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It was hot, dusty and dry and James drove his pickup down the cul de sac that ended at the river. His aunt lived there in a dark blue house with a large deep yard. It was ten minutes out of town and, in spite of the houses around it, it felt isolated, with it’s high fences.

He had been unemployed for a the last four months after his last contract ended, and living at home at 22 in the beginning of what was becoming a long, hot summer, it felt good to get out of the house.

Not that he had had much of a choice, his mom had told him that he couldn’t be in the house today, and that he should not come back until dinner. “I’m sending you over to do yard work at your aunt’s place,” she had said yesterday evening. “No discussion, just do it.” Okay James thought, I’ve taken plenty, I suppose I should give back. I’ve already talked about it with aunt Wendy, his mother had said, she’s expecting you at nine am.

She had woken him up at eight, shower, cereal, and here he was ready to mow grass and pull weeds. As he looked at the house down the street, he saw that the lawn looked overgrown but still green, hedges could use a trim, as well, James thought. The watering ban was in effect, she must be cheating.

Wendy was his mother’s younger sister, divorced with one daughter who was in her first year at university. They lived here together in a house that was a little too big for them, which is a part of the reason why the hedges were overgrown and the lawn was almost permanently unmown.

He pulled into the carport and as he stepped out of the door he looked up to see his aunt through the window of the doorway. She was already waiting for him, he thought that that was nice of her. Their two families hadn’t been that close, and James had always thought of her as aloof, and she had never shown much interest in talking to him at rare family events.

He turned around to get some tools out of the car out of the back of his truck but she rapped on the window with the back of her hand motioning for him to leave his stuff and come inside.

He noticed then that her hair was down and she was wearing a pink silk robe. And she looked at him with a curious look. He walked towards the door and she opened it for him slowly. He now saw that the entryway was dark but she was illuminated and her robe was open.

“James, thank you for coming over,” she said in a strong but soft voice. Her robe was covering up most of what people would think was important, but was open in a line that allowed James to run his eyes from her supple neck down through the line that divided her breasts to her navel and then up the side of her thigh to a leg that was turned outward. She smiled and he was immediately uncomfortable, but he couldn’t look away, his eyes moved over every visible part of her skin..

“Come with me,” she said, and she took him by the hand and led him upstairs. She pulled him along through the low lit entryway up a flight of stairs that led to a long family room, as he open robe flared around her. He looked around to see the room strewn with clothes. Up another flight of stairs, he was immediately surprised but a beautiful woman with loose clothing was leading him into her bedroom.

As she brought him to the bedroom door she asked him quickly: “Do you have a girlfriend right now?”

“No, I was dating … someone before Christmas,” he said, hesitating as she brought him through the threshold of her door.

“And you normally use condoms?” She asked as she put her hands on his shoulders walking him backwards towards a wall.

“Yes, uh, I always do.” He looked down at the ground behind him.

“Have you showered?” She asked as they both stopped moving and she looked him hard in the eyes. He nodded yes. “Good,” she said. “That’s all very good. I am going to suck your cock now, would you mind?”

James’ eyes went wide.

30 seconds before James had been thinking about a day of hard work and now his aunt was prying open his belt and unzipping his pants.

As she knelt down, the robe slipped off of her reveal her smooth c-cup breasts which hung below her beautiful smiling face like a welcome mat. On her knees she looked up at him and pressed his hardening cock to her face, she smelled his scent as she cupped his balls with one hand. Her eyes closed as she savoured it.

She lifted his balls and opened her mouth, sucking on them gently. Ripples ran through, James’ body, he had gotten blowjobs, but he hadn’t been touched like this before. The sensations overwhelmed the fact that he couldn’t understand what was happening. His aunt was now licking the underside of his shaft, putting the tip in her mouth. As she sensuously sucked the tip and then eased her head over the shaft. She closed her eyes and left out a satisfied mmmmmmmmm.

She went as deep as she could and then came back up slowly. bostancı escort bayan Then back down again with her tongue running along the underside of his cock.

