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This is my first attempt at a story. All of it is true. I might write up other adventures I had in Europe if this is well-received. Please practice safe sex — I’m fortunate that these events didn’t result in catching any diseases.


I was always curious about sex with men but too deep in the closet to actually meet someone in a bar or get to know them openly, so I turned to anonymous sex as an outlet. I’m a little over 6 feet tall and weighed about 200 lbs with a slight belly no matter how much I worked out, so I was a bit self-conscious of my appearance and a gloryhole satisfied my desire for cock and helped me not worry about my body or my reputation. Visiting a seedy adult shop usually resulted in me getting an anonymous blowjob. Later I tried sucking cock through a gloryhole but couldn’t stand the taste of cum so I’d spit it out or let the guy shoot into my cubicle while I avoided it. Ultimately, a guy convinced me to let him fuck me, but it was painful and unpleasant. My ass was too tight, there wasn’t any lube except for my spit, and it was all I could do to not run away screaming. Not fun for a first time.

But I was still interested and desperate to be filled. I tried candles and really loved the feeling of a hard shaft penetrating me, teasing my prostate, and filling me completely. My best orgasms all came with something in my ass and I was sure that the real thing would feel even better. But after that first time I knew I couldn’t handle it without a lot of preparation.

Not long after this I got a chance to work in north Germany for two years in the late 80’s. As a young 23 year old with no girlfriend, I jumped at the chance. Hamburg has a famous red light district and I didn’t know anyone in the country, so I felt more confident exploring my wild side. I visited a “Sex Kino” to buy a butt plug, a metal cock ring, and some lube and began using the plug to loosen up my tight hole. I knew that it would keep my ass open for a while, but I wanted it to stay loose all the way to Hamburg, so I devised a plan. If I could keep the butt plug in me as long as possible my sphincter wouldn’t be completely closed before some man filled it. The rest of this story is about what happened when I put my plan in action.

It was a pleasant spring Saturday and I was feeling horny. I put on my favorite Bike jockstrap. The feel of the white pouch cradling my cock and balls as well as the leg straps that I knew framed my beefy football player ass had me hard and ready for action. Then I grabbed some lube and my butt plug and moved to the bathroom. I put a generous amount of lube on both the plug and my twitching hole then pushed the plug into me. The first try didn’t work so well — my hole resisted and I felt a sharp pain. I pulled the plug back out and waited until the pain passed and tried again. This time I slowly thrust the plug in and out, gradually getting more and more of the shaft inside me, forcing my sphincter to relax. Eventually I managed to get the widest part of the plug into me without too much pain, and my ass sucked the rest of the plug into me until I felt the comforting base snug up against the outside of my hole.

The effort to get the plug in made my hard-on disappear. That was a perfect time for me to slide on a solid metal cock ring. I slowly eased each of my large balls through the ring, and then I manipulated my shrunken, soft cock through as well. As I finished the job, I stroked my cock with my greased hand to help plump it up. As the blood rushed into my cock, the ring tightened around me until my shaft was firm and hard and jutting out from my stomach. I re-arranged my jock again and admired in the mirror how the cock ring really enhanced my package and made it even sexier. The jock kept my 7″ secure so I wouldn’t be too obscene walking in public, but with enough bulge to draw attention. After cleaning up I slid on my tight faded jeans that had a few small holes in the crotch and ass areas. Adding a dark long-sleeved shirt, I then sat down to put on my socks and shoes. My eyes widened as I felt the plug pushed deeper in my ass and a slight moan escaped my lips. It took me a minute to catch my breath before I could finish getting ready. After a quick check of the train schedule and tossing my daypack over my shoulder, I was out the door.

The ten-minute walk to the train station allowed me time to truly enjoy the feel of what was going on under my clothing. Each step caused the plug to shift in my ass, occasionally brushing my prostate and sending a thrill through my body. I naturally rolled my hips a little to enhance the pleasure of the plug fucking me. The cock ring kept my cock hard and my balls pressed tightly against the confining pouch of my jock. The leg straps of the jock tugged at my ass and the rough fabric of the jeans rubbed directly on my ass cheeks. I purchased my round-trip train ticket to Hamburg and moved to the platform to istanbul travesti wait for the next train. Right on time it arrived and I boarded for the hour-long journey. I quickly took my seat, moaning quietly as the now-familiar plug pushed deeper inside me. I settled in and pulled out some porn stories to read and keep me excited during the trip. I carefully made sure the cover of the book couldn’t be seen by my fellow patrons.

