The Best Man Ch. 02

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Sam paused for a moment in the corridor, dazed. Then he quickly attempted to tidy himself up, fixing his trousers and cummerbund back in place and checking for cum stains on his trousers; Susie had been too good for that though. He was spotless still, and had cooled down enough to look presentable. He turned right, and went back through the lobby door.

A couple of the women turned to look at him, though most ignored him – one of Susie’s friends whispered to her neighbour and they both giggled. Sam blushed and returned to awkwardly waiting.

There were four more bridesmaids still in the lobby, all friends of Annabelle’s. Louise was just coming down the stairs, looking very anxious – Louise was chief bridesmaid, Annabelle’s closest friend (though Annabelle was Jane’s best friend, Annabelle’s was Louise). She had a soft oval face, with pale skin, full red lips, and cool blue eyes, with long black hair falling down her back – it only ended just above her ass, which Sam was admiring – and the green silk gave her a bewitching quality. Her figure was… magnificent, Sam decided; the sort of body that statues have. Her full bosom heaved at her dress as she quickly spoke to the other bridesmaids, and her lovely peach-shaped backside created a true hourglass figure.

Next to her was Jaime, who started to look nervous herself. Jaime was a slim redhead, with a beautiful face, high cheekbones and sexy smile framed by flowing red hair; slight hourglass figure, but narrower hips and smaller breasts – still very nice though – more willowy, nowhere near the curves of Louise, but very graceful. She was much younger too, about nineteen while all the other bridesmaids were in their mid- to late-twenties, just a bit older than Sam. Like her dress, her big eyes were clear green, while her full, sensuous lips were a deep sort of pink; a few freckles dotted her pale nose. Her step-mother would be around her somewhere. Though they weren’t blood relations, they looked quite similar, sharing red hair, green eyes, freckled noses, pink lips; but the step-mother had a broader face, with high cheekbones and narrower eyes. She was shorter too, about five foot seven or eight to Jaime’s five eleven, and with a fuller figure, a pronounced hourglass shape, complete with peachy ass and at least double-D breasts. She also had a different shade of red in her hair, quite orange where Jaime’s was dark.

Jaime finished talking to Louise now, and peeled away towards Sam. He tried to smile naturally.

“Something I can help with?” he asked; something to do until he could get back to Susie would be good.

“Yeah, thanks,” smiled the nervous teenager, “I so didn’t want to ask. We just want you to go and fetch mum (Sam knew she meant her step-mother, who she called ‘mum’ even though she’d only married Jaime’s father a couple of years ago) from her beşiktaş escort room. Louise is having a nightmare with Annabelle, everyone else soon has to be busy, and we just need all the help we can get – please?” She smiled, both hopeful and nervous.

“Oh, no trouble,” sighed Sam, just a little patronised by the simple task. “Where do I look?”

“First floor, room eleven,” rushed Jaime, happily, “ask her if she can check up on the caterers, and when will she be ready? Thanks a lot!” She hurried away, smiling once over her shoulder, and disappeared through the front door after another bridesmaid. Sam walked up the stairs, passing Louise who was talking through a door on the landing in a low voice – wasn’t that the bride’s room? – and carried on to Eleven. He knocked and called “hello?”

There was no answer; Sam tried again, still getting nothing. He tried the door, which loudly wheezed open, and stuck his head through, then stepped inside. The room, he noticed, was very red, with red carpet, walls, and ceiling, and a red velvet-draped four-poster bed taking up the centre of the floor. Opposite was a large dressing table, made of the same red-brown wood as the bed, with an enormous mirror. The floor was scattered with crumpled clothes, presumably discarded after being tried on; there seemed to be an awful lot of underwear lying around…

“Hello?” he repeated. “Erm… Jaime’s mum?”

“Yes?” The bathroom door had opened, and she was standing in it with her white robe hanging open. She quickly pulled it tight closed around herself, and Sam only glimpsed a flash of tight black underwear against her milky skin. She was glaring at him now, clutching her gown protectively around herself.

“Who are you?” she demanded, “What do you want?” Without time to enjoy the slightly husky sound of her voice, Sam answered:

“Sorry, I’m Sam, I’m the best man from the wedding, Jaime sent me up-” She visibly relaxed.

“That explains enough for me.” She walked over to the dressing table, kicking aside discarded panties before sitting down on the cushioned bench. “Would you please close the door?” Sam did so, and she continued.

“When you came in I thought you must be Jaime, or maybe Louise, otherwise I would have covered myself properly.” Her sensuously wide mouth smiled over her shoulder at him. “You gave me quite a scare you know.” She began to look in the mirror, picking at make-up and hair brushes scattered on the table.

“Yeah, sorry, erm… ma’am, but-” She cut him off with a short laugh.

“Ma’am? Please, call me Charlotte, it’s my name after all. Oh, and come over here, stand beside me; I want an opinion on my preparations.” She delicately applied scarlet lipstick. “What was it you wanted?”

“Jaime asks can you see to the caterers beşyol escort and when will you be ready?”

