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We had been stopped at the train station for a good 90 minutes and there seemed to be no sign of the train moving, but as always with British Rail, the only announcements were the guard saying he had no idea what was going on. I sat with my head pressed against the train window, on the other side the view was a complex maze of buildings laced by a jumble of train tracks and on my side, a half-deserted platform leading to another stopped train,”

I was a little bored and a lot upset at the delay when I saw her look at me, smiling, with a twinkle in her eye that seemed to scream mischief. The sides of her dark hair were cropped tight to her head with the top left long and pulled into a short top knot come ponytail that’s rested on the crown of her head. I would have put her at my sort of age, early 20s but she still seemed vibrant and still full of youth whereas I could already feel mine slowly slipping away as the prospect of settling down started to loom.

I was on my way to Cambridge to meet my boyfriend to spend the weekend with him and his parents and had a strong idea that he was thinking of popping the question. Something he would want to do in front of his parents as he knew that would add even more pressure on me to say yes. Not that I didn’t like Timmy it was just he was a bit… grey, if that’s not too unkind. I knew that his plan, well his mother’s plan would be for us to have a big wedding where she could show off to the neighbours. Then we would get a little place not far from her, with their help of course followed by me producing a stream of well-behaved and perfectly manicured grandchildren for her on a regular basis.

Timmy and I didn’t live together as I was still in my final year at university and determined to finish my course in Biochemistry and obtain a degree before I threw it all away to become a domestic engineer with a side career in procreation or housewife and mother as it is more commonly known. Timmy had graduated last year and now worked in Cambridge Science Park and had returned to live with his parents until I was ready to join him. I knew from experience that the weekend would mean separate rooms with the space between us covered by night-vision cameras and sensor alarms to stop any midnight assignations. Well, I may be exaggerating a bit about the security procedures but it felt like it, as the stern lectures would always be given about sex before marriage and staying pure. Sadly, this was something that Timmy had meekly accepted, at least while we were at his parent’s.

Not that Timmy and I hadn’t had sex, he was my first and one and only. I must admit I had thought for ages that perhaps it was meant to be done in silence with the lights off on the few times we actually shared a bed at my student digs. I was corrected on my perception when, after Timmy had moved back to Cambridge, my flatmate showed me some porn one night and opened my eyes in a big way. I did later find out that normal sex was somewhere in between the videos showing a woman taking on two or three incredibly well-endowed men with the vocal accompaniments that would have served an opera singer well and the dull sex that Timmy clearly thought was the norm. Although some of the guys at the university made it very clear there was a place for me in their beds if I wished once Timmy left, with his 1:1 of course, I remained faithful to him.

As I glanced at the girl again, I saw she had breathed on the glass and written [email protected] in large letters. I stared at it for a moment before it dawned on me that she must mean the ‘Take @ chance,’ app. The idea was you told the app what type you were, what you were into and what you were looking for and it would hook you up with people within the distance from you that you set… OK, it was Grindr for lesbians.

After my flatmate had shown me porn, I discovered lesbian porn and was hooked. Although I had never strayed from Timmy with either a man or another woman, I had half fooled myself into thinking that if I strayed with another woman it wouldn’t count. After a few masturbation sessions while watching some explicit lesbian porn, I downloaded the app after downing a bottle of red wine one night before using the neck of the bottle for other purposes.

I loved some of the descriptions of the ‘types’ ranging from ‘butch dyke’ through to ‘straight but curious,’ the latter being me. At first, I set the distance from me to ‘any online’ and found myself having some very hot conversations which would often cumulate in a mutual masturbation session. I started to get more explicit in my conversations and would describe my fantasies to be used as a lesbian plaything. My unseen random partner would often happily play along and we would exchange explicit pictures drawn from the internet showing such scenes as a woman being double penetrated by strap-ons or even being fisted in public. The only in-app communication system was text or picture exchange but the desire to explore further was growing every day. So, one evening I went out and sat in a large pub plucking bahis şirketleri up the courage to turn the app on.

