That Lady has No Shame

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The suburbs are always a good fuck target-rich environment much better than pickup bars if you know how to play the game. My wife of fifteen years and I are on our way to a social gathering at the house of some friends that we have known since college. They like to entertain and my wife needed to get out of the house and talk to some intelligent adults for a change.

As the car glides along in the early evening twilight skipping along from stop sign to stop sign I quietly lament on the comfortable but boring life we were always told was “the American dream” here in the land of nice homes with well-manicured lawns with programmed robots all pretending to be happy people.

I smile to myself driving through the newer housing sub-divisions with their cul-de-sac cuties, new moms still on their starter husbands sending the kiddies off to school using their occasional free time watching soap operas still chugging along from their grandmothers’ generation missing their party days in high school and college.

Our journey eventually takes us through the older tree-lined stately neighborhoods with the newly minted empty-nester moms that for the first time in two decades can now run around the house completely naked and try out the newer sex toys without fear of somebody walking in on them. Finally getting up the nerve to be truly naughty or at least fantasize about it. Maybe having a fling with any man that still has hair and doesn’t roll over in the middle of the night and snore in their face with the breath of a walrus.

When we arrived at our destination I offered up my gift bottle of wine and strolled into the den full of people.

It was a typical holiday party in suburbs and my wife had wondered off to socialize with some female friends that had just returned from a long overseas vacation.

As I surveyed the crowd I noticed a familiar face on the far side of the room.

Denise was an attractive woman but no beauty queen, a little curvy which was more than offset by her voluptuous cleavage that had always caught my eye and every other man’s attention in the room. She had always intrigued me, it was not anything like love but she did have a certain attraction, a pheromone driven chemistry that made me want to taste her in a sexual way. I would definitely do her.

As the party progressed I saw her talking to Kathy, a married woman I had had an affair with about a year ago. We had left things on good terms and I could see she was getting her ducks in a row to have a new lover to replace me. I was not the least bit offended I enjoyed our time together but it had gotten a little stale and predictable. The thrill and excitement of cheating that we both needed were gone and it was time to move on. Truth be told I was a little turned on thinking about her having sex with other men.

The conversation between the two women seemed to be exceedingly intense and then I saw Denise glance back looking directly at me. I immediately started looking in the opposite direction thinking I had been caught staring at her a little too much and was now busted as a pervert.

After a few moments of acting uninterested, I glanced back to see that both women were now gone. That familiar “oh shit” feeling hit me momentarily but then I relaxed thinking that it was just me being paranoid.

I went over and engaged in some trash talk with some of the guys that were huddled next to the TV, and then made a few new acquaintances including two new couples that had just moved to the area. After making a run to the little boys’ room I returned and got a new drink and was now standing out on the patio contemplating who I should socialize with next.

I heard the patio door slide open and Denise walked out, she turned and then slid the door closed giving me a nice look at her round sexy ass that her knit dress showed off very nicely. She walked directly over to me as if I was the reason she had left the party. I looked around to see if my wife or her husband were around.

She walked over and said hello. We exchanged the usual pleasantries, she was on her third drink and I was still on my second so our inhibitions were already somewhat diminished. It was a party and I was required to be sociable and talk to somebody and a conversation with her was far more interesting enjoying those stolen glances of her cleavage throughout the conversation.

Denise was a very direct person and she enjoyed tossing out a lot little teasing insults including the occasional sexual innuendos that would intimidate most men. She was brash with big tits and I was happy to spend the whole evening with her especially if the liquor kept flowing.

I could be just as brash as her and gave it back to her in ways that most women would be appalled by. Denise seemed to enjoy the banter feeding off it making her a little hand on touching me on my arm or shoulder but eventually taking up residency inside my personal space like Hitler invading Poland and striking south towards the unguarded border of my belt buckle and zipper. içerenköy escort Suffice to say resistance is futile and so I offered none.