“Hard to say when I’ll be ready. That blusher good? Good. And anyway, if the bride goes on like this, we won’t need caterers.” Suddenly she turned to Sam. “Could you give me a neck massage? Just quickly; I’m a mass of stress, and it’s making me clumsy.”

In invitation, she turned back to the mirror, her back to Sam, and dropped her robe to the bench.

She was magnificent. Her full breasts were pushed up by a smooth black bra, thin straps tight across her shoulders; a translucent veil hung across her firm, narrow tummy. Beneath the veil, only lines of lace trim showing her matching panties. Carefully, Sam placed his heavy hands on her shoulders, and began to knead the muscles, working the pale skin. She moaned a gentle “aahh”, and reached up to move her bra-straps aside.

“Shoulders too,” she murmured, pulling his hands forwards across herself; “yes, just like – ahh.” Sam relished her soft skin; in the mirror, her eyes were closed, she bit her bottom lip in pleasure, and her gorgeous cleavage heaved with each movement he made. He pressed his erection against her back. She pushed herself backwards against it.

Sam moved his hands down into her bra, taking one firm breast in each hand, slipping underneath to cup them as the bra slid away, useless, and pinching a large pink nipple with both thumbs and forefingers. Her hard pink nipples matched her lips, and Jaime’s. As she moaned, he rubbed his hands across her, teasing her sumptuous and clearly sensitive breasts; they heaved up and down, her moans shortening, faster and faster as he massaged her. She tipped her head back to face him, mouth slightly open; he kissed her hard, rolling his tongue between her full ruby lips. She gave a long moan, her shoulders shaking and breasts shuddering beneath his palms; she gasped “Oh Goddddd….” as she came.

Sam continued to squeeze her breasts, feeling their fullness and weight against his palms as she moaned. Charlotte suddenly stood up, brushing Sam’s hands off herself, and turning to face him. She put her soft white arms around his neck and drew him back in for another kiss, pressing him close against herself. Her breasts crushed up on his chest, her hard nipples poking against him, and in response Sam slipped his hands around her waist, sliding them down her back to cup and squeeze her full, firm buttocks through the sheer fabric of her lacy panties. She broke their kiss to moan, before pushing Sam away and turning again.

Now she stepped slowly onto the bed, wiggling her black-clad arse back at Sam as she crawled between the red velvet curtains of the four-poster. Beneath her round white buttocks, only half covered by the half-transparent panties, beykent escort she was visibly wet from excitement, her thighs damp from orgasm. Just as the curtains fell onto her waist, Sam gripped her by the hips, and held her in her crawling position.

In a moment Sam had pulled the black panties down across her arse to her knees, and deeply kissed her wet cunt. Charlotte moaned exquisitely as his mouth touched her engorged lips, and his tongue stroked her clit, sending her shuddering with pleasure. His hands tightly gripped her soft white cheeks as he pulled her back against his tongue, thrusting himself deeper into her eager pussy, lapping up her juices as she moaned louder. Charlotte was delicious, and hearing her moaning drove Sam’s tongue on, frenziedly licking her sweet-spots to make her shriek her ecstasy back through the curtains.

Soon, Sam’s tongue rubbing against her clitoris and into her soft, sweet cunt, Charlotte began to cum, her hips bucking and thrashing against his face. His strong hands squeezed her white ass to hold her in place, leaving red marks on her soft skin. Her shoulders shook too, shaking her heavy, hanging breasts; she stroked her sensitive nipples with one hand, balancing on the other. Her orgasm hit her, and she collapsed head-first onto the bed, Sam’s hands keeping her arse in the air while he sucked the flowing juice from her. When he let go, her knees gave in, and she sprawled across the bed, gasping from her second long orgasm.

Sam wiped her juices off his face, onto the rich velvet curtain, while she pulled herself into the middle of the bed. As her red-marked buttocks disappeared, Sam realised how hard he was, and how turned on, pre-cum already ruining his boxers. He climbed onto the bed, opening his pants, and staring at Charlotte’s naked back. Her panties still clung to her knees, while her hands hung on to the bed head. He took hold of her hips again, and helped her kneel, ass towards him, hands on the bed-frame. She tossed her flaming hair and moaned:

“Please, Sam – more….”

He placed his thick cock at her pussy, his head just touching her. Hands on her hips, he gently pulled her back just as he began to thrust; she responded eagerly, pushing herself back off the bedstead and on to Sam’s hard rod, up to the base on the first thrust. They moaned together, Sam loving the feel of her warm, wet, velvety pussy, and she the fullness of his rock-hard shaft. He began to pull back, until only his head was left in her pussy, before fucking forward, hard, so her big ass slapped against him, and started quickly fucking himself in and out, enjoying the sounds of her ass slapping and the wetness of her pussy as he sawed back and forth. Taking one hand off her hip, Sam leaned forward across her; she was tossing her head as she thrust herself back each time he pushed forward, moaning with each move. One hand brushed past her back, and grabbed a breast, squeezing it and pinching the nipple. She began to gasp almost orgasmically now.

Suddenly, while both drawing a breath, they heard Jaime’s voice from the corridor:

“Mum?” she called, “What are you up to?” The door handle turned, seeming to echo across the room….

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