Teacher’s Pet Pt. 02

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It’s been over 2 weeks since “Ms. Peaches” and I had our secret rendezvous in her classroom. Tonight is graduation night and I’m excited about starting school in the fall and beginning a new chapter in my life. Although I’m excited that day continues to occupy my thoughts constantly. I’ve never had a woman touch me or make me feel as desired as she did. She still winks at me and gives me little touches, but nothing that would give anyone else a clue to what happened between she and I. Although I want to explore with her more than ever I know our situation and her promise to me. So I keep it under wraps and make no mention or moves on her in the meantime…was that day just a one-time thing?

So finally my time to walk the stage has arrived. Good ol pomp and circumstance! As I hug family members and teachers I don’t see my favorite teacher anywhere around. There she is talking with another student. Although I’m a little disappointed, I smile knowing she showed me the best lesson of all. My family departs as I wait to depart with some of my friends on a drunken night of celebration. I’m standing by my friend’s car smoking a cigarette alone when SHE walks up to me. I drop my cig off to the side as not to offend her.

“Congratulations cutie” she says as she warmly embraces me. We chat for a while and I try to maintain a nonchalant attitude, but inside I’m in agony as I can feel my heart pounding inside my chest. She asks about my summer plans to which I reply except for tonight’s celebration and a summer job I have none. Any plans of mine are on hold anyways as my folks will be going on vacation for over a week in a few days. After all, someone has to watch the house and take of the dog. “So you’ll be all alone huh?” She asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes ma’am” I say, not sure what she’s getting at.

Just when I think she is about to just walk away she comes up very close looks around and gazes into my eyes and asks “ALL alone?”

Yes ma’am I reply.

“Mmmmm…never want to waste an opportunity.” she says in that mature, sultry voice of hers as she runs her 3 fingers down my chest…my stomach…stopping just short of where I need her touch the most.

Just then I see some of my friends start heading this way. Damnit! She gives me a harmless peck on the cheek and whispers “See you soon handsome. ” As she walks away, her hand grazes my crotch as if by accident. She walks away…slowly, so I can watch her every move as she looks over her shoulder at me with a smile every now and again. I reluctantly get into the car with my buddies to start our drunk fest. As we drive away I wonder if she means to pay me a visit or just leave me with a parting thought. Either taksim escort way, I’m in for a great time now that high school is behind me…come what may.

A few days later after all the celebrations I’m relaxing in the easy chair…dad’s easy chair to be exact. I have the weekend off and I’m alone on this early Friday evening but that’s okay. Although I’m not 21, my parents are well aware that I drink on occasion. Still, it’s easier to do with them gone…no guilty feelings. I feel man of the house, yet a little sad. I was almost hoping for a visit or a phone call from someone special. As I sip my drink I remind myself that I have the whole summer to find adventure and she showed me an adventure already. Suddenly the phone rings. Thinking it’s my folks checking up on me I exclaim “Howdy!” into the phone.

“Howdy? Is that anyway to talk to your favorite teacher?” a low seductive voice says on the other line. My heart racing, I sit straight up and profusely apologize. I hear soft laughter on the other end. “Just wanted to see how my favorite student was doing. Are your folks still out of town? Are you going to be home tomorrow?”

Yes ma’am”. I say with eagerness.

“Gotta go.” She whispers and disconnects.

By now my mind is going a mile a minute. I sit back in the chair and try to relax. After a few drinks my buzz starts to take hold as I watch some mindless drivel on TV in order to distract myself from getting to over excited. I go to take a sip and notice my drink is empty. I go into the kitchen and to my utter shock “Ms. Peaches” is walking right up to MY screen door! As I collect myself and open the door she eases in and says “Wanted to surprise you!” Then she cautiously looks past my shoulder and asks again if I’m alone. “Yes ma’am, until next Wednesday”. She relaxes and asks what I’m drinking. Then she asks for a drink on the rocks and asks for a tour of the house. By now I’m so nervous I need another drink myself so I fix us both one and proceed to show her around. We talk about the past school year, gossip but all the while I want to ask her how she managed to be out early in the evening, away from her life to see me.

We conclude the tour in the kitchen where I ask if she would like a refill. As I pour the drink she walks over to the door, closes and locks it. “Now I feel safer” she says with a sly grin.

As I hand her the drink she accepts and takes a sip, all the while looking at me. She smiles at me as she sets her drink on the counter and takes mine out of my hand and sets it down. She comes up close pressing against me. She is so seducing. That colorful blouse which rewards me with topkapı escort ample cleavage. The tightness of her pants that show her voluptuous curves and her intoxicating Victoria secret perfume.