The train wound its way through apple orchards and small towns but I paid scant notice, focused as I was on the sex that awaited me in the backstreets of Hamburg. Each bump and roll of the train caused the plug to fuck me slowly, stretching my hole, moving deeper inside me, exciting me further. As the train approached the main station I quickly ducked in to the nearest restroom, locked the door, pulled down my jeans, and removed the plug from my ass. Although I wanted to keep it in much longer, it had served its purpose of loosening up my ass for what I had planned later. I rinsed off the plug in the sink and stashed it in my pack, dressed, and headed out just as the train reached the station. I took two steps at a time up the escalator and saw the daylight swiftly fading to night as I stepped outside. Since I didn’t want to carry my pack where I was going, I stashed it along with my wallet and keys into a train station locker. The cost was worth the peace of mind to know my stuff was safe while I focused on other things.

I ducked back underground and waited for the next subway, or S-Bahn, to take me to the red-light district. Hamburg, a huge port city, has a very lively red-light district along a wide boulevard called the Reeperbahn, pronounced “raper-bon”. The street was loaded with a mix of sex-shops, snack shops, and night clubs. The south side of the street was patrolled by several female prostitutes, in spandex and heavy makeup. I turned away and walked two blocks to find what I was looking for on one of the side streets. The Gay Sex Kino. I walked into the place and quickly handed the clerk 10DM ($ 5) and he buzzed me into the dark, forbidden zone of sex.

My eyes adjusted to the dim light of the theatre, lit only by the gay porn on the screen ahead of me. There were rows of theatre seats on either side of me and I could see a few men seated and watching the show, but I was more interested in what waited downstairs. I walked to the front of the theatre where I found the steps leading downstairs and walked down. At the bottom there was a small room to the left that had a TV monitor showing a different gay porn movie. Several guys were sitting in chairs watching a couple of twinks fucking, so I paused a while in the doorway and watched. I rubbed my hand over my crotch and felt my cock start to swell, constrained by the cock ring and the pouch of my jock strap. The action on the screen heated up and that in turn got me more and more ready for cock.

I tore myself away from the movie knowing that real guys looking for real sex were waiting just down the hall. I passed a side room on the left and one on the right and carefully stepped through the darkened doorway ahead of me. It was pitch black dark inside and I waited a few moments just inside the door until I could faintly make out the wall to my left. The rest of the room was completely dark, but I could sense and slightly hear movement. I shuffled slowly into the room feeling ahead of me with my hand extended waist high, reaching to find someone, not wanting to run into them.

After touching a random body or two that moved away, I brushed my hand against something firm. I felt a prominent bulge in a pair of trousers. I caressed the bulge gently, getting a feel for the sizable cock hidden beneath the fabric. I felt a hand reach out to me, feeling my hip and reaching around behind to grasp my ass possessively. Emboldened, I started to unzip the man’s pants to get at the meaty prize inside. I felt my unseen partner’s hardening rod and gently wrestled it out into the open. I couldn’t tell much about it at first but couldn’t wait to explore it further. I bent over at the waist to bring my mouth closer to his dick. My mystery man reached down to the back of my head with his hand, encouraging me to take him into my mouth. Not being able to see him caused my other senses to be sharpened. I inhaled the scent of his crotch, a musty but intoxicating smell. It was the smell of someone who had probably bathed that morning but had worked and sweated a bit. I stuck out my tongue to taste the tip and noticed he was uncircumcised like most Germans. The taste caused my mouth to salivate and I opened my mouth and slowly slid my lips down his shaft. Now I could tell that the dick was thick but not too challenging to wrap my lips around. It would be a challenge for my ass if we went that far, but I was hoping my work with the butt plug had loosened me enough. Not being an experienced cock sucker, I istanbul travestileri couldn’t take his whole length into my mouth and throat without gagging, but I guessed his length to be about 7″, similar to my own.

