The Away Day

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by Shinzon and Barenecessity

Dan sat quietly at his desk, clutching a full cup of café noir in his hands. Normally by this time, he would have enjoyed at least two cups of the revitalizing liquid but this morning it remained untouched. As he stared deeply into the blackness of the rich Brazilian coffee, his facial expressions fluctuated between ecstatic to melancholy. Sighing heavily, he raised his head ever so slowly and glanced across the desk at his wife’s picture. Pausing momentarily, his full attention then focused upon the Bible before him. Narrowing his eyes, Dan read aloud the words of Matthew 5:27-28 once again.

Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

He thoughtfully stroked his well-kept salt and pepper beard, looking long and hard at the image being reflected upon the black surface. Vivid images of last night thrilled and disturbed him equally. One minute he smiled; the next he grimaced as conflicting emotions washed over him. Catching a glimmer of light reflecting from his gold wedding band, he slammed his large hand angrily onto the desk.

“Who are you?” he asked the man staring back at him.


‘What was he thinking and feeling this morning?’ wondered Rachel as she eased into her chair and logged onto the computer. Uncertainties combined with insecurities caused her mind to race unchecked, conjuring up scenario after scenario. An uncomfortable tightness formed in her throat and chest as waves of anxiety washed over her.

‘You bloody fool girl, what have you done?’ she berated herself. ‘You’ve really landed yourself in shit now!’

Rachel tried to steady herself and go about business as usual, but the prevailing nervousness and frustration prevented her from concentrating. She shuffled paperwork back and forth, going through the motions but she was not really paying attention.

Startled by the sound of a new instant message, Rachel jumped. In dismay, she watched the flashing Communicator in the corner of her screen; it was an instant message from her boss, Dan. Her hand shook as she double clicked on the icon.

[dreynolds]: We need to talk … about last night. Meet me at the Garden Terrace at lunch.

Butterflies churned in her stomach as she read the succinct words over and over. She needed something to put her mind at rest but his words were void of feelings. Negative emotions clouded her judgment and fueled her anxiety. She searched the message repeatedly but couldn’t find anything positive in them. Feelings of rejection threatened to overwhelm her as she stared at the cold instruction. Fighting back the tears which welled inside, Rachel lowered her face, locked her computer screen, grabbed her handbag and walked swiftly to the ladies room. Once safely locked behind the confines of a stall, she leaned her head backwards, closed her eyes and allowed her emotions to run unchecked. Tears streamed down her face as she cried silently.

‘Jesus girl, what were you thinking? He’s married!’ she thought, dabbing her eyes regularly to avoid staining her dark blue suit.

‘Flirting and having a little fun was one thing but letting the boss fuck you …….! You can’t even blame drink for your behaviour. You just let him!’

‘Christ, he must think I’m a complete slut. No wonder he ignored me this morning.’

‘Well girl, you can’t bloody sit in here all day. What is that old adage? Oh yes, attack is the best form of defense!’

Rachel’s pride and defiance kicked into gear and she quickly formulated a strategy to extricate herself from the embarrassing situation. Inspired by her newfound strength, she actually believed a certain amount of dignity could still be maintained. Rachel got up, dried her eyes and exited the stall. After washing her hands, she made a quick check of herself in the mirror, smoothed her pencil skirt and tugged her jacket in place before exiting the ladies room. She walked directly to her desk where she picked up the phone and promptly dialed an internal extension.

When Dan returned from his 10:30 a.m. appointment, he picked up the stack of messages from his desk and quickly scanned Rachel’s precise writing, prioritizing the messages in his mind. Noticing the voicemail indicator flashing, he picked up the receiver. Most were routine calls but the last message caught him by complete surprise.

“Morning Dan, it’s Laura. Could you give me a call when you have a min. Rachel has been to see me this morning and we need to chat. Ext 56238. I’m free most of the morning”.

Dan leaned back in his chair, stunned and perplexed by Laura’s call.

‘Why had Rachel been to see Human Relations?’ he wondered. ‘Was she sick? Was she leaving? Had she filed some sort of complaint about him? Oh god, did it have something to do with their intimacy last night?’