At first I shake with nervousness then instinct takes over. I put my hands on those ample hips and pull her in for a very long hot kiss. Our tongues dance in each others mouths as I feel her firm grip on my engorged cock. This time I’m proud, not self-conscious. Maybe it’s because of the alcohol or the fact we’ve already had an “experience” but my hands reach around and grab her round, succulent ass with gusto. This produces a loud moan and a side to her I’ve never seen. She breaks off the kiss, looks at me with lust and hunger in her eyes. With my raging hard on in her hands she growls that she would like to tour MY bedroom again.

With our hands exploring and lips locked together our clothes fall to the floor except her black lace bra and panties. She pushes me to the edge of the bed and unlatches her bra from the front. I am treated to supple breasts with erect nipples, begging to be attended to! I reach for her, grab her ass and pull her close to me. My mouth takes in one nipple, and then another which makes her wiggle and moan. At the same time with shaking hands I pull her panties down and caress her curvaceous ass. She pushes me back on the bed…I can’t believe this is finally happening!

The skin on skin contact, her beauty, her scent, and the anticipation of it all are too much for me. I am filled with utter terror and disappointment as I ejaculate uncontrollably in waves. What a damn mess!! To my surprise she is not disappointed but rather pleased at having this kind of effect on me. She quickly and eagerly takes my cock into her mouth, sucking up every drop of my seed.

We lay there for a bit kissing and touching. She reassures me it’s quite natural to get excited. Her voice is so soothing and inspires confidence. She looks into my eyes and whispers “that’s two you owe me’. Then she climbs off and spreads out like a beautiful tulip on my bed as though it were hers, writhing with uncontrollable lust. She beacons me with a seductively with a finger.

As I start to climb on top she stops me and pushes my head between her thick, luscious thighs. She spreads apart her glistening rose and with a finger strokes her engorged clit up and down and makes slow, sensual circles. I’m become mesmerized by the way her body twitches as she touches herself. “I want you to lick me right there, I want your tongue to move like my fingers were moving”. She moans.

I lean forward to taste her sweet nectar. I tüyap escort do just how she instructed. Slow circles, light up and down flicks of my tongue. I must be doing this right because her moans become louder and she gyrates in rhythm with my tongue. She begs for fingers so I make love to her pussy with my lips, tongue and fingers. Her moans become screams as I feel her tighten around my fingers and she shutters uncontrollably and violently. I just want to keep going, but at last she pushes me away and she gasps “We’re even!”

Her eyes are still closed and she’s still breathing heavily as I kiss my way up her tummy to her neck. By now my cock is stiff again so I decide to climb on top and make a go of it again. I finally in my fumbling ease my cock inside. She feels so hot and wet, like a silken glove. I no more get my cock inside before I start to feel that awesome rush. Not again! All I want to do is thrust and thrust.

I open my eyes to see her looking at me affectionately. She places her long finger nails on my chest and slows me down. The teacher in her takes over and she coaxes me on techniques for lasting longer, having me slow down and clear my mind when I feel that urge. Our communication with one another has a calming effect on me. It’s unreal how she can read my emotions and body language.

As we slowly bump and grind in unison she informs me this is the only time she will be able to do this. Our situation, vacations, and her part time work will only allow for this one weekend.

“You mean the whole weekend?” I stammer with excited disbelief. What a treat!

“Oh yes.” She says in that enticing voice of hers. She tells me her husband is out of town on business, kids are at grandmas, and she’s spending the weekend with a “friend” with a wink.

Her hand moves down to her clit and she feverishly stimulates herself while my hard cock thrusts deep inside her over and over. Thrusts that she still controls with her hand on my chest and her legs wrapped around me. As her moans become ever louder I feel her tighten hard around my cock. She bucks and thrusts harder against me and cries out. I urgently thrust as fast and hard as I can as her nails dig into my chest and ass. As I start to cum she begs me to pull out and cover her with it so she can watch. I comply and shower her pussy, tummy, and chest with my hot, sticky spunk.

As I lay there on her chest we talk about what we enjoyed, and plans for the rest of the weekend. She informs me that she’s secured a hotel room which she feels would be safer than staying here. She will be staying there alone tonight, but wants me to come at 10 in the morning, rested and ready for more. The next 24 hours would be filled being an entangled, hot, sticky mess. Learning many lessons, techniques, and positions. But that must wait for tomorrow.

The night air cools our hot bodies as I escort her to her car and kiss her goodnight. She kisses my ear whispers that she expects me on time in the morning and I had better not be tardy.

Yes ma’am!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32