As I settled in to give this stranger a blowjob in the darkened room, my neglected cock began to harden. Just knowing I was doing this to someone I had never seen, much less met, and that it was happening in an open dark room thrilled me. I felt proud and excited that my mouth alone was getting him hard.

Now that he knew I would continue sucking him without his hand guiding me on my head, the mystery man began exploring my body with his hands. He reached down my back and leaned over me to reach my waist. I felt him stick his hand down the back of my jeans, past the waistband of my jock and caress my ass. I didn’t flinch at all; in fact I began sucking his cock in earnest, giving it lots of attention like he gave my ass. I shifted slightly, reaching down to unbutton my jeans and allow the man to slide them down my beefy ass. He and I both ignored my throbbing cock, kept hard by the steel cock ring but bound by the pouch of my jock.

I licked and sucked the delicious cock before me, the erotic sounds I made breaking the silence of the dark room. My mystery man felt my ass cheeks and homed in on my crack. I whimpered a bit as he found my twitching hole with one of his fingers, my face buried in his crotch. As he teased my entrance I grabbed the back of his thighs for support, lost in the pleasure.

Just as I was about to pull my mouth off his rigid pole so he could fuck me I felt another set of hands on my back and ass. There was someone else behind me! I heard the sound of a lighter flicking as the second man wanted some light to see what was going on. I’m sure it was quite the sight: a horny young man, pants on the floor, shirt bunched around my armpits, jockstrap framing my ass that was sticking out invitingly, sucking another man who was fingering my ass and prepping me for a hard fucking. All I could see from my position were the brown trousers of the first man in front of me. The two men shared a brief word in German that I didn’t catch, but quickly figured out what was said. Having seen enough, the second man shut the lighter, plunging us back into complete darkness.

The first man moved his hands to my head and shoulders, keeping me focused on his cock in my mouth. Soon I felt the second man’s finger penetrate my hole, finding it already lubed and ready for him. He must have been using his free hand to free his cock from his pants because the next thing I know I feel a hot, hard, huge object brush up against my ass. This was more than what I had planned on! I tried to back off the cock in my mouth, to at least say “Slow down!” but Man

held me firm, my mouth completely gagged. Behind me Man

started shoving his pole past my ring and I felt myself being violated by this unseen cock. The pain as he stretched my near-virgin hole caused me to moan around the dick in my mouth, which only served to excite Man

even more. I focused on relaxing my ass to reduce the pain, completely ignoring the cock between my lips. Inch by inch my intestines were filled by the huge dick until it bottomed out in my ass and I felt the zipper and fabric of Man

‘s pants against my poor ass. Man

then placed his hands on my hips and grabbed the waistband of my jockstrap and prepared to fuck me.

I was choking on the cock in front of me as the one behind me began to withdraw. Inch by inch it slowly pulled out and I was able to back off the cock down my throat. But before it withdrew completely, the cock in my ass slammed back inside me, harder and deeper than ever. This pushed me forward and the first cock filled my mouth again. Back and forth Man

began thrusting in and out of my ass, slowly picking up the pace. I was thankful for the lube and the loosening of the butt plug because quickly the pain turned to pleasure as the cock slid smoothly in and out of me, occasionally sending a jolt through me as it grazed across my prostate.

The sensation of being spit-roasted on two mystery cocks in this pitch-black room overwhelmed my senses. All I saw was darkness, all I smelled was the musk of the cock down my throat, all I tasted was cock, all I felt was cock in both holes, all I heard were the slap-slap-slap of the man’s hips against my ass and my muffled moans and slurps. I no longer thought of the two men or anything but the two cocks. I held onto the thighs of the man in front of me as I was used and filled in ways I had never imagined. I have no idea whether I was doing a good job sucking — I just focused on keeping my lips, not my teeth, on the cock as I was pushed up and down the shaft by the motion behind me. My whole world was those two cocks.

