The Ides of February

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A big Thank You to PaulX35 for kindly going through this piece and giving me his fantastic comments, most of which I have incorporated into the story. All the improvements he suggested have made the story better but as the final edit was mine, any errors are my own doing. Have a nice read. 🙂


* * * * * * * * * *

Nadine came into my life on the 12th of December. Her family had moved into town into the house across the street from mine and there had been a huge mover’s van in the driveway when I came back from work. I had strolled across to help and she’d emerged from the doorway wiping her forehead on her sleeve. I remember she’d been wearing an old white sweatshirt and jeans and I became an instant believer in love at first sight. Her face was flushed from the exertion and she’d smelled of sweat and dust. Wisps of strawberry blonde hair had escaped her ponytail and had been framing her face and trailing around her neck. She had smiled gratefully at my offer of help and her pale blue eyes had lit up. I have always wondered how I remembered that day so perfectly, down to every little detail, but then I have remembered everything that ever happened when it came to Nadine.

Although she lived right across the street from me, the next time I’d met her was when they had a small Christmas party at their house. She had looked ravishing in an emerald green dress which moulded her upper body and then fell in soft folds to her knees. They had invited all the neighbours – about fifty people. There weren’t many youngsters there so it had been a proper, formal sort of a thing. After dinner, the four or five youngsters got together and had decided to go to a disco nearby.

That was the first time I took her in my arms. We were dancing in a packed disco, of course, but I imagined something else in my mind. All of us had enjoyed ourselves until it was quite late and one by one the others left, leaving only Nadine and me from the original group that had arrived. I had taken her home and left her with a chaste kiss on her cheek but crazed desire in my heart. After going back home, I had lain in my bed and imagined her there with me. I was totally in love with her.

Over the next month, every time I met her, it seemed to me that my love for her increased. She told me quite a lot about her early years and I told her about myself. We had long conversations and had become quite close in a really short amount of time. It seemed that she was genuinely happy being friends with me and we had a lot of fun while we were together. I longed to take our relationship forward by telling her about my love. Every day I’d decide to tell her but as soon as I met her, I lost my nerve and vowed that next time I’d surely let her know. As January neared to an end and the card shops around the place started stocking valentine cards, I realised that the best day I could tell her was on Valentine’s Day.

That day, I decided to surprise Nadine at her university with a dozen roses. I knew she got off at about one in the afternoon and walked to the bus-stop nearby for a bus home. Arriving there half an hour early, I paced the pavement on the opposite side of the gate as I didn’t know where she would be. I was very nervous – I don’t know why. It wasn’t that I thought she would refuse because I knew she liked me. And then, to me, she was already mine – it was just the matter of her realising it. I dismissed my nervousness as an edgy feeling a guy has when he tells a girl that he loves her and looked forward to meeting her.

A few students started coming out of the gates a few minutes before one, increasing in number until there was quite a crowd pouring out. Most of them stared at me and my tightly clutched bouquet but I paid them no attention for I was busy searching for Nadine. The crowd rushed on as the minutes passed and I still saw no sign of her. I started to worry that I had missed her as the rush of people continued. Glancing at my watch, I decided to wait a little more before running to the bus-stop; and as I looked up, there she was.

She was with two other girls and all three of them seemed to be talking simultaneously as they walked down the road toward the gates. I stepped off the pavement and was about to call out to her as she reached the gates, when a guy on a motor bike stopped in front of the trio. Nadine’s face lit up as soon as she saw the guy. He handed a bunch of red roses to her with a quick kiss and she smiled at him before climbing onto the bike behind him. With a roar and a quick wave to her friends, she was off and I was left there, holding the bouquet in my hand. She hadn’t even looked at me.

To say that I felt sick would be an understatement. Jealousy, rage and confusion filled my being with such a force that I almost felt dizzy. I couldn’t believe Nadine had chosen someone else over me. She had to know my feelings for her. She couldn’t betray me like this.

Suddenly my mind cleared and just one thought crystallised. I had to know who that guy was. The two girls Avcılar Escort Nadine had been with had started to walked off and I hurried to follow them. It was difficult to get right behind them in the heavy crowd but I managed to lever myself just close enough to hear snatches of conversation.

