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All characters are 18 years or older.

This story is the continuation of my Technically We’re Estranged series and I suggest reading the previous chapters before continuing. TWE is intentionally shorter, and hopefully you enjoy the tease. This chapter includes oral.

The skype date looms.

Thanks to Antematter for… oh, you know this line by now.


DellaLightful: So how was it?

I had to look down at my phone for a long moment, thinking about how to respond to Mel’s question. She didn’t need to clarify it, I knew she was talking about the blowjob I had gotten from my secretary Bella not half an hour before. A very well documented blowjob; the pictures I still had on my phone, and that I had sent to Mel, were numerous and tell-all.

Well, everything except who I was.

OverCsSteve: It was good, but I think it was watching you get off to it that made it really powerful.

OverCsSteve: You might have opened the floodgates and created a monster though.

DellaLightful: Hey, you said yes too 😛

DellaLightful: What’s she doing now?

OverCsSteve: Working at her desk totally naked. No more client meetings today so she’ll stay like that until she leaves I think.

DellaLightful: Mmmm I bet she looks super sexy. Does she wear glasses at her desk? Sexy Librarian style?

OverCsSteve: No, but damn she would look hot like that.

Mel and I had talked about Bella before, though most of the time it had been her laughing at me for how big of a dolt I was for not screwing my hot and willing secretary. It was light-hearted laughter, and she would commiserate with me about trying to be professional while Bella tempted me every way she could think of. Mel had also been helpful in opening me up a bit, leading to the naked events of the past couple days.

My phone buzzed and bingled in my hand, different than the Kik notification. My cousin had sent me a snapchat picture – Mel was wearing thick rimmed rectangular glasses, making a stern face with a quirked eyebrow at the camera, her blonde hair pulled back and up. ‘No talking in the library, mister,’ the caption read. I snorted a laugh and shook my head, the playful twinkle in Mel’s eyes and the quirk in her frown as if she were on the verge of breaking into laughter ruined the look.

We chatted, mostly about nothing, until Mel eventually needed to go to bed and I had to finish up my work for the day. It felt good, the turmoil from the last twenty-four hours dissipating as we fell back into our easy banter – all I had to do was pretend in another day I wasn’t about to blow this up by revealing to her that her online fling was actually her creepy ass cousin sending her thousands of dollars while watching her take her clothes off and masturbate on camera.

I am such a fucking toolbag.

Near the end of the day Bella sauntered into my office from her desk in the lobby. Barefoot, bare ass and wielding a wry smirk along with the files she was bringing to me. She sat on the corner of my desk, legs slightly apart and giving me a tantalizing view, before she handed me the files. “Don’t forget that tomorrow morning you have that interview,” she said.

“What interview?” I asked. I hadn’t been paying nearly as much attention to my schedule lately as I had before finding Mel.

“The student journalist from your Alma Mater. You agreed to be featured a couple of months ago in the Alumni magazine.” She reached over and her fingers played at my collar before fixing my tie. Her nakedness so close to me while I was fully dressed was heady and intoxicating. “I booked a solid hour for it in the morning. You also have a few other quickies before lunch, then your afternoon is free.” She licked her lips lightly, eyes flashing to mine before she drew back her hands and folded them on her lap. Bella knew exactly what she was doing to me.

I could get through the quick meetings with clients almost mindlessly, they were all just check ins or document drop offs, but this interview… I had Mel on the brain already, was I even going to be sane with hours to go before the skype date I had set up with her? This kid, whoever he was, better not be looking for a scoop or I would send him out the door.

“Alright, thanks for the reminder. You can take off a little early if you’d like today.”

“Take off?” Bella raised an eyebrow. “Now why would I want to do that?”

“Because nothing else is going to happen in the office today,” I said, putting my hands on her knees and softly closing her legs. “And I’m thinking of leaving a little early as well.”

“Stephan, we didn’t-” Bella started, the concern plain on her face.

“No, it’s fine.” I stood and kissed her on the cheek. A little more familiar than professional, a lot less than what her naked body made me want to do. “We’re fine.”