The action behind me kept getting faster and I knew he couldn’t keep up the pace for travesti istanbul much longer, even though I now wanted this tag-team action to last forever. Man

tugged at the waistband of my jock as he relentlessly pounded that amazing cock deep inside me. His thrusts became harder, deeper, hitting my prostate and driving me crazy. Soon enough I heard him moan and bury his cock to the root in my quivering hole. I honestly couldn’t feel the cum filling up my abused chute, but I knew what was happening and I relished the thought as I could now devote more attention to the cock gagging my throat.


slowly pulled his softening cock from my hole, turned loose of my jock, and disappeared into the darkness without ever speaking a word. I was just another hole to him, a place to dump his cum and leave. My ass felt empty without that massive cock in it, but I knew it wouldn’t be empty long.

Sure enough, Man

withdrew his hard cock, dripping wet with my saliva, from my mouth, and I was able to rest my aching jaw. As I rested my hand on my knees and caught my breath, the mystery man moved around behind me. I knew what was coming next and braced myself for another cock in my hungry hole. I shouldn’t have been surprised at how easily he slipped into me, considering how the other guy loosened up my hole so much and lubed it up with his cum. There was absolutely no pain as he sank his uncut cock all the way into my sloppy asspussy and began fucking me.

His style was different, more urgent than the first man. Maybe it’s because he knew I could take it, or maybe he was just ready to get his rocks off and didn’t want to waste any more time. Either way, the slapping of his pelvis against my ass echoed through the darkness, announcing to the world a real man was fucking his bitch. This wasn’t tender lovemaking by candlelight; it was raw, animalistic breeding. I moaned — I couldn’t help it. He was forcing the sounds out of me with each piston-like thrust. I was consumed by the feeling, the intensity. It was all I could do to brace myself and take his passion with nothing to hold onto but my own legs. The relentless beating I was taking overwhelmed my senses; my whole world was nothing but the huge cock hitting places I didn’t know existed in my ass. Nothing else mattered.

Just when I thought he couldn’t fuck me any harder, he pounded me three or four more times, long, deep strokes, grunting each time he pushed inside me. His cum erupted and joined the mess already churned up inside my ass, filling me to overflowing. He stood there, leaning over me, catching his breath, dripping sweat on my lower back, his cock still pulsing inside me, oozing the last of his seed. Finally, he pulled out slowly and gently patted my ass cheek, silently thanking me for servicing his wonderful cock.

I stayed bent over, pants around my ankles, hearing him zip up his pants and walk away. I tried to process what happened but my thoughts were fleeting. I was floating from the intensity of the fucks and it took a while for me come back to my senses. Although I didn’t cum from being fucked, my cock was hard and oozing in my jock, and my prostate was throbbing from the deep massage it received. I reached down to start pulling up my pants and felt how stiff my legs were and how my hole felt hot, stretched, and empty now. I pulled up my pants, silently cursing that I didn’t have anything to wipe the slimy cum that was leaking from my ass and down my legs. I felt the cum on my leg sticking to my pants leg and hoped no stains would show through my jeans.

I stiffly climbed the stairs, clenching my ass cheeks to keep the cum from leaking out of my abused hole. Then I exited from the sex shop into the brisk night air. I felt like everyone was staring at me and that they could tell that I was walking bowlegged from the hard double-fucking I received. I looked down and was relieved that the precum in my jock hadn’t soaked through my jeans yet. Hungry now I stopped and bought food from a street vendor, and smiled as each step caused me to feel like such a slut. Between the soreness of my hole, the dampness of my jock, and the rub of my jeans on my strapped ass I felt so loose, so dirty. It was such a sexy feeling that I didn’t want the evening to end.

I finally went back to the train station and retrieved my pack so I could catch a late train home. As I sat down in my seat for the ride home I could feel that the walk had caused some of the cum inside me to leak out, and with only wearing a jock under my pants now my jeans were wet. I sat in the wet spot, feeling like a total slut, all the way home. When I finally got off the train, my jeans stuck to my ass and I tried to hold my pack low and behind and not let anyone see how wet my ass was. Fortunately, it was so late that the streets were deserted as I returned to my apartment, slimy jeans and all. That night it didn’t take long for me to cum — I didn’t even bother to remove my jock before I erupted all over the damp white fabric.

I returned to that sex shop a few more times during my stay in Germany but nothing compared to that trip. But I did have some great adventures across Europe while I was there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32