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Evening of the second day:

Jeff and Cindy left Molly and Greg’s stateroom to shower and get ready for dinner in the main dining room. They didn’t bother to put any clothes over their sweaty, sticky bodies, and actually began to find it somewhat exciting to know that others were checking out their bodies and probably wondering what they’d been up to all afternoon. In the elevator down to their floor they embraced and kissed hotly. Each could taste a mixture of sexual fluids on the other’s lips, and it sent a new tingling through their bodies. When the elevator stopped at the floor above theirs they broke their kiss as an attractive dark-skinned couple got on, just as naked as Jeff and Cindy.

“Don’t let us stop you,” the woman said with a smile, “unless you want to kiss me like that instead.”

Jeff and Cindy laughed, but they got the impression that the woman was serious. Cindy gave a little “What the heck” shrug and motioned her head in the woman’s direction in a silent, “Go ahead” gesture. Jeff put one hand on the back of the woman’s head and the other in the small of her back and pulled her naked form against his. He covered her mouth with his and she immediately responded by opening her mouth and sliding her tongue deep into his mouth. As their moths writhed together and their tongues tangled, she sensuously ground her naked pussy mound against Jeff’s quickly stiffening cock.

After 15 or 20 seconds the woman broke free and with a big smile said, “That was marvelous!” Then she added, “But I was talking to your wife.”

With a laugh Cindy stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the woman, sliding one hand up the middle of her back and the other across the smooth skin of her rounded ass. As their tits pressed against one another Cindy said, “Truth be told, I was kind of hoping you meant me.” Then she planted her mouth on the woman’s lips and kissed, sucked, and tongued even more than Jeff had!

Only when the elevator door opened and closed for the third time, waiting for somebody to push a button, did Cindy and the woman break their steamy kiss. By that time both Jeff and the woman’s husband had raging hard-ons, and the man said, “I’m feeling pretty left out here.”

With an impish smile Cindy said, “Poor baby.” and dropped to her knees in front of him. She took his stiff, dark-skinned dick in her hand and planted a big kiss on the pre-cum soaked head, pressing the tip of her tongue into the tiny hole as best she could. Then she began sucking on it and slowly took the head into her mouth. She sucked hard and flicked her tongue all around his cock head for several seconds before pulling away with a loud “pop”. She stood up and said, “There, is that better?”

As the door opened for the forth time Jeff and Cindy finally stepped off the elevator onto their floor saying, “Hope we see you around the ship.” to the other couple.

An hour later Jeff and Cindy were being seated in the dining room. Unlike on many cruises, all of the meals were “open seating”, meaning that you didn’t necessarily sit with the same guests each night. This allowed for much more mingling.

Cindy was topless and wearing a wrap-around sarong with no panties underneath. Jeff was topless as well, and wore a pair of khaki dress slacks, also with nothing underneath. They were seated at a table for six and were the first ones there. Their waitress was a stunning young Polynesian woman with long pitch-black hair to the middle of her back. She wore a sarong about half the size of Cindy’s low across her hips, and wore nothing on top, allowing her dark-nippled, medium-sized breasts to be appreciated by all. When she leaned over them to fill their wine glasses the smiling waitress made sure to rub her erect nipples over the naked flesh of both Jeff and Cindy’s backs. Cindy’s naked nipples immediately began to swell at the sensation, and though unseen below the table and inside his pants, Jeff had a similar reaction, fueled more so by Cindy’s obvious reaction to the waitress’s sexual caress.

A minute later two other couples were seated and they all made introductions to one another. Next to Jeff sat Paula who was a middle-aged natural blonde with large natural tits that hung free within a loose silk blouse unbuttoned to the navel. Her husband, Carl, was a bahis firmaları hairy-chested man who obviously worked out.

Next to Cindy sat a petite woman who would have a hard time passing for 18, but who claimed to be 22. She had close-cropped dark hair, a quick gleaming smile, and the most perfect tits Jeff or Cindy had seen on the cruise so far. They were on the large side of average for a woman of Dawn’s size and they didn’t droop a bit. Everyone naturally wondered if they were fake. Beside Dawn sat Kevin, who introduced himself as Dawn’s “partner”. He was a tall handsome young man with an athlete’s body and sparkling green eyes.

As usual, it was hard to start a conversation between three sets of total strangers, so Dawn had come up with a great ice-breaker. She was very used to people wondering about her boobs, especially on this cruise where they were out there for all to see, so after the introduction Dawn said to the table, “How many here think that Paula has her own boobs?” Every laughed at the boldness of the question and Paula turned a nice shade of pink as everyone looked at her tits. “Seriously,” Dawn repeated with a big smile. “Hold up your hand if you think those are Paula’s natural boobs.”

Over the initial shock of the question, Paula scooped her tits out of her blouse and held them up giving them a big shake. Amid laughter, everyone voted that Paula’s boobs were real.

