The Cabo Connection

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He watched as she rolled up the beach. Yellow bikini on platinum blond on a model of perfection cast in bronze. She had it going on, and she knew it. She turned to cross the no-man’s land of desert-like, steaming sand between the water’s edge and boardwalk strand of shady palms. She stepped under the trees just a few yards away from him, pausing to let the heat drain from her feet.

“It’s not often you see an arctic fox walking the beaches in Cabo.” he quipped. A slight smile crossed her face as she stared off into the blue on blue horizon. She began to twist a figure eight in the sand with her painted toes. He smirked and said, “I suppose a fox has to get out of the den every once in a while. We all need some fun in the sun occasionally… just don’t get yourself burned.” he added.

“No, we wouldn’t want that now, would we?” She laughed.

The sun was high in the sky, an unrelenting yellow eye staring a hole in the overhanging palms. He let the wind rock the hammock, enjoying the stiff breeze as it cascaded over his skin. Her silky red highlights shone in the sun as she leaned up against the trunk of a palm.

“Would you care for a beverage?” He offered.

“I was wondering when you’d get around to being half-way civilized. It depends, what’s your angle this time?”

He smiled and laughed. “Do you see that beach hut behind me, about 50 yards away? Meet me there in 20 minutes.”

“I hope you have something worth drinking this time. None of that 80 proof piss-water shit either.”

“I’ve been saving a special bottle just for this moment. I’m sure you’ll approve.”

“This moment?” She laughed. “A special occasion, perhaps? I’ll see you in 20.” She turned walked between the palms, her ass swaying to the distant calypso drums. He thought to himself, “Mmm… Ain’t life sweet.”

She stepped onto the planked wooden floor, under the low-hanging thatch, and pushed on the bamboo door. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness inside, she remembered the last time they had met, up in Calgary. He was an ardent lover, but he had a mischievous side to him as well. She wasn’t about to walk into a situation that would leave her tied up, naked, in a bathroom in the bar again.

The door slowly swung open, flooding the room with natural light. He was sitting at a small table in the middle of the room with 2 shot glasses and a bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila. He was sitting a bit slouched, leaning back in his chair, half a shot left in his glass. The sun cast its rays across his form, his abs rippled in the light, and his shorts had the slightest bulge of anticipation.

“I see the party started early” she quipped.

He laughed, “I suppose it has. Perhaps you should be on time. You know I don’t wait for anything, or anyone.”

“Sometimes, the best things come to those who wait.” She stepped into the room, sensing there was no immediate danger to her at the moment. She scoped out the room as she slowly walked to the table. It was a small, typical beach hut, no larger than 12 feet by 12 feet. There was a bed, a mini-fridge, a door (presumably to a bathroom), and the small square table with 2 chairs. There were windows all around, but they were shut out with screens and thick curtains, depriving the space of any other natural light, save 1 window that was open from the ocean side, allowing a little light and a little breeze to refresh the place.

She walked to the chair, and stood behind it, putting her hands on the back of it and pressing her breasts together for effect. They stood out like beautiful round melons, wrapped in a tiny yellow strand of a bikini top. The bikini pulled to the outside of her tits just a little, revealing the contrasting tan line where her top had been. She inhaled deeply, looking out the only open window at the water, pushing her chest out even further. “So, what’s this special beverage you have here?”

He smiled, looking out the same window, pretending not to notice her swelling tits. “It’s a nice tequila, which, if I remember correctly, is a type of alcohol you are very fond of? Not to worry, it’s 100 proof. You’ll get your silivri escort buzz soon enough!”

Working for the FBI, she didn’t have many opportunities to get rip-roaring drunk. She was always on duty, and she was never allowed to cut loose and have fun. At any moment, she could be called out to the field to investigate the latest high profile crime that she was noted for solving quickly. But that was before she “disappeared” a year ago. Now, in hiding south of the border, her life has taken on a different kind of stress.

She smiled as he poured her a shot. She stepped around the chair and sat down, leaning back in the chair and putting one foot on the table. Her sexy toes wiggled as she pulled the glass to her lips and took the shot down in a quick gulp. The burn was mild. This tequila was very smooth and went down, perhaps, too easily. He hadn’t put the bottle down before she put the shot glass back on the table. He looked at her, lifted his eyebrows as if to ask if she needed another. She smiled and he poured another for her, and topped off his own.

She grabbed the glass, and decided to nurse this one.

“So, L.C., what’s on your mind these days?” She asked.

“Funny you should ask. It seems I’ve got an opportunity to help a very wealthy man thin out his bank accounts. He’s a local businessman here in Cancun who has accumulated much of his wealth by taking advantage of people less fortunate than him. Honestly, he’s a giant scum bag, and I’d really like to see him dead. But that’s too easy. He needs to suffer in the same way he makes the locals suffer. What do you think?”