I helped her politely down from her perch on my tuzla escort desk, not that she needed it, and ushered her towards my office door. “Get dressed. Go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.” My hand was on her lower back, her skin soft under my fingers and her walk moving her hips and ass and shoulders and tits- She was beautifully made, from her thick dark hair, still slightly wild from earlier, to her neatly painted toenails.

“Tomorrow,” she replied, and she grinned at me again just before shutting the door behind her. Oh, fuck me, I thought. She’s got some sort of plan.


When Bella disrupted our morning ritual, the handing off of the files and the coffee after I walked off the elevator, by dropping to her knees and fishing at my pants zipper I was more surprised at myself for being shocked than anything else.

I had woken up that morning to a dreamy eyed video from Mel, similar to the one she had sent before of her telling me the news about her girl-girl cam show. “I can’t wait to see you,” she whispered to the camera, eyes still heavy with sleep. “I was dreaming about you last night. About your body, about curling up next to you on a beach, the waves crashing as we watch a sunset. You keep fondling me and I giggle and push your fingers away from the strings of my bikini because there are people around. We spent the day surfing.” She moved the camera and pulled back her sheets, revealing her naked torso. “Once it’s dark I let you slide your hands inside, rubbing my nipples until they’re hard as we make out. I want you inside me but there are still people around, kids at a fire down the beach.”

She sighed heavily, pulling back to just her face, the camera positioned as if we were lying next to each other, nose to nose. “Maybe someday,” she sighed softly with a little smile. “I can’t wait to see you later.”

Heart lurching, I wanted to cry with happiness and throw up with nervousness. This, she, was fucking perfect, and I was probably about to uproot the entire thing. We messaged back and forth as I ate my breakfast and readied for work, and I warned her again about Bella.

OverCsSteve: She’s going to want to do it again, and probably more.

OverCsSteve: I think we could probably go back to the way things were still, but not if anything else happens.

DellaLightful: Do you want anything else to happen?

OverCsSteve: This all started because you wanted it to. She’s amazing, but my yes or no is completely based on what you say.

DellaLightful: Mmm, so you’re giving me the power over Bella. I like it 😛

DellaLightful: To fuck, or not to fuck. That is the question. 😀 😀

OverCsSteve: Okay cornball. What do I say to her?

DellaLightful: Everything you’ve done so far is ok. But no P in V. Or in the A, I bet she’d figure that out in half a second.

OverCsSteve: Are you sure? I don’t want her between us if you aren’t absolutely sure.

DellaLightful: I trust you 🙂

So I didn’t move as Bella fished my dick out of my pants and wrapped her lips around it. She was wearing a red blouse, buttons undone halfway with no bra, along with a black pencil skirt that hugged her hips and thighs tightly. She bobbed her head, lips tugging me towards hardness as she looked up at me from her knees. My head popped from her mouth and her tongue snaked out, licking the tip.

“Good morning, Mr. Tanner.”

“Good morning, Bella.” I replied breathlessly as she went back to her ministrations. I set the files down on her desk beside us and steadied myself there as she rolled her tongue on my shaft.

I’ll be honest, I came quickly. Couple of minutes max. I’d watched the video from Mel three times that morning already and even though it wasn’t totally sexual she had my engine running, and now Bella with her blowjob. She hummed with pleasure as she felt me tighten up with impending climax. “Soon,” I grunted.

“Give it to me,” she whispered huskily, taking her mouth off of me for the barest moment.

I came, she swallowed. No mess.

I helped her stand back up and she stood close to me, the fabric of her blouse just barely brushing against my suit jacket as she looked me in the eye while delicately slipping my dick back into my pants and zipping me back up. She palmed the mug of coffee from my hand and took a quick sip before giving it back.

Her face was still inches from mine. “Good morning, Mr. Tanner.” Her smile was pert and wry and knowing. She picked the files back up off her desk and handed them to me. “You’re first meeting is in about fifteen minutes.”

It took me a long moment to move, and when I did I somehow managed not to trip over myself as I went to my office door.

“Stephan,” she called after me, and I turned.

“I-” she hesitated.

“Lunch,” I said. “Don’t order anything.”

The smile returned.

