Sylvia’s Final Office Hours

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He had been dreading this conversation for a while now. It was atypical for him to be so forthcoming with a student, but in this case he feared that she could not or would not take a hint. Intervention was necessary.

He adjusted his chair nervously and checked his hair in his computer monitor. It was stylishly slicked back with a single strand perfectly out of place. He sighed and looked at the clock. It was 11:55. She was supposed to meet her at noon, but an eager student, she would likely roll into his office at any second. He picked up a book to look occupied and waited.

She was looking forward to her meeting with Dr. Cook. She was just one draft away from completing her grad school personal statement and wanted it to be over with. She also wanted to see him. He was about her father’s age, but had a more youthful energy – not to mention that he was the only professor in the department that cared at all about his appearance. She suspected he might be a little vain, but that only added to the appeal.

She had a boyfriend, so she just saw her attraction to Dr. Cook as a harmless crush. Normal. Nothing unprecedented about it. Plus, he was a married man and she never really attended to her looks. Her classes were filled with svelte and glamorous undergrads. She believed she was at no risk of veering into inappropriate temptress territory.

“Dr. Cook!”

He looked up from the book into which he had been blankly staring and saw her. She was smiling, sweaty from her walk to the office, and wearing a black tee shirt. Her glasses sat crooked on her face and stray red hairs were plastered to her temples from the Dallas humidity.

“Ah, Sylvia, good to see you! Please have a seat.”

She sat and adjusted her glasses as she immediately jumped into talking about her paper.

“So I finally figured out my introduction and conclusion. I think this might be the one we can work with. It was ridiculous trying to write this thing, I swear I talk about myself all the time and now that I have to write it down it makes me realize how ridiculous and probably incoherent I sound. It’s absurd that we’re expected to write these things, right? Why can’t I just -“

“Sylvia, I’ll take a look at your statement, but that’s not what I want to talk to you about today,” he interjected. She gave him a quizzical look, knocking her glasses out of place again. She reached up to adjust them and he averted his gaze.

“Sylvia, I think that it would be best, moving forward, if I were to stop advising you and if you didn’t register for a class with me next semester.”

“Um, what? Why? Did I do something wrong Dr. Cook?” She had a look of worry etched onto her face that was breaking into a frown, “Is everything okay?”

“No. You didn’t do anything wrong, I just think that it’s best if we don’t work together because I am afraid that our working relationship may be entering inappropriate territory due to your attraction to me,” he said, breaking eye contact.

She sat awestruck in her chair for a moment. She frowned, then gave him a confused look, then broke into a giant grin and began to laugh.

It was now his turn to be awestruck. Was this student laughing at him? Sylvia was certainly one of his best and most respectful students and this was not the reaction he was expecting.

She stopped laughing and finally said, “Dr. Cook, I seriously have no idea what to say to that. You don’t want to work with me because you think I’m attracted to you? Have I been making you feel uncomfortable?”

“Well, a little bit I suppose, yes. You’re always looking at me-“

“During lectures, yes.”

“- and coming into my office-“

“Sure, because you’re advising me.”

“- and frankly, Sylvia, I have lived long enough to understand when someone is lusting after me. It’s not your fault and I don’t want to punish you for it, but it’s not something I am equipped to handle right now.”

He looked away. He was starting to feel ridiculous for bringing it up in the first place. Initially he didn’t want to embarrass her, but now he was afraid he had embarrassed himself. This was not going well.

“Dr. Cook, you’re not entirely off base here,” she began, causing him to look up in relief, “but I think that you should know that I am at a point in my life where I think almost everyone is hot. Last semester I briefly lusted after Dr. Lopez and he’s like 80 years old. Also I’m 22. I would be hard pressed to think of a time in the last month when I was not actively horny. So have I felt attraction towards you? Sure, but we’ve all seen adult videos.I think that you just happen to have a very pornographic job and I am a cliche. I assure you it is nothing out of the ordinary. Plus I really appreciate all of the help you’ve been giving me and I would hate for that to end.”

