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Note from Slickman: This is just a teaser to get you interested. I hope it does. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.

John Davis and his daughter Tisha pulled off the paved highway onto the narrow dirt road in his new SUV. Eighteen year old Tisha had just graduated High School and was going away for college in little over a month. He peeked down at her long tan legs under the denim shirt and noticed she didn’t bother to push it down when she shifted her weight a few times while reaching for a new CD in the case at her feet.

“I think my favorite CDs are in my book bag.” She said as she unsnapped her seat belt and almost crawled through the small opening between the two front captain’s seats. Her body was almost lying prone when John glanced down at her skirt which was now pulled over her pink ass cheeks. He saw the thin white strip of panties pushed deeply in her buttocks and thought he could see a few blonde tendrils escaping out from between her thighs. He quickly looked back at the road.

“Here they are.” She said as she moved back to sit next to him. She plopped back in the seat and snapped her seatbelt. She didn’t even look to see if her dress covered her as she replaced the CD in her portable player and reclined the seat.

Luckily they were only a few minutes away from the cabin on the lake because now John could not only see her panties he could also see the dim shadow of her pubic mound and the indentation of her small pussy. The car slammed to a screech in front of the porch. A second longer and he would have smashed into the small wooden steps.

“Wake up Daddy.” She giggled as she released her seatbelt and jumped out of the vehicle.

John watched as she ran down to the small boat dock where their small runabout 16 foot boat was tied. His friend who lived nearby had placed the boat there a few days ago. John grabbed the suitcases and carried them in the large one room cabin. It was really a hunting cabin the family had used when the men hunted years ago but now it was mostly used for long weekend getaways like the one he and his daughter were having.

“I wish Mom would have come.” Trisha said as they sat eating the Fried Chicken they had picked up on the four hour trip up the mountain.

“She was busy with her new job.” John answered. “This will give me a chance to be with my baby before she goes away to college.”

“Oh Daddy you will see me during the breaks and holidays.”

“Not enough.” He smiled. They finished their dinners and as the sun dropped over the tall trees John and Trisha sat on lawn chairs at the end of the small dock.

“Let’s go swimming.” Trisha giggled.

“It’s getting dark sweetie.” John said. He was in pretty good shape for a forty-year old but was tired from the drive and the packing they had done that day.

“Come on. Don’t be a party pooper.” She said.

“I don’t want to go back into the cabin and change.”

“We have underwear on. Come on Daddy please?”

John thought back about the skimpy panties he had already seen under her skirt. “OK but let’s wait until it gets a little darker.” He tried to control his excitement.

Trisha squirmed in her chair as she looked at the slow sun sinking in the west. Finally when it could no longer be seen she jumped from her chair. “Last one in is a rotten egg.” She laughed as she pulled her tee shirt over her tiny white bra. She started pushing her skirt down but stopped when she saw him just watching her.

“Come on dirty old man.” She giggled realizing he was ogling her body. She took a big breath and pushed the skirt over her ivory bikini panties.

John couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Her body had developed a lot more than what he had imagined. Her breasts were small but nice and round under the lacy bra. Her small pencil eraser nipples pushed out the thin cotton material. His eyes moved to her belly button where he saw a silver ring. “When did you get that?”

“A month ago.” She smiled as she sucked in her taunt abs. “You like it?”

“I guess.” He said not knowing what to say. His eyes moved south to her bikini panties and at the small pink rose embroidered at the top center. The panties were so tight he could see where her pubic mound started and its shape. She had shaved it into a thin strip that was about three inches long before it stopped over the shape of her small pussy lips.

“I guess I have grown up huh?” She whispered. It was the first time she had seen the look of desire and passion on his face. “Hurry up.” She giggled as she turned to show him her cute round ass. One side of her panties was wedged into her tight buttocks which allow him the desirable view of her pink cheek.

Trisha dove into the cool waters and surfaced just in time to see her father standing at the end of the dock wearing only his grey and white striped boxers. Her eyes opened wide when he turned bahis firmaları slightly to dive to the right of her. His penis was fully charged and pushed out the front of the underwear at least seven inches.

