The ASMRtist Ch. 02

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//Author’s Note: This story is part of a small collection of Lesbian stories I’ll be uploading this week. This particular one is an edited resubmission of a story that was previously posted on Literotica. Apologies if you’ve already read this! It is not my intention to trick people into re-reading something. This is the sequel to another chapter I’ve recently uploaded called TinglesAllOver. It is a direct sequel, meaning that this story will not make as much sense if read out of order.

This story assumes a little bit of knowledge on the part of the reader about the phenomenon known as ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Although understanding the sensation and its nature helps, the most important thing to understand, before reading on, is the typical style of an ASMR video.

The ASMRtist will usually sit in front of a camera and interact with it, often times pretending that the camera is the viewer. They might carry on a conversation, sometimes acting is if the viewer is responding. The intended effect is to make the viewer feel like they are being addressed directly. Personal attention is one of the most common triggers of ASMR, and that is layered into a significant number of ASMR videos.

Some of the parts of this story are written to emulate that video style, and utilize a second-person narrative. This was largely an experiment to see if I could execute second-person at all, and I’ve left them intact because I enjoyed the results. Some readers even said that they experienced ‘tingles’ while reading this, which was incredibly rewarding to hear.

The majority of this story is written in third-person. I hope you’ll give this oddball inclusion a chance.


The Hypnotherapist

“First of all, again, I’m sorry for cutting us short last week, and I want to make sure it’s clear that we’ll be going a little long today to make up for that. You have time to stay past your normal hour, right?”

“Okay,” she says, smiling and nodding. “Good. Now, I want to take us back to last week because you said something that really stuck out to me. Something I want to focus on. You said…” Her eyes fall to her pad for a moment. “…when we were talking about your co-worker Cecilia, you said she was… ‘repulsed by you’ during the conversation you had about being understaffed. But then, when I pushed you on it, you couldn’t give me a strong reason why you thought she was ‘repulsed’. You just… yes. Yes, exactly. You had a ‘feeling’.”

“As soon as you said that I knew what I wanted to try next, but we didn’t have time to get into it last week. Now…” She pauses to put her notepad back on the desk, and turns back to you with her full attention. “I wasn’t there. I want to make sure you understand that I’m not trying to undermine your feelings… but I know you. I know how hard you can be on yourself. It is my assertion that… what happened between you and Cecelia was just a normal, run-of-the-mill interaction with a coworker, and nothing more, and that you’re jumping at shadows.”

“I know. I wasn’t. But… but… This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. You’ve admitted that that’s happened with me, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I’ve never been repulsed or put off by you. You’re a wonderful young man, and you don’t give yourself enough credit.”

“That’s not what you pay me for,” she says, smirking and tilting her head sardonically. “You pay me to be objective and neutral, and from where I’m sitting, you’re smart, good-looking, and funny. What you aren’t is confident. You don’t believe in yourself, and you don’t see yourself as likable, or enjoyable to be around.”

“I want to try some hypnosis today.”


“No, this… this won’t be like a stage act. You won’t be under my power,” she says, affecting a dramatic tone. “You’ll be awake and conscious the whole time. I’m going to walk you through a guided meditation, and that will help you relax and sort of… step back. It’ll help you take off the glasses, so to speak. Does that sound okay?”

She smiles broadly, and then stands up. Black heels give wonderful definition to her calves. She’s wearing a light gray skirt, reaching past mid-thigh, with a matching unbuttoned blazer. Her off-white satin blouse ripples as she moves, reflecting light in a cascade as she grabs her wheeled chair and pulls it across the room. When she sits back down, she does so immediately in front of you, with her legs crossed just to the outside of your right knee. She wraps her right hand around her left and lets them come to rest in her lap.

“You may lie across the couch if you want, or you may remain seated. However you feel like you’d be most comfortable. There are no wrong choices.” Her voice is both louder and softer, given that she’s closer but speaking more softly. “I want you to close your eyes, and focus on my voice. Can you do that for me?”


“Slow, beylikdüzü escort deep breaths. In through the nose, and out through the mouth. Perfect. Perfect.”