As Rachel returned to her workstation with a tray of drinks, she could atakent escort see Dan was on the phone as the indicator light glowed in her peripheral vision. She knew from experience that HR would have contacted him by now and it was quite possible she was the reason he was on the phone. Having distributed the drinks, she squared her shoulders with steely resolve, focused on her screen and systematically dealt with the various requests for her time. Externally, she appeared to be under control but deep inside Rachel was dying. She knew that in another hour, it would all be over.

Dan replaced the receiver, leaned back into his chair and exhaled deeply. He stared at the phone with a perplexed look.

‘What kind of fucking game is that girl playing?’ he questioned, feeling his heart beat fiercely within his barrel chest. Dan felt as though Rachel had undermined his authority and was not pleased in the least.

‘That little lady needs a lesson on who’s the boss around here,’ he concluded and formulated a strategy for their upcoming meeting. He wanted to ensure his secretary clearly understood the lay of the land in these circumstances.

Later that morning, Dan pressed the button for the 10th floor and waited patiently for the elevator doors to close. He always enjoyed going to the Garden Terrace as it offered a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the business world below. When Rachel arrived, he stood, slid out the accompanying chair and steadied it for her as she joined him on the terrace. Her refusal to make eye contact only confirmed what he already knew.

“Rachel, we need to talk,” he said with a low, deep voice. The firmness in his tone reflected his conviction.

He gently tilted her chin up until he could see her tanned face. She didn’t utter a word nor need to as her soft brown eyes spoke for her.

“Last night was not a fluke, nor just some random fuck! I don’t regret it in the least. Yes, there is a sense of guilt. Yes, I am wrestling with my conscience but rest assured what we experienced was real, very real and if possible I want to continue a relationship with you.”

Rachel’s doe-like eyes widened as she listened very carefully to each and every word.

“Rachel, this wasn’t a one night stand and I want you to understand that. It has touched me deeply just as it has rocked you. Believe me Rachel; it is very, very real. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be having a Company Away Day and hopefully it will give us some quality time … to get our heads around this.”

With that, he paused briefly, and passed her a lunchbox meal. As he stood up to leave, he leaned down to ensure their conversation was not overheard.

“Oh by the way, Laura from HR called me this morning, informing me of your request for a transfer. I denied the request, telling Laura that a sufficient case for transfer hadn’t been made and stressed the needs of the business outweighed the desires of the individual.”

Whilst bending forward to emphasize his next words, he paused momentarily to look deep into her eyes.

“Rachel, I would be devastated should you leave. More than anything, I want you by my side, personally and professionally. Nevertheless, if you find you can no longer work for me, I want you to tell me to my fucking face. Otherwise, I expect you to get back to your desk after lunch and perform your duties in accordance with the high standards you have consistently set for the office.”

After a brief pause, he continued, “Apologies love, but I have to run. I have an audit meeting in five and can’t be late.”

“I love you … allow me to show it!” he said smilingly.

As he turned to walk away, he squeezed her hand tenderly and headed off towards the elevator. After a few steps, he stopped abruptly, turned and added, “Oh by the way, check your bottom desk drawer when you get back to the office.”


The morning of the Company Away Day finally arrived and Rachel’s eyes shot open in excited anticipation the moment the alarm sounded. She smiled coyly as her hand travelled over the dark blue satin sheets, rubbing the empty space beside her.

‘Tonight … maybe tonight I won’t sleep alone,’ she sighed.

Eager to start the day, she hurriedly threw back the curtains, allowing the sunlight to stream inside. Two weeks ago, Dan had turned her life upside down, awakening something deep inside. Although they had barely spoken about that evening, he had made it very clear he wanted her. Not a day had gone by without her thinking about their lovemaking. Those exuberant thoughts of him and him fucking her again made her vivacious and ravenous, and the morning’s warm sunshine energized her all the more.

Padding barefoot to the shower, Rachel tested the temperature of the streaming water with an upturned palm and then stepped inside. While the hot pulsating jets did wonders for her tense muscles, they could do little to calm her mind. She wished she akbatı escort could just stop thinking of him but she couldn’t. Her hands roaming over her body didn’t help matters much as she replayed that night yet again in her mind. Dan was authoritative and masterful by nature and her body had responded to his lovemaking naturally and without shame. Lovemaking hell, he had fucked her. Damn, he had fucked her good and proper. In the heat of the moment, she had relinquished control and allowed herself to be swept away by his lust. God, it had felt so good and she ached for a replay; her body craved it.