“Okay,” Dawn said, “how about Cindy? They’re gorgeous, but are they real?”

Cindy saw this coming and she cupped her hands under her tits and squeezed them making her already enlarged nipples swell even more. Once again the vote was unanimous in favor of natural tits.

“Now how about me?” Dawn said, as she stuck her chest forward. As she expected, nobody quite knew how to vote. “Okay,” she said standing up, “I’ll give you all a hint. I’ll let you feel them, then you can vote.”

One by one she went around the table and each person fondled her tits. Carl even leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth, jokingly claiming that natural tits tasted completely different than silicone boobs. Finally she sat down and asked for a vote. Again, everyone voted that they were real, or at least so good that they couldn’t tell the difference.

“Well you’re all right,” she announced. “They’re home-grown and all mine; not a drop of silicone or saline to be found.”

With an ice-breaker like that the conversations began flowing and were open and interesting. They found out that Paula and Carl had been swingers for years and even had their own amateur web-site devoted to finding like-minded adults in one’s own area. Jeff and Cindy told the others that neither had ever had sex with another person until this cruise and they could all hardly believe it.

When Dawn told them that she and Kevin were actually brother and sister and had been having sex for years, everyone just stared at them in wide-eyed disbelief. Having gotten the shocked expression that she expected, Dawn then clarified that they weren’t actually blood-related, but were only step-siblings.

Carl, a fan of incest-themed erotic fiction, was truly intrigued. “So how did you two first end up doing it? You grow up taking baths together or something?”

“Actually, we did when we were really young… though I don’t remember it.” answered Dawn. “My mom and his dad got married when were less than one. We grew up thinking we were real sister and brother. We were 15 when they told us, and only then because I had to have a blood test done to see if my real dad had passed on some weird gene to me.

“Of course that was about the time that we were both discovering sex and with the new information that we weren’t really sister and brother we began looking at each other differently. And by that I mean spying on one another to see if we could get a glimpse of each other naked.

“It went on for years, and at first neither of us knew that the other was peeking too, until one day shortly after I had turned 18. I was drying myself after a shower and I happened to notice something move behind me in the mirror. Then I realized what it was; it was a little hand-held mirror Kevin was using to peek under the door.

“My first instinct was to cover up, but then I realized that he was just looking for kaçak iddaa the same thing I was. I was also a bit flattered that he wanted to see me naked… that he must think I’m sexy. So dropped the towel and stood there naked, my butt toward him and my tits… much smaller then… easily visible in the mirror. I had never even imagined this before, but I found it so exciting to know he was peeking at my naked body. I didn’t even know what an exhibitionist was at that time, much less a voyeur.

“I ran my hands over my bare ass and spread my cheeks so I was sure Kev could see my butt hole. Then I played with my tits, pinching and pulling my nipples until my pussy was dripping wet. Then I reached down and started playing with my pussy. Not so much for Kev’s benefit, but for mine! I was hotter than I could ever remember! Then I remembered Kevin, and I turned around so he could see my front. I sat up on the counter, put one foot on the toilet and the other against the tub, and slid first one, then two, then three fingers up my pussy. As I hammered my fingers up my hole all I could think of was Kevin watching me. I imagined him with his dick in his hand beating off while he watched me do the same. God! I’m wet just talking about it,” Dawn said with a laugh.

“Me too!” said Paula.

The rest of the table agreed that they were having a similar reaction, and even the cute waitress said, “Don’t stop with just the appetizer! Give us the main course!” The whole table laughed and agreed.

Between bites of their meal Dawn and Kevin related the following story:

Kevin was in fact lying on the floor outside the bathroom door jerking off while watching his “sister” finger-fuck her dripping pussy. When he shot, he was so hot his spunk went half way up the wall! Thinking about the incident later (when the blood returned to his other head) Kevin realized that Dawn MUST have known he was watching. But he couldn’t just come out and ask her just in case he was wrong. But he also decided that turn-about was fair play.

The next time they were alone in the house he told her he was going to take a shower, but to his surprise, she said that she was going out to her friend’s house. Then he wondered if that might just be a ploy to make him think he was all alone in the house so he might leave the bathroom door open, or walk around naked or something. As it turned out, that’s exactly what Dawn had in mind when she noisily left the house, then silently snuck back in.

Hoping that’s what was going through Dawn’s mind, Kevin did leave the bathroom door open as he stripped out of his shorts and T-shirt and walked around the bathroom naked getting his towel, shampoo, etc. At one point he looked in the mirror and was able to see Dawn’s head poking up over the top step of the stairs, looking right into the bathroom. Kevin climbed into the shower with a raging hard-on knowing his “sister” was checking out his nakedness. He had a hard time fighting the urge to jerk off in the shower, but he wanted to be sure Dawn could see it when he did.

