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I woke up with Mom shaking my shoulder. The covers had slid down me and Rick to our waists and we were facing each other just like when we fell asleep.

“Sally, dear, wake up.” She pulled the sheet back to my shoulders.

“What is it, Mom?” I covered my eyes at the light.

“Your father is busy all day today and I’m about to go shopping with some of the other ladies. What are your plans for today?”

“I dunno, we didn’t really talk about anything yet.”

Jim stirred and rolled onto his back and, sure enough, he was sporting a trophy erection.

“Sally, I really wish you would put something on when you’re in bed with him.”

I was ignoring her because I didn’t really want to get into it with her, “I think we’ll probably sleep til 9:30-10 or so.”

“Well, you’re late already. It’s 12 minutes after 10.”

“Oh, wow! That was an awesome sleep! I can’t believe we slept so long.” I reached over and put my hand on his chest, sliding the sheet down some. “Hey sleepy head, it’s time to get up. Um, Mom?”

“Yes, dear?”

“My boobs, they don’t look too sunburned anymore do they?”

“No, dear. Your breasts don’t look very red anymore. I think that aloe really helped. We’ll have to buy some of that to take home. You know how your father burns pretty easy, and summer’s just beginning.”

“Well, I’m going to pee and take a shower.” I got out of bed, stretched and walked into the bathroom.

“Sally, call me if you need anything today.” She was walking out. “And please try to be good.”

“Bye, Mom.” I flushed and started the shower. Jim came in and lifted the seat up so he could pee.

“I’m glad they’ve got a lot of hot water here. I wanna take a long shower.”

“I’m glad, too. Wanna share?” I heard him flush and got ready to step away from the spray as it got hot but, unlike back home, it didn’t. “Then we can soak in the hot tub.”

I had my eyes closed as I was rinsing out my hair when he walked in. Since there wasn’t a curtain or door I didn’t know he was there til our bodies bumped. I took my soapy washcloth and started on his back and butt. We’d done this so many times I knew his movements and he knew mine. I wasn’t ready for him to turn around and his dick kinda slapped my face as I was standing up. “Hey! You be careful with that I just might bite it!”

“You wish you could get that close!”

I hugged him to me real quick and kissed his lips. Something about the feeling of a wet soapy body was doing a number on me. It seemed like we’d been kissing a while and my hands were kneading his but while his were pulling me tight.

“And, God, you’re a great kisser! Now, let me finish and then you can do me.” I soaped all over his front and carefully cleaned his balls. “I’ll be right back.”

Getting the hot tub going was as easy as turning a switch. The water started pouring in and was the right temperature.

I ran back into the shower and then it was his turn. I didn’t even have to remind him about the remaining bit of sunburn. Jim did my back and then turned me around to do my front. His hands on my boobs felt wonderful. The shower almost had water coming from everywhere. We adjusted it so it was like a waterfall and a rain shower put together. We turned off the shower and scooted out to the hot tub. It had gotten full and turned itself off and we adjust the jets so they were just right. I didn’t know it until I sat down but I picked the ladies seat. There was one jet, just right there. It was aimed perfectly and my eyes immediately started glazing over. Oh yeah, I could spend a lot of time here for sure! It was arranged so my legs were stretched out on either side of Jim’s. We were laying there facing each other and I was into my second Orgasm when the phone rang.

‘Hello.” “Yes, Mom, she’s right here.” He handed me the phone.

“No, Mom we’re up already.” “Yes, we had showers and we were thinking about what to do.” “Um, what’s that sound? It’s the hot tub.” “I promise, we’re just sitting here soaking, enjoying the bubbles.” “OK, I think we’ll go to lunch in a while, or maybe order in some room service. These water jets are awesome!” “OK, Mom. I promise.” I handed the phone back to Jim to put back in the hook. “Mom says we’re supposed to be good. That means I probably shouldn’t do this.” I started rubbing my fingers in my slit and tweaking my nips.

“And she’s really freak if she saw me doing this.” He was obviously stroking under the bubbles.

“Oh, God, Jim! Why didn’t we try this tub sooner?” My fingers were going faster and, between them and the water jet, I was about to have a most massive Orgasm. “Oh wow! This feels so fucking awesome!” My legs were clenching on his and, I don’t think he tried to make it happen but, we climaxed together. Jim stiffened and his dick was half out of the water and his sperm was shooting straight up. It came down on my arms and his and his body and in the water around us.