The first thing I did when I sat down was tell Mel about what had just happened. She didn’t say anything tuzla escort bayan as I typed out my little version of the story messenger line by messenger line on my phone, but when I was done I got a snapchat. It was her, at work, in a toilet stall. Her scrub pants were around her ankles, her top pulled up just enough to show off her smooth tummy, and her legs were spread, two fingers buried between them. ‘So hottt,’ was the only caption. A moment later I got a second one, this of just her face and hand. Mel was flushed and making a silly embarrassed face, the middle two fingers on her hand were slick and shimmering. ‘Oops, I came. At work!’

I had to do some maneuvering to hide my slight chub over my first morning meeting, but it was gone by the time he left. After about half an hour of actually getting work done in my office, my door opened and Bella walked in, closing softly behind her. Once it was closed she practically skipped over to my desk, pulling my rolling chair out a bit a plopping herself in my lap, one hand on my chest.

“Your appointment is here,” she said, nose crinkled in a snicker.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Her snicker turned into a smirk. “You’ll understand once I show the student in.” She kissed me once on the cheek, the smirk still on her lips, then stood and walked back to the door. She opened it, her stance and voice back to professional. “Mr. Tanner will see you now.”

The student was not some scruffy kid working on a journalism degree but destined to become a barista in some Starbucks. As she stepped through the door of my office I could feel my inner self dropping it’s jaw, tongue wagging and eyes bugging out as if I was in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Hell, add an exploding cigar and a hit from a giant wooden mallet to the list.

“Miss Oppenheffer, from the University,” Bella said as the girl walked forward, winking behind the girl’s back to me. She probably knew exactly what I was thinking even if I was stone-cold impassive on the outside. I felt like I was in a courtroom battling for a client’s life.

“Penny, please Mr. Tanner,” she said as she walked forward and offered me her hand.

At some point I had stood and took her hand – needs to work on her handshake, I thought absent mindedly.

“Of course,” I said. “Please, feel free to call me Stephan.” I gestured to one of the chairs in front of my desk, the same one John Marc, head of the Menouli crime family, had sat in twenty-four hours ago. An anecdote she probably would have appreciated, but also one John Marc would not.

As the coed fumbled with her notebook for a moment I swallowed and checked my phone. Could I surreptitiously take a photo of her to send to Mel?

It was like I was looking at my cousin’s twin, just a few years younger. Longer blonde hair, the same face and eyes. Same hands and body type as far as I could tell. She even bit the inside of her lip the same way as she made her nervous notes. Penny Oppenheffer was Mel’s fucking doppleganger.

“So, Mr. Tanner- I mean Stephan. A year after graduating with your law degree you were already in the news after successfully defending an assault and battery case despite the police assurance that they had the right man. How did you get your start defending criminals?””

I watched her mouth moving as she spoke, mesmerized by how she sounded like Mel as well if only Mel had an australian accent. Same pitch and tone, just different words, different intonation. My stare lingered and she blushed slightly.

“Luck brought me my early clients, mostly,” I finally said, shaking off my internally stunned demeanour. “I had intended to be a prosecutor for the state, but once I graduated I found people didn’t like the idea of an American representing the government even if I was already a full citizen of Australia. ‘It would demonize us in the press,’ one prosecutor told me after an interview.” I shook my head and looked across my office to my filing cabinet where I kept completed cases. “Nice guy. I’ve beaten him three times in court since then.”

“So you were, um, having trouble finding a job?” Penny asked.

“A career,” I clarified. “Jobs are easy to come by, professional careers are not. It was tough for a few months – I would need to go through more schooling and exams if I wanted to go back to the States and practice law, but no firms wanted to hire an American lawyer here. So I went into business for myself. My first few cases were simple neighbourhood things, a matter of public record I’m sure you can look up.”

“I have,” she smiled timidly. For all her beauty, I felt like Penny was awfully shy.

“Tell me about yourself,” I asked her before she could read off another one of her questions.

She blushed again and looked down at her paper, but I thought I saw something in her eyes. “Oh, I couldn’t.”

That’s when I knew what was going on.

I stood from my desk and walked around, sitting down in the chair beside escort tuzla hers. “Ms. Oppenheffer, what exactly are you expecting out of this interview?”

“Well, I-” She started, awkwardly fumbling with the notepad again.