After one of the shortest showers he had ever taken, Kevin stepped from the shower and, facing the open door, he toweled off his wet hair letting Dawn check out his naked body glistening with a sheen of water. Then, much as Dawn had done, Kevin sat back on the edge of the sink and began to stroke his hard cock. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes… almost. He kept them open just enough to see Dawn’s face at the top of the steps. Seeing that she was watching as he jerked off was the most erotically exciting thing he’d ever experienced!

The pre-cum that oozed from the tip of his cock gave him plenty of lubrication and his fist fairly flew over rigid meat. It didn’t take long before Kevin was taking deep breaths and grunting, “Oh yeah, oh yeah!” The first spurt from his dick went nearly to the bathroom door with several more following half the distance. He continued jerking off in front of his sister’s mesmerized eyes until every drop in his young testicles had been coaxed out and covered his hand and ran down his legs.

During Kevin’s show Dawn had wiggled out of her panties, leaving them on the stairs, and had finger-fucked herself to multiple orgasms.

As Kevin sat on the sink catching his breath he couldn’t resist the urge to look kaçak bahis and see if his sister was still there and watching. He opened his eyes and found himself staring directly into Dawn’s eyes. They simply stared for several seconds, not knowing what exactly they should do. Then Kevin smiled and said, “Enjoy the show?”

Without a word Dawn stood up from her reclining position on the stairs and walked toward Kevin. She was wearing a lose sweatshirt and with her hand still rubbing her pussy he could see that that was all she was wearing. Kevin wondered exactly what she was going to do, but didn’t have long to wonder. Still without uttering a word, she dropped to her knees in front of her “brother” and took his sticky, cum-covered, semi-hard cock into her mouth. In its less-than-erect state she was able to get the whole thing into her mouth and bury her lips into his pubic hair. She wiggled her head back and forth enjoying the stiff hair against her face as much as the hot flesh that completely filled her mouth.

But Kevin was regaining his stiffness quickly and the straightening cock pushed Dawn’s lips away from their nesting spot. Looking up into his eyes Dawn pulled back until only the head of her bother’s cock was in her mouth. Then she went back down on him, giving him his first-ever blowjob.

The feeling was beyond anything Kevin could have imagined and the sight of his cock slipping into his beautiful, sexy sister’s mouth magnified the feeling a hundred-fold.

Looking down he could see Dawn’s naked tits though the neck opening of her sweatshirt and he just had to feel them! Knowing that pulling the shirt off over Dawn’s head would mean taking his cock from her mouth he decided to go the other way and he pushed the V-necked shirt down, instead. The neck stretched out over her narrow shoulders, but just barely. He pushed down until the neckline was below her now-naked tits. The tight fit, however, had the unanticipated effect of pinning Dawn’s arms to her sides. Which in turn, had the unanticipated effect of sending a thrill through Dawn’s body that was as surprising as it was fantastic! Quite by accident she had discovered the pleasure of bondage!

With the fire burning in her cunt even hotter than before…hotter than EVER before…Dawn bobbed her head furiously on Kevin’s cock as she slammed her fingers into her gushing cunt hole and rubbed her swollen clit with the two hands that were now deliciously trapped in her crotch.

Through the combination of sight, sounds, and feelings, Kevin felt his balls getting ready to erupt once again. He took hold of his sister’s head in both hands and began to fuck her face for all he was worth!

She matched the almost-savage thrusts of his cock into her mouth with equally savage pounding of three fingers up her cunt. As he neared his orgasm Kevin drove harder and deeper into Dawn’s hungry mouth, finally breaking the barrier of her gag reflex, and shoving the head of his cock down her throat. The sensation of her tight throat around the head of his cock and her lips against his pubic hair sent him over the edge and his first spurt of cum went right down her throat. The next few went into her mouth, and he finished off with deep grunts by jerking off the last dribbles across his sister’s lips.

Spent to the point of nearly passing out, Kevin sat down heavily on the toilet taking huge breaths of air. Dawn got up and worked the confining shirt up over her head, then straddled Kevin’s legs and sat on his lap naked, facing him. She leaned down and planted a huge mouth-covering kiss on him. He couldn’t help but taste his own cum on her lips and surprisingly didn’t mind the taste at all.

Finally Dawn broke the kiss and with her forearms on his shoulders she looked into his eyes and said, “My turn, stud. Now you have to eat my pussy.”

Kevin scooped her naked form up in his arms and carried her into her bedroom. The rest of the afternoon was spent in wondrous exploration of positions, preferences, and even perversions, including spanking and being tied to the bed-posts.

By the time Dawn and Kevin were done telling their story, their fellow dinner guests were ready to jump each other’s bones right there on the table. The waitress (who had been listening as intently as the guests) suggested that they might be more comfortable at the back of the ship where the entire deck had been covered with pads for group activity.

With wet spots and hard-ons all around, the group made their way to the back of the boat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32