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Author’s Note: For Grim. I love you. All characters are over the age of 18.


When I arrived home from my shitty job, my little sister was waiting for me by the door. As soon as I entered, I knew something was off. 

Instead of a cheerful hug and the smell of dinner wafting through the air, I was greeted by an unpleasant sight. My sister, Kitty, was leaning against the wall. Her arms were crossed and she had a scowl on her face. 

My sister had moved in with me after her 18th birthday. We had gotten along pretty well, all things considered. Sure, she could be a pain in the ass… but what little sister isn’t? 

We had an unnamed agreement. As long as I brought home groceries and paid the bills, she would cook, do a bit of laundry, and live with me without having to pay rent or any bills. My sister wasn’t lazy though. No, she chose to go to college nearby to get a degree in Biology. Knowing her, she definitely could do it.

“Hello Mark,” she said to me in a low voice. 

Uh-oh. Yeah, something was definitely wrong.

“Uhh… hey Kitty. What’s up?” I asked, trying to figure out what massive fuck up I did. 

“Oh not much. I cooked dinner, watched the rest of that one show on Netflix, and-” 

“Hey!” I interrupted,  “That was supposed to be our show”. 

Kitty rolled her eyes and said, “Oh it would have been. Next time make sure to clear your internet history asshole!” 

Oops. I could’ve sworn I used Incognito mode on the laptop we shared.

“Kitty, I can explain! I’m so sorry, I thought-” 

“Don’t you dare try it. I saw what you jerked off too. Seriously?  You look at little sister themed porn?” 

I shut my eyes and groaned. I was an idiot. I knew I wasn’t getting out of this one easy.

“Well… yes. B-but it’s not what it looks like! I don’t actually think of-“

The next thing I knew, my cheek was burning and my ears were ringing. Fuck!

“Did you just slap me, you little shit?” I snapped. Reaching over to grab my sister’s hand, she quickly pulled away and shot me a dirty look. 

“Yeah I did! You are such an asshole. If you wanna be treated like a dirty little submissive, I’ll treat you like one.”  

“Oh for fuck’s sake, that is only a fanta-” I quickly got cut off by another harsh slap across my face. This one didn’t hurt as much, but it was still a blow to my self-esteem. 

I looked down at my little sister and became irritated.  That’s when I realized what she was wearing. 

Kitty ditched her usual baggy clothes and instead opted for more tight-fitting clothing. She wore a dark navy blue skirt, a white buttoned blouse, and striped socks. To finish off the look, she had tied her dark hair up in a messy bun and wore a headband with cat ears on it. My stomach fell to my knees when I realized I was checking out my little sister.

“Well?” she snapped. 

“Umm… uhh… why are you….?” 

She glanced down at her outfit and smiled. “I noticed you have something for little sisters who tease their big brothers. Don’t worry, I’m not wearing any panties. Pretty soon you are gonna be a panting little bitch in heat who needs permission to cum. You know what? I think your new nickname will be Doggy.” 

I blushed profusely at this and squeaked out, “Y-yes miss.” 

She turned on her heel and walked in the living room. I followed, not quite sure what to say. Kitty turned to me and frowned. 

“Stop right there mister.” 

I froze. Shit! eryaman anal yapan escort What did I do wrong now? 

“Get on your hands and knees. If you want to be my doggy, you are gonna be treated like one. While you are at it, remove your clothes. Dogs don’t get to wear clothes.”

I fumbled with my work clothes and slid them off and folded them. My cock sprang free and throbbed against the cool air conditioned room.

Kitty saw my erection and walked in front of me. Grasping my prick, it twitched in her hand. I groaned softly as she began to gently jerk me off. It was clear she didn’t have much experience, but she made up with her cuteness.

“Do… do you like that big brother?” she asked in a barely audible whisper. I could only nod and moan softly. 

“Is it… is it always that big?” she mumbled. Reaching my arm around her, I kissed her on the top of her head. “Not always, no. I don’t remember being this hard in a long time.”

I reached down and covered my hand over hers. “No. This is… fuck. Just like that baby. You are doing such a good job, little one.” 

My little sister began adorably moving her hand back and forth quicker. This was one of my deepest fantasies I never could share with anyone. I know what we were doing was dirty. If someone knew what we were doing right now, we both would get in trouble but… how come then this felt so nice?