It had been months since James had had contact with a woman and he didn’t last very long. He could feel the semen building up in his balls and he put his hands on the back of her head running his fingers through soft hair, gripping her skull and forcefully helping her to pleasure him.

His orgasm came hard and fast sending what may have been weeks worth of cum building up into his aunt’s welcoming mouth. The experienced woman had felt the pressure build and was ready to swallow everything that came out of him. She then continued gently nursing, sucking his cock and giving him little aftershocks of pleasure.

He continued running his hand through her hair but slowly the reality the situation began to dawn. His aunt was on his knees in front of them running her hands over his legs looking at him like he was a prize horse. He had just come in her mouth. Her mouth which was still around his cock.

He looked down at her sitting in a position that he had always thought of as submissive. “Aunt Wendy?” he asked.

“Uh huh?” she smiled seductively ask she slowly sat back on her heels

“What was this all about, why did you just do this?”

She ran the back of her hand over her mouth, wiping her lips, “young men like you can’t usually last that long so I wanted to give you a blowjob now so that when you fuck me later we can take our time,” she said. “Did you not like it?”

James stammered, “It’s not that I don’t want to do that it’s just that I’m a little confused.”

“I want you to fuck me, James, do I need more of a reason than that? You’re a good looking young man and you don’t have a girlfriend to take care of your needs. Well, I want you to let me take care of those needs.”

James thought for a moment and then smiled. “Do you still want me to do all that yard work?” he asked.

His aunt laughed, “Yes I do. Why don’t you go mow the lawn then come back in. I’ll be lying here, on my back, with my legs spread, waiting for you.”

James tenderly put his hand on her face with a new appreciation for its beauty. “I’ll get it done in 10 minutes,” he said.

She watched him from her balcony mowing the lawn, she still wore her silk robe but it was tighter, she didn’t want the neighbors to see what she would happily show her nephew. As he pushed against in the lawn mower, she could see the muscles of his back shining in the sun with a sweat that came from trying to do a half hour job in 10 minutes. The taste of his cum was still on her tongue.

Madeline had invited her niece Julia out to go shopping. It had originally started as a trip to go buy shoes but it had changed to dresses and then under Madeline’s suggestions it turned into a trip to buy lingerie. Madeline happily bought the clothes for Julia, convincing her to buy whatever she wanted, and they would do the fitting session at home.

“When we’re back home,” Madeline suggested when they were out, “we can make mimosas and try on the underwear. We will take back anything that we don’t like.” Julia agreed, fitting rooms were not the best places the try clothing. She always felt self-conscious.

“Uncle Jacob isn’t home,” Madeline mentioned, “and I’ve sent your cousin off to do yard work at your mom’s house so it’ll be just us girls. We’ll have the run of the house.”

‘We can run around naked if we wanted to,” said Julia joking.

“I would have to insist on it,” said Madeline, laughing along.

As they drove back to the house Madeline was excited, she had promised her husband something special for his birthday this year. Over the years, Madeline had brought many new people into their bed, young and old, men and women, all with a view of keeping their relationship fresh and interesting. Madeline thought of them as gifts to thank her husband for being so loving.

She knew Jacob hadn’t really seen Julia in years and so he didn’t really know the attractive young woman she had become. Over the years, her and her sister’s families had grown apart, and they didn’t spend the time together that they should.

A few weeks ago, Madeline had driven to Wendy’s place to return some old photo albums, and her and her sister had had tea at the kitchen table. It was a split level house and the table overlooked a long living room where Julia was doing an hour long yoga session in a tight fitting tank top and short shorts.

Julie was exceptional a 19 year old now in her second year at university, she had been a decent player on her soccer team which gave her long toned legs and a wonderful strong thin waist, her breasts were perfectly suited to her body and Madeline, with every strained and perfect movement that she watched, ümraniye escort craved to see more. Julia’s long light brown hair was usually kept in a ponytail, but it now fell about her bare shoulders messy and wild. Each twist of her head increased Madeline’s desire.

And all of this while she tried to hold a mundane conversation with her sister.