“I have met your wife,” she said “She seems okay, you’ve met my husband haven’t you, right?” she asked in a soft but demanding voice clearly expecting a response.

I could only nod my head not exactly sure what to say.

“Good, well here is the deal my husband is an ass and lousy in bed and I am told that you like sport fucking married woman and you know how to do it discreetly and keep your mouth shut about it.”

“Let’s be clear you’re no Brad Pitt but I would still fuck you that is, provided that you can keep it kinky and keep it quiet.”

Once again I nodded in agreement not sure if I was dreaming or being pranked.

She continued, “I learned from a whole lot of trial and error that married men make the best fuck buddies, they aren’t clingy and looking for true love like some pathetic single guys that are usually still single for a damn good reason.”

I really wanted to follow-up about the trial and error thing but decided for once to keep my big mouth shut. Clearly, she had already verified I was a man of low moral standards so there was little need to deny it, besides I had surmised it was a waste of energy and that I would probably need that energy later on with a woman like her.

She was now rubbing my crotch like it was a magical lamp and she was determined to make a magic Genie pop out and grant her three wishes or at least one big one. I slowly cautiously reciprocated by feeling her up, first by lightly stroking her nipples and then going down to her vagina touching her through her dress waiting to see her reaction. She smiled her approval lightly cupping the side of my face before stepping back saying “yes I think this will work.”

Denise handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it saying it was her private number, a burner phone and suggested I get one too so that we could hookup. She then walked away briskly in a hurry like she was late for an appointment.

I stood there looking like a fool, empty drink in my hand and half-erect penis bulging from my khakis with wide eyes like Bambi caught in the headlights wondering what the fuck just happened. I was momentarily dumbfounded, maybe I just enjoy playing the horny buffoon that woman can too easily manipulate sending all the wrong signals standing here dazed, perplexed and wondering what I should do next.

About ten minutes later my wife stuck her head out the door saying it was getting late and she wanted to go. Thankfully she was content to do all the talking on the way home.

The next day was Saturday and I had some errands to run including getting gas for the car. I used the opportunity to buy a burner phone paying for it in cash and then hiding it under the front seat of the car.

I actually did agonize over jumping into a relationship that had train wreck written all over it. But as usual, the little head always wins out over the big head and so I sent Denise a text telling her to select a time and place to get together.

For most men, our love and lust are controlled by the puppet masters of the universe inflicting equal amounts of pain and pleasure on us just to let us know we are mortal and to realize we only exist for their amusement.

Plus like most celestial bodies, curvy women like Denise with big tits have a strong gravitational pull on men like me that cannot be denied. We are a lot like those lifeless rocks wandering aimlessly around the cosmos until their pull grabs us and we go down like a comet in a ball of flames in the night sky because of that attraction.

And finally, as the bad boy Buddha always says, “A good man fucks his own wife while a great man fucks everybody else’s wives because they beat a path to your door to find out what they are missing,” and so here I am.

Denise picked a weekday at a local hotel near the airport for us to meet, not cheap and a place where we were not likely to meet anyone that we knew.

On the appointed day I signed out of work saying I was going to a meeting and made the drive down the expressway to our secret rendezvous. I was mildly excited but also a little complacent, to tell the truth.

Denise was not my first bored housewife looking for a fling.

There are certain places in a woman’s mind in her sexual fantasy world where her husband’s wedding ring will grant him full access, and then there are so many other places where that same wedding ring will prevent him from ever going, places that only another man, a forbidden love can enter.

It’s all about how another man can make her feel in a physical sense but more importantly the conflicted emotions, that thrill, and excitement of being bad. Crossing the line so that she can expose herself and be open to feel and experience new forms of pain and pleasure that cannot be found on the other side of that line.

To unshackle her kadıköy escort dreams making her free to explore the unknown within herself as much as the untasted forbidden fruit that the illicit life has to offer. To feel the adrenal rush that comes from the fear of being caught and punished for her sins. A very special place that a wife can only enter by riding another man’s cock like a magic carpet rising above the mundane life she needs to escape from if only for a few hours.