I closed my eyes and felt my breathing quicken. Wack! I cringed slightly and my eyes flew open. 

“That was for enjoying that!” Kitty snapped. I glanced down and realized what she did. 

“Did you seriously just slap my cock?” I asked, trying to avoid laughing. 

“Yes. And if you enjoy it again, you’ll get slapped even harder.” 

I swallowed and nodded. “Yes ma’am. Geez, I never realized how cute you are when you act so serious.” 

Kitty let go of my cock and took a few steps. “Bedroom. Now. And don’t forget to crawl or you’ll be very sorry.”

I got down on all fours and crawled behind her, allowing myself the satisfaction of seeing her bottom covered by the skimpy blue material of her skirt. I realized I never had seen her wear that before. Had she gotten it just for this occasion? 

We made our way to my bedroom and Kitty stopped by my bed. “You know Mark, you were such a good brother to me. You helped me when I was younger with my schoolwork. You let me play on your GameCube and Xbox. I’m so disappointed in you “


My little sister sighed and shook her head. Picking up a collar off of the bed, she squatted down so we were at the same level. 

“Because I never knew you were such a pervert. What you did was disgusting.” 

I swallowed and muttered an apology. 

She giggled as she put the collar around my neck. “This is your punishment. Tonight your cock is gonna feel like it’s on fire. I might not even let you cum for your little antics.”

I moaned softly and I began to notice my cock was slowly leaking precum. “Miss? Can I please touch myself?” 

My little sister looked down at me and frowned. “No. Only good dogs can do that. Now, do you wanna know what I did this afternoon after I found your disgusting porn?” 

I groaned and nodded my head. “Yes please. Fuck. What did you do?”

She laughed cruelly. “Well, the first thing I did was become disgusted at you. I mean… I’m your sister. Then the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. I began to touch myself on your cebeci escort bed Mark. I was such a horny little slut, I bet you would’ve loved to help me.” 

I stared at her as she sat down on my bed. She began to unbutton her shirt, her grey eyes never leaving mine. 

“You’re such a pervert. I hope you know that.” She broke eye contact and glanced down at my dick. “Don’t you even think about touching your dick. That is my cock now. If you cum without my permission,  I’ll make sure to buy a chastity cage and I’ll put your cock in it and hide the key. Awww, wouldn’t that be fun?  You would wake up and eat my pussy everyday and you’ll never be able to cum again!” 

“No! No, no, no! Please don’t do that Miss Kitty! I’ll uh… I’ll be good. I’ll never masturbate again. I’ll even… I’ll even eat your pussy right now!”

Kitty raised an eyebrow and motioned to me with her finger.  “Crawl over to me.” 

I crawled quickly over and looked at her. She swallowed and said, “I’ve never done this before. If one of us needs to stop, just say ‘Teriyaki’. Okay?”

I nodded. Kitty cleared her throat. “Now I’m your owner right now. Not your little sister. You’ll obey everything I say, no matter how much you don’t wanna do something.”

I rasped out an agreement.

Once I was in front of my owner, she slid off her skirt and I stared. Her pussy was nothing compared to what I imagined it to be. It was soaking wet and begging to be licked and sucked at. Her creamy white skin was begging to be nipped at and slightly bruised. 

“D… do you like it Mark?” she whimpered. 

Did I like it? No. I fucking loved it. 

“Can I taste you?” I asked, no longer hiding the lust in my voice. “Please Miss Kitty. Can I please taste your pussy? Fuck. I’m such a horny dog in heat. Please!” 

With that, she widened her legs further and slipped off her blouse. The only thing that still remained was her lacy bra and socks. 

“Okay. But only because you are so nice. And… be gentle, okay?” 

I didn’t need to be told twice. I lunged between her legs and kissed her pussy. I felt her arch her back above me and gasp. 

“F-fuck. Uh-huh. Just like that,” she whispered. 

I began to lick and suck on her clit like I had pictured a thousand times before.

“Fuck, you are so sweet”, I groaned into her. My little sister kept gasping and moaning at my actions.

“Just like that Mark! Please don’t stop!” 