The cool water felt good and it did calm down his excitement somewhat. He surfaced and looked around for Trisha but she was somewhere underwater. He treaded water and waited.

The dim light was barely enough for Trisha’s keen eyes to see his shape as she moved like a shark for the kill. He was turned away from her so she dashed up and forward until her long thin body wrapped around his. Her head surfaced. “Hi pops!”

John was shocked when she jumped on his back. He immediately felt her small breasts push into his back and her soft thighs wrap around his waist. “Hey you.” He laughed as he tried to pull her off of him. As her body slid around his side her ankle pushed down against his hard-on. They both froze for a few seconds. His hands pulled her away from his bulge and as she moved off his hand moved down to grab onto her firm buttock.

So far it was just fun as they splashed each other and tried to push each other under. Trisha splashed her father and tried to swim away from him but he lunged at her to grab her and his hands clamped on to the elastic waistband of her panties. Before he could let them go her momentum pulled her slippery body from them. John let go just as the panties and her body separated. Her head popped up about fifteen feet from him.

“That wasn’t nice.” She giggled. It felt so good to be almost naked.

“It was an accident.” John laughed.

“Let’s skinny-dip.” Trisha yelled as she released the front clasp on her bra and pulled it off. She tossed it about ten feet to the end of the dock. “Your turn.”

“I don’t think so.” John said shocked that she would just undress like that. “You are a little too old now for us to be doing this.” Plus his eight inch prick needed to be locked up right now.

“Daddy.” She whispered as she swam towards him with only her face from her mouth up out of the water. “Take them off.”

“Stay back.” He warned as he splashed a wall of water her way. He saw her submerge and tried to swim to the dock but she was too fast. Her fingers found his waistband and jerked downward. He felt the last level of protection leave his feet. He couldn’t get out of the water now if he wanted to.

Trisha’s head moved out and she spit out a mouthful of water as she held her trophy up. “Daddy’s naked. Daddy’s naked.” She laughed. Since he had lost her panties somewhere under the water she was going to do the same to him. Her head dropped as she lowered her whole body down. When she touched the sandy bottom she let go of his underwear.

John tried to think of something else to make his shaft go down but couldn’t. He kept feeling her small breast pushing into his back. She popped back out of the water only a few feet in front of him. He saw she did not have his boxers.

“Now how am I going to get out of the water?” He said grinning.

“Same way as me.” She laughed as she turned and swam towards the small ladder sticking down into the water from the edge of the dock. Her pink ass cheeks moved out of the water like two wonderful mounds.

Trish took a deep breath as she stepped up on the first step. No man had ever seen her naked body before and now her father was going to see it in its entirety. She could feel his eyes on her wet shoulders and back and then her naked ass as she slowly stepped up the ladder. Her legs were spread just enough to give him a peek at her virgin pussy lips.

John watched in amazement at her womanly body. He had never seen a more perfect ass. He expected her to grab her tee shirt and skirt to put on but instead she did a slow 180 degree turn. Her bare breasts with tiny hard nipples and wonderful stomach with her damp hairs dripping water to her legs below was all available for his eyes. She smiled and grabbed her hair with both hands to shape it behind her head. This caused her breasts to push out even more. “Are you coming out?” She made no effort to cover up.

“Yes.” He somehow managed to get out. “But you have to turn around.”

“Why? You get to see me.” She giggled.

“But you shouldn’t see me right now.” He grinned as he moved over to the ladder and looked up at her. He was close enough now to see her thin pussy slit under the light brown hairs.

“I’ve seen one before.” She giggled again.

“You have?” John asked looking mad.

“Yes.” She giggled again.

John hesitated on the ladder. “Just remember you asked for it.” He said as his strong arms pulled his dripping body from the depths. He didn’t have to glance down to know his prick was the hardest it has ever been. He looked at her eyes and knew when she saw it for the first time. Her mouth opened wide in amazement. Finally he stood proudly naked on the end of the dock.

“I thought you’ve seen one before?” He smiled at her shocked expression.

“I kaçak iddaa have.” She giggled as she grabbed her clothes and ran back to the house. As she ran off the dock she said, “But he was a lot smaller than you.”