One of the great features was the ‘shy’ mode which allowed you to be online and could see other users but your online status was concealed meaning they couldn’t see you. Pointless if you were just chatting but invaluable if you were looking to move from fantasy to reality. My screen lit up with a few green, yellow and red dots indicating whether they were likely to be a good, intermediate or poor match. After scanning the profiles, I got chatting with a woman who seemed to be nearby based on her locator, although she had no idea where I was. The conversation seemed to start OK but as she began to lecture me more and more about how all men were bastards, I started to lose interest. Then next kept insisting that we meet as she described in very graphic detail what she would do to me that seemed to get weirder and weirder as she went on. At the point she described how she would squat over me and do things that made me feel ill I clicked closed and blocked her.

The next woman calling herself Miss XXX seemed very promising. Her profile picture showed an older sophisticated woman and she said how she had been a lesbian ever since her divorce. She almost seemed reluctant to meet, though hinted she would like to take things further if we got on. I finally admitted that I was in the same town as her and agreed to meet in the pub we were both in, although I had told her I was at least 15 minutes away in an Uber. In fact, I was already there and according to the app was within 5 metres but as I scanned the pub, I couldn’t see anyone who even remotely looked like the profile picture shown. After a while I worked out that it must be the group of young guys who were laughing at their phones while watching the door at the same time.

My phone flashed a message

MISS XXX: How will I know you? Send me a pic.

My blood was boiling and at the same time I could feel my cheeks getting red with shame as I realised, I was being ‘catfished’. I wanted to scream with rage and throw things at them but instead, I calmly typed back,

CURIOUS_L: Sorry will need to take a rain check. The woman I am sharing the Uber with has just pushed two fingers into my soaking cunt.

Then before they could reply I blocked them and deleted the app swearing that it was all pointless and I was doomed to live out a boring but safe life.

Looking at the girl on the train again I could she had added a ‘?’ to the [email protected] Luckily the Wi-Fi was working on the train and I downloaded the app before signing in under my old profile, ‘Curious_L.’

I saw straight away that there was a ‘potential friend’ within 20 meters which could only be her and the name against her icon said ‘Debbie D’. When you pressed the question mark next to the name you got some brief details that allowed you to decide if you wanted to chat with that person. It stated the type and for her, it said ‘soft dyke’, which meant she was more of a top but not over the top. Then there was a section called ‘Seeking’ where you could put in a wide variety of things and hers simply said “you.” The final section was an optional attention grabber that I never bothered filling in but hers said “I love to show a straight for the first what she has been missing out on for all these years. I can be hard or soft the choice is yours; the question is when?”

The icon started to glow and pulse green which meant that she was online and a good match when a message jumped onto the screen,

DEBBIE: Hey there,

I jumped with shock and horror as I realised the app had reverted to standard settings which meant I was in visible mode. At first, I just ignored it as I tried to decide whether I could put shy mode on when the next message came up again,

DEBBIE: Hey sexy, I’m Debbie. What’s your name?

I blushed as I thought she couldn’t mean me and looked round to see who her message was directed at but realised that the carriage was pretty much empty unless of course, she was into pensioner sex, but they were asleep anyway. Still unsure I pointed to myself and pulled a face that I hoped indicated a question and didn’t make me look like a dork. To my surprise, she nodded enthusiastically and then drew a love heart on the window where she had breathed on it first.

Clicking the icon to accept a chat I changed my display name to Laura and then wrote

LAURA: Hello, I’m Laura,”

I then added a smiley face before taking a deep breath and pressing send. I sat there waiting for the response from whatever prank line she directed me to, no doubt to give her a good laugh.

DEBBIE: Thanks for agreeing to chat with me. You have made my day and my panties wet, well you would have if I was wearing any.

I nearly dropped the phone like it was red hot. Was she really coming onto me and thought I was sexy. Maybe she was just teasing me. Taking a deep breath I typed,

LAURA: What are you doing? I am on the way to see my boyfriend, well bahis firmaları I would if this bloody train ever got going.