Before long she hissed at me, “I’m going to cum if you continue like that. Do you want your little slut to cum all over your face?” 

As a response, I increased my efforts and within seconds I felt a warm liquid gush over me. I stopped and looked up. Kitty was breathing quickly and looking down at me.

“Did you like that Miss?” I asked sweetly. I was worried she might have regrets.

My sister nodded her head and pulled me up. Once we were face to face, she leaned over and began to kiss me. She broke the kiss and looked at me smiling. 

“Can you please help me with my dumb bra? Something tells me you want to see your little sister naked before she jerks you off more.” 

I got into my bed and fumbled with her bra. “I…I think we can keep the socks on,” I said. 

She looked at her feet and grinned. “Me too. Now be a good puppy and lay down on your back for me.” 

I rolled over and presented my boner to her. She giggled and leaned over it. “We should have done this sooner. I really pursaklar escort like your cock.”

I blushed and muttered thanks. She grabbed my cock again and began slowly jerking me off. I groaned occasionally and she would quicken her pace. Just before I could cum,  she stopped.  “No! Please don’t stop. Please!” 

Kitty laughed at my misery and smiled. “No. Bad dogs get punished.” 

My cock twitched and I began to thrust in the air. “Fuck, c’mon! I made you cum already!”

My little sister laughed again cruelly and slapped my cock again. “I. Said. No.” 

I groaned and shut my eyes. The little bitch was gonna pay sometime. 

I felt my dick being squeezed again and it pulsed in her hand. “Baby, look at me.” 

I opened my eyes and saw Kitty’s head was near my boner. “What are you doing?” I mumbled. 

I didn’t get an answer. Instead I watched in fascination as her tongue licked the tip of my cock. 

“Fuck!” I exclaimed.

My sister giggled and began to explore my prick with her mouth more. 

“Don’t you dare bloody stop that!” I hissed. 

She stopped licking and looked at me, a cute look across her face. “But why big brother? 

I began to pant slowly. “Because you are hot when you suck my dick. You’re fucking sexy and I’m an idiot for not realizing it sooner.”

Kitty giggled and popped my cock in her mouth again. I grunted and put a hand on her head to help guide her. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself close to cumming. 

“I’m going to cum soon if you continue.” 

My sister stopped and looked at me. “No way! You can’t cum unless I say so.” 

I groaned again and threw my head down on the pillow. “I hate you right now.”

“Don’t worry brother. I love you.”

I felt Kitty readjusting her body and looked up surprised. “What are you doing?” 

She frowned. “Dogs don’t ask questions. But since you asked so nicely, I intend to ride you and have you cum in me. Ya know… since you are nice and stuff.” 


“Did I sense sass from you?” 

“No way! I was uh… nothing.” 

She giggled and kissed me again. “That’s what I thought.” 

Kitty climbed on top of me and lined up my cock to her wet pussy. 

“Oh fuck,” I said. 1

“Teriyaki”, Kitty whispered, stopping.  I quit moaning and looked at her puzzled.

“What’s wrong?” 

She bit her lip and looked away. “Hey, what’s wrong?  We can stop if you want too.” 

She shook her head and looked at me, suddenly scared. “Kitty, I love you. What’s wrong?” 

“Can… Can you cum in me?  Without a condom I mean. I want you to fuck me and make me your little cum slut.” 

I moaned as soon as she said it and I reached up to kiss her. I felt her tongue on mine and I wrapped my arms around her to try and make as little space between us as possible.

“Fuck. I love you. Even if you are a little shit. Of course we can”, I said. 

My sister giggled and began to slowly jump up and down on my dick. “I love you too Mark. Even if you are a perverted brother.”

I groaned and muttered to her how I was going to make her pay for that. In response, she continued to fuck herself faster and faster. 

“Baby… I’m gonna cum”, I rasped out. 

Kitty kissed me and whispered, “Cum in me  big brother. Fuck me and show me just how much trouble I got myself into.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed Kitty by her hips and pushed my cock as far it could reach in her as I began to ejaculate.

After I was done, my little sister crawled next to me and kissed my cheek. 

“Thank you big brother. Did you like it?” 

I grabbed the blanket and covered us. “I did my little sister. I definitely did. Thank you for my birthday present.”

The End

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