He sat in stunned silence, feeling slightly aroused by her speech. She was büyükçekmece escort always so candid about everything but he was not expecting that to translate to such an uncomfortable conversation.

She continued, “Look, I’m really sorry that I have been making you feel uncomfortable. I really thought that there was nothing to this and you wouldn’t notice or care. Honestly, I just assumed that it was a professional hazard for hot young professors and that it wouldn’t phase you at all. I can leave now if you want me to.”

She stood up and felt a flush rising up in her chest. Her lust was discovered and she was trying to play cool but her body felt like it was about to burn up. She covered her ears with her hair so that he wouldn’t notice their bright red color.

He lifted his hand, “Hold on, Sylvia, you don’t have to leave just yet. I can look at your paper before you go.” He wanted to stand up, to go to her, to do something. She looked so embarrassed and there was nothing worse than turning away a talented and excited student. He was unfortunately impaired by the mixture of a semi-hard and gray slacks, so he remained seated and turned his attention to his computer screen to spare her his gaze while she was so obviously uncomfortable.

She sat back down and stared out his window, completely unsure of what to do with herself or what to say while he pulled up her email.

They discussed her statement and he promised to send her line edits in the next couple of days.

She began to get up to leave, but sat back down and stared at him for a moment. She didn’t know how to handle the situation, but didn’t want to leave it how it stood.

He looked at her expression. It was one of deep concentration – her brows furrowed and her mouth slightly open as if to say something. He wanted to help her, lead the conversation, but he was also at a loss.

“So this is it, I guess?” She finally said, “It’s been wonderful working with you and I want you to know how thankful I am for all of your help. Again, I am so sorry that things are…this way.”

“Did you mean it?” He asked, “do you think I’m hot?”

She was taken aback. Apparently her assessment of his vanity was entirely correct, but she was not expecting the words, “do you think I’m hot” to come out of the mouth of a grown man. She wanted to be vague because she wasn’t interested in losing their professional relationship, but she also knew that stroking his ego might be the trick to bring him around.

“Well, yeah. I mean, you’re in shape, well groomed, have a nice style, and also you’re an adult man who teaches me things that I’m interested in. Also you’ve been really nice to me and helped me a lot so, yeah. My attraction is not solely based on your looks, but you’re good looking.”

He was, again, shocked by her candor and he felt himself begin to blush too. He had never experienced such forthcomingness from any woman before.

“Well,” he said, “You being my favorite student isn’t solely based on your work ethic and interest in medieval history.”

“Oh?” She said.

“It also has to do with my attraction for you. You’re very good looking, Sylvia, and you know your stuff.”

“Dr. Cook, stop I’ll blush.”

“I mean it, Sylvia! If I only have one student that comes to my office hours and asks me for help and advisement, it’s a miracle that she’s also cute and so earnest.” The earnesty was key for him. He loved the way she seemed to hang on to his every last word.

“So…what do we do about this,” she asked. “Do we stop working together, for real? That would be a huge bummer.”

“Sylvia, I have a wife, and you live with your boyfriend. I don’t think that, especially after today, it is wise for us to spend any time together except for in class for the remainder of the semester.”

“You’re probably right, Dr. Cook…” she stood up again, but so did he.

“Today isn’t over yet, Sylvia,” he reached across the desk to grab her hand, “my next class isn’t until three.” His eyes darted to the door.

She dropped his hand and turned away. He was afraid that he had pushed too far. He looked out the window but instead of hearing the door swing open and slam shut, he heard the quiet click of the lock. She turned around to face him.

He strode towards her, unsure of what to do next. She dropped her backpack on the ground and now stood inches from him. They had never even touched before, given the strict scrutiny placed on professors at the university. They had entered muddy waters.

He initiated the contact, removing her glasses and placing them gently on the desk before leaning down tentatively to kiss her. She closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around his shoulders, pulling her body into his.

He placed his hands on her back, rubbing her sides and getting a rush from fatih escort the feeling her soft breasts pressed against his chest and the smooth dip in her waist under his hands. His hardness was returning and he was sure now that she would feel it pressing against her. He couldn’t bear to loose himself from the grip of her passionate kiss, but he pulled away and looked her in the eyes, “are you sure this is okay?”