After a few minutes I started getting my strength back and grabbed him for support as I stood up.

“Ya know, babe, we’re pretty hot maltepe escort together.” He looked pleased with himself. This time he’s the one that kissed me. None of my other boyfriends could come close to kissing the way he did. Hell, none of my girlfriends could either.

“That was pretty good. And I certainly wanna do it again!” I hadn’t had an Orgasm that thorough or deep in my life. I was drying myself and offered him a towel. “Let’s go check out another restaurant and maybe do some shopping.”

“Kewl, I can’t wait to get down there and act like lovers some more! That’s fun. Only we know the real secret.”

I jumped back in the shower to rinse off. His stuff had formed little globules and was sticking to me. After I dried I put on a mesh tie shrug and a low-rise panel mini. Jim was pulling up a pair of khaki cargos over his cute butt and put on blue polo. I couldn’t resist helping him tuck the shirt in.

We walked out holding hands and kissed in the elevator on the way down. One couple got in; he was wearing a conference badge like everyone else that week, and rode down the last few floors with us. I heard her giggle about how they used to do that when they were dating.

I put my arm around Jim’s waist and had my fingers dipped inside his waistband. He did the same thing with me except he was obviously touching my bare skin and the waist of my skirt showed a hint of crack. If I hadn’t shaved you would’ve seen fur above the top in front. I knew Jim liked seeing my pelvis bones above the top of my skirt.

They had the typical shops that sold colorful island pottery. Another had snacks and otc drug store items, jams and jellies, spices, chili mix and that kind of stuff. I suggested that we could go into that business as all the products were at least three times the price you would pay at Wal-Mart. It’s just that when you need it you need it now! And if you don’t have a car to drive yourself to Wal-Mart, $9.50 for a pack of 4 tampons looks pretty good!

The next shop had island jewelry. The necklaces and earrings were so pretty. I left with3 new necklaces and 4 pairs of earrings. One goes perfectly with my outfit so I’m wearing it now. Lot’s of silver and opal and it hangs almost to my shoulders. Jim thinks it’s going to tear my ears a new one. Actually, I’m not leaving with the stuff. They’re going to deliver it to my room for me. Another nice service so I don’t have to carry it around all day.

Of course my Dad is going to say, “I wish you’d save that money for college. You shouldn’t be spending it on stuff like this. Do you know how much it costs for room and board?”

We’re the only grandchildren on Dad’s side and, when his parents died, they left most of their money to us. I could buy as many earrings as I wanted and not put a dent in my savings. That’s also because me and Jim have invested it well. We found an investment newsletter with sound recommendations and it’s multiplied our money a few times. We kinda got into it as part of an economics project in school. We made so much money on paper in that class that we talked Dad into helping us open accounts to invest the money for real.

The next shop, this was a real jewelry store and not like one of those diamond stores at the mall where you can buy a diamond for $23/month. They sold a lot of larger diamonds here. Apparently a lot of rich people come here and this store has a reputation for doing an honest business.


“Yeah, babe?”

“Let’s go in and pretend to look at engagement rings.”

“Um, …”

“They don’t have to know. It’s still our secret game. Right?”

“OK. Sure. Maybe I’ll learn something for the future.”

A nice looking man wearing an expensive tailored suit walked up to us and introduced himself. Wow! His name was the same as the name of the store.

“What are you two looking for today? I’m sure I can help you find it.”

“Yes, sir. We were walking by and saw your store, and, well, I’m looking for an engagement ring.”

“Congratulations to you and best wishes to you.” He shook my hand softly.

“Let me see.” He walked behind one counter and opened the back. “Looking at your eyes and your outfit I think you’d like white gold instead of yellow. And perhaps some stones with some color to them. Am I right?” He was nodding his head.

We knew about that sales trick where they nod as they ask you a question so they can get you to agree with them. Or they’ll shake their head if they want you to say no. As in, “You wouldn’t want to …” shake, shake, shake.

He did read me well. My blue eyes and (dyed) blonde hair looked best accented by silver jewelry. I really had just a few gold pieces.

“This is a popular setting.” He slipped a gorgeous ring on my finger and the main stone, he told us, is over 5 carats! It cost more than Dad’s 330iC! There were 4 smaller stones surrounding it. We both admired it.

“Don’t worry.” He was smiling. “I like to bring that one out just to put people at ease. Tell me how much you like this one.”