John pulled on his slacks over his prick which had softened somewhat and picked up his shirt. He carried both hers and his shoes back to the house. He knocked on the door and heard her say, “Come in.” John heard the door squeak as he pushed it open. Trisha was lying on the sofa wearing a long football jersey.

John smiled as he walked by to her to go to the bed where their suitcases lay. He saw her suitcase open and a stack of her bras and underwear. It looked like a Victoria Secret collection. He felt the stirring again in his pants and closed her suitcase. He opened his own and pulled out his cotton pajamas. He turned to see if she was watching and she was. “I guess there’s not much reason to worry about what we are wearing anymore is there?” He smiled at her and he pushed down his slacks over his semi-hard penis. He glanced to see if she was still looking and she was and had a big smile. He pulled the pajama bottoms up and then put on the shirt.

Trisha’s pussy was dripping wet as she watched him undress. She was excited knowing that they would now be going around the cabin without worrying about clothing. She didn’t know much about the male body and hoped she would find out more in the next few days. After all she would be going to college soon and didn’t want to be stupid when a guy takes her virginity. She pulled her feet back to let him sit on the sofa.

“So tell me about seeing another man’s penis.” John said as he started to tickle her feet.

“OH DON’T!” She screamed. “YOU KNOW HOW TICKLISH I AM!” She laughed as she tried to kick his hands away.

“Tell me.” John laughed. He looked at the bottom of the football jersey that was steadily climbing up her thighs.

“He…” She laughed. “I only saw it.” She laughed again. Her legs were kicking higher now and her jersey was so high she knew he could see she was not wearing panties.

“Tell me about it.” He insisted. His eyes captured the blonde pussy now before him.

“What are you going to do if I don’t?” She giggled and opened her thighs slightly.

Her pink folds opened like a baby rose for the first time. He saw the small bump of her clit pushing outward. “I may have to spank you.” He teased.

“I guess you will.” She laughed as she turned her body over and pushed the shirt down over her pink ass. She wanted him to uncover it.

John’s prick was pushing up the front of his PJs. They both knew he would not hit her hard as his fingers tickled up the back of her calves to the sensitive skin behind her knees. She giggled as they continued to tickle and caress as they moved up to the bottom of the jersey. His fingers stopped and pinched the material.

Trisha felt the cooler air on her buttocks as he opened his present. She had never been this excited before and knew her pussy was so wet. She wondered if she could get him to touch it. The jersey dropped at the top of her pink mounds and she waited for his light spanks.

“Tell me.” He whispered as his right hand lightly tapped down on her soft cheek. Her ass felt so nice and smooth.

“Nope.” She said feeling her breathing to become more labored. He was the first man to touch her bare ass.

His fingers again tapped down but this time remained a little longer.

“Nope.” She said.

Again his fingers tapped down and instead of moving away stayed. They began a slow caress as they moved in small circles over her ass. The pretense of a spanking was quickly over and now they both knew his purpose was to feel her softness. His whole hand opened and covered as much of her butt as possible. He squeezed and heard a soft moan escape from her lips. “I’ve never had a massage before.” She whispered hoping he would go beyond just her ass.

He didn’t answer with words but did with his touch. He moved his hands down over her tan thighs and down to her calves giving them small but gentle squeezes. As his fingers moved back towards her ass he noticed her legs slowly opening. She wanted him to touch her pussy.

“Don’t do it.” The voices in his head cried out as his fingers inched closer and closer to her pink lips which he could now see between her thighs. “She’s your daughter!” They yelled at him.

Trisha was breathing heavy now as his touches got closer and closer to the area only her fingers had been before. She knew he would know how turned on she was as soon as he touched the droplets of moisture on her swollen lips. She slowly raised her hips and opened her thighs. There was no doubt now where she wanted him to go.

With her ass raised John could now see the soft mound of golden hair over her now opened pussy lips. He could not see for sure if she was a virgin or not but with her legs spread he saw the small puckered ring of her rear hole. He was only and inch away kaçak bahis when he felt the wetness and saw the glistening of her pink folds. The voices got louder and louder. “STOP! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” John touched the edge of her outer lips and quickly pulled his hand away.