Thinking to myself that should stop any silly ideas I pressed send and watched as she read it and then laughed before putting her head down furiously writing her reply. A moment later the phone pinged and I read the text feeling my face colour as I did.

DEBBIE: What I am doing is texting a very sexy woman who I think is one of the horniest things I have seen in ages. What I would like to be doing is having a night of rampant sex with her.

I could feel myself blush but at the same time I could feel myself get wet though before I could text a reply my phone pinged.

DEBBIE: Hope your boyfriend knows how lucky he is… and if you fancy going halves on a hotel, I’m game.

I was at a loss for words for a moment then texted,

LAURA: Do you really have no panties on?

DEBBIE: Why would I lie? Anyway, it’s so liberating to be naked under a skirt or dress in the knowledge that a gust of wind or a fall could reveal everything to the world. The excitement that a stranger could slide their hand up my inner thigh and touch my naked cunt…

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. My mouth was dry, my heart was racing and my panties were soaked.

DEBBIE: Pick a number, 1, 2, 3 or 4.


DEBBIE: Wait a moment.

Looking at her carriage I saw a series of flashes of light followed by her staring at her phone as she typed. I saw I had been sent 3 pictures and as I opened them, I went beet red as I realised what they were. The first picture showed a close up of a shaved open pussy. The second showed two fingers buried deep in the pink folds with the others showing bright scarlet nail varnish bent out of the way. The final picture showed them withdrawn and gleaming with her juices. It was obvious that these were not professional pictures as they were slightly out of focus and not centred. My head was spinning as I realised a stranger had just sent me a picture of her most private parts with two fingers in herself.

Looking out of the window I saw her wiggle her fingers at me before sucking on each of them in turn. A little voice inside my head wished I had picked four, but two covered in her juices were exciting enough.

DEBBIE: I have shown you mine, do I get to see yours?

LAURA: I couldn’t I would be too embarrassed. Anyway, I am wearing panties.

DEBBIE: Take them off then… why not take a chance?

I paused for a moment, my head spinning as I couldn’t believe I was even contemplating removing my underwear at the request of a complete stranger let alone fingering myself and sending her pictures.

I had to read it again and look at the pictures again to make sure I wasn’t imagining things but when I looked up, she had vanished from the window and I actually felt disappointed even though I was pretty certain I would have chickened out.

“Hey there,” said the woman with a twang of a soft Irish brogue as she slid into the seat opposite me. “That look on your face tells me that you were going to say no, so here I am so you can tell me face to face.” Then she smiled broadly at me as before she went on, “but before you do let me pose something to you. You have no idea who I am and I have no idea who you are apart from first names. I would guess by the look on your face that you are straight as they come and probably only been with one maybe two guys at most, let alone licked a nice wet pussy.”

I could feel my face getting redder and I wanted to tell her to go away but something inside of me kept my voice from working. In fact, I could feel myself getting even damper as I started to picture myself being one of the two women pleasuring each other in the videos I had secretly watched. I tried to keep my face straight as she went on.

“Let us consider the facts. The trains are all fucked so none of us will be going anywhere fast. They will offer a replacement bus service that will take until the early hours of the morning. You can get on that and enjoy the company of some drunk crowded next to you drooling on your shoulder as you return back to your normal and no doubt boring life, or…”

At this point, she paused and looked me in the eyes before she reached across the table and ran her nail down my arm making me shiver. As I felt my nipples harden under my blouse, she lowered her voice and went on.

“…You could join me in the hotel over there where I have already booked a room and I could lick every inch of your sexy body taking you to heights you have never been before. I can unpack my toys and fuck you in ways you have only ever dreamed of. Then in the morning, we go our separate ways, no strings attached never to meet again.”

She sat back and regarded me in much the same way as I imagined a cat would regard a mouse before it decides to pounce. I studied her carefully as you never know what an axe murderer looks like but she seemed like she didn’t fit the normal mould but then again what kaçak bahis siteleri does an axe murderer look like anyway.? The sensible part of my brain wanted to scream and run away but deep inside there was a little bit gnawing at me, telling me this was a perfect chance that may only occur once in a lifetime.