‘Now look at you and the state you’re in!’ screamed the little voice inside her. ‘He’s married! What the hell are you playing at, you stupid girl.’

As the berating words echoed inside, the tingling sensation within her loins spoke with stark opposition. She needed him to fuck her again, and her vaginal muscles twitched in affirmation. Rachel slapped the wet tile with her hand, pursed her lips, determinedly grabbed the shower gel and began lathering her body. She hoped the familiarity of action would help her focus but her mind betrayed her yet again. Visions of Dan’s soapy palms caressing her full breasts raced through her mind. Her imagination quickly took control, and her cunt responded, pulsing and throbbing with need. She desperately wanted Dan there … now.

As the hot water continued to stream down, she succumbed to her body’s desire. Rachel sighed as the flat of her hand rubbed across her trimmed mound; she imagined his hands reaching around her waist, exploring her pussy. As her fingers parted her labia and slowly inched their way upwards, she bit her lower lip and leaned back against the shower wall, pressing firmly against the tiles to steady herself.

“Fuckkkk,” she moaned softly as her fingertips brushed lightly over her clitoris.

Sandwiching her clit between her fingers, she began a gentle up and down rhythm. Instinctually, her hips slowly swayed to and fro in response to the sensual massage. She groaned as a single finger slipped inside.

Envisioning his hardness rubbing against her buttocks, she spread her legs and inserted a second finger. Her own wetness combined with the warm water eased the passage of her probing fingers. Within minutes, her steady rhythm caused her breathing to deepen. As the harmonious actions of her hands brought her closer and closer to the edge, she shuddered and moaned profusely.

Rachel’s hastened the vigorous, counter-clockwise motions upon her clit, and gasped for air as tremors of pleasure ripped through her body. The release came hard and fast, forcing her legs to tremble. She groaned in ecstasy from the pleasure of her own hands.

While her orgasm was tame in comparison to the one Dan had spawned that night, it had served its purpose and she was now able to focus. She quickly showered then grabbed a towel from the rail. After rubbing a small towel through her dripping dark hair, she wrapped a bath towel around her body and returned to the bedroom to get ready.

Toweling herself dry, Rachel sat in front of the satinwood dressing table and reached for the long rectangular box. She held it in her trembling hand and smiled as she recalled seeing it in her desk drawer at work for the first time. Once again, she slowly opened the lid and gazed at the delicate tanzanite and silver necklace nestled within. Lifting it gently from its grey velvet casing, she took the two ends of the necklace and slid them around her neck, fumbling uncertainly with the clasp. Once secured, she gazed at her reflection in the mirror thoughtfully.

The necklace had been a source of contention between them. Rachel’s innate sense of pride had been unwilling to accept the gift, and Dan’s profound sense of ownership demanded her acceptance.

‘Let’s see how he likes it on me,’ she thought as she gazed at her reflection again.

After dabbing a scant amount of perfume to each pulse point, Rachel selected her attire for the morning, dressed quickly and headed downstairs.


Dan understood and valued the importance of events like Company Away Days. Throughout his career, he had used these events to build high performance teams. He understood group dynamics and was more than willing expend the time and energy required to make this event successful, productive and fun.

‘Good choice Rachel,’ he thought as he turned onto the road leading to the resort. The panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and the beauty of the magnificent mansion in the distance were breathtaking.

The morning session was chock-full of corporate activities. Dan had a difficult time concentrating on the proceedings because when he wasn’t daydreaming about Rachel, he was stealing glances at her. His eyes were constantly drawn to the shimmering sequins which highlighted the tiers of her white, gypsy-styled skirt. Whenever she leaned forward, her matching aksaray escort décolleté, sleeveless top offered an engaging view of her tanned arms and shapely tanned breasts. With satisfaction, Dan noticed the necklace shining against her glowing skin and smiled to himself discreetly. She had accepted his gift and by association his authority, but he knew it would take far more than a mere trinket to master that woman. Fortunately, he was able to slip her his business card during one of the breaks. Rachel being inquisitive by nature needed to know what was on the card so she took the opportunity to go to the ladies room before the session resumed.