“…cute, isn’t he? Nadine is lucky to have… both of them so good-looking, quite a couple… loves Justin like crazy…”

The last words hit me too hard. I felt like someone had slapped me in the face. Nadine loved that guy? How could she? Even though I had never told Nadine anything about my passion for her, I considered her mine. She had never told me anything about loving someone in our long talks. I thought she had told me everything about herself but it was apparent that she had been hiding the existence of her boyfriend. Obviously, my perception of our relationship differed a lot from what she thought about us. A deep anger took hold of me and I decided that I couldn’t let her get away with this.

I went home and locked myself in my room. Throwing the flowers on my table, I drew the drapes across the windows and lay down on the bed without even removing my shoes. I felt crushed, defeated… humiliated. I thought for a long time before I finalised my plan of action. Just as I’d finished contemplating, there was a roar from outside and I moved to the windows and peeked out from between the curtains. Nadine and Justin had arrived. They rode up right to the front door and went inside.

I hurriedly went out and across the street to their house, glancing around to see if anyone was out who could see me. Fortunately, the house was surrounded by a high hedge which afforded it privacy from immediate neighbours. As soon as I was in the yard I moved to one of the windows on the side, which looked into the living room and peered in.

They were seated on the couch and were already kissing. Justin’s hand was around her waist and Nadine’s right leg was thrown over his legs while her hands were in his hair. Both of them seemed oblivious to anything else and I decided to sit through the whole show.

After a while Justin pushed her away slightly. “Why don’t you move up here,” he suggested, patting his lap. “It’ll be easier.” He was breathing hard already.

Nadine smiled and complied. Throwing off her sandals, she climbed up onto his lap, facing him, her knees on either side of his legs. She was wearing a short skirt and it moved up almost halfway up her thighs. Justin placed his hands on her waist and started rubbing his thumbs on her stomach through her top. “Are you sure we won’t be interrupted?”

“Justin, I told you that mom and dad are out for the weekend. There’s no one home. Who’ll interrupt us?”

“So that means I can do anything I want today?” he asked her with a grin.

Nadine smiled. “You can start by kissing me and we’ll see where that goes,” she replied in a low, sexy voice full of promise.

Justin didn’t need to be told twice and he immediately hooked his hand behind her head and pulled her forward. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss and his hand disappeared into her top, latching onto her breast. I could see his thumb moving across her nipple at first and then he cupped her breast and squeezed it until Nadine broke away from the kiss and threw her head back in a moan.

“That feels so good,” she murmured as she grasped the ends of her top at her waist and in one smooth motion, pulled it over her head and threw in behind her on the carpet. “Hope that helps you.”

Justin chuckled. “It sure does, sweetie; and this too,” he said, putting his hands behind her to unhook her bra. It fell off her shoulders and Nadine gasped as her firm breasts were exposed to Justin’s gaze. Her rosy nipples were standing out, proclaiming her aroused state. His hands moved to caress both her breasts and he rubbed his palms over them before closing his hands over them and cupping them. They fitted nicely in his hands, neither too big, nor too small.

The scene was exactly out of my fantasies… except that it was with the wrong guy.

Nadine had her hands on Justin’s shoulders and was thrusting her upper body toward him. She was moaning out her pleasure now as Justin caressed her firm breasts. One of his hands slowly drifted to the top of her thigh and into her skirt. Nadine felt it and raised herself up off him to give him deeper access. Moving her hips against his hand in an unconscious motion, she whimpered out her enjoyment. I moved my hand to the front of my jeans and started touching myself, I was getting aroused by the scene unfolding before my eyes.

Nadine’s hands had begun to roam all over Justin’s chest and now she started fumbling at his waist. Pulling his t-shirt up around his torso, she ran her hands over his firm, muscled abdomen. Her fingers found his male nipples which she grasped and pinched, causing an immediate reaction in Justin. He jerked forward causing his hand to bury deeper between Nadine’s Beylikdüzü Escort thighs. Nadine gasped as his hand touched her pussy and after a second of frozen ecstasy, she collapsed with her head on his shoulder.

“Oh my God Justin! What are you doing…?” she asked him breathlessly.

“You started it,” he replied.

“I didn’t know it would affect you… that way,” she got out haltingly.

