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He ran the last few blocks to the library, praying he would get there before the doors were locked. He knew he was cutting it close, but had to have that book to finish his research paper tonight. Rushing through the doors relieved to find them still open, he receives an immediate glare from the matronly woman behind the desk. Catching his breath and slowing down his step, he nods in apology and quickly heads back to lose himself in the rows of books.

Rounding the corner of the last row, he is stopped short by a most intriguing sight; an exotic looking woman is standing halfway up the ladder, arm reaching high to put away a book on the top shelf. In doing so, her skirt is drawn up, exposing tantalizing thighs, adorned in silk stockings that are secured by a lacey garter. His sudden appearance startles her and she gasps, the book falling from her hand to the floor below. Rushing to assist her, he is rewarded with a dazzling smile, highlighted by the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. He hands her the book, which she immediately reaches to place on the high shelf and as she turns back to thank him, she finds his eyes locked on her recently exposed thighs. Descending the ladder, her eyes eventually meet his as they travel up her body and he blushes, knowing that she has caught him staring. But rather than admonish him, she winks at him and asked if he liked the show. His blunt reply surprises them both as he tells her that it was over way too quick. Her seductive laugh makes his spine tingle as she reaches to pat his cheek. Then she is gone with a wink, an aromatic trail of a spicy exotic scent and an insinuation that perhaps tomorrow would offer new pleasures.

The next 23 hours find him drifting back to thoughts of her; that smile, those eyes, that creamy thigh come back to him in taunting images; reeking havoc with his body. He hurries from his last class to get to the library earlier than the night before, anticipating spending more time with her. Entering the building casually, so as not to disturb the old matron, he begins his search for her, row by row, glancing up one and down the other. As he reaches the last row, exactly where he found her before, his sudden intake of air brings another seductive laugh from her. She is standing on the ladder again, but this time is facing completely forward, one foot on a higher rung than the other is, arms leaning on even higher rungs. Her skirt tonight is shorter, although the thighs exposed are just as creamy and this time she has added the tempting sight of cleavage from her open blouse. She watches him take in all of the sights she has displayed, before she lowers an arm, crooks her finger and uses it to beckon him closer. Standing before her, his face is even with those luscious thighs and he groans as she hikes up her skirt some more and turns a knee outward, revealing the inside of that silky flesh.

He responds to his gut instinct and leans forward to slide his tongue across her skin, starting just above the stocking and slowly working upward. Her only reaction to this is a soft moan, which he takes as encouragement, his tongue continuing upward, finding her mound completely shaven and the skin surrounding her clit exposed and slightly open. His tongue quickly darts downward, grazing that tender spot and kartal escort bayan discovers that it is erect and throbbing. Her sudden gasp is all the encouragement he needs to begin making long strokes with his tongue and short flicks with just the tip. Soon she is moaning, her hips grinding against his tongue, her breath coming in gasps as her climax draws hear. Her hands reach down to entangle in his hair as the moment arrives and her body trembles as the spasms of pleasure overtake her, riding his tongue with her head thrown back. As she begins to relax, he begins placing soft kisses on her thighs, when suddenly she shifts to push him back, smoothes down the edges of her skirt, kisses him on the forehead and dashes off, commenting over her shoulder that she’ll see him tomorrow.

Walking home with the taste of her still on his tongue, he wonders what sort of game she is playing. Will she be there tomorrow night? And if she is, what does she have in store for him next? Will this game be one-sided, with only her receiving the direct pleasure, leaving him with indirect taunting sensations of arousal with no fulfillment? These thoughts, as well as other less inquisitive ones, haunt him until the anticipated rendezvous time. His lack of focus is diminished, his appetite almost non-existent, his frustration level building. He slowly begins to realize that anticipation, albeit exciting, can also heighten ones level of stress.

The next night, he approaches the last row of books, almost cautiously and slowly rounds the corner. She is there, innocently kneeling in front of the lower level of books, seemingly intent on organizing them. His steps towards her appear to go unnoticed and as he stops near her, she does not acknowledge him as she continues to place the books in their appointed positions within the row. Just as he is about to question her lack of attention, she pivots on one knee, reaches to unbuckle his belt, opens his button, pulls down the zipper with her teeth and reaches in to remove his quickly hardening cock from his pants. One hand reaches around to grab his ass, the other attaches firmly to the base of his organ and her mouth swallows him in one gulp. His hand reaches out for a bookshelf to steady him as her silky head bobs back and forth on his now turgid flesh. His arousal is immediate and fierce and he is shocked to discover himself so close to an orgasm. He wants this to last longer, to enjoy this more fully, yet he is cognizant of his surroundings and does not wish for this sweet interlude to be interrupted. He lets go of all his hesitancy as she continues sucking him with a greed and veracity that seems to be pleasuring him as much as it is she. The impact of his climax causes him to thrust forward as if on instinct, sliding his cock deeper into her throat. She swallows him completely and he feels his load shoot inside of her, his balls pressing against her chin.
The build up was so quick but the release so incredible as it rolls over him, causing him to tremble and sway with the sensations. As the climax ebbs, he feels her sucking the last drops of cum off of his tender flesh, then watches as she neatly tucks it back in his pants, zips him up, then buttons and buckles before she rises to stand before him. Her kiss, soft and escort maltepe fleeting, leaves a sticky drop of cum, along with a sigh, on his smiling lips as she rushes of with the promise of tomorrow and the sweet anticipation of more pleasures to come.