Her physique showed someone who took care of themself and the muscles in her bare arms were defined without being overly butch. She had a black denim dress that buttoned all the way down the front, with a fair few of the bottom buttons undone to reveal a good amount of thigh and clunky black boots that were laced up to the middle of her calf. The overall effect made her look more feminine than butch despite the tattoos on one arm that showed clearly under the capped sleeves of her black dress.

“I have people expecting me,” was all I could think of it while my brain whirred frantically like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights.

“You can send a text saying you will travel in the morning,” she said with the same expectant smile.

“What will you do if I say no?” I asked still trying to buy myself time.

“But you aren’t going to say no, are you?” she said simply and firmly and I felt myself shake my head as she went on, “Just remember my name as you will be screaming it later.”

At that moment the announcement came over the Tanoy advising that the trains had been cancelled and a replacement bus service would be arranged as soon as possible. With a lot of grumblings and moaning the train quickly cleared as people filed out and across the bridge to the exits where long queues had already started to form. Debbie just sat there looking at me until there were just the two of us left when almost to emphasise the point that the trains had been cancelled the carriage was plunged into semi-darkness.

She laughed, not a hard laugh but a soft understanding laugh as she said quietly, “Decision time are you ready to take a chance? What are your deepest sexual desires? I can be your mistress or your slut, the choice is yours. What does your body say inside here?”

As she spoke, she leaned over and touched the spot at the top of my breast where my heart was, making it beat faster. Looking into her dark eyes I took a deep breath as I whispered, “slut…will you make me your slut for the night?” She didn’t speak but still looking into my eyes she moved her hand lower until she cupped my full breast.

“What are your limits? Name them now as from once you say yes you are mine.”

I thought for a long moment then took a deep breath before I said quietly, “None.”

She smiled and to my shock slipped her hand inside my blouse and under my bra. Surely people could see and I went to look around in panic but she barked, “Look at me slut. Are you sure?” I felt her finger and thumb fasten around my nipple and squeeze, gently at first, then harder making a low moan escape my lips.

“Yes,” I moaned my body filled with lust, “Whatever you command.”

“Remove your panties,” she said still with the same smile on her face. Surely, she must have realised that I had leggings on but as opened my mouth to speak she said calmly. “Life is all about taking chances. Sometimes we let those opportunities pass and spend the rest of our lives wondering what if. I know you have leggings on. I know that to remove your panties you will need to remove your leggings. Your jacket should be long enough to cover your ass, though best we are last up the stairs or people may see your naked cunt. If you aren’t quick enough, I may just walk you through the station naked, on a leash so all can see what a slut you are.”

I thought my heart would burst it was beating so fast but I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance I just had to take. The thought of being paraded naked in front of strangers terrified me yet at the same time pressing my thighs together to stop myself cumming. Sending a vague text to Timmy about trains, hotels and drunks cumulating in declarations of love I pressed send and switched my phone off.

She stood and held out her hand and led me to the toilet which was the type that had the large electric door that moved around slowly to open and then what seemed even slower to close. Once the door had fully shut Debbie clicked the button to lock the door turning the switch greed to red. Folding her arms across her breasts, she regarded me silently as I removed my leggings and soaking panties. A smile played across her face as she said quietly, “strip fully.”

I stood shivering half from fear and half from excitement as she regarded my body carefully then to my horror, she picked up my discarded clothing and pulled open the small ventilation window before pushing my clothes through and onto the tracks.

“Go and get your coat,” she said as she calmly pressed the button opening the door. I could feel myself praying that the carriage was still empty and peeking out I breathed a sigh of relief as I realised the other passengers had already gone. My relief turned to horror as I saw the guard walking through the train checking it was empty. At the same time, I realised that as the carriage was still lit sufficiently that I would be on display if any of the passengers shuffling through the exit looked back.

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