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We are under a large umbrella on the beach, crowded with nameless people going on their merry beach fun. Behind us a few metres away is a row of bungalows with a door and wooden Venetians. You look up behind you and see a bungalow being vacated and the door is left ajar. You look at me with a cheeky grin, a sexy twinkle in the eye. You make a dash for the bungalow door. I wait a few seconds playing it cool, then make my way as casually as possible to you. I slide in the door and lock it behind me. I turn and you press me up against the door, hand running through my hair and back of my neck as we kiss deeply. Soft, wet ones at first then hard and snappy. You nibble my bottom lip and take a few steps back

You slide you hand in the front of my board short, grabbing my cock. You start to tug it slowly while your other hand goes down the front of your bikini bottoms and you rub your clit. I’m growing increasingly hard as you tug away, so gently like angels kisses. Your hand is magic; I wonder how wet I can make your pussy. I want to taste your juices.

You slide my board shorts totally off at the same time I have undone that knot of your bikini top. My erection hits you in the eye. You giggle and wrap your lips around it. Licking circles around the head of my cock. It’s hard now and you love the fact that you’re making it that way. All I can think about it getting into your tight wet pussy and making you scream and your juices flow all over me.I pull back and guide you to your feet, my erection throbbing in the air. I lay you down on the banana couch and kneel between your legs. I can see you’re already a little wet. But I have plans to increase that.

I peel off your bikini bottom and dive head first into your wetness, long lapping licks of your lips then I go for the pleasure button. I start licking circles, slow at first then increase slowly in speed. Your thighs squeeze my head into your pussy, grinding bahis firmaları my with it you are now, as you roll your pelvis. You’re fucking loving this and I love your sweet juices all over my face and mouth. I dart my tongue in and out of your pussy and then insert two fingers, Slowly, I feel your lips and pussy tighten over them as I push them deeper inside you and all I can think is, wait until my cock gets in here.

I move my fingers in and out of you now while lapping at your clit. You moan and arch your back. Your pussy is making a loud wet noise every time my fingers go inside you. I can tell you are ready for my cock look up at you and ask.

“You want my cock in your tight wet pussy baby?” You answer mid moan… YESSSSSSS!

You release my head and I rub my face, getting all the juices I can and rubbing them on my hard cock to lubricate it further. I grab you behind the knees and pull you closer. You angle your hips instinctively ready for my throbbing hard-on. I insert the tip into your wonderfully wet. I inch my way in and the walls of your pussy tighten around me like I’ve never felt before. Then I ram the rest of my penis inside you. You giggle and say. “Fuck me Baby!” And that’s what I do.

I’m slamming my rock hard cock inside your tight pussy, in and out. Harder and faster than I ever thought I could. We lean toward each other and sneak a long kiss, while we fit inside each other like a glove. I put my arm under you and pick you up. You reach for the overhanging beams and your slowly lower you onto me. I guide you, one hand on your hip, the other on the middle of your back. You’re moaning in pleasure and I’m heaving and fucking loving the feeling.

I move you to a less energetic position. I carry you to the floor. We kiss the whole way. Our tongues mashing, pleasure overload in our brains. I lay down on my back, my erection like a flagless flagpole. You straddle me, and we lock eyes kaçak iddaa as you insert me. Your pussy is so hot Babe, so hot and fucking wet! I say as your sliding up and down my shaft. Your pussy is making a sloshing sound which is increasing my thrill.

You lean forward to get my full length inside you and we kiss deeply. You nuzzle my ear and bite a little on my neck, while I grind my rock hard shaft inside you. I feel your pussy change, a quiver. You have an orgasm approaching. You lean back, one hand steadying yourself on my chest the other grabbing a boob. I move my hands, one to your hip the other to your other boob.

You start to get a little breathless, and you start to introduce a circle motion to your thrusting. I’m going to cum you say as you lean forward and place your hand onto my shoulder and grip it hard. Your knuckles are white.

Then your orgasm comes. A wave of pleasure washes over your face. Your pussy is quivering maniacally. It feels pretty fucking awesome for me, and you are in nirvana. You lean right back, hand on each of my knee and grind slow circles as you enjoy the pleasure of it all. You slide yourself off me and between my legs. You start to give me head, you pull your hair back off your face and smile as you take me in. You’re sucking me so hard and your tongue is doing things, making me feel things I thought a tongue couldn’t do.

“Do you want to cum in my Mouth Baby you ask?” I reply. “I want us to cum together. I want to stare deep inside your soul while I’m inside you. I want to feel it on all levels Baby.” You look up grabbing my cock with your hand and say. Well you better get back to fucking me Mister.

I crawl over you and kiss you again, nuzzling your neck and kissing down your chest. I tongue circles around each nipple then cup both your breasts. I kiss down to just above your pussy. I grab both hips leaning back I roll you onto your stomach. Spreading your legs kaçak bahis slightly, I slap your bum twice. Naughty boy you purr. Grabbing your hips and kneading your cheeks with my thumbs. I insert my throbbing erection into your wetness. It slides in like a hot knife through butter. I begin to fuck you, your back arches, so that I can hit the right spot. I lean right over you now.

You turn your head and we sneak a hot kiss. Your breath is getting shot out of you with the force of my fucking. You kneel up now into a traditional doggie. I continue to rail you.

You’re screaming – Oh my God, I love your cock Fuck Me Baby

I continue to fuck you and I feel your pussy tightening. I know this is the early stages for your orgasm. So I slow down, wanting you to savour it, wanting to blow your fucking mind. Plus I want to time it right. My orgasm isn’t quite there yet. I roll you again and you move onto my lap. You wrap your legs around me, inserting me deep inside you. You loop your arms under my shoulders and hold back of my head, playing with my hair. Your hands send multiple pleasure signals to my brain. Your whole body is glistening.

I want to cum so hard inside of you. I want to fill you with my goo.

We lock eyes and slide inside each other again. Staring into your eyes is turning me unbelievably hard and you can notice the difference. We keep fucking. I feel my orgasm approach, you can tell too cause your is coming as well. We lean slightly back from each other to allow each other in deeper.I feel your quivering come to a crescendo and a pleasure explosion, pulsates through your pussy and the rest of your body. Just as you lean your head back in pleasure. I grab the back of your neck gently and guide your eyes to mine. At the moment they lock, my orgasm comes. I fill your writhing pussy, with the most cum. I’ve ever created.

We breathe heavily and roll to our sides and we are kissing and touch each other after a job well done. You kiss me and breathe. That was the best I’ve ever had, I kiss you back and say. You inspired my best babe. You were so fucking amazing. We fall asleep in each other’s embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32