I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and then walked into the lobby eyeing around trying to get my baring before seeing the hotel bar off to the left. I proceeded inside to find Denise setting at a booth in the far corner. She didn’t bother to get up or to give me a hello kiss but rather continued working her drink barely acknowledging that I was there so I sat down across from her in the booth.

“So are you here to fuck or what?” she inquired without making eye contact or showing any facial expression.

“Wow, you don’t hold back or pull any punches do you?” I replied.

She responded nonchalantly like the arrogant overly entitled bitch that she was.

“It is both complicated and simple, I want to escape from my problems, my mistakes, my responsibilities, and the sexual hang-ups that other people have put on me and that I put on myself.”

She paused and took a long sip of her drink and then moving the stir stick around in the glass before taking it out and slowly seductively wrapping her painted red lips around it in a way that made me want her to do the exact same thing to my cock. She was clearly a serial cock tease that enjoyed using my own imagination against me and watching me squirm.

She then continued her explanation. “I like to be outrageous so the right man will punish me for it. Maybe I have Daddy issues or maybe I’m just a slut and a whore. I don’t want a man to analyze me; I just want them to use me to get what he needs from me so I can get what I need from him.”

It was a disgraceful thing to hear a wife and mother talk like that; I was definitely going to do her.

It is often said that time and horny women wait for no man so we settled up our bar tab and headed up to the room that she had already checked into.

As I walked into the room I noticed she had a small pull suitcase laying on a chair near the window it was unzipped and slightly open.

As she set her fake designer handbag down next to the suitcase I decided to get the conversation going.

“Just to make sure I know what you want, you like it rough and kinky, Right?” I quizzed her trying to make sure we were both on the same page.

Denise grabbed me like she was going to give me a strong and passionate kiss only to thrust me back inches from her face staring me down like a hungry tiger getting ready to devour its prey.

“I didn’t come here to fall in love I came here to have you fuck me in ways my husband won’t. Fuck me hard, hurt me if you need to but make me cum in a way that my whole body can feel it. Make me hate you while I love the way that you fuck me. Be a man, be nothing more, be nothing less but just fuck me.” she exclaimed in a strong forceful tone.

“You’re a man you need to put your sperm in a woman and I need to feel the fantasy of a man wanting to impregnate me against my will. You are a worthless bastard and I am filthy whore so use me and make it count or I’ll toss your naked ass out the door and make you walk home like that if you don’t.”

Her words grabbed me by the balls and made me give a lot more thought to this encounter than I had ever planned on giving it. I liked being challenged but I had to pause for a moment assessing which emotions to detach myself from and which ones to magnify, the kind of emotions that I’m usually forced to repress.

This woman scared the hell out of me; she had so many unmet sexual needs I was not sure where to begin or how she might react if I couldn’t satisfy them all. Fucking her pussy was the easy part, giving her a good mind fuck was the real challenge and that was what she craved. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get into that head of hers she had so much kinky shit going on in there.

Her contempt for love was almost as great as her obvious contempt for men. Clearly, we were just breeding animals to her, delivered on-site to provide a stud service only when needed and then loaded back onto a trailer and sent away to service the next heifer. She was a cynical bitch that sent the term meaningless sex plunging down into new depths.

I could tell Denise was getting exacerbated and impatient with me. She took a long dramatic pause filling in the dead silence with body language including some hair flipping and eye-rolling before eventually taking charge of the conversation trying to be slightly more seductive in her mannerisms and tone.

“How would you like to sin with me?” she asked. “We are both just two horny people so what are we going to do about it?”

A kartal escort smart man would have run like the wind from the impending disaster that was about to happen in that hotel room, but the notion of a smart man is just a myth especially when it comes to guys like me.

Denise finally broke the awkward silence, “Do you want to undress me so you can play with my tits most men do enjoy that and I enjoy it too. Later on, I will want you to tie them up and abuse them.”