“No one’s ever done that to me before,” he said. “It felt…,” he paused, searching for the right word, “…electric!” After a moment of silence he continued, “You’re quite wet already.”

“Mmm… yes, I am.”

Justin’s hand started working back and forth between her legs, rubbing her and in a moment Nadine started getting restless. Her hips moved in tiny motions against the rhythm of his hand and there were occasional, soft whimpers with her ragged breathing.

“Your juices are really flowing now darling,” Justin said triumphantly.

“Mmm… hmm.” Nadine lifted her head and nodded her acknowledgement, getting off to stand in front of him. “It really isn’t fair that you get to touch me everywhere in a half-naked state and I don’t,” she pouted at him.

Justin took off his t-shirt. “There you go. I’m half-naked and all yours. To touch and… do with as you please.”

I unzipped myself and freed my cock from my briefs, pulling it out. It was already quite hard. With one hand, I slowly started fisting myself; my eyes riveted on the sight before me.

Nadine knelt down in front of Justin and ran her hands up and down his thighs a couple of times, going all the way to the apex and stopping just short of touching the bulge in his pants. Every time she moved up, Justin pushed his hips out a little. The third time, her right hand moved up all the way and cupped him. She squeezed a little which resulted in Justin uttering a tortured moan and throwing his head back on the back of the couch.

“Open it. Touch it,” he instructed through clenched teeth.

Nadine obeyed, fumbling with the button on his pants and then with his zipper before getting them undone and trying to strip his pants off. Justin lifted his hips to help her and with a little difficulty, they managed to get his pants down to his knees. Justin was in his briefs now and his erection was prominent by the stretched cloth. Nadine moved her face closer to his crotch and gently peeled off the material over his cock. Free of restraints, it stood out toward her as she grasped it with her free hand.

“I want you to take it in your mouth,” Justin told her.

Nadine hesitated for a second before tentatively sticking out her tongue and licking the head. Then she grew bolder and took the head into her mouth. Her hair fell forward, obstructing my view of her beautiful mouth full of cock but I could see her moving her head up and down. I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined that it was my cock she had in her mouth and my hand started gliding a little faster on myself. I opened my eyes and co-ordinated the movements of my hand with that of Nadine’s head going up and down – on another guy’s cock right in front of my eyes.

Justin was uttering small grunts, his hands holding the back of Nadine’s head. Suddenly he clutched her hair in his fist, causing her to stop her movement. “Stop. I’ll cum,” he jerked out. Nadine stopped and looked up at him, his cock still in her mouth. My hand stopped working on my cock too.

Pushing her away from him, Justin got up and knelt down next to her. He pushed her down on the carpet and adjusted her skirt so that it was bunched up by her waist. “Now my turn,” he said with a grin and pulled down her panties. I couldn’t see her pussy clearly as she was lying in an almost horizontal position from the window from where I was watching them but I didn’t really need to. Justin lowered his head between her legs and I saw his tongue fork out before he was buried in her snatch.

By the way Justin was moving his head around; I could see he was getting quite a good piece of her tasty pussy. Nadine had her hand at the back of his head and was thrusting her hips up into his face; all the while emitting small, mewling sounds. Justin moved his hand up to her pussy and must have put his finger in her because Nadine stopped moving and almost shouted a fierce “No.” Justin looked up at her, his face covered and shining with her juices.

“I don’t want… that is… I want you in me,” Nadine whispered.

Justin hesitated. “Are you sure baby?” he asked her gently.

“Yes,” she replied firmly.

Justin moved up over her and covered her body with his own. Raising his hips off her, he adjusted himself to penetrate her and then eased down slowly. I closed my eyes and gripped my cock-head tightly, moving my hand down over my rigid shaft, just like I would have entered her tight pussy. Opening my eyes, I saw Justin start to move slowly. Luckily Nadine had her face turned toward me but her eyes were closed and the expression on her Esenyurt Escort angelic face was one of extreme bliss.

I moved my hand in sync with Justin’s thrusts, as if I was fucking her; and in my crazed brain, I really was. My mind had blurred the distinction between reality and fantasy and though my open eyes were taking in the sight of another guy fucking my girl, it was in reality me in there, somehow allowed to witness the act I was doing with her.