“I want you to become aware of the rest of the building. The distant sounds of other people’s conversations. The groaning of machinery. Of cars driving by. I want you to… accept… that they’re there, accept that they exist, but also understand that they don’t affect us in here. I want you to put them aside, and focus only on my voice.”

“Perfect.” Her voice lowers slightly, almost imperceptibly. Slows down, with a focus on enunciation. Louder and softer at the same time, as she leans forward. “I want you to bring your attention to your feet. Way down at the bottom of your legs. I want you to picture them becoming heavy, and slow. Like bricks, slowly sinking into the floor. I want you to think about turning off your feet for a little while. They’re not going anywhere. They’ll be there, nice and refreshed, when you’re ready to turn them back on again, but we don’t need them right now. We’re going to turn off everything we don’t need.”

“Focus on my voice,” she purrs, “and follow it down to your shins. Down to your ankles, and your calf muscles. I want you to think about turning them off, and how they become heavy as they shut down. Sooo heavy. Like you couldn’t lift them even if you tried.”


“Picture your knees, and your thighs, becoming heavy. Shutting down. Shutting all the way down. All the way down. All the way down.”

“Focus on my voice,” she drones. “Let my words guide you, and lead you deeper. Deeper and deeper. I want you to focus on your hands. Focus on the knuckles, and all the little nerve endings. Focus on your fingers. I want you to picture turning them off one by one, starting at the pinky on each hand and working toward the thumb. Feel how heavy they become, as you stay focused on my voice.”

“Your forearms become like stones. Your biceps, and shoulders… very heavy. Picture yourself flipping the switch, and turning them off. Just for a little while. Let your breathing slow, as you relax. Deeper and deeper.”


“Now. I want you to go back, go back, go back. Three weeks ago. Monday. You’re heading to work. You stop at Dunkin on the way, the one with the cute black girl behind the counter. You’re visualizing all of these things, in your mind’s eye, as I’m telling them to you… as you stay focused on my voice. You place your order, and you’re waiting in line…”

“… except this time, as you reach for your cup, and your hand brushes against hers, you hold on to the cup. See yourself, now, holding the cup. Keeping it held smoothly without spilling a drop. She smiles at you, but it’s not the smile of good customer service, this is… this is more.”

“Picture her clearly now. With her long hair back in a ponytail, sticking out of the back of her brown hat. Picture her shirt swelling as she takes a steadying breath. Picture her brown apron, stretched out away from her body by the full breasts beneath. Picture her bright hazel eyes sparkling. Picture her lips, glistening, and the whites of her teeth peeking through them as she smiles.”

“As she smiles at you. As she smiles at you.”

“I want you to picture this moment lasting for few seconds more, suspended, and when time resumes, and everything starts moving around the two of you again, she’s still smiling at you. Her body language is directed at you, facing you, and you can see she’s… a little nervous, a little excited.”

“You ask if she’d like to go out some time, just like that, and she says yes. Just like that.”

“Follow my voice. Stay focused on my voice as we fast forward. You meet her for dinner. She looks stunning. Beautiful curves that her uniform was doing a good job of hiding. I want you to acknowledge that, on another day, you would be thinking, or may have already thought, what is a woman like this doing with me? Some self-doubt is important, but too much can be very harmful. I want you to acknowledge that doubt, and then I want you to put it aside. I want you to imagine putting that thought in a little box. She smiles, and she takes your hand…”

“And then you’re at dinner. At the restaurant. At the table. And she’s smiling. And she’s laughing. You’re there, and she’s there, and she’s having a good time. And you’re having a good time. And slowly, over the course of the meal, you stop seeing her as ‘that girl from the Dunkin’ and start seeing Keisha. As a person. As an individual. She reaches across the table and bites her lip, nervously, as she takes your hand…”

“And then you’re outside her apartment. She’s looking up at you, and you’re looking down at her.”

“And then you’re inside her apartment. She smiles as she tells you to sit down, right in the middle of the couch. It’s comfortable, and you try not beyoğlu escort to be too obvious about watching her as she walks into the kitchen… but she knows you’re watching. You can tell by the way she moves.”

She leans to one side, slowly withdrawing her left arm through the sleeve of her blazer, followed by the right. Her arms, bare, as she stands up.