She looked at her tequila, and back at him, and breathed a deep sigh again. Her chest rose and fell with her thoughts. She smiled and said, “You know I always have a soft spot in my heart for taking bad guys down.” She laughed.

He locked his gaze on her eyes, and half smiled, “I hate to admit it, but I’ve been a pretty bad guy recently…”

She returned his coy look. She moved her foot off the table and onto his knee. She started to rub his knee in circles, then dragged her toes up his inner thigh. She purred, dropping one eyebrow, “Are you suggesting that I need to take you down?” He smiled his acknowledgement as her toes reached his shorts, and started working their way up inside them. “So” she asked, “what’s my cut?”

“I was thinking 70/30, and I get the 70%. Is that good for you?”

She smiled as her toes reached the crevice between his leg and his ball sack. A noticeable bulge had developed in his lap. She stretched out her toes and touched the side of his swelling cock, rubbing it lightly.

“Hmm, 30% sounds pretty low. Do I have to sleep with this man?”

“That may be in the cards for you. I haven’t worked out all the details yet…” His breath came in short spurts, as she toyed with the tip of his penis. He regained his composure and smiled. “how about 40%?”

She laughed. “I’ll think about it. So, bad boy, do you need someone to set you straight? It seems there are issues you have that need to be resolved.”

He smiled again, “So it seems. Can you tell me your qualifications for “straightening out bad guys?”

In an instant, she withdrew her foot, leaned forward and ran her hand up the same place her foot just was. His cock sprang up in shock and excitement. He felt his balls retract for a second at the speed she just displayed. He exhaled, and his balls relaxed. She pressed her palm into the crevice of his leg and pelvis and slowly rubbed her thumb back and forth against his sack. “It seems like things are getting a little “straighter”, no?” she smirked.

He laughed as she stood up and stepped over to his side of the table. She grabbed the corner of his chair and lightly lifted it just enough to swing his chair on one leg around. His arms lashed out to balance himself, but she had already placed him down on all four legs on the floor. She stood in front of him and stepped forward, putting her hands on his shoulders and placing one foot on each side of his chair.

His dick was at attention inside merter escort his shorts, an obvious tent of anticipation. She started to feel wet, her pussy anticipating the fuck to cum. She lowered herself down until she felt the slightest pressure of his tented cock against her swollen pussy. She rocked gently back and forth, feeling his manhood rub against the sensitive skin inside her bikini bottom.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled his face into her tits. He reached up inside her arms to grab her amazing breasts. He squeezed and felt her youthful firmness still in tack. A shiver went up her spine as she felt his warm hands compress on her breasts. He withdrew his face out of her cleavage and pulled the triangular piece of fabric to the side, revealing her hard, reddish-pink nipple floating on a sea a creamy white skin. He grabbed the nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched lightly, rolling it back and forth, twisting it playfully. She bit her lip at the twinge of the slight tweak of torture turning tantalizing and titillating.

She wanted him. He knew everything that turned her on, and he wasn’t above delivering on every item on her sexual wish list.

He pulled the other yellow triangle aside and pressed his lips on her puffy nipple. He engulfed her entire nipple with his mouth, sucking deeply, feeling the raspberry tip press against his tongue. She loved the feeling of her nipple being pulled into the warmth of his mouth… the pressure of the pulling, the slight nibble of his teeth grinding on it. A second wave of tingles ran up her spine as she continued to hover over his dick.

She reached behind her and loosened the knot of her bikini top, pulling it up and over her head, her breasts releasing, pendulously wagging in his face, and seemingly asking for more. She grabbed them pressed them together and pushed them into his face, rubbing her nipples on his cheeks, chin, and pressing them into his mouth.

He licked and sucked and pulled and tweaked until she whimpered as her knees began to buckle. She sat down on his thighs, releasing her tits and grabbing his shorts. She slid off his lap and took his shorts with her, leaving him naked in the chair, and her on her knees at his feet.

She quickly leaned in and took his shaft into her hands and placed her puckered lips on the tip. She could taste his pre-cum. To her it was a sweet and sticky candy. She parted her lips and let her tongue explore the tip of his cock. She rolled her tongue around the top, and over the urethra in the middle. She pressed her tongue against the tiny hole, searching for more candy. She held his cock at the base, and let her tongue travel the length of his dick, all the way to his balls. He spread his legs and she leaned in and took one of his testes in her mouth, sucking deeply, pulling it, drawing it away from him. He grimaced a little at the pleasure and pain of his ball rolling around in her mouth.