This ring was so petite. tuzla escort There was one princess cut diamond and two small opals. “You see I like opals!”

He smiled.

“I never thought about getting opals and diamonds in the same setting before.” I turned and gave Jim a kiss. I wasn’t acting either, this was really fun!

Jim took my hand and looked at the ring, turning it back and forth. We weren’t really satisfied with it.

“Perhaps something just a bit more, um, visible?” He handed me the most beautiful engagement ring I’d ever seen.

The main traditional cut diamond was surrounded by 5 smaller stones and 5 opals. There was fire and color and light no matter how you looked at it. And it fit me perfectly!

“Jim! This is it. We don’t need to look any further!” I was hugging him for real. Somehow I’d gotten caught up in this.

“Um, how much? How much is this ring?”

“I can understand how a young couple, such as yourselves, might not be ready for this expense yet.”

“Well, either I am or I’m not. How much?”

He flipped open a card in it’s box and read to us, “The main stone is 1.69 carats, one minor occlusion and the total diamond weight is 2.74 carats. The price is five thousand three hundred dollars.”

I gulped. That certainly brought me back to reality. Playing a charade was one thing but that was just out of the question. “Jim, dear, tell the nice man thank you.”

He was still admiring it on my finger and before Jim could say anything the man said, “Perhaps I can help you out. Are you here on business or pleasure?”

“I guess you can call it pleasure. Dad is …”

“Dad told Jim to call him that.” I cut him off. “Yeah, my Dad is here on a conference, so Mom and Dad brought us both along.”

Looking at me, “You certainly have great parents. How long will you be here?”

I let Jim have this one. “We’re going back next week.”

“OK, I’ll tell you what. Think about it while you’re here and talk it over. I’ll extend this offer until you leave. I like to help out young couples and I can tell you’re really in love. I’ll sell you this ring for thirty-five hundred dollars and I’ll include these matching bands.”

Jim was twirling his wedding band around on his finger while admiring the rings on mine. Each ring was white gold and hand a slight spiral etching pattern on it.

We couldn’t get over the fact that they fit us perfectly and, as if to read our minds, he said, “I’ve been doing this for quite a few years and take pride in guessing the ring size in less than three tries. Very seldom do I have to bring out a fifth ring, too. I can usually guess what the lady will like. Take your time while you’re here. Come in and look at other rings and styles and remember these rings come with our exclusive guarantee. If you want to return them for any reason I will buy them back for no less than the price you paid me.”

“Thank you, sir; we’ll have to think about it.”

“Have a nice stay at the resort and enjoy yourselves. You’re a nice couple. Good by, miss.”

I had mixed emotions leaving the store. It was sad we couldn’t buy them but at the same time it was such a rush pulling off our hoax! We were holding hands and walked into the sandwich shop where the lunch rush was just about over. Sue, from the party, seated us and took our order. Sue had been getting her boobs sucked while one of the Scandinavian exchange workers was fucking her. We both ordered an island grilled chicken sandwich platter. When she told us the sandwiches are really big we decided to share one. And we got a large sex-on-the-beach drink. I felt like getting wasted!

Jim and I were really playing the part. I had my sandal off and was sliding my foot up and down his leg and we were holding hands across the table, sharing the drink with two straws. We leaned across the table and kissed so, of course, this is the time Mom came in and saw us.

“How are my two little lovebirds doing today?” Her voice didn’t sound that sincere.

“We just got a late start today.”

“Do you like my new earrings?” I turned my head and shook it a little to emphasize their size.

She took them in her hand and I leaned toward her. “Those are very pretty, Sally” but she reached down and retied my top so it wouldn’t fall loose and show my nips when I leaned over.

Jim was playing with the fourth finger on my left hand reminding me of what we were just looking at a few minutes ago.

“What are you planning to do today?”

“I dunno, you wanna come up the beach with us a little and see about getting rid of your tan lines?”


“Hey, it’s just a thought.” He hugged her. “Mom! This is the best vacation ever! I’m glad we all came together!”

“Mom, this is Sue. We met her at the party the other night.”

“Hi, Sue. They told me they had a good time there. It must have been fun since they got home so late!”

“Yes, ma’am. A lot of us that work around here get together every now and then.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Sue.”

“You, too.” Then, maltepe escort to us, “I’ve charged this to your room, you just need to sign it.” I added a big tip for her since it’s Dad’s company paying.