“Were you expecting me to be cool and standoffish, more interested in figuring you out than answering your questions? Maybe because you’re a beautiful, slightly awkward girl hiding behind some self confidence issues? Were you maybe, just maybe hoping that I, in my dangerous and lonely career, would offer to take you to dinner because I was so intrigued by you?”

“Mr. Tanner-” she said, blushing furiously now.

“Ms. Oppenheffer, I am not your Christian Gray. This is not Fifty Shades. You are a beautiful girl, but you are too young for me and I have someone I care about. Please, sit up straight and compose yourself, find whatever it is inside that made you choose journalism as your undergrad degree and then we can continue this interview.”

I had embarrassed her, put her off her center. Offering her a little assuring smile, I stood and walked back around my desk, giving her a long moment before turning and sitting back in my chair. “So, Penny. I believe you were asking how I got my start.”


“And then I told her that we weren’t in Fifty Shades.”

“You didn’t,” Bella chuckled, arching her back and closing her eyes before groaning in pleasure. She was splayed out on the couch of the little sitting area in the corner of my office that I never used. Her blouse, the red contrasting beautifully with her pale skin, was completely unbuttoned now and one of her breasts was out, the small brown nipple rising and falling as she breathed deeply. She had taken off her skirt when I asked her to lay there, leaving her in thigh high stockings and a garter belt, no panties to speak of.

I was sitting on the far end of the couch from where her head rested and she opened her eyes to slits, watching as I massaged her foot with both hands. “You know, after that blonde little tart walked into the office I figured you wouldn’t be able to control yourself. This isn’t what I was expecting when you said Lunch,” she sighed happily.

“Isn’t it?” I asked, one hand slipping from her foot, up her shapely ankle to her smooth calf and shin.

“Maybe a little,” she grinned, closing her eyes again and enjoying the sensations.

I bent my head, bringing her leg up higher and kissing her shin lightly a few times. “We need to talk about something, Bella.”

“Does it have to be right now?”

“I think so,” I said.

“Are you going to stop massaging me?”

I smiled. “No, but you need to listen.”

She was silent but nodded.

“I’m going to be skyping with Mel this afternoon,” I said.

“Mel? Is that Della’s name?”

I had totally forgotten Bella didn’t actually know her name. “Yes, though she doesn’t know I know that. Bella, I’ve known Mel for a long time and just stumbled across her on the camming website. I was completely surprised and before I could really think about what was going on I’d already sent her money and started talking with her.”

“Who is she?” Bella asked. Her eyes were open now, but she wasn’t being accusatory.

I sighed. “My highschool sweetheart.” It wasn’t a total lie, I had loved Mel during that time of my life, just not the way the term meant.

“Was it a bad break up?” Bella asked, cocking her head slightly.

“No. We both graduated and went our separate ways. We lost touch. I hadn’t even spoken to or thought about her in years, and then there she was. Falling into whatever kind of crazy anonymous relationship thing this is was easier than even I would have thought.”

“But she doesn’t know it’s you.” It wasn’t a question.

“No, she doesn’t.”

“And you’re telling her today, aren’t you?”

“I am.”

Bella was silent for a long moment. My hands had stopped working on her foot and leg, simply holding her warm skin in my palms. “So either she finds out and she’s happy, or she finds out and is totally embarrassed or pissed off.”

“Pretty much.”

Bella rolled her eyes and leaned forward, almost folding in half to reach out and pull my head to hers. She kissed me on the forehead and then smacked me on the side of the head. “You stupid, dumb, sweet idiot,” Bella laughed quietly. “You should have told me sooner, I wouldn’t have-“

“No, no,” I said, squeezing her leg softly. “This is between you and I. It’s connected but it’s different. Whatever happens with Mel, we can be closer – she opened my eyes to letting myself go and enjoying the people around me. She’s laid down her law, no sex, but otherwise she trusts me. Us.”

“No offense, Stephan,” Bella said with a small, wry smile, “But I sort of hope it doesn’t work out between you two.”

I coughed a single chuckle, “Thanks, I think.”

Bella stretched, her legs flexing under my hands. “Ok, as long as we’re clear. Now, are you gonna get back to work? You’ve got two whole thighs and one very lonely pussy to massage still.”

I snorted and pulled her down on the couch, palming her thigh in my lap and kneading my fingers into it.

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