She started to run her hand up and down his shaft while she sucked on his balls. Rapidly jerking his cock, switching from one testicle to the other, feeling the smooth skin of his sack in her mouth. She ran her mouth up the pole and paused for a moment, with her open mouth hanging over his dick. He could feel the heat of her breath on the tip, as his dick throbbed and convulsed with excitement. Then, slowly, she eased her mouth down his thick rod. First the head, engulfing the entire tip. She stopped for a moment, and increased her suction, feeling the tip expand in her mouth. Then she worked down the shaft, feeling the head of his cock press against the back of her throat. She wanted to gag, but restrained herself and relaxed. Regaining her composure, she pressed his dick deeper into her throat. She felt her throat close around it, as if she might suffocate, but she kept it there for a moment. He felt her soft throat close around his cock and squeeze it tightly and he thought he might just blow his load right then. Suddenly, she released his cock and withdrew it from her mouth, gasping for air, feeling sore and hoarse.

She mecidiyeköy escort felt very wet, her pussy throbbing and aching to be filled. He grabbed her hands and stood her up, grabbing her bikini bottom and pulling it down around her ankles. His eyes travelled down her body, taking in the sights. Her round tits still standing perky and upright, her washboard belly, and the strip of strawberry hair that drew a line straight into the valley of the vulva in her pussy.

She stepped forward again and straddled him, grabbing his cock in her hand and hovering over it with her wet crotch. She bent her knees and felt the tip touch the outer lips of her vagina. She pulled his dick forward and back along the crevice of her sex. Back and forth, she rubbed, feeling the warmth of blood rushing to her already engorged lips. She centered his cock under her hole, and pressed down slowly on it. He could feel as his dick spread her lips and entered her pussy. He felt every fold and rib along the walls of her swollen vagina as his dick drove deeper. She felt his dick filling her, wide and deep, taking up the craving empty space between her legs.

She took him all the way in, the entire shaft. She felt the pressure of the tip of his cock bottom out on her cervix, pressing on the inside of her. He felt so good inside her. She rose up slowly and until the tip of his cock emerged from her pussy, all that is, except for the very tip, which stood wrapped in her protruding outer lips. Then she pressed down again, this time faster. She took him all the way in, and then withdrew again to the tip. She could no longer hold back and began fucking him fast and hard, her tits bouncing to rhythm of her legs slapping against his.

She fucked him for a minute, driving his shaft hard and deep into her hole. She slowed down for a moment, raised herself up to the tip of his cock again, and then began a slow spiral down, her hips spinning in slow motion as she felt his rod enter her pussy from every angle. He was close to cumming, and he didn’t want this to end. So he wrapped his arms around her and pulled in close in a bear hug, and stood up, his dick still deep inside her. He turned around and laid her on the table, grabbing her legs and putting them on his shoulders, and began thrusting his thick, throbbing dick inside her. He grabbed her ankles and put her feet together, pressing her pussy together around his cock. He drove it in, hard and fast, humid sweat beginning to drip off his chest and arms.

She squealed as his dick pressed in her tight pussy. She spread her knees and reached down to rub the nub of her clit. He let go of her ankles and she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer as he pressed and withdrew. She circled her alert clit only a couple times before she felt the mounting electricity of an orgasm build. Her body became rigid and arched as she sped toward the edge, her fingers sliding, rubbing, pressing against her nub. Her legs tightened as she began to convulse, hot radiant pulses coursing through her body.

Her pussy contracted around his cock, squeezing him, pulling at his shaft. He pushed in, arching his back, unable to go any deeper, when suddenly, he felt her hand wrap around the base of his dick and squeeze off any potential orgasm. He looked down at her holding his dick, choking off his pleasure. She looked at him, still in the throes of a final convulsion, and muttered, “I want 50%”, still holding his cock tight.

His dick throbbed, aching for release. “Fine. Whatever! 50% it is!” She released his dick and he pressed it deep into her again. He thrust a couple times and felt his dick expand with an orgasm about to cum. I pulled it out and laid it on top of her sexy little mound of hair. His purplish-red cock spasmed and lifted, shooting out his warm, creamy gift in several long spurts. His dick sprayed all over the flat of her belly and onto the bottom of her breasts. It pooled in the middle, filling her belly button and running down her side. She caught it with the tip of her middle finger and brought it to her mouth, savoring the musky flavor of his cum.

They both remained still, breathing heavy, covered in cum and sweating in the tropical heat.

He looked down at her again. “Damn, bitch. You know how to negotiate!”

She smiled. “By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be begging to give me a 90% cut!”

She reached down and found his softening cock and began to jerk it back to attention.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32