“I was going to do some shopping down at the stores. Do y’all want to come share a cab?”

Sue said, “Oh, you have to go down there. They have some great shops. You and your boyfriend will love them.”

Ooops. Mom gave us this look. I just wanted to get out before it crashed down.

We walked out together; I was holding Jim’s hand. At least it wasn’t Marty that drove us down. Jim and I did some heavy making out on the way back.

We all sat in the back for the short ride and I rested my hands on Jim’s thigh. Mom paid the driver and we all got out. The place was a collection of shops. Jim was good about following us around and carrying our purchases.

We went in this one shop that had the most adorable party dresses. Mom had told us about a party the conference was hosting for tonight and I wanted something special. I picked a backless dress with a very low plunging neck and side slits up to almost my waist. I called Jim in the dressing room to look at it and we came out and showed it to Mom. She said it was a bit too revealing in her opinion but Jim slipped it over to the register while I kept her busy. I helped Jim pick out some good looking slacks and a satin shirt that matched my dress. By this time we had to head back to the hotel to change. I untied my top as we were walking from the elevator to the room. Of course Mom freaks out.

“Young lady! What are you doing?”

“I’m just getting started.”

“Out here?”

“Well it’s not like I’m showing anything.” The cup part of my top was still covering my boobs. But when we got to the room I felt a little playful. “But, I guess I am now.” I was holding it in my hand. Mom was opening her door and Jim was opening ours.

“Gosh, Sally! Get in there quick!”

Jim removed his shirt and shorts and ran in the bathroom because he really had to pee. Mom came in as I was removing my skirt and I stood there naked.

“Sally. I love you so much but sometimes you make me want to strangle you!”

“I love you, too, Mom.”

“It’s just that your actions are not exactly ladylike.”

“Oh, Mom. I bet you played around in your time. I know you wear sexy stuff for Dad.”

“Sally, you are not old enough and you definitely should not do that kind of stuff around your brother. It’s just not right.”

“Mom! Jim and I are just fooling around. Besides, I love him.” I walked over and opened the doors to the balcony.

“That’s just what I’m talking about. Don’t go out there like that!”

“But nobody can see me that well unless I go out to the railing or if they have binoculars. Come see.”

She stepped out there. “Still, Sally, you shouldn’t do it. The other rooms are just right over there.”

“Yeah, we know! Last night there was some couple doing it with their lights on and everything!”

Jim had come out of the bathroom and walked out no knowing Mom was there. He, of course, was completely naked and walked up behind me hugging my waist before he realized it. “Sally, your boobs have an awesome glow, it looks like the sunburn’s about all gone.”

“You kids are going to give me a coronary!”

“Mom, we’re just playing around. I told you, we see each other nude all the time. We’re kewl with it.”

“But your Father and I are not!”

“Mom, just don’t worry about it. It’s not like I’m screwing lots of other guys!”

“Um, thanks. In the future please don’t talk like that.”

“I’ll try to remember.” I gave Jim a hug and a quick kiss on the mouth, “I’ll get our shower ready. See you in a bit?”

“Yeah, babe.” He stayed out on the balcony with Mom. “See, it’s OK if I’m out here because the railing hides me.”

“I can see you though.”

“But you always see me. You saw me when I was a baby.”

“This is different, Jim. Listen, please do us a favor and don’t be so, er, familiar with your sister.”

“Mom, we don’t mind. Besides, I like being with her. I love her and she’s a great friend to me.”

“But you don’t have to be naked around each other and touch each other.”

“Mom, really, it’s OK. We enjoy it.” He stood there for a minute before saying, “I need to go.” He came and got in the shower with me. I have no idea how long Mom stayed on the porch. We kissed and pressed out soapy bodies together, feeling the skin slip around. He even got soap in his mouth from kissing my neck. Eventually we washed each other’s bodies and got out and dried off. It’s quite decadent having someone else do that stuff for you. We were both getting to enjoy it.

“Maybe we should cool it around them.”

“I guess, but I don’t really want to.”

“At least she hasn’t seen us doing anything heavy!”

“What if she saw us doing this,” Jim asked as he leaned over and started sucking my boob and sliding his finger in my slit.

“Well, it’s going to give me a monster Orgasm if you don’t stop!”

“Um, OK. Later!” He got his new clothes out and started removing tags with his pocket knife.

The phone rang as we were getting dressed. Christine said we had to stop by VS on the way to the conference party. She had some great news.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32