The hours crawl by as she consumes his thoughts. What is her name? Is she married? Why is she doing this? Why did she pick me? What will happen next? He begins to question the sanity of his lurid actions with her, when he his thoughts drift to creamy thighs, sparkling eyes, and all of those hidden places yet explored. Lust wins the battle over morality and he settles back to let the thrill of anticipation wash over him.

The next evening his disappointment quickly turns to frustration as he continues searching the rows for her. She is no where to be found as he checks his watch yet again; it is the normal time; where could she be? There is a table in the back of the library, near that last row and he pulls out a chair and plops down angrily. He is not angry with her, but with himself, for getting so caught up in this seductive game as to actually anticipate and even depend on the next moment of shared lust. His normally sensible mind has greedily been taken over by his seduced libido and he admonishes himself for losing control and decides to get out of here and forget this ever happened.

Suddenly from behind him, sexy hands reach around and glide down his chest and he feels her hot breath on his neck. Her lips are hot and seem to brand his flesh with each touch, fiery points of heat from her tongue along his neck and jaw. She whispers near his ear that he should free his cock; but still feeling frustrated, he questions her motives and does not comply. Her response is a quick nip to his ear lobe and a very intense request that she be allowed to fuck him right here and now. Not waiting for his response, she slides around and lifts her leg over to straddle him and the chair. She pulls up the edges of her skirt, reaches down to slide a finger into her wet sheath, then rubs it all over his lips, pointing out to him that she is very ready for his cock.

Reason deserts him as his cock begins to swell, forcing him to reach down to free it, stroking it quickly, preparing himself to enter her. Reaching up with his other hand, he too slides a finger deeply inside of her, fucking her, feeling her muscles tighten around him, her body began to bounce upon him. Pulling his finger out, he barely has time to pull his hand from his cock before she impales herself upon him and slowly starts fucking him as she had so recently requested. Her head is thrown back, her firm breasts, unbound beneath her sweater thrust out near him and he does not resist the urge to fill his hands with them. Sliding up under her sweater, he squeezes the flesh, reaching fingers out to tease the taut nipples, brining a moan from her as she rides him. This new sensation seems to slow the intensity of her fucking, as her head comes forward, her eyes meeting his, her smile rewarding him more than the sensations of his flesh inside of her. His hands tease her nipples a little more, causing her eyes to darken her cheeks to flush and the muscles surrounding his cock to spasm.

His only thought is to kiss her; to possess her with his pendik escort lips; the one region yet to be explored. He reaches up to her face, gently pulling her down, her hands reaching to slide through his hairs as their lips meet. The kiss is sweet and tender at first, slow and searching, but gradually intensifies as lips part, tongues meet and new sensations are added to the lusty mix. The intoxicating kiss is spreading it’s fire throughout their bodies and soon instinct takes over and the rhythm of their fucking increases in tempo, his hands on her hips lifting her up and pulling her down hard onto his cock. The rocking motion tears apart their lips and she pushes back to lean against the table behind her, allowing them both to see the beauty of this union, the swollen flesh sliding together, the wetness enabling the stimulating friction.

He feels the tightening of her muscles a split second before she reacts to it, throwing her self forward, pulling him close, fucking him hard as the muffled scream of her orgasm breathes hot against his ear. She continues to ride, continues to fuck, wave after wave of pleasure causing her body to shudder, her chest to heave, her head finally throwing back as the climax begins it descent. He, however, still seeks sweet release, and hopes for yet another from her, and continues to thrust up into her, heartened by that seductive laugh and those dazzling eyes urging him on. He pulls her up off him, pushes the chair back, turns her around, and urges her to bend over the table. She does so with delight, raising her round ass into the air, and he plunges deep inside her with no hesitation, filling her deep, penetrating her hard. Then begins to fuck her with slow deliberate strokes, seeking her spot of glory, needing her to climax again to pull the cum from his throbbing member. His strokes intensify as she begins to react, to moan and tremble beneath him, climbing to the pinnacle, thrusting back against him as her body bursts into satiated splendor. His cock is buried deep in the erupting volcano and is drawn into the vortex of contractions, swell after swell of fiery triumph exploding around him.

The rush of sensations has numbed them; however, they are pulled from their trance by the noises of someone approaching. As quickly as she arrived, she is gone, disappearing with no goodbye, no promise of tomorrow. He pulls himself together and is sitting there smiling smugly when the matron rounds the corner and discovers him. Barking sharply, she tells him the library is closed and as he rises to leave, he asks her the name of the lovely assistant that has been so “helpful” to him. She stares back at him, as if to judge his sanity and replies that there is no one that assists her; she works alone.

He stumbles home on trembling legs and a mind whirling in a million directions. There is no restful sleep for him that night, just tormented dreams of this exotic woman, fears and trepidation that we will never see her again, yet this undying anticipation that must be satiated. He gives up on sleep when dawn approaches and plods to the kitchen to start some tea. Waiting for it to brew, he heads for the door to retrieve the morning paper, praying that it has arrived to provide some distraction from these haunting thoughts. Bending down in relief to grab the paper, he hears the apartment door across from his open, and as he arises, is stunned to see the new neighbor he has yet to properly meet. That seductive sends tremors throughout his entire body and a new level of anticipation washes over him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32