“She comes back a minute later with a glass of tea in her hand. She sets it down on the coffee table in front of you, and then sits down beside you. Barefoot. Very close.”

“I had a really good time tonight,” she says, as she turns to sit on the side of her hip. Her feet nestled beneath her, with her knees brushing against your left. “She reaches her arm behind you… like this…” Her nails brush through the hair at the back of your neck, dragging lightly along the scalp. “Can you feel her body pressed against your side? Can you feel her warm breath washing over your skin?”

“I’ve been hoping we could have this opportunity for a long time, she says. I’ve been watching you come and go, week after week, and I just… well…” She leans in slowly, and her lips press softly against your cheek as her nails drag around to the far side of your head. “Her hand slides down, removing the button and pulling slowly on the zipper of your jeans. Can you feel her breasts as they graze against your arm? Can you feel how… how turned on she is?”

“Her voice is so soft, whispering so delicately in your ear as she tells you about the crush she has on you. How she’s been waiting for you to make a move like this.” She reaches into your pants, gripping your cock in her hand and giving it a playful tug. “Oh, she says, gasping lightly. Very nice.”

“Her left leg comes up and over you, as she straddles you quite suddenly.” Her hands reach down, across her body toward the opposite side hips, and when they come back up a second later, her blouse comes with them. “Her breasts heave, swelling with every breath. Threatening to pour over the top of her black lace bra. She leans forward and licks her lips, as she gives your cock another long stroke. I want you inside me,” she says.

She hikes her skirt up past her hips, and bites down hard on her lip as she lowers herself. “OOoh god… she moans… as she takes you in. Her walls wrap tightly around your cock… and she’s wet. Oh god, she’s wet.” Her breath is labored, coming in bursts, as she makes shallow, rhythmic thrusts. “Each time she thrusts, you push a little deeper, and a little deeper… until… oooh.”

Suddenly she leans back. Her hands reach down to brace against your knees. Putting her upper body on display for you as she writhes up and down on your cock. She grabs at her bra and pulls down, and her right breast spills out over the thin lace. A heavy teardrop of flesh with a pale hard nipple in the center. Immediately, her fingers are on it, pinching and twisting, and the symphony of soft coos that accompany it curl around and around in your ear. After a minute, her hand goes back down to your knee, to steady her thrusting, but her right breast remains out. Bouncing heavily as she thrusts, with the motion becoming circular, counter-clockwise, as she goes faster. “Oh fuck,” she moans. Harder. “Oh fuck.”

Her upper body shifts to her right, and she reaches down with her left hand to feather her clit. “Can you hear her? Can you hear her moaning your name?” Up and down, up and down.

“I want you to cum inside me, she whispers, as she leans in close to you. Grinding forward and back against your hips. You can hear the intimacy in her voice, and the need. The quiet, but insistent need. You can feel the immediacy of it in her thrusts… and in the way she clenches around you. So tightly. Oh god… so tightly.”

“Oh God. Oh God,” she moans. “Cum with me. I want you to cum with me. I want you to- hnnnnngh-please! Please! Pl-nnnnnnngh!” Her lips peel back, baring her teeth in a rictus, as she whines. One breast bouncing restrainedly while the other whirls. “Oh God! Oh God!”

She squeals, face pinched tightly as she tries to control her volume, and her thrusting grinds to a vicious halt. For a moment, everything stops. Everything is still, and quiet, and it’s just you and her. Everything else is gone. She smiles, exhaling for the first time in an hour, and sighs happily.

“Now,” she says, as she slowly lifts herself from your lap. She reaches between her legs to adjust her panties, and then fixes her skirt little by little as she stands back up in front of you. Hands collect her breast, and carefully slide it back into its cup. She grabs both sides of the front of her bra and shifts it back and forth, wiggling her torso until her breasts are well and properly situated. “I’m going to count up from one to ten, and as I do, I want you to picture turning your body parts back on. Flipping that switch. As you do, your body will feel rested, bizimkent escort relaxed, and alive. One.”