It read: ‘Meet me at my car after lunch.’

Once the morning activities and lunch were out of the way, Rachel slipped off to her room to change. She was anxious to meet Dan and her heart thumped with excitement and anticipation. As he watched her make her way across the parking lot, his adrenaline soared as he thought about being alone with her again. He smiled as a strong breeze caught hold of her maxi-length georgette dress, flipping it up around her waist. He chuckled to himself as he watched her struggle to hold it down. Whilst the bold yellow floral print was quite stunning, those scalloped yellow panties underneath got his mind reeling.

Dan opened the car door for Rachel, held her hand as she got inside and then closed the door after she was safely secured. Getting in at the driver’s side, he quickly buckled his seat belt and jammed the key into the ignition. Turning to her, he grabbed her arm and held it in a gentle grip.

“Rachel? Rachel, look at me!” he demanded.

Rachel took a deep breath and slowly turned to face her boss.

“Rachel, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend this afternoon with—none I want more by my side … in life. I know I’m married. I realize it’s wrong to care about you but my feelings are real. They cannot be denied nor silenced so unless you ask me to stop I fully intend to pursue you”.

Rachel’s hands trembled as she cupped his bearded face and looked deeply into his eyes. There was a sincerity that could not be denied and her eyes welled with tears. Dan nuzzled her palm, kissed the well of her hand and gazed into her beautiful brown eyes. Grinning, he shifted position in his seat and fired the ignition. Within 10 minutes, they pulled into the parking lot of the Cholmondely Castle Garden.

As the passenger door closed, he pressed Rachel against the side of the car and kissed her. Her lips were so inviting, soft to the touch, warm and moist. He enfolded her in his arms as their kiss deepened; their tongues entwined, dancing with each other. His determined hands roamed over her curves, causing their breathing to deepen. Rachel melted against him, sighing deeply into his mouth as his fingers deliberately brushed against her breasts. Feeling his groin tighten, he groaned deeply; his cock strained fiercely against his jeans.

“Okay, you heathen Yankee, it’s time to take in the gardens and give you a history lesson,” announced Rachel, pushing him back playfully.

Reluctantly, Dan stepped away, smiled and took her by the hand, leading her in the direction of the Castle. In a leisurely manner, they visited each of the majestic gardens, admiring the unique beauty each had to offer. Afterwards, they returned to the car for a brief respite. Rachel’s face flushed with excitement when Dan opened the trunk to retrieve a cool box and blanket. She nodded approvingly as they set out back across the sweeping lawns.

Dan spread the blanket out and began unpacking the cool box.

“Close your eyes,” commanded Dan.

Rachel grinned as she felt a velvety substance brush lightly against her cheek. She inhaled deeply as Dan trailed the velvety pedals slowly across her face. Her eyes opened as the gentle, romantic scent registered in her mind.

“Somebody peeked,” he teased, placing the single long stem rose across her lap.

Dan poured them each a glass of Amarone and the couple spent the next twenty minutes teasing each other’s sense of taste and smell.

“To our awakening and to us!” he toasted.

“To us,” responded Rachel. Her eyes glistening as she looked at him.

Pushing the bottle and glasses aside, they reclined upon the blanket and stretched out to enjoy the sunshine. In short order Rachel began to fidget as they talked.

“Mind if I sunbathe for a little while?” she asked suddenly and unexpectedly.

Dan nodded approvingly and checked to ensure their picnic spot was indeed truly private. Rachel slipped the maxi dress over her head without ceremony and settled back onto the blanket, resting her head against her handbag. As he gazed upon her near naked form, a flood of memories assailed him. His body ached for her; his sensitive erection strained fiercely against his jeans.

Rachel sighed as his feather light kisses traced a path along the elastic edge of her pink panties. A long languorous lick followed, leaving a moist trail of saliva in its wake. His warm breath blew gently across her moistened skin, inciting a low moan. As his caressing lips made their way slowly upward, she purred approvingly. She shivered with delight as his swirling tongue traced the edge of her navel, and when it delved deep inside she moaned deeply, grasping the blanket with both hands.

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