Trisha felt his fingers leave and knew he had pulled away. She felt him get up from the sofa and walk outside. She turned over and pulled down her jersey. She wanted so much to masturbate now but was afraid he would come back in and catch her. The first day had gone a lot more than she had hoped for.

John sat looking at the stars. Life sucked so badly. He sat back in the large wooden chair and closed his eyes.

He did not know how long he was asleep but he definitely was freezing. He quickly walked back into the cabin and saw Trisha asleep on the one bed. He smiled and moved over to pull the bedspread up over her body. He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. “I love you.” He smiled and walked back to the sofa and grabbed the blanket to pull over him. Again he fell asleep but this time there was a smile on his face.

Trisha heard him come in and pretended to be asleep. Just as she heard the door open her fingers were moving quickly over her hard clit. She was almost there when she had to pull her fingers away. She waited for almost fifteen minutes until she heard his soft snores before she moved over to the sofa. He was lying on his side facing outward when she picked up the blanket and lay down beside him with her back to his front. She smiled when she pushed her ass back until she felt his soft penis push against her. She guided his arm over her and placed his fingers on her left breast.

John was having a wet dream as he imagined himself running through the woods chasing a beautiful naked woman. He could see the short blonde hair bobbing up and down as she ran from him. Her small cute ass rounded a tree and when he got there she was waiting for him. He grabbed her and they fell to the ground. He was naked too and his hard-on was pushing up against her backside. His fingers were now caressing her breast.

Trisha was almost asleep when she felt his fingers moving on her breast. She also felt his penis which was now at it fullest size pushing against her ass forward and back. She slowly moved her hand behind her and touched the tip of his bare penis through the cotton bottoms. She snaked her tiny hand through the opening and found his pole. She guided it out to freedom. Her fingers explored his hard but surprising soft skin and then curled around him as he kept moving his hips back and forth. He was fucking her hand.

John was approaching a climax in his dream now. The woman was bent forward and his prick was pushing between her legs and into her wonderful warm pussy. He heard himself cry out when his hot liquids exploded out the tip.

Trisha was scared at first when he screamed but realized he was sleeping. She rubbed the moist mushroom tip across her bare ass cheeks and went to sleep. They still had two more nights alone.

John’ heard the birds chirping outside and opened his eyes. He saw the soft blonde hair of his daughter’s head just under his chin. He realized they had both slept on the sofa last night. He felt his hand being held against her soft breast and wondered if he had put it there or if she had. He gently squeezed her soft orb through the jersey. It felt so good. He felt his prick outside of his pajama’s and was shocked to feel it against her naked ass. Then he remembered his dream and wondered if it wasn’t really a dream. Shit had he fucked his daughter from behind.

John slowly pulled his hand from between her hand and her breast and moved it slowly down the front of her body. The jersey was bunched up at her waist and offered no blockage to where he wanted to go. Her body was slightly lying on her back and her legs were open enough for his fingers to move down over her belly button ring to the soft hairs above her pussy. He took a breath as his middle finger moved down into her still moist slit. Trisha’s body moved slightly and he froze until she went back into a deep sleep. He moved his finger again down over her clit and down below. He smiled when he realized she was still a virgin. He knew he should now pull his hand away but couldn’t. His finger explored and rubbed up and down her young channel.

It was Trisha dreaming now and she was on a beach on a small island. Her eyes were closed and her lover was touching her pussy. She was so hot and he knew where to touch to get her off. She moaned just before she climaxed.

John froze his fingers again when she moaned but realized she was still sleeping. He wanted her to cum and rubbed where his wife had taught him to touch. Her body pushed upward at his fingers when she climaxed. John moved his damp fingers away and slipped out from under the blanket without waking her up. He moved into the small kitchen and threw some bacon in the skillet. The aroma soon woke her up.

“Good morning.” She said as she sat up on the sofa and looked at him in the kitchen area. “I had the most wonderful dream.”

“Me too.” John grinned back at her. “You almost ready for some bacon and eggs?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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