That night, as her husband fucked her from behind, she couldn’t think of anything but Julia. Madeline had had orgasm after orgasm thinking about having her niece’s tight young body under her as she was down on her elbows and knees in front of her husband.

Julie would be not only a gift to her husband, but one to herself as well.

Madeline thought about that as she drove home with Julia in the passenger seat and she had to force herself not to reach over and stroke the young woman or to twist her hair around her fingers. They arrived and drove into the garage, carrying their newly purchased clothing with them into the house.

She told her niece to go into the bedroom and get started without her. Walking down the hall she stripped off all of her clothes and grabbed a towel from the bathroom, and went into the kitchen to make some Mimosas. She mixed the champagne and the orange juice (very liberal with the champagne) and carried two fluted glasses with her into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Julia stood before a full length mirror topless, she was startled,when her aunt walked in. She quickly covered up her chest with her hands. Madeline laughed, “it’s only me,” she said, handing her niece one of the glasses, and taking a drink herself. “You don’t have to worry about us being interrupted, everyone’s gone.”

Julia relaxed a little, taking a sip. “Sorry, I’m not used to being naked in front of other people,” said Julia, feeling vulnerable.

“Don’t be so modest,” said Madeline, “let me see.” She tilted her head down and put her hands on her niece’s arms, the touch of her aunt’s fingers send waves relaxation through Julia and her arms fell to her sides.

Madeline looked her up and down. “You are gorgeous,” she said, she slid her hands down her niece’s arms and held hands with her. She then took one hand and spun her slowly like a ballroom dance move so they were both facing the same direction towards the mirror. Madeline felt Julia inhale as she wrapped her arms around her chest and held her tight as they looked at themselves in the mirror. The older woman was considerably taller than Julia, and her hands moved down to hold her niece around the waist as if she were leading her through dance moves.

“Look at you,” Madeline said, to the younger woman, “you’re perfect.”

Julia scrunched up her face, “I am not. My breasts are too small. I wish I had a thinner waist.”

“First off,” Madeline said, “your waist is perfect.” As she said this her hands gently squeezed feeling the toned sides of her stomach. “Secondly, your breasts,” said Madeline as she moved her hands back up to cup each of them, “are magnificent. They’re young and firm and wonderful, she ran her fingers smoothly over each small, round nipple. The boys are going to love them.”

Julia stared at herself in the mirror as she let the older woman, with her body pressed against her, touch her sensually. Pulling away, Julia turned around, facing Madeline closely, “let me see yours, aunt Maddie, they’re enormous, and I bet men would fall all over themselves to see you undressed.”

Madeline smiled and brought one hand to open her towel, allowing it to slip down to her hips and exposing her large voluptuous chest. Since she was younger, she had always been busty and yes, she was happy to let her chest do the talking when it came to seduction. “Well, I won’t deny that they have been an asset to me. Jacob loves them and other boys, too.”

“Other boys?” Julia reached out one hand and took a hold of one breast, cupping it, feeling its weight but she quickly realized what she was doing and pulled her hand back. She nervously said, “oh I’m sorry.”

Madeline casually reached out and brought her niece’s hand back to her chest. “Other girls too,” she said, “It’s okay, I like it.” She closed her eyes as she felt the young woman’s hands on her. Julia was amazed, she had never touched another woman like this before. She felt the smooth skin, and caressed along the sides, touching the round nipples.

She looked up at Madeline’s face, “I wish I had breasts like this, aunt Maddie.”

Madeline reached out her hand lifted up Julia’s chin so that she looked directly into her eyes, saying with a smile, “you know you can have them anytime you like.”

Julia pulled back, suddenly self-conscious. She began to say something like I have to go or this is a mistake or thank you very much but it all came out confused. Madeline could see her confusion mixed with desire, escort kartal and so she reached out and pulled the smaller women towards her pressing their bodies together.

Julia looked up into her and size thinking thinking how much stronger her aunt was, her legs and arms were toned and powerful, but sexy, Julia was thin in comparison, and she had always liked men who were stronger than her. Something was triggered in her.