She bends over, retrieving her satin blouse from the floor, and holds it up to give it a quick inspection. “Two. Three.” She steps back into her heels, and lifts her blouse up over her head. “Four.” She gives her head a good toss, throwing waves of red-brown around. “Five.” Her blazer comes up off the back of the chair, and smoothly slips back over her arms and shoulders. “Six.” Seated. “Seven.” Notepad in hand. “Eight.” Legs crossed. “Nine.” One last check, giving gentle tugs on her blazer to ensure her appearance is under control. “Ten.”

“Now… how do you feel?”


“You look beautiful,” Stephanie said genuinely, repeating herself for the tenth time, as she put her Jeep in park.

“I’m way overdressed,” Kacey squeaked. She looked out the passenger side window and shrank down into the seat. “How could you let me be so overdressed?”

“Those aren’t… Those are just customers,” Stephanie said, following her girlfriend’s eyes. “The store isn’t closed yet.”

Kacey frowned and looked down at herself. Her dark green dress, form fitting at the bust and flowing more the closer it got to her thighs, was well within the nebulous ‘business-casual’ guideline, but she still looked nervous. Stephanie felt a powerful rush of adrenaline as she leaned across the center console and took Kacey’s jaw in her hand.

“Listen to me,” she said, firm without quite reaching ‘stern’ territory. “You’re mine. I couldn’t have you walking in there looking bad, could I?”


“Alright then.” She took advantage of their closeness and leaned in just a bit more. Their lips met softly, and tenderly, lingering for a few seconds while her tongue made a playful dive through to the other side.

Kacey drew a shuddering breath when it ended, blushing and nodding, but Stephanie could only keep her anxiety penned in for as long as it took them both to exit the car and walk around to the front of it. Stephanie was waiting there, at the front left corner, with her hand extended.

“Was that okay?”

“Yeah,” Kacey gushed, knees buckling just a little.

“I don’t ever know when I’m, like, crossing the line or anything, and I’m always kind of afraid that I might be.”

“You didn’t.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be too possessive.”

“I’m sure,” Kacey said, “and… thank you for checking.”

Stephanie nodded to herself, and took one more step toward the store before stopping abruptly and taking Kacey by the shoulders. “This isn’t about the dress at all, is it?”

Kacey went mute, staring back with a blank expression.

“This is about meeting Olivia.”

Again, blank. The wheels turned quickly behind Kacey’s eyes, but nothing was making it past her lips.

“Okay. That makes more sense.”

“I’m sorry,” Kacey said, curling in on herself. “I tried not to, but it was all I could think about the last few days.”

“You’ve been stressing about this for days?”

“Kind of?”

Stephanie stepped closer to her, pulling her girlfriend into a hug and kissing the top of the shorter woman’s head. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“You were… kind of… wrapped up in your video.”

Stephanie sighed, instantly knowing it for truth. Her frustrated inner tirade, long practiced and well rehearsed, fired up the litany. I should have noticed. I should have done better. I should have paid more attention. She exhaled slowly, body going a little stiff, and shook her head. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. That’s your hobby, and it’s important to you. You were really focused, and I didn’t want to be, like, a distraction.”


“I know. I should have said something.”

“Please, please, please feel like you can be a distraction.” Kacey nodded, but Stephanie gushed on as she stared into the distance.. “No, that’s not right. That makes it sound like my content comes above you and you’re just the entertainment in between.”

“It’s okay,” Kacey said, smiling. “I know that’s not how you meant it.”

Stephanie nodded, but she was barely listening. It was hard to hear anything else above the self-flagellation. She covered it by bending over slightly to straighten her white and pink knee-length dress. Covered it by checking her knee-high heeled boots again. Kacey took her hand, fingers interlacing, and squeezed it tightly, and they walked like that into the store.

Red, silver, and green decorations covered everything, dominating the decor of the interior. Obnoxious modern renditions of Christmas standards blasted through the PA system. Stephanie blushed as she walked through the store. Some of her coworkers, the ones not off the clock yet, were tilting their heads quizzically while others quietly processed. Her sex life, with the obvious secret exception of Olivia, was not a subject of conversation at her store, so for her to show up hand-in-hand with another girl was big news and it spread like wildfire. Kacey hadn’t seemed to notice, as she was seeing the inside of the store for the first time. Stephanie shot a few meaningful looks at her coworkers, who all sheepishly nodded and went back about their business.

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