood diminished.

“I can’t wee when you do that,” he whispered in her ear.

“Good, you can save it for later,” she answered. “Now you can watch me, I’m dying to go.”

Pushing him playfully out of the way, Susan sat down on the toilet. She was still wearing the same outfit she’d had on the night before with her breasts hanging out of the bra-cups of her basque.

“Kneel down Daddy,” she instructed him, a look of concentration on her pretty face.

As he watched, her expression relaxed and a stream of pee came from between her legs and splashed into the toilet-bowl. He slid his hand down into the bowl between her thighs, cupping his fingers, feeling the warm flow bathe his hand. Their eyes locked, sharing the intimate moment.

Bringing his hand out, he smeared the wetness over both her bulging breasts then bent his head and licked them.

“Oh Daddy,” she breathed, “that is so naughty, I love it!”

Alec’s cock was bursting. Lifting his daughter off the toilet, her pussy still leaking pee, he laid her on the bathroom floor and sank into her saturated cunt. Lifting her arm, he licked her hairy armpit, savouring the gamey smell. As he pounded into her, her bottom slapped against the piss-covered tiles.

“Oh! Ooohhh Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your dirty daughter! Ooohhh, this is so rude… I love it! Harder! Do me harder Daddy… Oh! Oh! Oh!… I’m cumming again! Oh yesssss!”

As Susan squealed and climaxed, Alec shot his spunk inside her with an almighty groan. After a brief rest, he lifted her up again and carried to his bed, lying down beside her.

“I’m all sweaty and covered in your cum and my pee as well,” she said.

“You smell gorgeous and you look beautiful,” he told her, stroking her hair.

“I don’t ever want to get washed again!” she smiled happily, putting her arms around his neck and pulling him towards her for a deep, soulful kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32