I wasn’t sure what to think however that part about undressing her and playing with her tits did stick in my head so I proceeded to do as she asked.

“I would love to undress you and spend some time with those magnificent breasts” I replied trying to act suave and sophisticated.

She gently pressed her index finger against my lips saying “Good, hold that thought while I freshen up and change” stopping me from saying something that might ruin the moment.

As she closed the bathroom door there was the unmistakable smell of leather that attracted me to her small suitcase.

Opening the lid I found a variety of instruments including whips, canes, paddles, floggers, straps, and crops and sexual paraphernalia of every description.

What kind of woman has a portable sex dungeon and brings it with her on a first date?

I had better decide how to use this stuff on her before she decides to use them on me.

I rummaged around and found two pairs of padded wrist cuffs each attached to a soft piece of colored rope. I tossed them to each corner of the bed and then proceeded to secure them to the bedpost at each corner.

I removed my suit and tie and laid them on another chair in the room stripping down to just my boxer shorts.

I stood there still exploring the kinky hardware and considering my options when unexpectedly Denise opened the bathroom door wearing a sheer black baby doll negligee which tied in the front with sheer matching panties.

It was obviously my time to get a boner and get down to business. I had taken a little blue pill in the parking lot and the little head was now beginning to stir at the sight of those great looking boobs in her sexy outfit.

She stood in the doorway noticeably waiting for me to make the first move.

I stood motionless visually consuming her lovely silhouette scanning her body enjoying how perfectly her sheer negligee hugged her breasts just tightly enough to make me want to release them and gently caress them like a pair of scared gems.

My self-control was losing the battle to my own desires as the unmistakable bulge in my silk boxer shorts was now pressing outward to make its intentions known.

Denise slowly undid the string tie on her negligee just slightly allowing her cleavage to show with a glimpse of her nipples that were only partially concealed by the sheer fabric. The lust in her eyes was something to behold.

I turned my attention to her thighs. The negligee barely came below her crotch and Denise noticed this, opening her legs a little more flashing her now damp-looking panties all this time she was eyeing down at my cock.

It didn’t disappoint either, it was now pointing straight as an arrow at the target in her panties. My man missile was on full alert with the tip protruding beyond my foreskin and the purple helmet head was bulging with a special load of semen created just for her.

She walked up to me, put her arms around my neck and planted a soft kiss. As my lips met hers molding themselves to her, our tongues immediately began a playful game of hiding and seeking. I grasped her hair, firmly but gently, and kissed her deeply, her mouth opening easily beneath mine. She tasted of honey and sweet wine. She pressed her body against mine and my penis nearly bore a hole through my shorts.

I gently broke off the kiss and began to explore her neck with my lips as Denise leaned back and let me sample her body with a series of light feathery kisses dancing across her exposed skin.

As my need to have her grew more intense I began to fondle and squeezed her breasts with my hands, twisting and pinching her growing nipples not too roughly but just the way she needed them to be touched.

I lowered my hand, and stroked her leg, just stopping short of the edge of her vagina. Denise softly moaned to communicate her approval.

Now my lips found their way down through the valley of her cleavage pausing just before her slit and I began to lick in circles around her entrance with the tip of my tongue, getting closer and closer to its destination with each passing glance.

I took Denise’s vaginal lips into my fingers and parted them and began flicking my tongue into her dark pink depths. I lightly teased her g-spot with my lips and suckled it with just enough pressure to make her let out a soft passionate sigh while attempting to play the sensitive recesses of her body like it was a concert violin.

Reluctantly I allowed Denise to pull me up and she began to tease my now throbbing, very stiff penis. She pulled it out of my boxers the head of my cock was already glimmering with drops of pre-cum.

With only the slightest hesitation Denise opened her mouth and began flicking her tongue over the head, and then deciding to take it all the way in her mouth bobbing her head up and down the full length ever so slowly, moaning as she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32