Madeline held their faces together for a few powerful seconds where they were breathing into each other’s mouths and looking into each other’s eyes, and then she very slowly very delicately put her lips to her niece’s soft mouth.

For a few seconds Julie didn’t react, but soon she began to melt into her aunt’s arms, their chests pressed together, Julie’s hands which had been held back bracing with fear now relaxed and moved to feel the soft smooth skin. She ran her hands over the sides of Madeline’s torso and then moved to her back.

Their lips danced together, and as Julie’s hands felt Madeline’s toned back one of Madeline’s hands reached into her niece’s pants to take hold of her soft round bottom and pull it forward, pressing their bodies together. Her other hand went to the back of her niece’s neck, holding her in place.

Julie gave up all resistance, Aunt Madeline, Julie thought to herself, forceful and seductive, could do what she wanted. Madeline released her lips and, making eye contact with her niece, gently pushed Julia’s mouth to her breast. The young woman lost herself as she closed her eyes and let her mouth begin to suck her aunt’s breast.

Two sisters, Wendy and Madeline, were sitting at a cafe. Wendy had a latte and Madeline was drinking a smoothie. The two lived in the same town, but they rarely had the chance to get together. It wasn’t that they had such busy lives but time and some small insults over the years had driven them apart.

Wendy was single with one daughter. The two of them lived with in a house on the end of of a dusty lane. Madeline had a son and a husband who she loved very much and lived closer to downtown.

The two were naturally competitive, always trying to outdo each other. As they had when they were teenagers growing up in their small town, when they got together they often talked about their sexual conquests. Wendy was single and so she would talk about the men in her life. Madeline would talk about the conquests that her and her husband had with the men and the women that they would bring it to their bedroom. From the outside, they were simply gossiping about their sex lives, but it was always a competition about who had had the best adventure.

“I have to tell you,” Wendy said, “but I’ve just found a nice young man to satisfy me. He’s strong and tall, Well built, and quiet. I invited him over last week and I just went for it. You didn’t even see it coming. I just told him I want to suck your cock. Of course he said yes. I got down on my knees and I did it.”

Madeline looked amazed, “that doesn’t seem like you,” she said, “just like that? Did you fuck him?”

“Of course, I’m not that generous.” They laughed, together. Wendy continued: “I actually had him cleaning out my basement. I would have them do a bit of work and then come back and then come up to my bedroom. It was all very convenient.”

“So,” Madeline asked. “where did you meet this young man?”

“He’s just from the neighborhood,” Wendy lied. “He was just around so I made my move.”

“Well that’s wonderful. Will you see him again?”

“I hope to.”

Not to be outdone, Madeline thought about how to frame her own story. She would not have had to tell Wendy, but the rivalry of the two sisters had gotten to her.

“I might as well tell you about my last affair,” Madeline confided carefully, “it was actually with a young woman.”

“Oh?” Wendy asked, “are you cheating on Jake?”

“No,” Madeline looked at her in the eye, “he’s going to be involved,” she said raising her eyebrows.

Wendy looked intrigued, “tell me more,” she asked.

“Well, every once in awhile, you know Jacob asks me to bring to find him a woman. And I did I found the most beautiful young women you could ever see, perfect body. perfect tits, and long smooth hair and brilliant smile. I had originally gotten her as a gift, but I actually want to keep Jacob out of it for a while. I want her all to myself so that I can appropriately instruct her.”

“Go on,” Wendy said.

“I suspect I’ll get to keep her to myself for about three weeks, anything longer than that and Jacob would get jealous. After that I have to share.”

“You know I envy your relationship. I like how you can just be open about these things,” Wendy told her sister.

“It’s like you and me,” Madeline said, “we’re a lot more honest with each other than most people.”

And they both felt kind of guilty but more than guilt they felt pleasure. The pleasure of keeping a secret, the pleasure of an affair, the pleasure of something taboo. Wendy was having an affair with Madeline’s son. Madeline was having an affair with Wendy’s daughter.

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