She cocked her head to the side and whispered into his ear, “I’ve wanted this for a year.” She dragged her lips across his neck before returning to his mouth.

He pulled her in tighter and their embrace became more furious. They were unhinged, passionately locked to each other’s lips as their hands wandered each other’s bodies. They both loved their significant others, but it had been a long time since they felt the heat and lust that they felt in that moment, and memories of their lives and their situation fell away as they moved his chair.

He sat back into the chair and she straddled him. She leaned back and began to unbutton his shirt, revealing his hairy chest beneath. She breathed deeply, aroused by the sight of it. He was in good shape, but he had the body of a man who spent most of his day behind a desk. He had a bit of extra padding. She felt a flush fly up her body and she shivered as she felt his hands skirt the edge of her shirt and begin to lift it. She raised her arms to aid him in removing it.

As he pulled her shirt off he was overwhelmed by the sight of her young body. She had large, soft breasts cupped in a nude bra and smooth, unblemished pale skin. She reached back to unclip her bra and let it fall to the side. He stared in awe at the paleness of her chest and her pink nipples hardening under the office air conditioning. Unable to resist, he placed his hand on her breast. It was so unlike that of his wife’s.

She gasped as his rough fingertips brushed against her nipples. She threw her head back and ground her body into his lap. She could feel his hardness under her and more than anything she wanted to feast her eyes upon what appeared to be a very thick penis. She leaned in, whispering hoarsely into his ear, “I need you to fuck me.”

He realized he had the upper hand. He was certainly aroused, overcome with lust even, but Sylvia’s horniness was unmatched. He decided to use this to his advantage.

“Sylvia, what did you say? I didn’t quite hear you.” His hands wandered down to her butt and he began to lightly squeeze and rub her jeans.

“I…I need you to fuck me,” Sylvia whimpered.

“Syliva, I don’t want to make you beg, but I really need to be sure that this is something that you want,” he responded sternly.

“Dr. Cook, please! I need you to fuck me!” She sounded desperate. She was desperate. She didn’t think that she would be able to function if she had to leave his office without having consummated their strange, newly revealed feelings.

“If that’s really what you want, Sylvia, then it’s what I’ll do,” he said, a grin spreading across his face.

She jumped off of his lap and began to undo her jeans. She was so eager to feel him inside of her, she forgot to take off her shoes, so she just threw her shoes and jeans in one inside out heap on the floor next to her. She stood in front of him in only her socks and a pair of white cotton panties.

He sat, legs spread on his chair watching her undress for him. She was perfect. Such a good student, so eager to please and so beautiful. Seeing her nearly naked in front of him was almost too much to handle. He unzipped his slacks and pulled them to the ground, revealing a pair of blue plaid boxers. He looked at her and then gestured to her panties which she hastily removed.

She took in the sight of him sitting in his chair with his boxers on. She hoped he didn’t mind her pubic hair, or the little bit of extra weight she carried in her thighs, but she saw that the bulge in the boxers did not wane.

He looked upon her body in awe. The contrast between her pale skin and her neatly trimmed red pubic hair was intoxicating. He could smell her wetness. She was always so sweet, so flirty, and here she stood, ready to give him her body as a parting gift for their time together. He removed his boxers.

Her jaw dropped when she saw his penis. It was beautiful. He was uncut, reasonably long, and thick. Very thick. Her legs felt weak at the thought of him inside of her. Dr. Cook’s pubic hair was a tangled wild mass. The whole image of him, neatly groomed hair and beard with the hairy body of a wild man erect in front of her, was dizzying.

He was expecting her reaction to his penis. He was very proud of it and it had served him well in the years before his marriage. What he was not expecting was how quickly she was upon him, kissing him and grinding her entrance up and esenyurt escort down his shaft, not mounting him, but silently begging for him inside o fher. He was captivated. Never had such a beautiful young woman shown interest in him and now here she was, rubbing her body against his with unbridled lust.