The couple in front of me were thrusting wildly now and my hand was bobbing up and down my own hard shaft. I was so close to orgasm, Nadine’s soft cries of passion were ringing in my ears and my vision was filled with her beautiful face contorted in an expression of exquisite torture, her eyes shut tightly.

Nadine’s cries escalated to a continuing moan as Justin’s grunts intensified in volume and frequency. My hand was rushing up and down my rigid cock when Nadine finally climaxed with a cry.

“Justin… Justin… Justin… Ohhh my God!” she blurted through tight lips as her nails bit into his back and her body went still for a second before she wrapped her legs around Justin’s thighs, her heels clasping him to her.

Her orgasm caused me to reach my own peak as I came with a force which almost blew me away. I shut my eyes so tightly that tears formed behind my eyelids and I had to bite my lip and swallow past the lump in my throat in an effort not to cry out my pleasure. My knees gave away and I sank down into the soft earth outside the window.

“Justin, that was incredible,” floated out of the window in Nadine’s breathless voice as I was struggling back to normalcy.

“Yes, love. It was great,” Justin said.

When I was able to, I raised myself up to the window to peer inside and saw Nadine cuddling with Justin on the couch, their lips locked in a leisurely kiss, their content apparent in the afterglow of great sex. I had had enough. I moved away and walked back to my own house across the street, my resolve for what I was about to do solidified.

Back in my bedroom, I started accumulating the things I’d need in a small bag and a little while later I heard the roar which signalled Justin’s departure. I was almost ready and with a last minute check, I picked up my bag and left the place. Arriving at Nadine’s house, I hid my bag in the bush beside the door and rang the bell. Nadine opened the door and smiled when she saw me standing there.

“Hi Cole. Come on in,” she said, moving to give me way.

“Hi Nadine.” I walked past her into the living room and went directly to the couch which was the setting for her adventure today. One of the cushions was slightly off the couch and I settled it properly before sitting. Nadine had come in right behind me and avoided my eyes as she saw my action, perhaps remembering what had caused the cushion to get out of place.

“So how was your day Cole? Find anyone today at least?” she asked me. It was a joke between us that she would find a girl for me if I didn’t do it myself, and I had initially gone along with her to amuse her.

“Nope. Looks like I am not the girl’s type,” I replied seriously. She looked at me intently, trying to judge whether I was joking. “I guess I’ll just have to look harder,” I hurried on with a smile to ease her. She relaxed and I continued. “I actually dropped by to get that book you told me about a few days back. Have you finished it?”

“Yes, I’m done. I’ll fetch it for you.”

She disappeared out of the room and up to her bedroom. I moved rapidly to the front door and yanked it open, grabbed my bag and ran to the solid block of wood that served as a table in the far corner of the room. It was a good hiding place where I could keep my bag for a few hours and I dropped it there, secure in the knowledge that it wouldn’t be found. Next, I rushed over to the window through which I’d witnessed the action earlier on and opened the latch, pushing the window open to test it if it would make any noise. Satisfied that it wouldn’t, I closed it, making sure that the latch remained unfastened. Just as I went back to the couch and resumed my seat, Nadine walked back into the room with the book.

“Here it is. It’s really the most terrific murder mystery I’ve ever read,” she said handing it to me.

“Thanks.” I got up and taking the book from her, moved toward the door. “I’ll be going now. I’ll see you later.”

“Hey, what’s the hurry? You can stay for some time, can’t you?”

“No thanks Nadine. I just came back from work and am a little tired,” I lied.

“Ohh. Okay.” She seemed a little disappointed but I knew better. I had no more illusions about my place in her life now. She walked me to the door and stood there as I walked down the driveway.

“I’ll be seeing you soon,” I called out and jogged back to my house.

I waited in my bedroom patiently, peeking out through the curtains at Nadine’s house periodically. I traced her from the living room to her bedroom with the lights that were switched on and off in the various rooms. I was waiting for her to go to sleep. She still had her light open quite late at night and I hoped she would settle down soon so that I could go ahead with my plan. Finally, the light in her bedroom went off at about midnight and I waited anxiously for an hour to allow her to get into a deep sleep.

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