He grabbed her waist and guided her onto him and they each let out a moan. She was so warm and wet that he slipped right in despite the size. His penis was pushing against her in ways she had never felt before. It was pure ecstasy.

She continued to kiss him as she rode him slowly and methodically, but it wasn’t enough. Her lust was too strong and she needed it harder, deeper, faster. She pushed her face into his neck, wrapped her arms tighter around his shoulders and began to grind rhythmically and faster upon him. She was moaning softly, trying not to make too much sound.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had been fucked like this. He wondered if her boyfriend got to experience this all the time and felt a twinge of jealousy. She was strong. Her legs were gripping his body and her vagina was gripping onto his cock. He didn’t want to make her do all the work, so he stood up with her still gripping onto him for dear life and laid her back on his desk.

He drank in every inch of her body. Her hair was wild, spilling out across his papers and over his books. Her body was pale but flushed with excitement and effort. Her chest heaved up and down as she panted. Her eyes looked up at him with longing.

He placed his hands next to her body and leaned over her, reentering her, this time taking on the brunt of the effort.

She laid on the desk as Dr. Cook pushed into her, exploring new parts of her from a new angle. She breathed heavily as she took in the sight of him over her, pulsing and sweaty. She gasped as one of his hands glanced across her clit, sending shivers down her spine.

Her reaction to the clit touch was all the encouragement he needed. He slowed down his rhythm and began to gently rub around the sides of her clit. She began to squirm happily beneath him. He applied a bit more pressure and she started to grind into him, desperate for release.

“Dr. Cook?” She moaned.

“Yes, Syliva?”

“If you keep doing this,” she responded between breaths, “I might not be able to stay quiet.”

He nodded and smiled. He leaned down to cover her mouth as he sped up, now making direct contact with her clit. Her whole body convulsed beneath and around him, but he didn’t relent. He continued punishingly stimulating her clit as she sweat and writhed. He put his thumb into her mouth and she bit down on it lightly to remain quiet. Suddenly he stopped.

She felt herself being handled. She was pulled back and flipped over, suddenly face down over the desk. Suddenly, he entered her and her body rocked over the desk. She felt herself becoming nearly braindead from the orgasms she had just moments ago mixed with the sensation of being taken from behind. She was awash with pleasure she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

He looked down at her body rocking beneath him and he began to speed up. He was panting and moaning and longed for release. He couldn’t believe that he was deep inside a student and that he was providing her with such pleasure.

“Where do you want me to come?” He asked her.

“I…I have an IUD,” she gasped, “please, come inside.”

That was just what he wanted to hear. He was now pounding into her with wild abandon. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and lifted her head up, causing her to arch her back. He grabbed her breasts and clutched her as he completed his final strokes.

She felt him release into her and she lost all sensation in her legs. She was always aroused by the feeling of cum shooting inside of her, and when Dr. Cook came, he came hard. She felt his penis pump rope after rope into her, twitching and stimulating her walls. When he was done, she collapsed into his arms and they fell on the chair together.

They sat there for some time in silence. He enveloped her in his arms to keep her warm and she nuzzled into his neck. His beard smelled like sweat and honeysuckle and her hair had the scent of lilac. They did not want to leave the embrace, but the office grew colder, and three o’clock drew near.

They clothed themselves and she pulled her hair back to hide the nest that had been created in their tryst. He smoothed his shirt and fixed his hair.

She picked up her backpack and began to walk toward the door, but she stopped and turned back.

“Thank you Dr. Cook. For everything.”

“I’ll see you in class tomorrow, Sylvia, but you had better stay away from my office hours. It’s best for both of us.”

“That’s true,” she responded, “but after today, I don’t know if I can stay away.” She turned to walk away but was stopped as he grabbed her shoulder roughly and spun her around to face him.

“If you come back, I might not be as gentle. I might not be able to resist.”

“Dr. Cook, don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.”

She turned and opened the door to his office.

As she walked away, they both imagined the next time she would see him, and what would be in store for them then.

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